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Denton, Turkey Roll, Denton, TX

November 2019

Weather was chilly at the start with a little drizzle mixed in. A few hundred riders participated. The first 11 miles is on a heavily trafficked highway. But the rest of the way is nice, scenic country roads. Rolling hills but nothing killer. The rest stops are manned by the Farmersville locals and they are super friendly. We did the 31 mile route. I will say this, these folks have a great after ride celebration. Free lunch and free beer from St. Arnolds. It was our second year and we will be back again next year.

Best Turkey Roll ever. Beautiful day, well marked course, friendly volunteers, door prizes, and lots of food afterward. I'll be back.

November 2018

I guess for the alot of the participants this is a good rally, but for me and those like me, the start is a deal breaker for me to ever return. The start location is fine, but having a 2+ mile escort at an average speed of 13.5 mph is unacceptable. why not have the escort at a 20+ mph pace like other rallys. signage needs to be a little better, (we got off course twice on the long route) and corner marshals at alot of the turns would be very helpful.

Denton Turkey Roll 2018 is always a well run ride and well attended. Good weather with some brisk winds. Temps on the 60s to 70s at the end. Cannot comment on rest stops as I did not use any. Route with a slight change due to construction. I missed riding over the lake. Mostly chip seal, but what do you do? It's Texas. Good route support with SAG and turn control(except the last turn onto Bonnie Brae). Sausages and hot dogs at the end. This ride is always a nice way to end the year.


november 2017

Generally good route, though some roads have a little too much auto traffic. Very hard & gusty 25+ NNW winds made for difficult ride.

The temps were great this year (upper 60's). If the wind hadn't been blowing 25-30 mph, the weather would have been perfect. Still it was a good ride. The announcer was very enthusiastic. I didn't stop at any rest stops, so I can't address them. Traffic control was adequate except that there was no coverage at the final turn on to Bonnie Brae at the end of the ride. That is such a busy intersection. Some help would have made it a lot less dangerous. That being said, it was still a well-run and fun ride.

This was the 35th anniversary for the Denton Turkey Roll. The weather was great, but the wind was fierce. Registration was quick for day of registration. Parking convenient. Signage seemed good, but the wind blew some of the signs around, so following them was difficult at times. The route was pretty good with some nice rollers and scenic roads. Unfortunately, chip seal is the norm. Rest stops were plentiful and stocked with the basics. Nice escort out of Denton by local law enforcement. Nice of them to serve refreshments at the end—grilled sausage from Syracuse sausage and some other goodies. This is a good ride and is well supported. Thank-you to all the sponsors, surrounding cities/towns, law enforcement, bike shops and SAG support. See you next year, weather permitting.

November 19, 2016

Weather was a lot better this time than in years past. It was crisp (37 degrees) and a bit windy, but we had plenty of sunshine! Everything was well organized and staffed with great volunteers. There were a lot of riders. I understand over 700 preregistered. I managed to have two flats and the SAG folks were there to check on me in short order. The hot dog at the end of the ride tasted great! It was a great way to end the riding season.

Our first time to do this ride. Check in was easy and quick. Courses are mostly on two lane highway shoulders that had little elevation changes. Ride is touring areas that varies from open country to horse ranches and large residential estates. Intersection control was good at the start but was missing on return requiring making turns and riding in heavy traffic. SAG was provided and the rest stops were adequate with good spacing. Signage was very good with two foot markers marking all turns. Maybe they ran out but we had to make other lunch plans at the end as the hot dogs were cold and no chips, soda or tables to sit were provided.

This was the largest turnout I've seen at the Turkey Roll for some years now. Friendly volunteers at well-stocked rest stops. When the organizers first came up with these routes I had my doubts about their long-term viability, but I have to admit they've grown on me. The Denton Breakfast Kiwanis put on a great rally, well worth the drive up from Dallas and Ft. Worth.

November 21, 2015

Good ride this year. Attendance seemed up from the last few years' rainy or very cold rides. North wind was very strong, but once again that is not the organizer's fault. Very well marked route. Snacks at the rest stops were a little sparse, but that may have been due to the greater number of riders. Great hot dogs and sausages at the end made up for it though. This one of the few rides where you would get this year's shirt and have a choice of a previous year's shirt too.

We've ridden the Turkey Roll for several years. Registration was easy and the ride volunteers were friendly and anxious to help. The course is always well marked and the rest stops were stocked with fruit water and Gator-ade. The after ride hot dogs and sausage were tasty and a welcome treat after a windy ride. This is our traditional lat ride of the year. We'll come back next year. Gobble Gobble.

November 22, 2014

We didn't escape the rain this year, but the temps were about 25 degrees warmer! What a difference. The rain eventually stopped about an hour into the ride and stayed away the rest of the morning. This helped a lot. I felt sorry for the volunteers manning the rest stops. We sure appreciated them being out there, though. The ride itself was fine – signage was good, registration and parking was fine. The goody bags were great! I'll be back next year!

November 23, 2013

What a cold day for a ride! With drizzle and temps around 33 degrees, it was a challenging trip. Hats off to the organizers and volunteers for all of their efforts to assist the riders. The hot chocolate at the rest stops was really appreciated! It was still a very pretty ride with much of the fall foliage still around. The tail wind coming back really helped. Thanks, Denton Kiwanis!


