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North Texas Bicycle Rally (NTBR), Roanoke, TX

October 8, 2016

North Texas Bicycle Rally (NTBR) 2016 – this is my third year in row to ride this great, close-in, well organized rally. I started with the 25 mile in year 1, 50 mile in year 2, and 62 mile this year. Each one was well-supported at the start / finish area (the drum line, cheering students, burgers from Chili's, etc.) as well as on the road itself with plenty of police at the busy intersections and volunteer support at the rest stops. I look forward to riding it again next year.

My daughter and I rode the 53 mile route for this year's NTBR. Sam's team did another phenomenal job! The start was on-time and all intersections were covered. I didn't unclip until crossing 377 heading south two hours + into the ride. That's really good for a rally through a densely populated area. Weather was nice and cool with an intermittent north wind. It covered all the NE Tarrant county hills: in Blue Mound radio hill, Washboard hill in Haslet, Roanoke Hill and the Three Sisters in Trophy Club. The rest stop I stopped at was staffed with friendly, helpful volunteers and police support was very noticeable and effective. I'll be back in '17!

This ride has become one of my must do rides. Did 100k and it was really good. the route was shortened to 53(?) miles due to construction. Still a challenging course with plenty of hills. Mostly low traffic roads. Most road surfaces were in good shape. Smooth concreted, smooth asphalt, and well worn chip seal. A few potholes, but mostly well marked. Great signage and intersection control most of the route. Well organized and run. Weather was great. Nice lunch provided by Chili's. Big thanks to all the sponsors, Chili's, police support, volunteers, bicycle shops, etc. Loved the drum line at the start and the folks that cheered along the route and at the finish. See you next year.

It was a great ride, can't wait to do it again. Hopefully next year the 100K will be the whole distance; I understand those that signed up for it were disappointed (as I was--but understand). Great ride, love the smiley faces--can use them all year. Going to be a regular ride for me. KP

What a great ride for a great cause. the course is fun, and the people are all excited and friendly.

Amazing Ride! Everything was top notch! Roads, Route & Support far exceeded my expectations. Bonus: shirts are super cute. Can't wait to ride again next year.

This was my first rally and I enjoyed it immensely. I did the 52 mile distance on a Mountain Bike with large tires in under 4 hours. It was very challenging especially the hills. The roads were well marked and excellent police at intersections. The snack stops were heaven sent and didn't realize how much I like pickles and raisin/peanut/m&m mix.
Thank you again and I will definitely participate next year with my new street tires.

This was our first time riding this event and have nothing but positive things to say about it. The location, route, support, traffic control, food...everything was top notch! The roads were awesome! Will definitely try to make it back next year.

Excellent ride. Extremely well planned & supported. A simple fund raising enjoyable ride for the participants. Thank you to those who work very hard to make this a success for St. Jude.

October 10, 2015

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know that Pam and I have really enjoyed meeting, greeting and working with all the various cycling teams, and each our participants who registered for and participated in our Bicycle Rally. Pam and I also want to thank our wonderful Volunteers (Keller Middle School Teachers, Keller Middle School Drum Line, Keller Middle School Honor Society and Photography Club, the Boy Scout and Girls Scout troops that assisted, and our wonderful family and friends). We humbly realize there is no way we could have pulled this off without your support and friendship. Lastly, we want to thank all of the Public Safety Teams and MotorCycle Escorts for keeping the ride safe for everyone.
Now about the ride, we had excellent weather and the largest turn-out ever for the North Texas Bicycle Rally. With the growth there are always some learning experiences. This year learned about the need for better parking control and Public Safety assistance will be needed to manage the volume of traffic at the High School entrances. Also, with this many cyclists (~800), we will Start the Bicycle Rally on a long straight away so that we can get some separation for the fast and more cyclists before we head into any turns or high density neighborhoods. Next year I plan to get the more experienced organized cycling teams up front and let them lead the packs. Lastly we will keep the Staging Area the Same where the 100K and 50 Mile Cyclists are up front and start together.
In closing Pam and I want to thank John Sadowski and Bicycle-Stuff, all of our ridership for your constructive feedback, the DFW Area cycling teams and Bicycle Shops, our generous Sponsors (Chili's, Sun and Ski and Citi) sponsors and Bicycle Shops cycle shops for everything. Pam and I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. We hope the year to come is filled with good health, prosperity, and much happiness.
"Ride Hard and Live Long"
Sam and Pam Sellers Rally Directors

