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 The Alfalfa Bill Century Bike Ride, Tishomingo, Oklahoma

Octobner 22, 2011

This was my first time up there for that ride. Great weather for it. The first few miles out of town there was a little chip and seal, but it got much smoother real soon on the 46 mile route. The well-marked route was not as hilly as I feared, with mostly rollers and some very flat sections in river bottoms. Very friendly, caring volunteers manned all the rest stops. One odd thing though was the lack of ride numbers. Definitely a must-see ride for Metroplex riders this time of year.

October 23, 2010

Great Ride Again this year. Even though it rained 80 of the 100 miles, it did not disappoint. No rain till mile 20 then for the next 20 miles it was piercing/stinging rain. It stopped from mile 40 to 50 and then rained the rest of the day. Winds were 10 to 20 mph the whole day. 25 signed up to do the Century but only 4 attempted it and 3 finished it. Of course I was number one. One of the volunteers that manned the rest stop at mile 75 became ill and had to leave. The Mayor of Tishomingo got wind of this and came out to help. Yes, the Mayor. Brought goodies, encouragement and his camera. They really care. Road markings were great and no problems. Sign in was quick and easy. I think a total of 100 riders turned out. They also have some awesome Cookies as well as very nice long sleeve tee shirts. See you next year.

October 2009

Great day for a Century. Beautiful country, scenery and people. Very friendly and warn. Lots of cookies all stops. Very nice long sleeve t-shirts. This ride is not a very big one at all, maybe 70 turned out for they do not advertise this ride. If you can look for it around this time every year, you will not be disappointed. Very small town but they really can put on a great ride. Will definitely look forward to this one again next year. This is my 4th time to ride it. Tishomingo, OK is only 2 hours from Rowlett, TX.

I have done 30 rides this year and this is one of my favorites. I don't mind driving a long ways for the small town rides. Sure, you might hit one of lower quality, but there is no such thing as a bad one. The organizers are great folks and the route for the century was scenic and lightly travelled by autos. Wonderful cookies! I plan to return as long as I am able to ride.

October 2008

Very nice ride. Only 2 hours from Dallas. Small town setting and very beautiful scenery throughout. Extremely friendly people everywhere. I did the 100 mile route and it did not disappoint. Homemade cookies at every rest stop. This ride has not been advertised in Texas but always happens in mid to late October. This is my 3rd time to do this ride. Very nice long sleeve t-shirts. Look forward to next year and keep up the good work gals.