Cold weather fails to keep bicyclists from Turkey Roll

Despite frigid temperatures and misty rain, about 200 "tough turkeys" showed up for the Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club's 31st annual Turkey Roll Bicycle Rally on Saturday mom- mg.
While the bicycling tradition might have seen fewer participants this year due to wintry conditions, organizers said they still consider themselves lucky for having 10 good years with decent weather.
Since its start, the Turkey Roll has always been held on the Saturday be- fore Thanksgiving. An estimated 40 to 50 riders went past Wishbone Pass, along the west side of the Ray Roberts Lake dam — about halfway into the rally' s longest routes. The event raised an estimated $8,000 to $9,000 for the Breakfast Kiwanis' charitable efforts.
Den ton Record-Chronicle

Copied fron Dallas Monring News Tuesday November 26, 2013


November 17, 2012

The Turkey Roll was well supported, descent roads but the vehicle drivers out there need lessons in manners and safe driving. Parts of the course had us use shoulders that were very small, single file, and the traffic seemed to close and too fast for comfort.
The Kiwanis's were super great and very kind and the T-Shirts are real good. The only real negative – intersection support was sparse and most of it rolled up too early. The highway crossings were a bit dangerous. - Ed

This was the first time my wife and I have ridden the Denton Turkey Roll. Lots of positives to say, and just a few suggestions for improvement....The weather was beautiful and truly enhanced the experience. My brother-in-law, who is an outstanding rider, rode last year and experienced those ugly winds that forced many to cut short their ride. Sure glad we didn't have to deal with that! Walk-up registration was easy, Kiwanis super friendly and helpful.Was fun to see a big gathering of riders, all in good spirits. Cannon shot start nearly caused my heart to explode, though! We rode the long course (68.) *I did feel bad for the riders who heard 63 miles by the starter and followed the signs that said 63. That can be irksome because most riders hydrate and feed on a mileage/ time ridden schedule. Could throw people off and they wind up finishing with no reserves. The 63 on the signs could have been easily altered to a 68... Directional signs were good, traffic support disappeared pretty quickly after we got of town. The added distance on Zachary and Burger roads must have helped eliminate some of the more rough chip seal. Only stopped at King's BBQ rest stop--- those folks are VERY nice. Views were great--- must be pretty in wildflower season. Cyclists on the course were courteous, drivers on the road less so. Too many cars passed us with little or no margin for error.Had a flat at mile 36 and a SAG truck was there, though I think the SAG trucks were mainly to pick up riders who were finished. No local bike shops with vans or trucks?? Anyway, pretty smooth ride until we re-entered Denton and had to deal with two last stoplights. Hate that! Oh, I, like a lot of other people, turned back into the parking lot where we started. Could we get a sign at the stop sign on Bonnie Brae to tell us to turn left for the finish? A little anti-climactic to have to reverse course so I could "finish" again through the checkered flags. All in all, a fun ride and a great way to end a fun season!

This was my longest ride this year (68 miles). It was well-run and smoothly executed. It was staffed with great volunteers! It started cold (31 degrees) but warmed up into the 60's by ride's end. It was a great way to finish the season!

I rode the Turkey Roll this past weekend. My wife and I had a great time. Well marked course, friendly Kiwanis members, and beautiful scenery. We'll be back next year.

Overall – a very good ride. Especially this time of year. Approximately 10% of the 68 mile was light to moderate chip seal, so not a significant factor. Signage was pretty good and appreciated since I did not get a map.

Turkey Roll 68 mile ride. Registered online with no problem, packet pick up was quick. Most of parking is in a field across from the parking lot. Field has lots of burrs so check your tires after walking or riding your bike to the street. More porta potties would be welcomed. Traffic support on the outbound ride is good in town (when there is minimal traffic) but non-existent on the return. Besides the two traffic lights on Windsor the intersection at Bonnie Brae needs traffic support on the return, lots of traffic and lots of riders, not a good mix. The route is generally good, the outbound is more rider friendly than the return when there is much more traffic. The return on FM455 is a little harrowing with quite unfriendly traffic, which drives by fast and close to riders. Virtually no gravel at the intersections, quite rare in North Texas. The route is well marked except at the finish with no sign at Bonnie Brae pointing to the finish line (on Bonnie Brae), 50% of riders go straight and 50% turn left, I'd recommend having the finish at the start line due to the amount of traffic on Bonnie Brae. Music and food provided post ride. Overall the ride is good but there is room for improvement.

Dear Kiwanis Club Members and Helpers, Thanks for a great Turkey Roll. We participated in 2010 and again this year. We drive from Houston just for the ride. The supper the night before is such a welcome meal after a 4.5 hour drive. The sausage hot dogs are really a good thing after a long ride and two flat tires. Next year I will know to carry my bike over the grass instead of riding thru it. I only carried one tube, but someone helped me by giving me their tube. I wish I knew who this person was, but... The support staff was as helpful as could possibly be. Again, thanks for a well organized and safe ride. Cathy

I had a great ride yesterday. This ride has become a tradition for me and my wife. Friendly Kiwanis members, a well marked course ( I rode 52) and hot dogs at the finish. A good last rally of the year.

November 19, 2011

Photos 2011

Did the Turkey Roll today. It was a good well supported ride with all the major bases covered. It takes a brave group to chance the weather this time of year. It was windy for the last two years and great training. I had two small mechanicals and both times help was there in minutes. I give them a A grade.

Never will I do this ride again. I felt like u take the money and run. No crowd support, bad roads, no start sound, felt like we were left out there to be road-kill like the poor little peeps I saw dead on the dangerous hwy. The drivers in there big trucks almost killed me lots of times passing close going 100. I did the 67.34 miles on my cateye and when I finished, no hotdog was waiting. :( I do ride everyday and rode hnh in Aug. This Turkey roll is ugly and I never want to visit Denton again.
I ride 150-190 a week, and swim 4x's a week, plus marathon runner. So, don't think this girl does not know girl-power. Denise
P. S. Tell the older men to save remarks when they ask which race when registering in person. I remark the 65 and they comment: well that is for sure a great undertaking. Was I sure thats the one. "Hey" I'm a woman athlete who does this stuff everday. Save the dumb comments, shows your old age. This is 2011!

Denton Turkey Roll 64 mile ride. The course is fairly flat with no significant climbs. The route is not a complete out and back route but probably 80% of it is. Several sections of brutal chip and seal. Drivers on some of the busier roads seemed a bit hostile to the riders, passing extremely close when the other lane had no oncoming traffic. The signage was very good, with some even placed that confirmed you were still on the course. Saw several SAG vehicles on the course at various times. Traffic control was in place at intersections on the outbound but not there on the return. On line registration was good and packet pick up was efficient. The ride was very well attended, which is a problem for the organizers. Parking is inadequate; a significant amount of parking was in the dirt/gravel across the street. Who wants to walk across dirt in your cleats? The organizers need to get someone in the parking lot directing people to the correct lot to park in, instead of having us drive through a full lot packed with riders. The restroom facilities were barely acceptable, with a decent line 30 minute before the start. Looked like 4 porta potties at registration, one restroom in the building and one porta potty in the overflow parking. Overall the organizers do a good job, would just like to see them get a location that can handle the number of riders they are attracting.

