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Bike Out Hunger - Mansfield, TX

November 11, 2013

I did the long route (65 miles) but due to road construction, it was re-routed to 60 miles. It was my first time doing this ride and didn't know what to expect. The crowd was relatively small at start, so even though there was only one line at registration it didn't take that long to get my T-shirt and number. For those who used to the well-supported rally, you had to set your expectation differently. Here are the few things I didn't see - 1. porta potty (none on route). 2. traffic control (none). 3. SAG (none). 4. Rest Stop - yes, there were rest stops but they didn't stock much.
Since there was very few support, one had to make sure he/she didn't miss the yellow arrows on the road. The lead pack made a wrong turn a few blocks out from the start and everybody followed. The ride itself was good and I would have enjoyed it a little more had they provide a little more
.I reminded myself, the fund raised from this ride will be funding the weekend backpack feeding program in Mansfield. So even though this is a bare bone rally when you compare it with others in our area, I want to think that all the money they saved means more for the children.
Will I do this ride again? Probably not.

I rode the 50 mile Mansfield Bike Out Hunger. Small crowd, but everyone was nice - it was a pleasant group to ride with - even the fast riders were a friendly group overall, which isn't always the case on the big rides. Very bare bones. Well marked roads. Good map sheets. A couple of rest stops on the 50. One more would have been nice. Hamburgers at the end. I saw my first unattended, self service rest stop - which was kinda nice - because it was out on the road in Lillian with no one around - and it had not been messed with - kinda restores a little hope in the urban community! The ride left out of Lifetime Fitness in Mansfield and we had access to the restroom facilities on site. Negatives: No porta potties out on the ride, traffic was a little scary to ride in the first 4 and last 4 miles. Once past that, it was mostly lightly travelled roads and country lanes. It is a bare bones ride and they want to maximize the money for their cause. I would rate this ride on a par with the Cowtown Classic. They each have their plus points and their negatives and are quite bare bones. I think I prefer this one over the Cowtown. The Dri-Fit t's they gave out were very nice. Overall positive experience - I'll ride it again.