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Glen Rose Paluxy Pedal -Glen Rose, TX

Ocober 7, 2017

" I have been coming to Glen Rose for past 11 years and always enjoyed this event. This year was no exception – folks of Glen Rose hosted another great event! They did an amazing job and big thank you to all volunteers and police patrols! The roads are very decent , only about 3 mile stretch before the Wall has a rough chip seal. Together with classics like Goatneck and Blazing saddles this ride is right there among them. "

October 1, 2016

Parking was easy, plenty of parking near the registration. Registered the day off the event with no wait. Course maps were on tables outside the high school. At the registration table was a sign with names and numbers of SAG persons, good to photograph it in case needed. At the registration there were doughnuts, coffee, fruit available. Weather at the start was 60, calm wind, four hours after the start the temperature was 78 wind South at 7. Started 12 minutes late. There was no one directing traffic at intersections near the start for the late starters. The brochure asked all riders to be off the course by 2:30 PM, the website mentions 2:00 PM. The rest stops were closing early, rest stop three packed up and left with slower riders still showing up, maybe miscommunication with the SAG drivers? Rest stop four was at the Fossil Rim Scenic Overlook, a nice location with helpful volunteers, giving us bananas for the road. The 53 mile course was hilly with plenty of hills prior to The Wall, at approximately mile 36. There was a bypass to the loop which included the wall. The course was on various types of roads, crossed a few cattle guards, a stretch on the shoulder of Highway 67. After the loop for the Wall, the remainder of the course was mostly downhill making for a fast return to the high school. The registration, SAG support, weather and course were outstanding. The early closure of rest stops reminds one to be self-reliant on rides.

We could not have asked for better weather. Everything was well-organized. The signage was great! There were plenty of SAG vehicles roaming around. This is a challenging ride with plenty of hills. The views, once you reach the top, make it all worthwhile! You can see for miles and miles. Since I rode one of the shorter routes, I had no problems at the rest stops. I'll definitely be back again next year.

October 3, 2015

This is one of the best rides in DFW area. I was disappointed the ride dropped from 65 miles to 60 miles. My mistake. The new route increased the elevation gain from 2027 ft to 3747 ft. They added a significant long climb with grades up to 14% at "This is Not the Wall." The published grade at The Wall is 19% - that must be an average. Every year I ride, my GPS shows a section before the Peak at 24% for a few hundred feet. There is a bail-out to avoid the Wall. Don't be too embarrassed if you walk it - you will have plenty of company.

This is one of my favorite rides. The temperature at the start was a chilly 49 degrees, but an hour into the ride conditions were perfect! All the elements were well-executed (parking, registration, etc.). The volunteers were eager and helpful. Plenty of hills to challenge you, but what a view when you reached the top! I'll be back next year.

October 4, 2014

Another great day in Glen Rose. The climbs are the big challenge here, nothing compared to other parts of the country but for a flat land Dallas rider, they will increase your heart rate. The Wall is a challenge. The volunteers are always terrific and very appreciated. The work that goes into a successful ride is obvious. A bit more chip seal than I remember from years past and I will have to go back next year and see first hand if the automotive traffic has smoothed it out a bit.

Paluxy Pedal 65 mile route. After two years of poor weather we finally got a great day. Online registration and packet pick up was quick and easy. The organizers do a great job with the logistics and the facilities are appropriate for the number of riders. The 65 mile route was the same as last year. After riding it for the second time, it's definitely a step down from the old route. Rumor is there is not local support for having us cross 67 twice. Whatever the reason, the current 65 mile route is quite unimpressive except for going up 'the Wall'. The 50 mile route is actually more challenging by cutting across The Fossil Rim Wildlife center. Some riders cited that reason for doing the 50 mile instead of the 65. Hopefully the organizers can find a better alternative for the 65 mile route. Pizza served at the end and showers available in the school.

This was my first time doing this ride, but it won't be the last. I rode the 65 mile route. Packet pickup was easy. It was a bit chilly at the start and the coffee was just what I needed to warm up. They also had fruit and donuts. The route was pretty good. It includes some of the Goatneck route, so was quite challenging. The Wall was the toughest hill I've climbed all year. It was no joke. Many, many people walked it. It's doable, just don't stop in the middle and expect to restart, like some did. There were lots of friendly and encouraging volunteers along the route and at the Wall. The short stretch along 67 on the return was a bit scary (part with no shoulder) but otherwise it was fine. I hope they find a safer few miles back to the start next year. Pizza at the finish. Would definitely recommend this ride.

October 5, 2013

The rain held off but the wind it did blow. Had a good ride and the staff are the greatest. Route changed this year and not sure why. I rode the 65 mile route and REALLY didn't like the amount of vehicular traffic on the South end of the route on the East/West leg and will have to think seriously as to whether I come back if the HWY 67 stretch stays in next year's route. Life's to short to play only inches away from the vehicles on that busy of a highway. Brian Faulkner.

This was a great ride that started and ended at Glen Rose High School. The wait for registration was less than five minutes when I got there at 8:00. Plenty of clean restrooms for those who may have been driving for a while. The ride started on time with what I estimate of between 300-400 riders. My daughter and I rode the 53 mile course and it was well marked with law enforcement at busy intersections. We only stopped at the top of the "Wall" , and that rest stop had smiling, encouraging volunteers serving water, gatorade, cookies, oranges, banana and pickle juice. Tackling "The Wall" was why we had drove down to Glen Rose. The Wall is a nasty 19% hill near the intersection of HWY203 and HWY2012. I have ridden the Muenster hills and the Beast in Tyler's Beauty and the Beast and wondered why everyone talked about this Wall? Let me say after riding up it yesterday, that it is easily the hardest hill I have climbed in Texas. It starts out at its steepest right off the bat and then curls around to the left with the summit out of sight. My 39x28 gear was just barely enough. Boy scouts handing out Wall patches at the top was a nice touch. The Wall was the toughest climb, but the ride had numerous other tough hills as well. An average of only 17.5 mph testifies to the toughness of the route. Erin was the first woman over the wall this year. Well done Glen Rose!

This ride still stands out as one of the most scenic I have ridden. It is also very hilly (hence, the scenic views). I was also introduced to "the wall." It's a doozy. Everything was smoothly run with good SAG presence and intersection control in most sensitive intersections. The numerous cheering sections along the route were much appreciated. If you missed this ride, you missed a good one.

I rode the 65 mile option for the third year in a row. The rain held off but the wind was really blowing giving us a nice headwind for the last half of the ride. The route changed this year and I don't know why they did that because the chip seal was awful, some of the worst roads I have ridden in North Texas. That combined with the wind and temperature, it made for a miserable day. I can honestly say that if they don't change the route back next year I won't be returning. The previous route was one of my favorite rallies so it was unfortunate they made the decision to change it.

Enjoyed the 65 mile route. Well run ride and thanks to the volunteers who braved the cool winds. I heard that the reason the route was changed was local law enforcement did not want the route to cross busy hwy 67.

Paluxy Pedal 65 mile route. The organization is great, very organized and extremely supportive of the riders. The weather didn't help attendance for the 2nd straight year, cold front coming through with the threat of rain, but the rain stayed away. Registered online with no issues, packet pick up took a couple of minutes. Plenty of facilities were available in the high school. Maybe the best PA system for a ride I've heard, easy to hear and understand. Key intersections manned. The route for the 60+ ride was changed this year. I didn't hear any reasons for the change. The route that had been used for the past few years, was fairly classic. The change took out the almost equally tough climb by the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (categorized on Mapmyride). Instead we essentially headed south for 25 miles, and 20 miles north with a detour to climb 'The Wall'. The bigger problem with this route is we spent 5 miles on route 174, which has high speed traffic and then get 3 miles on route 67, with a narrow shoulder and more traffic at even higher speeds, which had no concern for the riders on the shoulder of the road. The route in the past years spent 'zero' miles on these major highways. For whatever reason, the organizers changed a great route to a much less attractive route. Having had a day or two to reflect on the route change, if 'The Wall' was not a part of this ride, I'm not sure I'd make the long drive down to Glen Rose. Pizza was supplied post ride. The school is open for showers. Hopefully the organizers will reconsider the route, 'The Wall' will always be a draw, but it's only 3/10ths of a mile, so the other 64+ miles need to justify the effort.