This was my second year to ride the 100K at Turkey Roll. It was well organized, the rest stops were well spaced. The routes overall were pleasant and not too extreme of an incline. The wind was brutal again this year. Some of the 100K riders gave up and turned at the 47 mile cut-off. The T shirts are great. Even though a winding path, I experienced no confusion in directions. Will be back next year.

This was my first time to ride the Turkey Roll. It was a good way to wrap this year's rallies (we rode nine this year). My daughter and I rode the 64 mile route. There is one section of pretty bad chip n seal pavement right after Wishbone pass.You ride it twice, out and back for maybe eight miles of bad pavement. Other than that the route organizers did a pretty good job of finding smooth pavement. The rest stops were a bit sparse in supplies, but numerous and well sited. The route was well marked and we never doubted that we were on the right path. We stopped twice, at the 33 mile and 51 mile stops. We averaged 22 mph to the 33 mile rest stop, but from there the pace really slowed as we headed mostly into the wind for the return. A guy with our group said that the wind was steady 24-27 mph with gusts to 40 and I really believed it! The temperature was outstanding for a mid November ride, but someone please turn down the wind. The organizers need better first aid facilities at the end (such as ice and wraps), but we'll be back next year.

November 20, 2010

great ride much improved

Great ride as always. Wow was the wind ever strong the last 25 miles, 15 to 20 mph in the face. Felt like pedaling against a wall. Came out of the south. Usually it is out of the north this time of year. Ride started at a different location this year. I miss the other location a little. Maybe because if the change and I am used to the other location but the other location seemed to have more of a Thanksgiving feel and personal down home touch. Either way they did a great job. Thanks.

This was my first year at the Denton - Turkey Roll. I cycled the 100K, shown as 63 miles but it was actually 64.5 miles. The volunteers at the event wer very organized and prepared. It looked like a lot of participants, they had given out the first 500 T shirts by 8:15 so I had to order one. The parking lot was nearly full by 8:00. Some people had to park across the street in the unpaved lot. Registration was fast enough, a lot of riders registered on site Saturday since there was a high chance of rain. There was a lot of traffic along the route and some rough surfaces. The scenery in the remote places was great. There were a lot of rest stops, more along the shorter routes. The courses were well marked. I did not see SAG sweeping the course, I only noticed them when they had a load of bicycles on the trailer. The hills were moderate, the wind was very bad. A few nice touches - BBQ at half way for the 100K riders, and (Turkey) Hot Dogs at the finish line. I will try it again next year.

New venue this year which makes for a better start. Registration area is much improved being in a spacious gym. Had a small snag at registration, which was promptly corrected by a very friendly Kiwani while I enjoyed a complimentary kolache and hot chocolate. Excellent signage on the route. Good hot dogs at the finish.

Organizers advised us that they had 1,000 participants this year and I believe it after experiencing a long wait in traffic to find a parking spot. Excellent signage this year clearly marked the route. The 63 mile route has nice scenery on the very far end and has the rest stop with barbecue sandwiches. Only the first 500 got t-shirts so ½ of us, including me, had no souvenir of the ride. Rest stops were only adequate but heck Thanksgiving is only 5 days away so no need to splurge! Typical chip rock north Texas roads. Good traffic control at start but on your own coming back into Denton. Nice traditional end of the year rally to close out the 2010 cycling season.

This was my first time riding the Turkey Roll, and I rode the 100k (my computer said 64.5 miles). The wind was an absolute killer, but the course itself had just moderate rolling hills. The scenery around the lake was great, but I didn’t see much on the second half of the ride as I had my head buried like a battering ram into the wind. There was some traffic out on the course, and one pick-up truck left me just inches as he sped past me. Without the wind, I think this would be an enjoyable ride. With the wind, it was just survival!

Did a very windy 37 mile ride out of Denton last Saturday. We started at a new location this year and I think it was better than the old one since we didn't have as many stop lights/signs coming back into town. The police escort out of town this year was nice. There were enough lousy roads to make me really, really appreciate the good roads. Get there early if you don't want to park in the dirt!

November 21, 2009

I thought this was an excellent ride with one small concern. Routes could not have been more clearly marked. Signs were everywhere! Not once did I have any confusion, or wonder if I was on track. Excellent there. Weather ended up being excellent. Rest stops were well spaced, well staffed and well stocked. All in all great. My only concern was the traffic. Far too often I felt like there were a LOT of cars zipping RIGHT past me. Not sure how to solve that. Maybe find back roads with less traffic, or possible start the race a touch earlier. Other than the cars, this was a very well run ride.

Registration at this ride is fast. It is obvious that they want to get you in, get your registration fee and get you out, giving you time to get ready to ride. Parking is adequate with a large percentage on the grass. Since there was also a Boy Scout event at the same time on the fair grounds, it got a little crowded but everyone was respectful of each other. The course is good and while some of it is on roads with no shoulders, the drivers seemed conscience of the riders and allowed room to pass, sometimes at higher speeds than necessary but with enough room. The roads went from beat-your-wheel-bearings-into-dust chip seal to pavement so buttery smooth you look down to make sure the wheels were actually rolling. One area of improvement would be the rest stops. There were plenty and all had water and Gatorade (No ice, not that it was missed). They had bananas; some so green they could not be eaten and no oranges. Only one had cookies other than peanut butter. All in all, a good, late season 60+ mile ride with room for improvement.

A little too much chip seal on one leg of the route and could have used more traffic control at the start. Well marked route with decent rest stops. Will come again.