Did the North Texas Bicycle Rally this weekend. Overall a good ride and well supported. I late registered, so no T-shirt. No goody bags either. This was disappointing, but not a deal breaker for me. The start was smooth and almost on time. It took several miles and a lot of turns to get out of the neighborhood housing areas, but what can you do when you start at a high school in the middle of a lot of houses. For the most part, the roads were smooth blacktop or concrete. Very little chipseal. Lots and lots of hills—some short and steep, some long with a gradual climb. Rest stops were adequate with smiling volunteers. Lots of intersection control by police(thank-you so much). The one rest stop I used had some homemade snacks(spaceballs I think they called them). They were really good and hit the spot. Some confusion on the distances available as the website info conflicted with what was said at the event. Really enjoyed the motorcycle escort for part of me ride(I lost the escort when I was spit out the back of the lead group after 25 miles or so. Still had a great time and really enjoyed this ride finished with an average of 19mph—not bad for an old man on a hilly course. Thanks to Chili's for providing lunch(hot dogs, hamburgers,and black bean burgers). I wish this rally could have started earlier(say 8am) instead of 9. For this time of year, 7 or 730 might not be light enough, but certainly by 8 it would be. Thanks again, will be back next year.

It was a good rally. The traffic control was good, great after ride food and refreshments, good water stops well organized and executed. Make no mistake it was a challenging ride - just the type to keep the juices flowing after HHH.

Loved it! Can't wait until next year!

It was a great well organized ride. I have been riding in bike rallies for many years and this one was equal to the best of them. The rest stops were well stocked and well organized. I especially liked the great sendoff and the cheering as we crossed the finish. You will see me again next year. Thanks to all of you for putting on a great ride.

this was my first bike rally. I think you guys did a fantastic job from registration and all the freebies I got before the race. Then the food after the race was excellent as well. During the ride, it was great to have police stop traffic at some intersections to allow the riders to go thru. It made you feel safe riding in the streets. Also, the 2 stops that were on the 22 mile bike ride were awesome! Had more than enough to drink and a variety of items to snack on. You could not ask for a better place to take a break before hitting the road again. I truly look forward to attending this ride next year!

Ride was decent. On a scale of 1-5 I'd give it a 3 or 4. (For comparison: Hotter 'N Hell or MS 150 would get a 5, Denton Turkey Roll a 1 or 2.) Obviously lots of hard work went into it by Sam/Pam Sellers and their team – thank you!
Traffic control was generally good although there were a couple intersections where traffic control was needed and was not there. There was also a rest stop toward the end of the 100k ride where we had to take a right turn and go down a street for approx 100 yards to get to the rest area. Signage was confusing and many riders in front and back of me turned down the street because we thought it was part of the route, even though we did not want to stop at the rest area. The signage there should be addressed. (There 4 high school aged girls sitting at the corner but they were doing nothing helpful - just sitting there.) I can't judge the before and/or after festivities because I rode my bike to the ride, did the 100k, then rode home without stopping at before/after festivities.
Keep up the good work – I'll likely be back next year.

The ride was flawless. The volunteers were all wonderful and plentiful.

This was my 2nd year to do this ride. I really enjoyed it again and in fact have recommended it to many of my biking friends. I had forgotten how many challenging hills there are at the beginning of the ride! The countryside is beautiful!
Yeah that the tee shirts are in English!!!!
I was unsure about the markings. By the end I saw the smiley faces but was very uncertain about which route they meant. My bike computer was not registering correctly and the ride seemed to go quickly, so there was momentary fear about perhaps I had mistakenly taken the 10-mile route instead of the 25 mile.
It was all good, however, You will see me next year as well.
Thanks for all the work behind the scenes, as, no doubt, there were countless hours and worries.

Wow! Those hills killed me!

Great organization from registration to the ride start.
Great law enforcement and traffic control for almost the entire ride.
Appreciate the rest stops - would love it if they had ice available at them
Appreciate the vegetarian black bean burgers at the finish.
Well done! See you next year

Overall a good ride and great support. A good portion of the ride was in a densely populated part of the metroplex where there was way more traffic than I'm accustomed to on weekend bike rallies. It's hard to pull off a 50+ mile bike ride in the metroplex - that's why most the rides are in smaller towns outside the metroplex.
The organizers did a great job of marking the roads and having police coverage at all the major intersections. Water stop support was great.

Great event! The hills surprised me, but made the ride that much more enjoyable. Great support at rest stops, great mechanical support, and good food after event. Some of the intersections on the long route, particularly the last 20 miles or so, could use traffic enforcement. I did notice that police/sheriff support dropped off after a point during the ride. Overall, great experience! I would imagine the event may have had more riders if not for the Waco Wild West on the same weekend. Thanks very much!