October 6, 2012

Another fun ride from Glen Rose. The weather may have limited the attendance since the temps fell 40 degrees from the day before with a chance of rain added to the forecast. More chip/seal than I remember compared to last year. The Wall was as difficult as last year though, topping The Wall always brings a feeling of accomplishment. There is a 10th year commemorative patch that is a really nice touch. To include The Wall in the 45 mile route, the turn comes very early in the ride. If you plan to ride the shorter route, don't get caught by surprise. Missing the turn means you ride the longer route. They also offer a behind-the-scenes mountain bike ride at Fossil Rim. See you next year!

signed up for the 60 miler, weather 56 degrees, not too windy, predicted. volunteers/eagle scouts were great, rest stops well spaced, signage at times was missed, perhaps rider error (?), road conditions were tough—with lots of fresh/recent chip-seal road work....ugh. HS was a good location for ride start/finish. Good police support at busy interceptions. Hope next year the wx can cooperate

This was my first time for the Paluxy Pedal. It was coolish, so no one should have had a problem with overheating. It was smoothly organized and had well-run rest stops. Plenty of hills to go around, but some tremendous views. It was worth the drive!

Road the Paluxy 60 mile route, well, really 58 but who's counting. Read the reviews from the last couple of years they all still apply, a very well run event. Online registration, packet pickup, facilities, parking, road support, traffic control, signage and the challenging route are all good. Bonus of a 10th anniversary patch given out at the top of the 'Wall'. The cool weather, 50's, and a chance of rain kept participation down. Happily the rain stayed away. As always, on my yearly must ride list.


October 1, 2011

Paluxy Pedal - Awesome ride! We had other commitments later in the day so we were only able to do the 45 mile route. Registered via and pick-up went smoothly. Start was well organized and went well. Parking was plentiful. Rest stops were well stocked with above average fare and enthusiastic volunteers. There are hills, but at this point in the season they're almost a welcome change. The "Wall" was one of the most difficult hills we've climbed on our tandem, but walk we did not! Pizza at finish was good and showers were much appreciated. Will be back next year for sure, and hopefully ride one of the longer routes. Brian & Dana

I've just completed my first Paluxy Pedal and I was so impressed!
The volunteers and Organizers can be very proud of themselves for successfully creating such a smooth, hassle-free event….from Start to Finish!
Everyone I spoke to enjoyed their ride immensely and were all complimentary of the cycle course, as well as the nice selection of various gradients.
And the selection of tasty pizzas as well as fruit, coffee & cookies at the finish was also a nice treat from the Sponsors! I'll definitely return for the 2012 Paluxy Pedal event and hopefully bring many more cyclists as well. Thanks so much once again to all the volunteers! You did a great job!

Perfect weather. 60 mile course delivers a workout of rollers on the first half. The second half is downhill punctuated by some climbs but nothing like the front half. Can't comment on the rest stops as I carried my own water, etc. But no one I spoke to had anything negative to say about the stops. Course well marked. Great traffic control. Human beings at important turn points. Race director warned about new chipseal on 80 mile circuit. Nice to have an option upfront. This is a well organized ride that deserves all the support it gets. I think it stays relatively small crowd wise because it is a tougher ride than many of the other local events. I rode this on a recumbent and thought the 60 mile course was a great ride.

I rode the 60 mile course for the Paluxy Pedal 2011. First, read the reviews from 2010, all the positive comments still apply, so I will try to only add new information. Organization and facilities are great. One of the few rides where there is not a huge line for the restrooms pre-ride and that was with nearly 1000 riders. Key turns had support staff there pointing the direction of the turns. Showers are available after the ride in the high school. Ride starts at 8:30 am which allows riders from further distances get there and the temperature to start warming up. A big plus is they are now selling full zip Paluxy Pedal jersey's, IMO they are quite nice with a good design (much better than the 2011 HHH design/color) so I picked one up for $70 (not bad given the going rate for most jerseys). I saw them mentioned on the website but didn't see any links showing any information on jerseys, so the organizers might want to add that to the site. I think it would increase sales. It should be mentioned that according to online mapping and my bike computer the route is actually 58 miles. Overall a fun ride, well organized, well supported, well attended with good roads and low traffic.

This rally is fantastic, as other reviewers have stated. You don't need to go to Fredricksburg for hill country riding - Glen Rose is less than 80 miles from downtown Dallas. Easy registration, great volunteers, indoor restrooms and showers at venue, wonderful roads to ride on. Don't miss this rally, it is one of the very best! Unless you absolutely hate hill country, you will not regret it (just don't bring an 11-23 cassette!)

Two words: Bicycle Heaven!

October 2, 2010

This ride is getting bigger and better. Located 25 miles SouthWest from Cleburne (Home of The Goatneck), The Paluxy Pedal organizers really understand and respect that they have a "gem" of a ride on their hands. Excellent organization at the start. I rode the 45 miler and we had to line up at the back of the starting field. This was done to help avoid collisions at the Glen Rose square. While all the other routes went straight at "the light", the 45's turned right. Excellent planning. There are two big hills that everyone remembers on the 45 miler. The first big hill is Fossil Rim on CR 2009 right before you get to the second rest stop. Then 6 miles later on CR 2012 right before the third rest stop, you get "The Wall". The funny thing about The Wall is that you never see it coming until you're right at the foot of it. It's hidden behind some tall overhanging trees that cover the road and block your vision of what lies ahead. Around mile 28, you cross over a big hwy (US Hwy 67) and suddenly you get a heck of a downhill run on Hwy 51. For the next 5 miles, I was hitting 40mph a few times. There are a few upward hills on this run, but they aren't bad because as soon as you top them, you go back down again. All this continues until you get to the next stop at Hwy 205. Several riders from the Dallas area that drove in that morning said that this ride is well worth the drive. Compared to Goatneck, this is a much prettier and scenic ride. Several of the County Roads are tree-lined and are good for riding. After the ride, there was pizza served. But if you want some great food, check out the local restaurants in the square. You can't go wrong.

Very good ride. Registration was smooth and quick. Great fajitas after the ride with lots of extra goodies. Excellent weather, 60 degrees at ride time. Wind is always never a factor because of the giant trees in the mountains blocking it. Worth the drive big time from the Dallas area. Everyone was super friendly. Rest stops had all the goodies and more. Apple pie, ham sandwiches, candy, home made muffins, cupcakes, rolls, pickles and pickle juice, banana, oranges and more. I did the 100 mile route and it did not disappoint. Directions were spot on and the police support was great. Sag wagons were plentiful also. They really cared about the riders. Cannot wait till next year. Keep up the good work.

Review for Paluxy Pedal 2010: I rode this for the first time and chose the 60 mile route. I did Goatneck earlier this year so I was familiar with the area (which is gorgeous.) I registered day of event and had no issues. Bathroom facilities were available and clean. Ride start was pretty smooth, might have been helpful to stretch the lineup zone out a tad.
Rise was hard but awesome, I hit a few rest stops and the people were very nice and helpful. The wall was very tough and in my bunch of riders about half had to get off. I made it and got my patch, though I think everyone got one regardless of hill success. From that point in the rise was mostly easy, but there were a few doozies about 5 miles out. Post ride pizza was tasty and Gatorade was flowing.
I'll be back for sure, I had a great time.

The Paluxy Pedal is quickly becoming a classic of all the rallies in NE Texas. I rode the 100K this year, and again, the Paluxy Pedal was awesome. Courses were well marked, the rest stops were great, and how can you beat the scenery? I got a good laugh from some friends who came out weeks before to practice the wall, only to find out during the rally they were practicing on the wrong hill. Imagine the looks on their faces when they started their assent up the wall!
To all the volunteers/staff of the Paluxy Pedal, thanks for a job well done! I’ll be back again next year.