I do a LOT of rallies each year but I have never done the Turkey Roll, so I thought I'd give it a go this year. Out of the multitude of rallies you can do around this area in one year, I have ruled out two of them... one of them is the Turkey Roll. Plenty of other better rallies around in a season.
I'll keep it short:
1. No police directing traffic to get us out of town! This is a biggie. Had my daughter with me on the tandem and, since I have had police direction on every other rally I did this year, it really took me and other people off guard. It was rather dangerous. Isn't this part of what we spend our money on?? 2.
No tandem discount. Not too big of a deal but I have never been denied a tandem discount at any other rally. They kind of looked at me like I was crazy when I asked... oh well. 3.
Lot of highway route, chip and seal, and drivers with bad behavior. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoy the beautiful, scenic back roads that most all the other rallies offer. There was some decent sections but there was enough state highway to make you forget about those nicer sections. Thank goodness those side view mirrors on those cars are "breakaway" :-( A couple of close calls.
Not a lot of people at this rally. Maybe it's the time of year, or the previous participants have come to the same conclusions as I have above. I would definitely not recommend this for a tandem. Mainly for safety. The hills were challenging too (which I like!) If you are solo and long for a group ride, check out your local clubs. If you don't know of anything going on in your area, go ahead and do the Turkey Roll. It will at least satisfy your craving for a ride since you have not been able to do much riding after the time change.

Did the 100k at Denton last Sat. and it had to be the most well marked ride I've been on. There were markers everywhere. It was pretty impossible to get lost. I only used one rest stop and it seemed well stocked and had lots of helpful volunteers. The roads were what's to be expected around here: some good and some bad. The problem I noticed was that there was NO ride support leaving town. In a group, some bikers would stop at a red light and some wouldn't. I'm surprised nobody got hit. Why not start the ride at the Denton ISD natatorium or stadium?? That way we don't have to mess with downtown. Liked the design on the t-shirt!

This was a great ride. The support was wonderful. Agree with the comment about the chip seal – I’m not sure that the rest of the roads were so buttery smooth – or that they just seemed that way after coming off that section of chip seal! The weather could not have been better for a November day. Thank you to all the volunteers at registration, the rest stops – and especially for those cooking up hot dogs at the end. Mmmm!
I’ll be back next year.

Great ride again. Loved the cannon shot at the start--a lot like the HHH. For the part of Denton County the course went through, the traffic wasn’t horribly bad. The start was a concern in that in years past the intersections at Locust, Bell, and (sometimes) Windsor were police-controlled. Having the start throttled now by traffic lights caused a serious “slinky effect” for the first seven miles. That was a very friendly bunch of volunteers at Valley View. The brisket sandwiches at Hemming Rd./FM 922 rest stop are the best rest stop grub at any ride. I hope that in future years construction will allow one of the older, better, routes to be feasible again.



November 22, 2008

Overcast and a little chilly with about a 10 mph wind; however, hundreds of riders still showed up. Check-in for pre-registered riders was well organized and quick. There were 3 recumbent riders (Including me and an RBENT member named Ken, both riding Corsas) on the 35 mile route. Mostly smooth roads. Some new, rough chip seal. Very smooth roads from the Aubry turnoff from Hy 377 all the way to Denton with some fun rollers. No extra steep hills (Didn't have to go into granny gear). Didn't see any SAG vehicles (Maybe they were unmarked). The reststops were well stocked with water, Gatoraid, bananas, and cookies. They were manned by very helpful and friendly people. Reststops 1 and 2 should have had more Port-O-Potties (Long lines). Heard a rider with a medical condition complain at the 2nd reststop about the lack of a sign for the 20-mile ride turnoff. He couldn't ride 35 miles and was requesting transportation back to the fair grounds. This was a nice ride. I will ride it again next year. J.G.

A great ride- brisk to start out, but tolerable, good crowd out despite the cool weather. Well organized and run, only negative I saw was some lines at the porta-potties- maybe have some extra units out. Thanks for the fun ride!

I've done the Turkey Roll for several years now and always enjoy the cool weather ride. We had several from my bike club ride this year and for many it was their first Turkey Roll. This year was much colder than last year and without sun, it did not warm up much. We did the 71 mile ride and it was well marked in my opinion. It seems that chipseal is becoming more popular and they have decided to ruin 2153 with it now. No worries, all part of the experience. Our group dwindled down to 3 and it made for a good hard team effort on the south leg back into Denton. My friends liked
the ride overall, but were very unhappy with the stretch down 2450. This is a very dangerous road with no shoulder and some very fast traffic. They said they would not do this ride again, unless the route was changed. I appreciate all of the volunteers who made the registration, ride and rest stops so easy and friendly.

Much improved start this year! The ride can now really grow as the start directly on Carroll Blvd. can in theory accommodate hundreds more. I did the 71 mile route (74 with the Era detour) and found it well marked except for the stretch on 51 south of Era; I kept thinking I had missed the Gregory Rd. turn-off, then I finally saw it. This was the first Turkey Roll since the early 90's that I can remember where the weather was what you'd expect in the second half of November.

With the limited number of bike rides this time of year, I decided to make the trek to Denton from Houston for the Turkey Roll.
The fairgrounds were easily found. There are a couple of nice hotels nearby (I stayed at a lovely Hampton Inn (with a great free breakfast) less than 3 miles away) so the overnight-stay-to-race-start location was a plus. The spendy coffee store located in the surpermarket just behind the fair grounds was helpful to grab a warm pre-race and post-race drink. :)
I don't care what anyone says, it was unexpectedly colder than people expected, but you can't control Mother Nature, and neither can the friendly Breakfast Kiwanis folks - no matter how nice they are. In spite of our flash-frozen state, the crowd was great. Riders were helpful to one another and friendly - that always makes for a great event.
I pre-registered and waltzed in and out to pick-up my race info. Seemed that Race Day Registrants were handled in an organized fashion as I never really saw a long lines during the process.
Would have hoped to see a little more in the way of food/fuel pre-race, but I guess the later race start (9:00 am) should afford you the time to eat at home.
Rest stops all had lines for the single port-a-pottys, however rest-stop workers were extremely friendly and supportive. Cookies, water, gatorade and bananas were the offered fuel sources at the rest-stops. SAG was available but was not fully equipped to handle flats; if you didn't have your own tube, you were DNF'ing - and I'm not even sure all of these volunteers knew how to change a flat. But no one should be riding without a spare tube anyway. Maybe they would consider having a couple tubes on hand that riders could purchase, just in case.
The chip-gravel roads stink; no matter what race it is. For me, it's worse than steep climbs over and over again! There was a bit of chip gravel, but they race organizer warned everyone of it.
I do wish, however, that there was more ride support to ensure safety of riders. If the trucks that were passing us were supporting the ride, they were not identifiable - unless they were blinking hazards. It would be of comfort to riders to know who is with the ride organizers.
Overall, the ride itself was a fun ride with some areas that could stand improvement. A couple challenging hills for a beginner, but a nice ride for more experienced riders; not overly challenging, but coupled with the elements on the day can easily be more than it should be if you are not prepared.
The Denton Turkey Roll is checked-off in my "ride it again" column for my scheduled rides.