As a new bicycle enthusiast this was my first rally. The North Texas Bicycle Rally was an awesome experience! Nice people. Well organized event. Beautiful day for a ride!

I rode the 59 mile route. R
egistration – Flawless (I did it online)
Package Pick up – Smooth (I picked mine up the day of the Ride)
Ride – The roads were great. Some things to consider, find a new start point that is on the west side of 377. I was not in the very front but was more than ½ way up in the front group. We were stopped at 377 by a police officer that was YELLING from over by the signal light control box. Lots of bikers running the red light. Not good. Also was a lot of traffic.
Rest stops – OK.. I stopped at 3 of them.. Some didn't have water (one in Solana), other were really low on ice. Also all need to have at least one port-o-potty.
Finish – Great.. drum line is awesome.
Post ride- Average. Now I am not the fastest rider but I was in before 1. Food was cold, out of plates. Only Red Bull inside.. Had to walk outside to get water.
Overall, good ride but need to rethink the route and ensure you are catering to the entire ride population. Everything was closing down by 1:15 PM. Have water inside, not everyone is a fan of Redbull.

Officers held up traffic too long at some intersections. Motorists were angry.

I rode the 100k, which was shortened due to construction. That's OK, things happen. The only complaint I have is regarding course mapping. Specifically one part of the course. For the second year in a row on the 100k route, I missed the right turn onto Bayne Rd from West Hicks Rd. If there was a sign there I didn't see it.
As with last year, several others missed the turn as well. Suggest a large, very visible sign denoting the turn for 100k riders.
Other than that, terrific ride! Thanks again!

This was an exceptionally well organized ride. We very much appreciate all the rest stops (many thanks for pickles/pickle juice) and the police assistance at major intersections.
My only suggestion would be let the volunteers at the rest stop know how many more miles the next rest stop will be.
Other than that, your ride was a ton of fun and we enjoyed participating!!

I am a casual ridder but manage to ride four to five 30-40 mile rides yearly. This was one of the most challenging courses (the 22 mile) but it was beautiful and worth every once of energy I had! It was also the most entertaining and well managed rides I've ever been to. The rest stops were well stocked with drinks, food and friendly faces. We really had a great time on this ride and look forward to it in 2016. The volunteers radiated the excitement the directors must present managing this ride. Thanks for a great time!

I have done this ride every year but one since it's existence. I thoroughly enjoy it. Here is why:
* The routes are adequately marked both on the pavement and signs.
* There is plenty of traffic control people at major intersections all along the routes.
* The rest stops are located in places where there is pavement getting to and from. This is very much appreciated because riders don't have to worry about mud and dirt getting on the bottom of bike shoes and riders don't have to worry about stickers or other sharp objects getting on bike tires.
*The rest stops are adequately stocked with goodies and friendly volunteers.
* The hamburger lunch afterwards.
I highly recommend this ride for biking enthusiasts of all abilities.

It was a marvelously run event. I was quite impressed with how many volunteers contributed their time to this rally. The organization of everything from start to finish showed a great attention to detail. My biggest request for next time would be to have some way to know how well I did relative to other riders. I don't know if I was in the top 5, top 50, or what. It would be nice to know where I placed relative to others somehow. At a minimum, what were the best times for each event? I know it is a rally and not a race. But I like to measure my performance every time I ride, even when I ride alone.

My wife and I rode in the NTBR for the first time this year. We are moderate riders and no speed racers in our 50's. Overall it was a great experience. The race was organized very well. Dealing the urban spread is challenging I know, and the Safety Teams did a great job. There were a few times we felt the course could have been marked better, we rode the 20 mile course, and it was challenging riding with the traffic on the two lane roads at some points. For the first time I experienced a stoppage in an organized ride at the 170 crossing. I thought that was a little odd but no real issues. The traffic on 170 I suppose was not to happy and it was backed up a great distance so I understand the need to let it go through intermittently as well. Perhaps this can be considered when planning the routes for next year if possible.

It was the first time I participated to this rally. It was a fun event. Sometime, the signage was a little light and confusing so maybe this would be an area to improve. It would be nice to have a 100K or even 100 miles route. Thank for putting the event together!!

Great day. Rode the long route. Just a couple of glitches. 1) The announcements at the start were incorrect about there only being three rest stops. There were many more, more than really needed. 2) The traffic control at the main highway we crossed, 377 I think, was terrible. One cop, and he was hiding behind the traffic light control cabinet 150 feet from the intersection, yelling at the cyclists to stop after he turned the light red on a large peloton. On the route back in, it wasn't much better.

First time for this ride, much hillier than anticipated. Friendly volunteers especially liked the parrot head group. Intersection control was good except for the train track crossing . Will recommend to friends .