October 3, 2009

I did the 60 mile route this year and as usual another great and trying ride. The hills never stop. This is what makes cycling challenging and fun at the same time. A big thank you to all the volunteers. I was one of the lucky ones and finished before the rain started. I will see you next year.

My wife Lisa and I (Green Mohawk) rode the 45 mile route this past weekend. We really had a great time on this course. We really enjoyed the scenery, and really enjoyed the fact that there was very little flat ground on this ride. The volunteer help was outstanding, and really appreciated all of the motorcycle riders that were around to offer help as well. Top speed for me was 45 mph on one of the downhills. We climbed one hill, and thought it was going to be “The Wall”, when we topped the hill, we saw the Boy Scout rest station, but was quickly warned we had not seen “The Wall” just yet. Got pulled to the side and was put on the air with the local radio station. Then we made it to “The Wall”. I was successful on my first attempt, but felt like my heart was going to thump out of my chest by the time I reached the top and got my patch. Then, it seemed the course got a bit more beautiful to see from that point on. The scenery just kept getting better and better with each bend in the road.
To our luck, just as we started leaving the parking lot, it started to sprinkle. Overview of the race. Great hills, great volunteers, great weather, great break stations, great scenery… Come to think of it, there was nothing bad about the experience, and it is already marked on our calendars for next year as well.

Now that we don’t have to compete for parking with the marching bands event, this ride returns to the upper echelon of area bike rides.


October 11, 2008

This ride needs to be on everyone's to do list, especially if you live in the DFW area. I have done the Cleburne, Stephenville and Granbury rides and all of them are hilly, Paluxy Pedal may be the hilliest of them all. There are several tough climbs led by what they call "the Wall" which is an 18% grade. Numerous people were walking up the hill despite it only being maybe a quarter of a mile long. Probably the steepest hill I have climbed in Texas. Very nice of the boy scouts to give a patch saying you made it to the top. The hills on this ride just keep coming including another tough one that was about 5-6 miles before "The Wall".
Registration was easy and smooth. There seemed to be plenty of restrooms in the Gym for everyone to use. They had water and fruit at the regsitration set-up. The start was a little disjointed as they had the 45 milers start first which caused some confusion. This was done as they were to make a different turn than the rest of the riders. Reststops seemed to be well stocked. I only stooped at mile 30 and the only issue there was they only had 1 port-a-potty so there was a long line. They had free pizza at the finish which was much needed.
All in all this was a fantastic ride. The hills were tough and the scenery was beautiful. This will be on my to do list for years to come and I recommend everyone else plan on doing so as well. Kudos to the organizers of this ride.

Excellent ride. Possibly the nicest ride in north Texas. Beautiful scenery, grueling hills, well stocked rest stops. Only about 8 miles of chip-seal. These are country roads, if you want a mirror finish take up track racing. I did just about every ride within 50 miles of Cleburne this year, and this was the most enjoyable.

This was my first year riding the Paluxy Pedal, but I’ve enjoyed riding this part of the Metroplex in the Goatneck and Granbury rides. After today, I would rate the Paluxy Pedal right up there with the other rides in the area. The ride was well run and the volunteers and organizers were friendly.
Wish I could say the same about some of the riders. At the start of the ride, the rally organizers wanted to recognize an individual (didn’t catch the name) whose contributions have made the Paluxy Pedal a favorite ride in the area. The plan was to say a few nice words about this individual’s effort and present him with a new bike and let him lead the 40 milers out to start the ride. The announcer had hardly started talking when a large contingent of riders decided that they had heard enough and took off. Some of them got tangled up and went down. The recipient of the bike put a good face on it, but the inconsiderate behavior of the group that didn’t have time to show appreciation for a guy who helped make their day possible was a shame.

After not being on the bike since the Cowtown ride, and a combination of the terrain and wind, at mile 33 I decided this was not my day and gave it up. This was my first time to try this ride and I was really looking forward to it. To have to sag in for non-mechanical was a first for me. Not embarrassing, just disappointing. Glen Rose is not a family fun ride. I think even without the wind it would have been a very tough ride. You start climbing right out of town and it just doesn't seem to let up. There are some spectacular downhills. One reminded me of a six flags ride, you start down and then is just kind of drops you. I had one free coasting downhill reaching 39 MPH. You definitely forget any pain you may have on those. For the ride itself, it is very well organized. The start was different with the mid-riders starting first. The guy in front was ready because he heard something he thought was a horn and he was gone, The rest of us followed. The rest stops were stocked very well. Lots of the regular stuff but then there were cookies and sports bars and very friendly and enthusiastic volunteers. The Boy Scouts at the top of the wall was a nice touch. And they did not discriminate against the walkers, they handed patches out to everyone. The finish line was great. Lots of free pizza which helped alot.
The Paluxy Pedal is a first class ride, but in my books should be advertised as a tough ride. It has every north Texas ride beat on the hills. I'll be back next year, hopefully better prepared.

Rode the 42 mile route at the Paluxy Pedal. The weather was perfect, the scenery was absolutely beautiful except for the couple of dead deer on the road side. The hills were very challenging & when you were finished you felt like you'd had a great workout! The registration went smoothly, parking was good, the rest stops were well stocked with many helpful volunteers. You saw SAG vehicles going up & down the road along with some motorcycles & well policed intersections for safe crossings. I only have a couple of reccomendations & that would be a few more signs at corners & a few more port a potties particularly at r.s. #2. Thank you to the many volunteers that came out to support this ride. Everyone needs to mark this ride on your calendar for next year.

Great ride. I concur with all of the comments already posted (except I didn't see/hear the 40 miler incident). Loved the goodies from the Holiday Inn Express at the registration table. Rest stops were well stocked (except for aforementioned porta-potty incident) & cheerful & helpful volunteers. Route was beautiful, had great directions & traffic control at busy intersections. Last year we didn't get t-shirts because we registered the morning of the event; this year - tee shirts for everyone! The goody bags were awesome. By next year the last 8-10 miles of chip n seal should be almost smooth! Pizza at the end was nirvana.

Still one of the premier rides of the year and certainly the hilliest. The one negative is the limited parking due to a conflicting event.

I just want to say this is one of the best rally's out there.... And I've been doing rally's for years...
What sets this rally apart IMO..... are the hills, incredible scenery and the lightly traveled back roads... in fact this is my second year and I came back mainly due to the very light traffic on the roads... I don't mind a little chip N'Seal for roads with very few cars!!
My only request is to just put the correct milage for the 80 mile route... which is 72. at least that is what I ended up with.
Thank you for a great event, I'll be back next year!!!

Once again the Paluxy Pedal is a first class bike rally and one that should not be missed. The start is the only thing that could be improved. Hang the START sign over the street and not on a fence that runs parallel to the street opposite the sound stage. Turn the sound stage at an angle to direct the sound back to where the riders are and can hear better. I didn’t like the odd starting of the 45 milers first. I lined up as typical to let the longer distance riders and those that like to get ahead of the “pack.” Then I found out I had to make my way up past a crush of bikes instead in a constricted area. Otherwise this is a great ride. The route, scenery, support and volunteers are all excellent. “The Wall” patch is the best too, I have way too many bike ride t-shirts. See you next year and yes that last 10 miles of chip/seal should be even smoother.

Definitely 500% better than before. And it was already good. Great new location, great scenery, very friendly people at all rest stops and absolutely the best burritos I have ever had after the ride. I had 8 of them. Yep, 8. This is one of my top 5 rides and am looking forward big time to next year. Keep up the good work.