A lot of people showed up for a late season ride in relatively unpleasant weather. But you can't do anything about the temperature and wind except dress for it and prepare to make the best of it. Most folks did just that. This was a well supported 70 mile ride through some scenic country. The volunteers were helpful at all locations and the rest stops had all the necessary items. Very little time passed without a SAG vehicle passing by. I would recommend this ride to anyone. I'll bet it is really enjoyable on a sunnier, calmer day.
I would like to see the highway 2450 section re-routed next year. There was no shoulder and too much traffic. Some rider(s) was hurt along this stretch and removed by ambulance. I did not feel safe on this part of the ride, especially after passing the accident scene. A few more potties at the earlier stops would have offered some needed relief. The lines were all too long at the first three for me to stop and wait. Luckily, I came across a state park entrance in the nick of time just after the first Ray Roberts crossing.
The hot dogs at the end were real good and much appreciated after an afternoon of bucking the wind. Thanks, Kiwanis.

I hate to say anything bad about a ride because I know how much work goes into putting one together. And I should start by saying that the volunteers who staffed the registration tables and the rest stops were very helpful and supportive (there were even cheerleaders at a couple of rest stops). I did the 71 + 3 mile course and the rest stops were well stocked with water, gatorade, cookies and port-a-potties. I pre-registered but there wasn't an early packet pickup so I got my stuff at the Fairgrounds (very painless). It was very cold but that's not really unexpected this time of year. The ride started on time and the start went without incident but that's the last positive thing I can say about this ride. I realize that chip seal is a fact of life in Texas, but no ride should be routed over freshly laid chip seal. I ended up gettin a flat on this stretch of road which is hard for me to do with Slime tubes and Continental Gator tires. This had to be the worst chip seal I've been on in the 15+ rally's I've ridden this year. Why does living in or north of Denton make people angry? Is it the football team? Passing drivers where very aggressive throughout this course and it didn't help that a majority of the roads were 2-laners with barely enough room for single-file riding. I'm not the fastest guy in the world which leaves me fairly isolated on most rides. So I was left to wonder how the larger groups made it through this course without an incident. On the backside of the course I discovered that they weren't without incident. I saw a badly broken green bike on the side of the road and 4-6 police cars inspecting the area. A man driving a truck with a long trailer was being interviewed and they were looking at the left front corner of the trailer. I thought maybe he clipped a rider but it wouldn't have been on that side, so I don't know what happened. The cyclist was already gone by the time I got there - I hope he/she is OK. Come to think of it, I was wondering why there were no protected turns on the course. Maybe they all had to respond to this accident. There were a few dicey intersections where I wish we had some help. I also did not see much SAG support on the course. If they were there, they were not well marked. The last, most egregious fault of this ride was the promise of some locally renown BBQ that never materialized. It was supposed to be somewhere on long course but I never saw it (please don't tell me I missed it). As I related at the start, this was a very chilly ride. The sun didn't make it out until 1-ish and the wind out of the south was a killer since the route finished to the south. There were BBQ hot dogs at the finish, although I was too tired to leave my car. I was really looking forward to this ride, since it's my last rally of the year, but I was disappointed with it and won't likely do it again. Too much risk for not enough reward.



November 17, 2007

Great ride- did the 35 mile- had beautiful weather with a bit of headwind coming back in. Well organized and good starting facilities.

This was my first Turkey Roll. It seems that there was a larger turn out than expected, as they ran out of shirts (luckily I pre-registered and didn’t miss out). There was also a water shortage at both of the rest stops I went to. It got close to 80 degrees by the time I finished and I was a water bottle short. I rode the 35 mile, I hope they will add a route that is in between the 35 and 71 mile next year. Other than the chip seal on 455, the roads were very smooth. Car traffic was very light and the shoulders were very wide which helped early on in the ride. The volunteers were friendly.

You could not have asked for better weather. The new 71-mile loop was an elegant route on good roads. However at the Lone Oak Rd. rest stop I talked to several riders who had missed the turn-off for the 37-mile route back on S.H. 428, so perhaps better signage and maybe someone with a megaphone could have helped there. The Kings' BBQ (now at the Era rest stop) was great as always. I miss the old turkey-shaped cut-out route signs but these new ones designed to wrap around highway sign poles are a lot easier to see. As the ride gets bigger I think the start through those narrow iron gates at the fairgrounds is going to get more problematic.

Great ride- good parking, support, organization, roads/route, cheering, food and a great goodie bag. Not that I would want it, but can't figure why there aren't more people riding it. No complaints here!!

The wind was a little more than I expected but it was an okay ride. A few of us did 73 miles instead of 71 when someone moved one of the signs. It was good for a laugh. I never express a negative opinion for the many rides I’ve done. People are volunteering their time and I appreciate this fact. But the guys in Valley View ran out of water and Gatorade after very few riders had gone through. I carry my own drinks, but at mile 36 I really needed a refill. The gentleman kept saying water would be arriving soon. That didn’t sound very good since there were a number of people already waiting. I chose to move on to the next rest stop to refuel. After all the same gentleman said there was “water just ten miles up the road at the next stop”. That one still makes me smile. They might want to rethink the single water keg theory in the future. All in all it was a good ride. I appreciate the effort of the volunteers and the hotdog at the end is always a nice touch.