The North Texas Bicycle Rally is like many rallies with many cyclists, multiple routes, and for a good cause. However, some of the things that makes NTBR stand out is its terrific rest stops with real restrooms and challenging hilly routes on the smoothest surfaces in the DFW surrounding area! It's the ride I look most forward to every year! Thanks for the ride!

Great ride, well marked, weather was perfect. Plan to do it again next year J

Excellent police & traffic support! Overall, excellent job!

Hi - I have attended this rally, and it gets better every year!!
The route we ready de was the 50 mile and the roads and support was excellent. Great job.

The 2015 North Texas Bicycle Rally was very well-organized and thoroughly enjoyable. The coordination with local police was very effective in promoting the riders' safety, and the refreshments at Byron Nelson High School and at the rest station along the route were terrific. This was our first time riding in the rally, and we plan to participate again next year. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped in a variety of ways to make this event possible, and a special "Thank you!" to Sam and Pam Sellers for their enthusiasm, hard work, and leadership. It was first class all the way!

is rally is close to rivaling two other big time rallies...the Goatneck and HHH, not in size, but in support, route quality, and the challenge of the route. Gets better every year. For me, the October date for this event is perfect. Cycling in Texas can be brutally hot, so having this event in October is perfect. I hope it's here to stay for many years to come.

Very well done. More rest stops than needed. Police support at intersections was the best I have ever seen. Did the 50 mile ride. Looking forward to next year!

I'd like to offer my feedback on the 2015 N TX Bicycle Rally. This was our (me and my wife) first time to participate and we had a great time. We thought that the route was good, the traffic support was EXCELLENT, the price was reasonable and the start/finish location was great with ample parking and a good layout.
One thing that surprised me was the lack of activity after the rally. I am a bit more experienced than my wife and finished sooner than she did. Even so, when I finished with a time of 3 hours, 9 minutes, the place seemed dead. I went inside to go to the bathroom and wait for my wife to show up and happened to stumble upon Chili's serving food. That was a pleasant surprise. Either I missed all of the information that indicated they would be serving food as part of our registration fee, or it wasn't well publicized. Either way, it was an accident that I found it.
Along those same lines, when my wife finished (4 hours 11 minutes) the food was gone, the tents were taken down and the place was pretty much a ghost town. She accomplished some significant goals so it didn't dampen her spirits but it did come up in later conversation that she felt that the finish line festivities were for the fastest cyclists and the slower people who arguably needed more support and encouragement were 'forgotten'.
She commented to me about how great the rest stops were and how she also appreciated the great traffic support, so there's another affirmation that you're doing a great job there.
We hope you'll take the feedback as constructive. We look forward to making ourselves regulars at this event.

October 11, 2014

Good Afternoon Everyone,
As we approach the end of the Cycling Season, I wanted to let everyone know that Pam and I have really enjoyed meeting, greeting and working with all of you registered, participated in, and volunteered for the 2014 North Texas Bicycle Rally.
Considering the weather we were faced with the evening before the rally, we had an excellent turnout this year with 579 registered cyclists. I would like to thank all of our Ridership and Cycling Clubs for their generosity for helping us get the word out and their continued support. I want to thank our Volunteers at Registration and Route Support for sharing their valuable time, the Keller Middle School Band, National Junior Honor Society, and Photography Club that gave us the Drum Line, motivational cheering at the start and finish line, and lasting images we can share for years to come. We must also thank our outstanding Rest Stop Sponsors who provided us with the Area 51 Alien Encounters and the Parrot's Club and our drink and nourishment along the way. Our Bicycle Rally would not have been possible without the Public Safety teams and Mechanics that protected us and kept us mobile. Lastly, a special heartfelt thanks to Team Chili's who provided our post ride food and refreshments.
As we start planning for next year we would like to ask all of you for your continued support. Our goal for 2015 is to double our ridership by word of mouth and continued support from our friends in local and regional Cycling Clubs.
Pam and I wish everyone Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas. We hope the year to come is filled with good health, prosperity, and much happiness.
"Ride Hard and Live Long"
Sam and Pam Sellers
Rally Directors
North Texas Bicycle Rally

Another great ride. Thanks to all who helped make it just that.

This was my son's first rally ride. We did the 15 mile ride and it was amazing! It was well set up and very well directed and safe! The rest stop was great. My only thing with the rest stop was on the map it said it was at mile 7 when it was actually at mile 9 which is not a big deal at all we just thought we passed it until we saw the signs for it! The ride was great and we both enjoyed it and the signs were very helpful! He loved the lunch and that was very kind of you to feed us! Over all we loved it and we will be back next year to do a longer ride! Thank you for all you did and for all the hard work put into it!