This is my second year in the Paluxy Pedal and I highly recommend this ride. I agree with one of the previous posters, this is not a family ride nor is this a beginner ride for someone wanting to try out their new bike and new gear. This is a ride that you have to train and prepare for, but is a wonderful experience that no other ride in North Texas offers including the Goatneck and Hotter n Hell. I completed the 60 mile route and the scenery was beautiful, the route was well marked and the rest stops were fabulous. If you are not prepared for some sensational climbs, this ride is going to make for an extremely long day. Last year, I had a rude awakening coming into the ride and finished, but realized that I had a lot of work to do if I was to finish the ride and still be able to drive home! I have done many century rides and the 60 mile Paluxy Pedal is tougher than any of those. It’s a first class ride with first class terrain. It is highly recommended and I know it will continue to grow. If you prepare, you will thoroughly enjoy the Paluxy Pedal.

Hills. That’s probably enough said! Ok, 205 has some rough chip seal but it’s been that way for at least 6 years now. Great scenery and otherwise great roads!

I had a pretty nasty crash on the downhill just before the wall -- it was a great ride up to that point. Thanks to the riders following me for stopping and checking to make sure I was ok. I was shaken and stirred pretty good and the care and consideration expressed was most welcome. Thanks to the boy scouts who offered me a patch and cookie despite my ragged looks and sour face. Thanks to the sag wagon support system and driver who took me back to the start point and, again, made sure I was ok. And, finally, thanks to the guy who invented burbon and the other guy that invented the hot shower to ease my pain away once I got home. I'll be back next year as this is an absolutely great ride with wonderful views. Hopefully, this time I'll keep my eyes on the road not the scenary.

October 13, 2007

The Story Behind the Story of the 2007 Paluxy Pedal. Adam Eyres. Ride Committee
Thanks for all the reviews on our ride—Pro and Con. Certainly we enjoy hearing about the good things more than the bad, but it’s where we learn and nobody is as critical about our ride as we on the committee are.
The two biggest complaints (and mine too--both as the guy who is responsible for routes and a cyclist) are Chip Seal and Maps on the web site. Chip Seal--frustrating, irritating, hard on the teeth and hands, way too many miles of it. I AGREE!! Glen Rose is a small town in a small county (entire county population under 10,000). We don’t have a lot of roads to choose from to lay out 80 miles of bike ride. There were three options when they chip sealed FM 205. Cancel the ride (not popular I would imagine). Bring everyone back on Hwy 67--lots of cars, trucks and everyone going 70 miles an hour for about 15 miles and cutting off routes of 45, 60 and 80 and making them all about 40 miles, and let’s face it, there is some beautiful riding out there on Baker’s Crossing and into Bluffdale). Or bring it back on another back road which is beautiful, but that takes us out onto Hwy 56 where the chip seal is even worse (I know, hard to believe) and the traffic is heavy for at least 5 miles of that. I’m a rider. I hate chip seal. I have no control over it and in this case the state worked on lots and lots of miles of it in Somervell County within 3 weeks of the ride. I suppose we should be grateful we have paved roads, many counties in Texas would have a difficult time getting 80 miles of pavement for a ride.
Maps on the web site. We should have removed them as soon as the bridge was taken down. I take full responsibility for that oversight, but didn’t, prior to these reviews, realize how many people printed maps before the ride and ignored the 2000 beautiful, color coded, cue sheet/maps provided on ride day. Next year, the web site will have current maps.
On July 29th (one day after the Goatneck used it for a couple of their routes) a very critical bridge to our ride was removed. It forced us to change the 29, 60 and 80 mile routes with 2 months before the ride. If we were all unemployed with nothing but time on our hands, two months still isn’t much time to re-route that many miles, re-do maps, put together cue sheets, inform everyone, and post things on the web site. However we’re not unemployed with nothing but time on our hands, we’re all employed full time and volunteer to run this ride just as, I suspect, all rides are run. I make no excuses for the site not being updated with maps and can only tell you that we have every intention of having a new and improved web site for 2008. If we can keep TXDOT from ‘helping’ us 3 weeks before the ride, it won’t be difficult to do.
Finally, thanks for all your positive comments. We love hearing stories, especially about the menacing WALL, and I’m glad you all appreciate the pizza, patches and beautiful scenery we offer. There weren’t many complaints about things the ride committee had control over (even though WE saw things we’ll improve for 2008). We are flattered to be compared to the Hotter n Hell and the Goatneck. Those are two very well run rides with 25 and 20 year anniversaries under their belts. When 5 year olds and 25 year olds are competing on the same playing field, the 5 year old has got to feel pretty good about that.

Since it's inception, this ride was easily a top 5 in North Texas - until this year. The school scheduled a 1st annual marching band festival so they blocked off 1/2 the parking. Three times the number of cyclist show up this year over any of the previous years. And then a new chip-seal re-pavement for this year is longer than any other ride. The routes, minus the chip-seal are among the best with very little traffic and plenty of sag and volunteers at critical crossings.

The routes are top-notch at the Paluxy Pedal. The "wall" is definitely the most challenging part of the ride. Yes, there was chip n seal this year on the last 10 miles of the 45 mile route, but that's TxDOT for ya. The organizers of the event have no control over that. Raise your butt off the seat, don't hold on tightly to the handle bars, and try to find the smoothest line on the pavement. That's all you can do.
There was word that one of the cattle guards was broken a few days previous to the ride. The Ride Director urgently requested that it be fixed immediately and it was! Great job!! How's that for Glen Rose coming through in support of the ride?
I don't think there was a problem with parking. There was plenty of parking left near the school. Lots of empty spaces, so if you didn't find parking, it was because you weren't looking enough.
There's a lot of steady inclines & climbing on the way out to the wall. I was pleased to see that the people at the registration table knew the location of this "beast" of a hill. It's on CR 2012. As you turn left onto 2012, there's a moderately steep climb, followed by a fast descent, and then... lurking behind the treeline, its' there. Granny gear time. Legs burning, lungs searing & heart pounding. At the top of the "wall", you get a nice cheer and a "wall patch". Hang around at the Rest stop at the top and share your story of pain and suffering with other riders. Then get ready to be rewarded for all your hard work as you head out to cross over Hwy 67.
Once there, this is where the fun really begins as you get several long, fast & winding downhill runs. I topped out at 40 mph a couple of times. Wow !
The Paluxy Pedal is fast becoming a "must do" ride for all Texas riders.
This year there were 600 riders. I know this number will grow and will eventually rival the Goatneck in Cleburne. Yes, it's that good !