I rode the 35-mile route. This is a well-organized ride with convenient location, quick packet pick-up and decent roads. The t-shirts for this ride are nice as well. While I’m pleased that FM455 segment through Sanger was removed, an intermediate route between 50 and 65 miles would be nice. Thanks for sponsoring the event, and see ya next year!

Wow! What a ride! I can't believe I've lived in Denton for two years and didn't know about this ride until this year when it became an MS150 Recommended Ride. Great start location, beautiful route, wonderful, friendly volunteers. The organizers told me they had 450 advance registrations and nearly 800 total, so that would explain why some of the later rest stops were out of Gatorade and snacks, but other than that, great ride. Will definitely do it again next year.

I rode the 30 mile Turkey Roll route and for me it was too much along busy highways. On highway 377 I was sandwiched between heavy truck traffic and a passing freight train, it was depressingly loud. Visually the best part was along the Bridgeport Dam but it had the roughest shoulder. Didn’t see any support vehicles other than an unmarked motorcycle that passed a couple of times. Registration was quick but they had run out of shirts and promotion bags. Rest stops had bananas, cookies and liquids. I think I should have gone the 70 mile route over the lake “4 times” for a possible better scenic route and quit at the halfway point and hope the motorcycle guy saw me for a ride back. I did get a hot dog at the finish. It may be that the best thing going for this ride is that it is one of the last of the season and riders are more forgiving for lack of anything better. Sorry for the negative opinions but I make my comments for future riders to consider. I may skip it next year.

I haven't done this ride in many years, but was so glad I did! The gorgeous weather was 75% of the deal, decent route (30-something mile), other 25%. Organizers probably didn't anticipate such warm weather, but they should keep an eye on the forcast for rest stop supply purposes (no ice). Never good to run out of water or other fluids (!), and those GREEN bananas...
Still, look forward to riding again next year, weather permitting. Gotta go shrink my (nice) LARGE t-shirt............QUACK !

Pretty decent ride out of Denton last wkend. The weather was wonderful. Plenty of parking and a really fast packet pick up. I did the 35 mile route and noticed that some of it was part of the old Madder n' Hell route. Lotsa chip seal but most of it was worn. Great ls t-shirt too. I don't remember seeing any signs once we got back in town but fortunately for me I was following some other people who obviously knew where they were goin. Multiple stop lights coming in too - bummer.

I’d like to submit a follow up note to the 2007 Denton Turkey Roll. The promoters had run out of T-shirts before I registered the day of the ride so I thought I was out of luck. They took my name and address but I didn’t think anything would come of it. I was wrong! They sent me my shirt by mail a couple of weeks later. That shows me what a class operation the Denton Turkey Roll is. I’ll be back next year!

November 18, 2006

What a nice ride! Denton Fair Grounds is a great place to start the ride -plenty of parking and restrooms. small gripe- no XXL shirts and the gift bags was pretty lite compared to what I've received from other rides. I did the 58 mile route (why does it say 63M/100K on the map?). Rest Stops about every 10 miles was nice. After passing I-35, the shoulder were almost non existant, but traffic wasn't too bad. This is one of the better rides I've been on. I will gladly do this one again!

Thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers who made this event possible. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Turkey Roll. I'm from out of the area and it was good to see buddies the last time before spring. The chronic lack of Potties has been a recurring theme on this ride. It took 10 -15 minutes longer at most of the stops rest stops because of the bathroom line. This really needs to be addressed!
The roads were good and traffic was typical for fast growing rural areas. I had a close encounter with an enormous truck-mounted crane while crossing a narrow bridge. It was good to see frequent SAG trucks patrolling the route. I didn't take the map because I have a hard time seeing small print, so I relied on the turns being marked. One crossing on 455 before the motor home rest stop was a bit confusing but I kept going and later saw a Turkey Roll sign and a SAG truck to confirm I had made the right road choice. I think someone needs to redesign the route map and make it a bit larger and easier to read on-bike.

This was my first time for this ride, and I'm glad I did it. The weather was great, the staging area was great, the route was good, except for one intersection where a group of us had to wait a few minutes for traffic to clear enough to enter the highway. I'll be back next year, if the weather is OK.

First time for this ride. The Denton Fair grounds provided plenty of parking and checkin was smooth. I really enjoyed the 9:00 AM start time. I will not complain about the goody bag or the t-shirt and I do get disappointed in people who do. First, this is a charity ride and I think a lot of cyclist forget that you are in support of a charity and second I am there to ride with other cyclist, not for the goodie bag. The weather was perfect, sunny light winds out of the north temps at the strat of the ride were in the upper 40's and ended up in the 60's by the end. The roads were in excellent shape, although there were some portions of the route that did not have a shoulder. Traffic was light and for the most part cars did give us the right of way. I really enjoyed the route - passing through the country of north Texas. I rode the 100K and did not stop at any of the rest stops, so I can not speak to the rest stops. I want to thank the guys from Richardson Bike Mart for the ride and the riding tips. I want to thank Denton Kwanis for putting on this ride. This is a good ride to end the season. I will be back next year.

A good ride to finish this year riding season. Rest stop were stock well, The weather was cool in the morning and warmed to a pleasent day. The registration was ok. and a nice t-shirt. Course was marked ok. Could improve on road markings or signs coming back into town. Once riding south past 288 loop, course markings/signs need some improvement. Since I have ridden this ride before, I knew the way to the fair grounds, but for newbies, they could get lost. There needs some traffic supports when turning left onto 377 and from 377 onto 455. Other than these two items, this is a great ride. Quack Qauck


November 19, 2005

I've been riding in the Turkey Roll for over ten years. I feel the route is well-marked, with no tricky turn-offs. In years past there has often been a volunteer at the U.S. 377 intersection outside of Aubrey. I think that would be a good thing to have one stationed there, if nothing else to serve as an extra pair of eyes to watch for traffic. The rest stops were adequately stocked. There probably should be more than one port-a-potty at the Pilot Point rest stop. The themed rest stops were a nice touch, and the voting for your favorite one is good too. Personally I have never found the short stretch on Loop 288 a problem at all, but I suppose if by bad luck I hit a lot of car traffic there I might think otherwise.

The brisket at rest stop #4 was to die for.


