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Polk County Spirit Ride, Livingston, TX

November 12, 2016

Saw a leaflet, and decided I was going to participate in this ride if the weather was decent. And it was a great November day. I heard a volunteer say it was the first time they had good weather in the 4 years that the ride had been held. There was a large walkup registration that day including me, so I got a previous years t-shirt. But I have enough t-shirts and besides, it looked good so no big deal.
We had mostly good, smooth, interesting roads to ride on. The exception was the last few miles leading to the finish at the high school, which was a busy highway with lousy shoulders. (For bikes) But we had great burgers at end; I mean great burgers at end of ride. Worth repeating! It is nice to have some tasty food at the finish (don't try to say some store bought cookies will do.) Web Page