The weather was great for the start of the day. Cool in the morning but not cold. My long sleeve jersey felt good in the cool air. I would guess around 500 rides plus or minus 50 showed up for this year’s event. The ride from the High school down toward the river went smoothly and at the first light they headed up out of the downtown area. The open country is really nice and the traffic is very light. The pre-ride instruction really helped since the maps on the web site did not reflect all of the changes to the course.
The rest stops were all very small compared to the HnH but all ride rest stops are small compared to the HnH. All of the workers were friendly and helpful. My suggestion for the ride organizers would be more port-a potties. Some of the first rest stops did not have any. So as riders do you find a spot out of the way and take care of business. It makes it hard for the lady riders.
I did notice at the first rest stop with a port-a potty it was all ladies standing in line that had waited.
I like the way the course was layout with “ The Wall” only about 21 miles out. The Wall is a 19% slope and is more than twice as steep (or more) as any hill you will find on a normal road. As I was approaching the bottom of The Wall another ride ask if we were about there. I looked up the hill and saw for the first time a part of the road about halfway up where you could see most riders walking up the steepest part of the hill. I pointed up the hill into the trees and said “we are headed up there and that is only about half way”. Her response was “OH MY G----“.
As I headed up the base of the hill I decided to turn around (before it got to steep) and go back to the bottom looking for the guy I was riding with. As Buddy came into sight I yelled out “That was so much fun I want to do it again” I quickly told him I was just kidding.
The Wall is all there. The bottom third (about one tenth of a mile) is steeper than 99% of all hills I have ever ridden. I do not have a really low gear for hills so I dreaded this hill. I stayed on the seat and pedal hard until I felt I could not go any more. Then I stood up out of the saddle and started pumping with all I had. Using this method only got me up the next tenth of a mile. At this point my legs felt they were melting and the strength was about gone as I got past the steepest part of The Wall. By now I am in oxygen debt and I needed air and lots of it. This next part is embarrassing but funny. As I set back down on the seat I starting gasping for air and was making some really strange noise in the process of breathing. I had to start weaving back and forth trying to reduce the steepest of the hill and keep working my way to the top. I had several discussions with myself on the last third of the hill. I just need to stop and walk, but a little further first, but I really need to stop but a little further ----. Back and forth I went still barley moving but I was still clipped in and on two wheels. It hurt but I made it again to the Top of “The Wall”
The rest of the ride was mostly pleasant and no more big surprises until toward the end. The next 10 mile or so after “The Wall” was with the wind with plenty of down hills all along the way. At the last main rest stop the 60 and 80 milers headed on North for more hills and fun with the 45 milers to head back to Glen Rose. That was the worst part of the ride and not because of the wind but because of the road we had to ride on. New chip seal surface with big rocks (that is what it felt like) not small gravel. The road vibrations were the worse I have ever ridden on. My hand started tingling and going numb. Even the painted strips on the road which are usually smoother did not help. Several miles down the road my friend noticed we have been riding with hills on both sides of us but now he noticed hills in front of us too. He said it looks like a box canyon ahead of us with no way out. “Your right about the box canyon but this is a hill on the way out. This last hill near the end of the ride has no name but I have nicked name Butt Kick Hill. That is what is does to you with only about 5 miles left of the ride. Your legs just do not have much left for a steep hill (only about one tenth long) so again you will see more bikers walking than riding.
Finally as you cross over the main highway in town and leave the chip seal road behind you the smoothness of a real asphalt road felt so good it is hard to describe but great to experience. The Paluxy Pedal is more than a good ride but a real challenge. I would suggest if you normally ride 80 miles drop back to the 60 or if 60 drop back to the 45. I think the 45 mile route had over 3800 ft of climb so the 60 and 80 would have been much worse (or more challenging). See you next year but come ready for a ride. David in Azle, TX.

This was my first time doing the Paluxy Pedal. I'd like to thank all the volunteers who help make this a successful rally. Registration was well organized, rest stops well stocked, good SAG support, thank you to the car dealership that provided the trucks, intersections well monitored, boy scouts did a great job handing out patches at the top of the "WALL". My only suggestion would be to hand out the t-shirts at the beginning of the ride not after when we are suppose to wait for everyone to arrive in to get one. We were tired and weren't going to wait for the last of the riders to arrive to get our shirt. Also on your maps on the website it looks like the WALL is located around the 4th reststop when actually it's between the 2nd and 3rd rest stop can you please change this??? Overall this is a great ride but make sure that you bring your legs, lungs and heart with ya....

First time to ride this event, not sure I will ride again...Have ridden Muenster, Goatneck, even Ft. Davis to Alpine and back, but his is one of the harder rides out there and that is without the wall included. The rest stops start close together and get further away the more you ride, if you ride the 80 miler be prepared for few to no rest stops (lack of water/fluids at what they were calling a rest stop) once you pass the one where the 45 milers pull off until you get back there, this is unbelievable considering the amount of climbing involved. Yes the wall is a beast of a climb lots of people pushing up the hill and lots of chains breaking and everyone should go and get a patch, but after that the ride is no fun, and the route chosen had one of the worst chip-n-seal roads I have ever ridden on, take your mouth piece or you may chip a tooth on this one. Don’t like to bad mouth a ride, but this is the first time I ever finished a ride and asked myself "why did I just do that to myself?" and talking to others I am not alone in thinking that. Don’t think this will ever rival Goatneck, but they need to pay attention to what goes on in Cleburne at the Goatneck if they want to make this ride better.

My Grades for the 2007 Paluxy Pedal
60Mile route
Route 9/10 A GREAT ROUTE with lots of UPS and DOWNS! The Wall is a great challenge for all and the patch given at the top is a great REWARD. Routes were perfectly marked! The only negative was the chip seal! BUT not the organizers fault as they changed up the route a little this year to avoid some other construction and underwater area's.
Registration: 9/10 I completed it on line...the lines at the event seemed short and all seemed to be happy!
My only suggestion would be have a ride pickup in the Dallas and Fort Worth area so we don't have to go to Granbury to pick it up.
Weather: 8/10 A PERFECT DAY....Except the killer wind!
Rest Stops: 9/10 I didn't stop BUT they looked stocked and the boy scouts were ready to serve! The Pizza at the finish line was a nice GIFT to the riders
Goodies: 6/10 My only complaint! I got the same T-Shirt as last year! WHAT A BUMMER! I was looking forward to a new Paluxy T-shirt! Also I was looking forward to another good Paluxy wide mouth water bottle..and got a narrow one....Oh well it was free I really can't complain too much!
Misc: Showers were hot! Parking was fine even with the band competition! It is the best ride in Texas...minus
the chip seal!
thanks Paluxy!

I did not and still do not see a problem holding a marching band competition at the same day as the race. The events started four hours apart and each group seemed to keep out of each others path when bikers were coming back to their cars. So instead of parking on the side lot, one who showed up late had to park at the back side of the school. Regardless, the ride was fun in a very sadistic point of view - there are plenty of rolling hills to go up and down. The scenery was good and watching the bikers snake around Glen Rose as we started the ride was also cool - watching 600+ bikers moving around is a neat sight. My only complaint is the map situation for the various routes that day. A public announcement was made at the starting line the maps downloaded from the Internet were not up to date and people were to get updated maps instead. That is not the time to make that particular announcement. The routes had plenty of rest stops, and there was very little vehicular traffic on the roads I had ridden on. Other than trying to dodge unsuccessful bikers coming down The Wall to try one more attempt to gain some momentum up the hill, there were very, very little safety concerns.

I don’t know whether to praise this ride for what it was or express disappointment because I expected more. All my buddies say it’s a must-do, one of the season’s highlights. Maybe it just caught me in a bad mood. Anyway, this was my first time to ride Paluxy. IMO it has the best scenery of all the charity rides I’ve done. It’s challenging, with 63 ft/mi ascent on the 60-mile route. The rest stops were properly spaced and well-stocked. There were no lines at porta-potties, so there must have been enough of them... There was plenty of sag support and almost NO TRAFFIC! The organizers did a great job of selecting lightly traveled roads. However, some of the routes were not the ones shown on the website. Why not? Were they changed so late there was no time to post them? Posting routes must be super-difficult, because the same thing happened at Honey Tour. We were warned about the several miles of chip-seal featured on the last leg of the route. I’m sure there’s worse to be found in Texas, but this is the worst I’ve seen on a route used by an organized ride. The organizer predicted folks would complain in reviews – all I can say is I hope it’s flattened out some by this time next year. For some reason t-shirts were handed out AFTER the ride. What?? I was told I would need to present my bib number after the ride to receive a shirt. When I did I was told no, I needed to present a blue ticket which I hadn’t been given at registration. When I persisted I was asked if I could prove I was one of the first 500 to register. Then I was told there were no new shirts for this year, just leftovers from previous rides. Then someone said the new shirts were only for the first 500. I finally talked my way into a leftover shirt, which turned out to be okay. I guess all’s well that ends well.

This was a very good rally. The scenery is great and the roads are free of traffic. The Wall was the advertised challenge, but the unmentioned last 10 miles back to the start seemed worse. Did they use railroad ballast in that chip-seal pavement? Thanks to the Texas Heat Motorcycle Club for guidance and securing some intersections and to the local Boy Scout troop for handing out the patches at the top of The Wall. My heart was pounding too hard to say a decent thank you to them. The wind wore me out early outbound but then made for some fun downwind downhill runs on the return. To all who worked the Paluxy Pedal, good job!