November 20,2004

Registration and parking was easy. It did the 35 mile route on my fixed gear. Most of the time shoulders were wide enough or traffic was light enough. I did not stop at any of the rest stops but the ones I rode by volunteers were handing out bananas and water (?) to those riding by. The only real problem (like on many rides) is riders that ride four abreast and prevent other riders from passing or forcing passing on the right or accidents. It seemed much more prevalent on this ride for some reason but it's not the fault of the organizers. All in all it was a good ride.

This ride was much improved over previous years.  There were more rest stops, more porta-pottys and more signs along the route. 

Registration, start, and logistics were great. I only rode the 20 mile route with another rider. We came to a "T" on the highway. We found no signs indicating which way to turn. We went left and we ended up on University Ave. trying to dodge traffic to get back to the fairgrounds. Anytime there is a "T" in the road, it should be obvious by signage as to which way to go. All rallies should hand out SAG numbers on adhesive labels like the Tour De Peppermint.

This was my first time at this event, I heard that is was one of the fun well organized rides around, the pre-registration was easy, great T-shirt, good start; my 11 miles was great nice rolling hills, not too cold, good companionship, somehow/somewhere cut a tire on a rock, through one of the road construction areas before Aubrey probably, flat tire, spare tube did not help, no spare tire, waited for SAG wagon, radio vehicle arrived, found out no mechanical help or support on this ride. Oh well! my day was over, rode back to the start/finish line, in the back of the radio vehicle.
Special thanks to the guy in the radio vehicle, for the ride back, also VERY SPECIAL ****THANK YOU****to the recumbent rider who stopped earlier and was willing to give me a tire and tube with the "pay it forward" payment method. Great idea. I did not accept his offer thinking that a SAG wagon would have the tire and tube needed..How many of riders carry spare tires or carry $50+/- in a little bike bag or jersey pocket on a ride. I certainly don't, I have maybe $10 for food and water. I have two spare tubes and patches that should keep me going.
Suggestion to the organizers: when the entry form says specifically SAG wagon support, I take that to mean there will be some minor mechanical assistance if necessary, spares if needed. Surely, one of the bike shops in Denton can step up to the plate.
Don't know if I will risk it again next year,

This was my first Turkey Roll. I rode the 58 mile route. Good directions to the event, I had pre-registered and there was no line. There were lots of goodies in the bag, stuff I can actually use! The registration form I completed only had options for a large or extra large t-shirt. I wrote a note asking for a medium if available. Guess what, a medium was in my bag, and the design looks good. I enjoyed the route, stopped twice and was greeted with plenty of water/sports drink, bananas, cookies and a place to go to the restroom. Being part of the last groups in, there were still plenty of hot dogs (still hot, not just sitting in an open pan), a covered place to sit and water/Gatorade. The event staff was friendly. From my standpoint, I believe they've taken care of past issues. I've done plenty of paid rides this year, and this one was put on better than most. I plan on doing this ride again next year.

This was a nice ride with a decent turnout. I don't know the exact, official number, but it seemed like several hundred cyclists to me. We started from Denton fair grounds with excellent traffic support, a real police escort (went on like that for the first few minutes, till we got to the north side of Loop 288 on Sherman Drive.) The route selection was quite decent, except for that narrow 2-lane road with no shoulder going through Sanger. Fortunately, car traffic was light enough and it was all fine for us, fine with me anyway, although I live in Denton and I'd never pick that road for my own Saturday joy ride. Rest stops were OK and well spaced, and we were very lucky with the weather--Friday and Saturday were the only days without rain in the past two weeks. This was my first Turkey Roll, I'm quite satisfied, and I'll definitely do it again next year, especially because there aren't too many rides in late November.

Although this was my first time to ride the Turkey roll I had read the reviews and was hesitant to participate. I found 25 mile route to be a very enjoyable experience. There were enough hill and flats to make the ride  very interesting. The busy roads had sufficient shoulders and where there were no shoulders the traffic was minimal. The rest stops were well stocked and the volunteers were pleasant, even handing out bananas and Gatorade to the cyclists that didn't stop. I will be looking forward to the rally next year.


November 22, 2003

This was my first year for the Turkey Roll. From reading the past reviews, I was expecting to almost fend for myself. But the 30 mile ride turned out to be nice and scenic with good support from the volunteers. Registration seemed smooth and didn't take long at all. Great traffic control from the Army(?)/Sheriff's Dept at critical intersections, especially at the first rest stop where we turned left across the highway. I saw SAG stopping to help out a rider with a flat at the dam, and the after-ride smoked hotdog tasted so good after that lo-n-n-n-ng stretch into those 20 mph winds from
the South. Since there were no porta-pottys at the rest stops, the nearby gas stations were pleasant enough to allow the use of their facilities. I'll be back next year. Great ride ! - Hardway Haro.

The criticisms from last year still apply this year. The new start location avoided the poorly marked last few miles through the residential area, but was replaced by a dangerous stint on the Loop. I truly thought I was going to die as I came off an overpass with highway traffic on my left and big trucks merging onto the loop on my right, not to mention the typical highway debris strewn in the shoulder. The only thing worse might have been to put us on I-35. I've done this ride for years. The 58-mile route may have been adequate years ago, but the population has grown so that the same two-lane, no-shoulder roads carry too much car/truck traffic for an organized ride. Don't even think about trying to fan out into an echelon against the 30+ mph crosswinds. I know of 5 other riders that won't do the Turkey Roll again. I'll hold out hope, but unless the organizers announce they have developed a different route for next year, that's probably the last one I'll enter.

Thanks for you post. I'm sorry about the wind. We changed the route to Loop 288 to avoid confusion going through the neighborhoods. The Loop is a 2 lane divided highway with a wide shoulder (on both sides of the East bound lanes). The course has a shoulder throughout except for that section West of I-35. Obviously we would prefer to have a shoulder here as well, but I guess the state doesn't feel the traffic warrants a shoulder there. You're right-As the population grows, Bicycle rallies are going to be harder and harder to put on. I hope this doesn't happen to the Turkey Roll. Thanks for your participation in this year's ride and please be assured that safety is our most vital concern. I hope you'll come back next year. Joe Holland Ride Director.