Hi, I emailed this on the day of the ride. Thank you again for a wonderful experience! I thought of two other things. There was one unprotected left turn. I don't remember the names of the roads. But we rode up a hill and had to make a left turn at the top. It was a T-intersection. Riders were struggling up the hill and held up traffic (kudos to the drivers for their patience and awareness of us). It was hard to see on coming traffic and a cyclist turned when he should have waited for the car. Luckily the car yielded. Not that important but they ran out of hamburgers by the time we got to the cafeteria.

  • I like that I did *not* get another water bottle. One of the pay rides used to give out cycling socks with the ride logo on them. That is very useful and I would welcome.
  • I like the opening comments before the ride were brief and concise
  • I like the fact you had the band there to play
  • I like the way all of the routes were marked on the road and with signs. A rider did not have to have a paper map to check if they were no the correct route.
  • I know the weather was a factor but one of the signs was turned a bit causing several riders to make the wrong turn.
  • I like the rest stops and the personalities that each had.
  • I like the hamburger meal afterwards.
  • I miss listening to the Dallachie (sp) boys sing after the ride.
  • I have done this ride all but one of the years since its inception. I look forward to it every year and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into planning and putting on the ride.

Rally was excellent. Course marked very well and all of the police and others stopping traffic were outstanding. Great event!

One of the best organized, well signed, good rest stops we've experienced this year.
Thank you for your dedication to providing us with a way to raise money for a great cause.

This was my second year riding this rally. It was well organized and the routes were challenging. I will definitely be riding again next year. The group of young people cheering and drums beating at the start and the finish were motivating. Thanks for putting on a great ride and to all who assisted.

I really enjoyed the North Texas Bicycle Rally. Great venue!
I rode the 25 mile rout but felt I may have had a hard time on the 50 mile.
Next year I would love to see maybe something between the 25 and 50. I felt I could have ridden further.
Other than that had a great time!
Thank you for all your efforts to make sure we had a great rally.

Really pleased with the race in Trophy Club and surrounding areas. We only did the 15 mile because of lack of conditioning but really enjoyed it. There was never a moment that we felt lost or unsafe. The cheering section of kids in the end really topped off the experience. Only our 2nd ride ever so nothing to compare it to but we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you!!

My first time, a very good ride. Didn't know there was so much scenery & hills in the metroplex. Rest stops very appropriate for size of ride. Thanks for a great ride.

Great Rally!!!! Will be there again next year!!

Always enjoy the NTB rally. Great rally, good people.
Positive Feedback includes: -Super well organized -Safe -Great support at rest stops -Conveniently spaced -Friendly support staff and riders -Started on time -Very challenging ride
Could be better if: -We started an hour earlier -8:00 start time would be great -Loved it when you guys gave away water bottles as part of the swag

Great Ride! Well organized, great roads and the staff & pit stops were awesome! It was fun riding in to the drum rolls and cheering crowds. Thanks to Sam, Pam and the entire crew for an awesome event.

NTBR 100k. Amazingly the weather broke in time for us to have dry roads. This is absolutely the best supported ride in the DFW area. The police support at the intersections is great and escorts for the start of each group for the entire ride. Riding these roads daily, I can say they do get the road swept and corners cleaned up. The road surface is primarily smooth pavement or concrete over 90% of the ride. The route is challenging with a handful of short but sharp climbs. Appreciated the shorter remarks before the start so we didn't stand around in the cool air. Only glitch I saw was at the pre-registration table. Riders that hadn't filled out their waivers occupied the pre-reg table which others with completed forms waited. I recommend adding a 'waiver' table for those riders to fill out the forms. I only bring this up since the same day registration table was kept clear while there was a line at pre-reg, at least when I showed up. The only obstacle for this ride is our changing October weather.

This was my first organized bike rally since moving to the dfw area. It was a great experience for me. The ride was well organized, supported and marked. Thanks to all who were involved. I loved the alien space UFO rest stop. The space balls were outstanding!!!

This was my 2nd rally ever. Skeptical of the weather and potential wind factor, I made the decision to go ahead and just do it! What a beautiful route! Very well populated by SAG trucks and rest stops. Friendly people, willing to answer questions. I will plan on doing this again - it was wonderful and so fun to be with other bicycle enthusiasts.
On the downside, the tee-shirt was a disappointment. No worries however as tee shirts are not my thing. My guess is that the people that do love acquiring tee-shirts were probably disappointed.
The ride and how it was handled - terrific! Grade of A+ by this teacher!
Thanks to all who helped and executed this event. Will recommend to others.