First time for this ride. Nice ride, scenery great. Hills are great too. Chip seal is a real drag. The stretch from Bluff Dale to Hwy 205 was really harsh. Don't know if they can route it to avoid it all, but that would help make it better. I found no rest stops after the 60/80 turnoff(#4) until #6, (never saw 5). #6 had nothing but ice and cookies. No fluids. At #4 the first time through I unknowingly filled my water bottle with pickle juice, which was an unpleasant surprise. A label on the cooler might have been nice. I did survive on pickle juice until I got back to #4. I was able to finagle a shirt that would fit a five year old... All that being said, the ride was fun, and has alot of potential. I'll likely be back. I'll bring a full suspension bike next year.

If you you want a ride the will test you mentally and physically, then this ride is for you. The Wall will zap your quads and hamstrings. This was my first ride at he Paluxy pedal and more than likely not returning if the route is the same. The best part about the ride was great scenery and light automotive traffic and friendly and supported volunteers (THANK YOU) . It was a very challenging ride 1) hills and more hills, combine the hardest hills at Muenster, Goatneck and the Ride the Roses you have the Paluxy ride, 2) wind, mother nature decided to crank up the wind today 3) chip and seal surface, the route for the 45 mile route had over 30 miles total of chip and seal surface and the last 10 was by far the worst I have ridden on for the past 20 years. Knowing this ride was hilly and the wind would be strong, a cyclist can be mentally be prepared, but for the Chip and seal surface: NO. The Wall was tough to climb. Nice touch for the Patch, (great job to the Boy Scouts at the top) The organizer were unprepared for the amount of riders this year has to compared to last year since most of the rest stops were running low on supplies. Not their fault for such a pretty day to ride. The volunteers did their best in getting more supplies when supplies were getting low. If rider attendance increases in the future, will need more port-a-jons at he rest stops and supplies. Traffic control was good and the major intersections.Road markings was great, arrows and signs Need add road markings after a turn. Would help cyclist make sure we are on track. With little better planning this ride can only improve. I was totally spent when I crossed the finish line, The pizza at end was a blessing. (thanks) Quack Quack

I really enjoyed this ride. The "wall" at mile 22 was unbelievable. I made it about 1/2 of the way up and had to walk the rest of the way. It's the first time I have had to get off the bike. Next time I'll do a little hill work before the ride. I wonder how many with double rings actually made it to the top. I'm not sure I could have made it with a triple either. My only regret was not taking a picture with my cell phone so my friends would believe how steep it is. The chip seal was rough but the smooth asphalt at the end was like I died and went to heaven. I also really enjoyed the pizza at the end. Thanks for your hard work on this ride.

A well organized and well supported ride. Rode the 60 mile route. A good workout. Every stop was well stocked with food and fluids. Along with the Crazy Kicker this is a top five ride in Texas. Note to Moritz team: How about some courtesy when you go through a rest stop area. I know all you Cat-whatevers think you are in the Tour de France but this is a recreational ride. You are going to injure someone down the road and when you do Moritz will end up on the losing end to a lawsuit for simple lack of courtesy.


Oct 14, 2006

Still the #1 ride in the North Texas circuit. First class. Has the distance and challenge for anyone. Why this ride doesn't pull in 5,000 riders is beyond me and I've riden 24 events so far this year.

I am new to cycling at age 48 and about 75 lbs. overweight which is why I am riding. On the advice of a friend at work I entered this years HH100 - 25 miler (on a Mountain Bike) and finished without even stopping at a rest stop. Prior, to this race I really didn't think I would be able to finish it. Yes, I got hooked, did my homework for about a month and invested in a good mid-range priced road bike and computer and entered the Paluxy Pedal (45 mile). With only a week to get acquainted with my new bike, boy, did I get the school of hard knocks shifting lesson. I read about this course being "hilly", but to me, being a rookie and all, this may well have been the Pyrenees Mountains...sheesh! There were about 6 hills including ''THE WALL" that made me get off the bike and walk. Receiving the patch at the top of "THE WALL was so cool! Mis-shifting in combination with being out of shape was the culprit on 5 of the 6 hills. I don't think I'll ever be fit enough to pedal all the way to the top of "THE WALL". All in all, I had a blast and everyone (riders and volunteers) were so nice. The scenery was fantastic.The rest stops were well stocked. The course was very well marked. The Glen Rose Harley Riders did a great job and the SAG vehicles were right on top of everything. This event was very well organized. This is only the second ride I've attended but I don't think it can get much better than this. I will definitely be back next year in better shape with more experience. My time was 5:27, which isn't bad I suppose...all things considered. Thanks to all for the wonderful hospitality! Ron H.

This was my first time riding the Paluxy Pedal. It was every bit as challenging and beautiful as I thought it was going to be. The parts of the route around Chalk Mountain are gorgeous. Lots of trees and valleys to make the ride interesting. The "Wall" was difficult and I didn't know what a 19% grade was until this past Saturday. With some strategy and a little extra pain tolerance, you can do it. I did it and I'm well over 220 lbs. And unless you knew where the Wall is, it really comes up on you by surprise because you go down a steep curving tree-lined descent then as the road flattens out, "Wham" there it is. You look up and think, "oh my". Granny gear time. Grunt, grunt. I highly recommend this ride and I am looking forward already to next year's event. There's no other ride that I've been on where you go from a leg-burning 2 to 5 mph climb to a long 25 to 35mph + descent so many times in one route. While I would compare some of the hills to The Goatneck or Stephenville's Firecracker 100, the scenery in Glen Rose outranks them all. - Felix

A great ride! If you are looking for a challenging and BEAUTIFUL course look no further! Up and Down and all around are beautiful hill country roads and not a car in sight! THE WALL is a great climb and the patch at the top is GREAT reward for a solid effort! It rained a little this year and was a little cold...but trust me the numerous hills will warm you up! Rest stops looked well stocked. Overall I would give it a 9/10 The only negative was the finish line. It would be nice to have a marked start/finish line with an announcer /dj like the Goatneck announcing your arrival and cheering people on! OVERALL GREAT RIDE ONE I WILL RIDE EACH AND EVERY YEAR!

I agree with the previous post. This is a great ride. I’m shocked more cyclists don’t have this ride on their radar. Even with the rain this was still a great ride with great volunteers. This was my second year and I will definitely be back for a third. Maybe third time is a charm to conquer the Wall. I did get further up this year than last so next year I will defeat The Wall. Thanks again to all the volunteers and I will see you next year.

I rode in the Paluxy Pedal on Oct 14, 2006 and it was by far one of the best rides I have been on…it was very difficult but well worth it!!
It was very well organized and everyone was very helpful and very nice.
Can’t wait until next year!!!

The best ride of my biking life! The challenging hills and The Wall are a most do for the true rider at heart. A big shout out to Dorothy of the LDL Foundation and thanks for the Blueberry muffin it made all the difference on my 80 mile ride. I cannot forget Adam and the race Staff, kudos for a well organized race.I‘ll see you guys next year!!!! - Daniel

I really enjoyed the challenge of the Paluxy Pedal as a first time participant in this rally. The heavy rain on the drive down must've scared off many riders because it didn't seem crowded at all to me. Yes it was a little wet for most of the ride but not that bad. I have ridden Goat Neck before so the first 15 miles or so were familiar. I rode the 100K and hit "The Wall" at the 36 mile point. This thing is STEEP and LONG. My 12-23 cluster was not the best choice to climb this monster. The route after "The Wall" and back into Glen Rose was one of the most enjoyable sections I have ridden all year. I found myself constantly checking out the vistas as I was covering a lot of ground in a hurry with a few climbs and long decents. I didn't even mind the steady light rain the last 10 miles. My only real complaint was the fact the 45 mile route was more direct to the Wall and I found too many of these riders off their bikes and all over the road by the time I got there. I had to dismount half way up, pick my way to a clear section and remount which was not easy on that thing. There was more chip seal on the whole route than I preferred but you can only blame TXDOT. The scenary made up for the chip seal. Best, most challenging rally I have done in the North Texas area but it is fine by me if no one else catches onto it.