Good turn out, a nice day to ride except for the wind. Great few of Lake Ray Roberts. First ride since HHH due to out of state on business. First time rider and rode the 30 mile loop. For the most part, the route had a wide enough shoulder to ride or lightly traveled roads. Some had that good ole Texas chip and seal pavement and parts had some rough areas. Saw a lot of riders experiencing flats. Did not see any bike shop repairs vehicles or sag wagons on the ride, but saw a rider sag in at the finish. Not sure if the truck was a sag wagon. At the first rest stop, when I arrived, there was hardly any water or Gatorade left and a few bananas. The second rest stop had a few more supplies. Since this stop was close to a convenience store, decided to buy my own water. NO ICE. Luckily, it was not to hot. With warmer weather than normal, the organizers might have planned better for warmer weather. The route signs need improvement. If it was not for the folks in Military uniform, I would have gotten lost. Weather and job permitting I'll be back next year

The good: Lots of friendly people trying to be helpful. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. (except for the wind....more on that later)
Military (Reserves?) at the crossroads. Thanks, guys!
Ham operators driving SAGs. Glad they were there....glad I didn't need them.
A great chance to ride across one of the more scenic dams in Texas.
The bad: Long line and cramped space at the check-in. There HAD to be another place to do that??
The famous lack of porta-potties. Thank heaven for 7-11.
Poorly stocked rest areas. We had to stop and buy gator-aid.
One area had closed by the time we got there. I would have KILLED for a banana.
The ugly: The WIND! At one point I was going 7 mph DOWNHILL! Someone said that makes you strong.
We probably won't do this one next year. Too bad the organizers don't listen to the reviews. It COULD be a really good ride.

I have done this ride in years past and agree it is not the best ride out there, but an adequate job had been done. this year was the worst. i like the new starting point. traffic control was great at the critical intersections. the rest stops really need to be overhauled. they should consist of more than someone with the trunk of their car open with little Dixie cups and two dispensers for water and Gatorade. I think I heard one volunteer say that after the water and Gatorade were gone, he was "outta here". that sounded to me like the riders behind me were left to fend for themselves until the next rest stop. the roads overall were in good shape, but new roads need to be found. the small two lane country roads now have way too much traffic to be safe, the Loop and other larger roads are completely unacceptable. I was fearing getting hit by road debris as semis and cars sped past me at 70mph. since this ride is so late in the year, weather is hit or miss. this year the weather was great, but the wind was horrendous!! I know the organizers can do nothing about the weather, but for the things they can control, they need to improve them before next year. I would like to see more choices at the rest stops, JUGS of Gatorade and water, pitchers full and ready to pour, larger cups, choices of snacks -- i.e. bananas, oranges, energy bars, gels, cookies, etc. the BBQ at the RV was a fun touch, but not my choice of ride food--i know others enjoyed it. the sag wagons need to be marked. signage was adequate, but it would be nice to see on long straight stretches of road some signs to let you know you are still on the right path. I do not like riding on the shoulder of the highway and having to cross entrance and exit ramps, you just asking for someone to get hit by a car, or worse--die. I did the fifty eight mile route and found it to be challenging with the hills and the wind, but i will not be back until the route is improved and the support (rest areas, sag wagon signs, etc) is improved. by the way, most of the volunteers were very friendly. hopefully things will change soon and I will be willing to gamble on this ride again.

This was my fifth turkey roll, I have loved them all but, this was the best! Great ride support, traffic control. The MP kept all riders on the already easy to follow course. The whether was great too, the wind is not a problem for people who love to ride there bikes. I will be back as long as they keep having the turkey roll and I am able to ride.

This was my first Turkey Roll, but the route is one similar to that used by a couple of other rallies in the Denton area. The route was well marked, reststops stocked with the usual stuff. Parking was insufficient. Registration was a ZOO!! The first reststop was poorly placed, it is a wonder that someone didn't get hit by a car. It was on the highway that you take from Pilot Point to get to Denton (can't remember the number). Cyclists were stopped on the shoulder, wandering into the traffic lanes (on foot) totally oblivious to the cars. Would have been much safer to have the stop AFTER turning from the highway (300 feet from where they had the thing). I heard several people comment that they could not believe that "these folks have not learned a thing during the first 20 years of putting this rally on". I hate to say it but I wondered about that myself. Can easily say that there are other rallies I would recommend before this one, but being the only one around at that time of year, I am sure they will continue to draw a crowd.

I've ridden this ride off and on over the last 15 years and this year it was the best yet as far as organization and safety of the ride. I can't comment on the rest stops because I rarely stop during 100k rides. The route was challenging with some good hills. There was one glitch with a route direction sign. The last turn had a small sign that said "ROll" and it was laying almost flat because of the wind. Consequently, I missed that turn and went down I-35 service road to the next major intersection and met another lost rider and we figured out the problem then came back (had a tail wind for that stretch!). I got in the car and came back to see why I missed the turn and noted the wind blown (little bitty "roll" sign) and there, sho nuf, was a string of riders that had missed the turn, too. OOPS! But, that was the only issue as to the rally's organization. Now, as to the wind. For 2003, I had 5,400 miles going into that ride, and that may have been my year's toughest ride -- because of the wind. But hey . . . it was a warm, sunny day and saw lots of friends at the start and on the course. I'll definitely be back next year. (Oh yeah, best t-shirt for this ride, too.)

I am surprised to not see a lot of complaints about the signage on this ride. I was with a number of riders who ended up having to create their own version of the 20 mile route, due to poor signage. My route ended up being 22 miles. A friend missed a turn elsewhere and ended up with 28 miles on the twenty. I've missed turns before and usually it was my fault for not paying attention. However, with dozens doing the same thing, it reflects on the organizers. The wind was horrendous, but obviously not the fault of organizers. Other than signage, I was reasonably happy with the ride.

Due to the windy conditions, this was the second most challenging 100k of the year for a North Texas ride (Germanfest gets 1st). This is what it is all about! The T-shirts win the prize for the best ones of the year. The registration line was a mess. Mega THANKS! See you in 2004!