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Wurst Ride, New Braunfells, TX

November 10, 2012

I was looking forward to this ride because I love Wurstfest and the ride had been talked about by friends. Well, myself and my friends, a total of 21 riders will not waste our money again.
First, what happened to the really cool shirts from previous years? Did you outsource them? The shirt for this year will be a good grease rag.
Second, I liked the staged start. Cudos! After the start this ride became horrible. First, signs were either non-existent or were placed about 10 feet from the turn. Several very dangerous intersections with no support. Wonderful rest stop at mile 10. I have no idea about the other rest stops because the majority of the riders got lost after that. Picture a T intersection, you have to go right or left. No sign, no support. Some people went right, some went left. Those who went right did not see another rest stop before finishing. Those that went left added 10 miles to their route and ended up backtracking to the start. Horrible. There were several riders expecting to ride the 45 mile route only to get lost and wander in multiple directions. On my route, which had about 130 riders heading the same direction, we saw sag vehicle after sag vehicle. Were they lost too? I would have expected them tell everyone that not only were they on the wrong road but that we were headed to interstate 35!
Third, the joker at the finish had nerve to make jokes when riders crossed the finish about "did you get lost"? Then after getting several interesting rebukes, single finger salutes and a few cyclists stopping immediately and directing their comments in a flowery fashion, the speaker announced that they had several signs stolen. As a ride director, I understand that this can happen. As a ride director I also know that you have to send a vehicle on the route before the riders just to make sure the county did not tear up a road or signs disappeared. Btw, someone should introduce the ride director to the road marking paint that the rest of us use. :)
Next year I will save the $60 and buy more brats and beer at the real festival.