My 3rd Paluxy Pedal and still the best rally of the year. Challenging but doable, even the wall. This ride is a well-kept secret but I don’t know why. Scenery is 2nd to none in this state, traffic is minimal. Managed to get 3 more of my peers to go this year and all came away with the same impression…great ride.

I have just gotten back into cycling after an 18 year hiatus. My girlfriend is a beginning "cyclette". The Paluxy Pedal was my first organized ride in over 18 years, and her first ever. The ride was great. Rained on us all the way down from Fort Worth, but stopped once we got to the Glen Rose High School. Was nice and cool when we started. All the volunteers were extra friendly and helpful, and major kudos go out to the folks manning the rest stops. We did the 29 mile ride (first ride in 18 years remember) and it was a handful, but a lot of fun. Some of the views from the hill tops were just gorgeous. Speaking of the hills………..Lordy there were a few. I totally concur with an earlier opinion that the only flat spots on this course were the bridges going over the rivers. I have to admit we had to walk up a couple, and had to stop for a breather on a couple of others after climbing them. But we give this ride an A+ and will definitely be back next year for sure. Thanks again to all the volunteers who made this great ride possible.

Four of us drove from Dallas to do this ride. Forget about the rain, the flat and throwing a chain at the base of "The Wall". This ride is nothing short of great!
The scenery is beautiful and hills galore! Truly a cyclist's dream. Gets you strong and makes you smile.
This ride will only attract more people every year. No question we will return with a lot more cycling friends.
Great Job Glen Rose!!

A pre-review

Two days afer registering for the 2006 Paluxy Pedal I received a info packet from the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce promoting all the activities and events happening in Glen Rose...even had some money saving coupons!
A ride and community working together A VERY GOOD SIGN! I look forward to this event!

October 8, 2005

This was the best rally that I participated in this year! The course (60 mile route) was hilly and challenging. The rest stops were great and the people were very friendly. The scenery was beautiful (rolling hills, lots of trees) and the weather was perfect (low '70's). The patch given to riders at the top of "The Wall" (a hill with 19% grade and a handrail on the side) was a nice touch. There were also a number volunteers along the course to assist with crossing highways and even to provide advance warning about some cattle guards. Definitely recommend this ride and will return next year.

Another fantastic ride...well organized and supported... Friendly support folks, well stocked rest stops, good maps and route marking. Great traffic control. "The Wall" was very hard, but the 'reward' at the top was an unexpected treat. Other rides should copy what these folks are doing. Best ride of my year. Already looking forward to next year.

This was the first year I have ridden the Paluxy Pedal ride. By the time I got to the "Wall" at the 36 mile point, my legs were shot from all the previous hills. I only got one third of the way up before it was just too painful to continue, so I had to walk the rest of that hill. Still, I think I will go back next year, if for nothing else that to compare my hill-riding ability progress. The rest stops were great, the packets had lots of goodies, and the route was fine. This ride deserves to have more participants. So, come on out folks, and test yourself on all these hills!

This had to be one of the most pleasant, well-run rides my wife and I have ever attended. The roads were smooth, the terrain varying, the rest stops VERY well-placed, and the support just incredible! There was an entire gang of Glen Rose Harley Riders escorting the groups, and the SAG wagons were just far enough apart that you could ride without fear of being alone for too long, anywhere on the ride. This is an absolutely GORGEOUS area of Texas, and the rally deserves another 100-150 people attending. The entire town was full of friendly faces, all of whom recognized us as "Paluxy Pedalers" and welcomed us. And the weather!! WOW! It was about time for us to get some cooler air! But there wasn't a breeze out there, all day long!!! We loved it so much, we stayed an extra night, and attended the Fossil Rim Wildlife Refuge on Sunday. This weekend will be a highlight for us next year, and we look forward to attending. The only thing I would change, and this is very minor, is to move the start to 8:30, or even 9 (maybe to get more of the D/FW crowd). Thank you for hosting such a great event, and thank you even more for the absolutely silk-smooth final 2 miles of road. That was just icing on the cake!

The Paluxy Pedal was fantastic. I love the wall. Didn't quite make it to the top, but that makes me more determined for next year. Friendly people at the rest stops is always a plus. This will definitely be on my list of rides for next year along with the Melon Patch Tour in DeLeon. 

My second year for this ride and this one was better than last year. Again the ride was well organized and easy to enter. With only about 350 to 375 riders at this years ride there were no lines. If next year 1500 riders show up there might be a problem at sign up but worry is a waste of a time.
The start of the ride was simple. The guy with the little starting gun had a smile on his face that seemed odd at the time. After firing the shot for the start I figured out why he had that smile. That little hand held pistol sounded like a small cannon. What a shock! I was in a good spot to start the ride and the younger riders actually were nice enough to let me lead the ride through the first turn and for the first half mile through town. This year the police helped at all the major intersection (in and out of town) and the safety of the ride felt 100% better than last year.
The hills were still there with very little flat ground anywhere on the routes. About the only flat spots were the bridges over the rivers. The road and country side were clean and beautiful. The rest stop were simple but good.
This ride will become famous for one hill. "THE WALL". This years ride place "The Wall" closer to the front of the ride. This is a good thing. "The Wall" is about three tenths of a mile and has a change of elevation from the creek to the top of about 200feet. You get a patch for riding the wall. It is rated at 19% grade. The highway builders consider a 6% to 7% grade steep enough to warn trucks. At 19% that means 19 ft of rise for ever 100 ft out. By the time you cover a quarter of a mile you have gone up a long way. I walked up the last third of "The Wall" last year with leg cramps and with 50 miles behind me I just was unable to make the climb last year. This year hitting "The Wall" at about 30 miles my legs were fresher and I planned to take is easy during the miles leading up to the big one. The short story is I made it without having to walk this year, just barley.
The rest of the 60 mile ride was just more rolling hills but very beautiful country. Last year I saw a bobcat run across the road in the middle of the day so we were out in the country. I do not think that this ride will ever be as large as the HnH because of the hills but next year there will be more riders coming out to challenge "The Wall".
Things to look for next year would be some pickles (for salt) at the finish line and more pizza so the long distance rides will have something to eat when they get in. David in Azle. 

I've tackled quite a few rides this year and I have to say that the Paluxy Pedal was, by far, one of the best rides I've ever done! The scenery was breath taking and the weather couldn't have been much nicer - low 70's! The course was well laid out - although I managed to miss my turn after the first rest stop and added ten addtional miles to my route! This was my oversight and not a lack of course markings. Some overlap with the Goatneck course (Glen Rose to the first rest stop, and slightly beyond), but it turned south and ventured into some of the prettiest landscapes I've seen in Texas. Incredible! Had I not mis-shifted at the start of "The Wall", I think I could've made it all the way up; as it turned out, I made it 90% of the way. That was very disappointing, personally, so there's NO question I'm returning next year to get my revenge! Great ride, well-organized, and friendly support! This is a must-do ride for all levels! I agree with a previous reviewer in that having more food to accomodate the "long distance" riders (45-80) would be nice. When we finished the 60 mile, there was no food left at all.

October 9, 2004

I rode the 60 mile route of the 2004 Glen Rose Paluxy Pedal, on Saturday the 9th, and found it to be a top notch, well organized ride. With well laid out registration / start area, excellent support, and well stocked rest stops manned by very friendly folks. This ride had clearly marked, low traffic routes which were to say the least - very challenging. The slightly overcast skies and cooler weather made for a great riding day. This is a very high quality event in every respect. One of the best I've been on this summer. The wind, the hills, and the road surfaces made this one a tough one - "The Wall" was very tough... glad I completed it. The very scenic routes,  with clean roadways and very clean fresh air, made this ride all that much more worthwhile to complete. I look forward to participating in next year's event. Good job to everyone in Glen Rose....

Outstanding. The course (I rode the 60) was excellent, great scenery, very low traffic, great support, and more hills than you can count. Best ride of the year. 