This was my first year to participate in this ride. It was a cold and "post-rainy" Saturday morning, but the cooler temps and wet landscape made it very scenic. The ride had great signage and lots of support from volunteers. Although the hills were challenging on the 25-mile route, it wasn't "too hard" for me, just the right amount of challenge and rest stops. I enjoyed it very much and will definitely be back next year!

Everything was well planned and executed.

I wanted to comment on the recent North Texas Bike Rally in Trophy Club, Texas. This was a well-planned ride with plenty of support along the way. The event related people were very nice individuals and answered all of our questions. The route had a few tough climbs but that was ok, we were just glad to get the opportunity to ride and be a part of such a good cause. I rode this event last year and again, I thought it was run very well. I look forward to participating in future rides for this event. Thanks

October 12, 2013

This was my first time to ride this rally which is strange because it is the closest to my home and covers a lot of the roads that I often ride upon. Bad - the rally started nearly 20 minutes late (a pet peeve of mine - if you advertise a 9:00 a.m. start, then don't start a twenty minute presentation at 9:00! Start it at 8:40) Also bad was the unseasonable heat and humidity of 2013 mid October. Good - excellent PD support , signage, route, friendly volunteers and the Solana rest stop that I stopped at had plenty of ice, water, and gatorade. The route hit every notable tough hill in the NE Tarrant area and the organizers did a really good job of marking the route. Great job and I'll be back.

Lovely ride! Very challenging hills on the 2 long courses. I did the 62 mile. There was excellent police support at the major traffic points. I do have a couple of suggestions. There was mention of a gate that had to be reached before 12:30 on the 62 mile course. It was mentioned on the registration page of the NTBR website along with the registration schedule. No one seemed to know anything about it and when we got to 42 miles, there seemed to be no control there. We were stuck behind a slow moving freight train at a crossing as the gate time approached and got a bit anxious about it. No big deal. Late in the ride at the last rest stop, the Gatorade ran out and the water was warm. Orange slices were out for consumption, but with no ice on them, they were hot. Signage was pretty good, but they could have had a couple more, especially at the large crossings like 377. One on the other side of the road would help confirm that you hadn't missed something in the busy intersection. The food afterward was very nice, but could have been extended a little more time for the stragglers. I got mine and was happy, but I saw a few late arrivers that got some cold stuff. A little ice at the meal would have been very welcome. We had a delay at the start of around 15 minutes due to some accident report and short speeches. All in all, I would do it again and I give it a 9 out of 10. Good job folks!

New start location at the Byron Nelson High School was very nice. Plenty of cheerful, enthusiastic volunteers on hand. The 9 AM start didn't happen until 9:18. Maybe those at the very front of the starting queue were told why; but, there were no speakers farther back and we could hear nothing that was said. Once underway the ride was very good. Road surfaces were very good and road hazards were marked. Signs and road markings were present. The web site lists the route names with colors leading one to think there would be different color markings for the routes; but, that wasn't the case. The website map for the 50-mile route was also different than what we actually did in three different spots. The police support and motorcycle support at intersections were outstanding. Rest stops were very good. Signs announcing Heartbreak Hill and The Three Sisters were a nice touch. The cheering section at the finish was also much appreciated. I hope to do this ride again next year.

Great Ride, Great Course, Tough Hills, Hot and Humid, left everything on the road, finished completely exhausted, Loved it !, See Ya Next Year.
Thank You Pam Sellers for your Help.

This was my fourth time doing this great ride and it gets better every year !. It makes a real difference when the organizers are also enthusiastic riders, and it shows.. I was originally going to do only the first 50K and not the neighborhoods, but decided to do the 100K at the last minute. With the humidity, I found it to be a tough day in the saddle. Hammered it hard thru-out the course and was totally spent when I arrived back at the HS.. Awesome route, signage and burger afterwards ! Will be back again with more folks.. Thanks again..

Parking and registration were efficient. After a shaky start, the ride went smoothly. Major intersections were manned, signage was great, volunteers were fantastic! I really enjoyed the route (even with all the hills). As a mixed urban and rural ride, it is a good one.

