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Rotary Club's Bike-a-Thon, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

November 1, 2014

This was the second annual rally for the Hattiesburg Rotary Club. The venue was great – the Longleaf Trace. A very scenic ride. Parking and registration was a snap and there were plenty of helpful volunteers. Being a rail-to-trails, there were no hills, to speak of. It was a cold ride. Temps started at 37 degrees and didn't climb much above that. Add the 20-25 mph north wind, and it was chilly! It was still a fun event-complete with a raffle and a meal at the end!

November 9, 2013

I rode the 60 mile ride in the Hattiesburg Rotary Club's Bike-a-Thon. It was held in partnership with the Adalius Thomas Fit Kids Foundation. The route ran along the Longleaf Trace, a rails to trails project in central Mississippi. It was their first rally and they hope to do many more. The weather could not have been more accommodating with temps nearing 70 degrees by the end of the ride. For an inaugural attempt, the Rotary Club did a great job. Registration was smooth and rest stops were well-stocked. The smoothies at the end were a welcome treat. Adalius Thomas, a University of Southern Mississippi graduate and professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens and new England patriots, rode with us for a while until he had to return to emcee some of the children's events. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and a fun ride!