This was my first year to ride at Glen Rose. I do not plan for it to be the last. When I got to the starting area at the school there was no problems at sign it. They had plenty of items in the freebee bag. The starting area had plenty of room to stage all the riders. I miss the first clue to how challenging this ride would be when before the start we were told that the course would be challenging. I have heard and seen that word used many time talking about a course but the word "Challenging" is a huge understatement on this course. The ride it self started smoothly. We were told that the course was open without any controlled intersection. They were not kidding. I really think that a couple of intersection should have had a policeman to just get the main pack safely out of town. The ride along the river was really nice. Once we crossed the river the easy part was over. The course was very well marked with painted arrows and some freestanding markers at the main turns. The maps were very good with real roads and number so you could see were you were at anytime. The rest stops were spaced about right with friendly help and the standard snacks. As far as the ride goes I have no complaints. My only regret was that I chose to ride the 80 mile route but was ready to quite at 57 miles. If only I had chose the 60 mile route I thought to myself many time. The HILLS. Most courses have one or two challenging hills. This course is made up of those types of hills. This course also has some very steep hills. Much steeper than the word "challenging" would indicate. This course ( 60 or 80 ) also has one or two Killer hills ( they kill any strength left in your legs). One hill (over 50 miles out on the 80 mile ride) called the "Wall" ( I walked up the last third) and one about 5 miles from the end. The last one is not as long or as steep as the Wall but it is right at the end of the ride so make sure you have low gearing. If you plan to ride this course be prepared and ready. First, choose a route shorter than you normally ride, you will be glad you did. Second, choose a bike (if you have a choice) with three sprockets up front ( I only had 2) . You will need all of them. Third, be prepared to see some beautiful country with scenic views, clean air and clean fun. I was asked if I would come back. Yes, I said, for the 60 mile route next year. I went home and took a nap. David in Azle, Tx. 

All I can say is "Wow!!" This was one of the best rides (if not THE best) of the entire season. The route was spectacular, with incredible scenery and terrifically varied terrain. If you like hills, you'll love this ride. By my computer, there were at least three hills that tipped up above 12%, and "The Wall" measured an incredible 19%. I did the 80 mile route, and I can't think of anything bad to say. The roads were reasonably smooth (some chip seal, but nothing terrible), the route was well marked (both posted signs and arrows painted on the road), and the rest stops were well positioned and manned by very friendly and knowledgeable volunteers. Given the relatively small number of riders (probably less than 200), this might be the best kept secret in North Texas cycling. What's the date for next year's ride, 'cause I want to mark my calendar now!!

I have found my new "favorite" ride- this was my first year to do the Paluxy Pedal in Glen rose and it was even more than I had hoped for after reading last years reviews. I drove 2 hours from Denton that morning but it was worth it... My old favorite was the Muenster Ride in April for the same reasons...very challenging hills, low traffic, relatively smooth roads and the VIEWS... I didn't know that steep hill was called The Wall...I made it 1/3 to 1/2 up and worried i might not be able to unclip fast enough if necessary so I walked the rest of the way- out of 15 or so people around me only i rode up all the way, most of the others not even attempting it-great rest stops, rode markings and volunteers. Next year I plan to make a weekend of it with some golf on Sunday and seeing Fossil Rim Wildlife Safari--GREAT RIDE-worth the drive.

This was my first time for this ride and I will be back. The ride got A's from me on road safety, route marking/signage, challenge, scenery and rest stops. I was quite pleased with my self for deciding to do this sure beats all the "flat" rides I do around Dallas. My only suggestion is to post advisories about the cattle guards on the 60 mile route...there were two...the 1st one caught us by surprise and I thought was a bit unsafe due to it's construction (widely spaced cross-bars ). I was looking for cattle guards after that and the 2nd was no was also constructed differently and was safer for bikes. I really have no other feedback for improvement...I really thought this ride was great. I was so impressed by the wall, I drove my wife to it later that day...she plans to ride next year! 

I agree with all of the other postings. The Somervell/Bosque area is truly scenic, made all the More so by the big ranches you ride by, the creek and river crossings and of course, The hills. I was told by someone I spoke to at the Bike Rack Shop in Granbury that the course had more hills than the Goat Neck ride, which was true. I'll add that it had more hills than the Stephenville Firecracker ride too. The hills were hard, the wind was blowing But at least it wasn't 100 degrees out there! October seems to be a good time for these Rides. The 80 mile ride was all I needed for one day-Highway 174 was newly paved But pretty busy traffic-wise, but you have to use those bigger highways to connect to the Solitary county roads. The Wall makes you forget about your fantasy of climbing in the Pyrenees!

This was my first ride ever and I rode the 60 mile. WHAT FUN !!! I had heard there was going to be hills and I couldn't wait for the challenge. Thank you for a wonderful challenge with "The Wall". As a novice, I was proud to have made it 2/3 the way up. It will be my goal to make it all the way up w/out having to walk the rest of the way. The rest stop people were very friendly and helpful. Thank you also for the people to help out with crossing the highways. The scenery, low traffic and the weather made the ride (even the wind at the end) a delight. I've teased the people who didn't want to accept the challenge, but will make sure they join me next year. 

Saturday, October 4, 2003

A fine first effort. SAG support was superb. Nice goodie bag (nice tee-shirt). Rest stops (there were lots of them) were well staffed and had toilets and lots of food and drink. Course was challenging. We will return next year.

In it's first year, this ride was outstanding!!!!!! The one word to describe this ride is "clean". Clean air, clean roads , and "clean" away from the Big City. Although the 80 mile route was scrubbed, this ride had a 5 mile, 25 mile, 45 mile, and 60 mile route that was perfect for just about any level rider , from novice to serious cyclist. Registration and start was at Glen Rose High School , on 67, and easy to find. Traffic control was excellent with the Texas Heat Motorcycle Club of Glen Rose assisting local law enforcement. Traffic throughout the ride was so light , SAG wagons and The Heat comprised most of the traffic, both giving encouragement and support to the riders. Somervell and Johnson counties are perfect bicycling areas if you enjoy the challenge of hills and the serenity of wide open vistas. This ride provided, by far , the best scenic views of any ride of the season. Rest stops were well maintained and well spaced. Water, Gatorade, bananas and cookies were at all stops , along with RR facilities. The ride benefited the Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve . Cool t-shirts too!!! Adam , the ride organizer , and all the volunteers and anyone associated with this ride , should feel proud...this was a good one. If you're conditioned enough for the hills , this ride is a surrealistic experience . I had chills running up and down my back on several occasions...coming over the top of a hill...the grand sweeping downhill opened up a panoramic view that went on forever .... the scenery a mix of Palo Pinto County deer country and the Hill Country of Austin. This ride is destined to become a fall classic. It is definitely worth the trip to Glen Rose. I'll be back in 2004. You've gotta check it out. This one is more than miles. It is an experience. DeWayne Shepard (Roadkill)

Great Ride! This was a scenic and challenging ride. There were quite a few nice rolling hills with a few short out-of-the-saddle climbs. Scenic with mostly good roads and light traffic. Good rest stops with friendly staff, you could even grab a cup without stopping if you dared. Will be back next year and hopefully there will be an option longer than 60 miles. Nice work Adam and all involved!

This was the best organized first ride I have ever seen. The use of the high school gym restrooms at the start and finish was great. The routes were extremely well marked with both signs and arrows on the road. I rode the 45 mile route and my husband rode the 60 mile route. Both were challenging, also with some really great downhills, which made for really great riding. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and traffic was almost non-existent on both routes. The use of the motorcycle club to make passes on the routes to check on the riders was a nice touch. Even at the few times when cyclists were sparse, you never felt alone out there. We do not utilize the rest stops much but there were plenty of them and everyone associated with the ride was very friendly. Afterwards we had a great barbecue lunch at Hammonds, who I understand was a big sponsor of the ride. I really hope this ride makes a go of it as we will be back next year and will heartily recommend it to all our cycling friends. This ride is one of the tops for the year on our list!