NTBR 100k ride. In only it's 5th year this ride continues to improve. I've done the last four. This ride is mostly suburban, as opposed to country so has to be difficult to organize. It goes through, Roanoke, Keller, Trophy Club, Haslet, Southlake, Westlake and unincorporated Denton County, so they must coordinate with many municipalities. I don't think you'll find a ride in North Texas with as many manned intersections as this ride. There is absolutely not another ride that provides more vehicle support to the front of each route. Each route has vehicle support leading the group. The 100k route had a police vehicle, a pickup truck and a police motorcycle at the front, a police motorcycle at the back and two motorcycles blocking side roads as we approached. While the roads were not closed, they might as well have been when we were coming through. Much more road support than anyone can expect. Registered online. Packet pickup on site took a couple of minutes. This year the ride start was moved to Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club. A big plus having access to the high school facilities. Also more appropriate for a ride that has grown to 500+ riders. In the past the ride has started on time, but this year there was an accident on 114 so they decided to hold it up. I guess that is good, but at the same time it's not a race so the support will still be on the roads for anyone that showed up a little late. Standing around in the lineup for 15-20 minutes was way too long. There was some trouble with PA system which seemed to be sharing access with the football game going on in the stadium and would cut out every time an announcement was heard at the game. The route has markings on the road and easy to read signs. While the route crosses a couple of highways the police support stopped traffic for the riders. Route maps much improved this year. There were a few minor tweaks to the routes that differed from the posted maps. I'd suggest making updates to the mapmyride map so that last minute changes can be seen by those that want to know. The routes were new this year and virtually took in all the toughest hills (4-8%) in the area, such as Blue Mound, Litsey Rd, Roanoke Rd, Bancroft Rd and the 3 Sisters in Roanoke. The road surface is 95% (32 miles of good concrete, at least 56 miles on smooth roads) great. Minimal chip & seal and only a couple of short stretches on rougher road surfaces. This might be one of the only rides, in North Texas, riders can't complain about nasty chip & seal roads. They do need to look at the finish at the high school which had a good bit of traffic exiting the high school as the riders were coming in (there are multiple exits so closing down one should not be too big of an issue). Post ride food and music were provided as well. This is one of the best organized rides in North Texas, and I've done most of them, and does more than any of them to protects it's riders. I'll be back next year and will encourage others to attend.


October 13, 2012

Dear North Texas Bicycle Rally Friends,
I am the Rally Director for the North Texas Bicycle Rally. I wanted to take some time to say "Hat's Off" to our dedicated repeat ridership. This year we had a lot of divine oversight regarding the weather. The Southern winds that gave us all a strong crosswind, however, the beneficiary was the 30/50 milers a good long 15 tailwind. It was very reminiscent of the "Muenster Bicycle Rally back in April. The wind this year will give us something to talk about for years to come.
As far as the routes go I want to apologize for the sign, route maps and the shoulder debris. Normally, I am very attentive to these details, but have a legitimate excuse. Back in May of this year I was diagnosed with Cancer and was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment from June until the end of August. Given the last minute changes due to road construction projects, and given my physical condition, I wasn't able to give the Rally the total attention it deserves. I shoulder all of that blame it is nobody's fault but my own. I do want everyone to know that I take all of the constructive criticism to heart so we can make next year the best ever.
I want to say a special thanks to my wonderful wife Pam, and her unending patience and love, all of my Route Directors and Public Safety Teams, who filled in my shoes while I was under the weather. Lastly I want to thanks our friends a Hillwood Development, Bicycle-Stuff, Bicycles Inc., Richardson Bike Mart, Plano Cycling, Mad Duck, and Sun and Ski for their assistance and hard work.
Thanks again for all of your feedback. I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous year ahead. Each and every one of you helped us make this an AWESOME event.
Samuel Sellers
North Texas Bicycle Rally

Hats off to all the organizers and sponsors (you too Sam), and God as the weather was excellent!
Concerning the 30/50 Mile Route: The signs and markers for the route were outstanding and the rest stops were well equipped (just not well placed). The first rest stop was off the course and I saw several cyclist u-turn on the highway just to get to the turn-off for the rest stop. Street traffic was NOT behaving and the situation could have been hazardous. The bathroom situation at the Schlotzsky's rest stop could have been FAR better.
Most of the roads were excellent with some REALLY outstanding elevation changes! However, the first big highway had too much 18 wheeler traffic driving a bit too fast and too close to the shoulder that was dangerously "contaminated" with way too much debris; chunks of tires, lots of glass and too many rocks. At one point I witnessed a member of the Rally Staff trying to sweep off the glass WITH a chunk of tire! "Wash-Board Alley" was pretty rough and "Woo Hoo" hill was killer! (I wanted to do it again but the wife had to walk up that one)
I must also say the wind was nearly out of control! Wow, it was nearly as bad as the Cowtown Classic this year – it really cut down the average mph of my wife and I and caused my wife to stop at the end of the 30 mile route (27 miles on the computer) instead of doing the planned 50 miles.
The food and festivities at the end of the ride were beyond anything anyone has had, in my opinion, all season. I had thought the Greenville Cotton Patch ride was #1 until the NTBR! The band was Uber cool and did a super job! And I wish I could have more of those really great hamburgers!

The maps on the website were totally useless. The signs were so far from the actual turn that we made jokes about forgetting to turn. I actually missed a turn because i forgot. It ould have been better is there were a sceond sign at the turn. - John

I completed the 50 mile route and had a great time! It was a well-planned and organized ride! The wind was challenging (can't do much about that), but the weather was fantastic. I really enjoyed the little signs on the side of the road. Now I know what they meant about "Woo Hoo Hill". It was a blast going down! I'll be back next year!

The recent North Texas Bike Rally was fantastic. Great ride, well-marked routes, terrific band, good food, and I even got my picture taken with Dallas Cowboys player Tom Rafferty. Just one of the many great people I met there. Keep up the great work on this ride.

I must say, this ride just gets better and better every year.. The day started and stayed overcast and windy but that didn't detract from the ride in the least. I did the 100K and found it to be rewarding, both the route and the windage were a challenge. The wind was definitely a factor, but nothing a seasoned rider expects or should expect this time of year in North Texas. The signage was uber great, love the smileys. Roads were as expected (chip/seal), and the washboards weren't that bad. Major intersection support by the various municipalities was awesome. The first half past the lake and back to the start line was, in my opinion, the best part. I usually don't stop at the first rest stop, but stopped at the second.. An airport, much to my surprise; different, but pretty cool.
I stopped at the 36 mile (start/finish), and then continued into suburbia.. I noticed the soccer moms right away, cutting off the riders at some intersections in Roanoke, but can't fault the ride over that. Shortly afterwards, I had some major derailleur issues which forced me to abandon, but was able to limp back and wound up with ~50 miles instead of the 60+, I had intended on doing. I consoled myself with an excellent burger and listened to a great band before packing it up..
Recommendation: Please place additional signage further up the road when turns are pending ahead.. The Smileys with arrows work great. 1-10 rating = 9.0

Road the '62 mile' NTBR route. Actually measures out to just under 58 miles, but none the less still a welcome addition to this ride. By any measure this ride has the best law enforcement support than any ride in the metroplex. From the lead out vehicles on each route that actually stay with the riders the whole way to the law enforcement officers that consistently stop traffic for riders on 377 and 170, I don't think we can ask for anything more. Registered on line and packet pickup took two minutes. Numbers have the event name and year on them and the pre-registered numbers were assigned in advance. Plenty of parking and more than enough porta potties. To be fair, the only complaint was with the online and packet pickup route maps. The road markings were being painted during the previous week and riding in the area daily, I could see the markings did not match the maps in some areas. The maps were never updated online and surprisingly the 62 mile maps were the same as online at packet pickup. Since they had the smiley faces painted on the road and clearly visible signs on the side of the road the route could easily be followed, but some might have been surprised with the trip up Blue Mound Hill. The route out to Eagle Mountain Lake provides nine hills and then climbs back up Peden Road. There are a lot of short punchy hills throughout the route to keep it interesting. The organizers continue to do a great job on this ride, hope to see it continue to grow in popularity. Clearly, I'll be back next year.


October 8, 2011

Dear North Texas Bicycle Rally Friends,
I wanted to take some time to say thanks to all of our repeat riders and welcome all of our new cyclists as well. We had a lot of participation from a lot of people even considering the wind and questionable forecast. Everyone that participated was very energetic and enthusiastic, the Public Safety Teams were outstanding, and the Volunteers were phenomenal. On a side note, I do have to apologize for the lack of the 100K Route as I was out of the country for most of the summer working in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So with that lame excuse out of the way, I want to say a special thanks to my wife Pam, all of the Route Directors and Safety Teams who filled in my shoes while I was gone. For the upcoming year we will add the promised 100K route with some additional road side experiences throughout the Alliance Airport corridor. Thanks again for all of your feedback. I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous year ahead. Each and every one of you helped us make this an AWESOME event.
Samuel Sellers North Texas Bicycle Rally

It was another great year for the North Texas Bicycle Ride. This top notch organized event is growing every year. Registration on-line and at the site was very smooth. They had porta potties placed at the parking areas and the start line. Refreshments were at 2 locations with cheerleaders carrying trays of goodies to the cyclist at the start line. The rest stops were placed away from the roads making it safer and more convenient. Signage was easy and plentiful. The 3 sisters moved from their suburban neighborhood to a rural location and they were not as mean as they were last year. This ride is a must do. The shorter 50 mile route gave the rider the opportunity to go all out and show what they have been training for all year. NTBR wrapped it up with their signature live band, burgers and hot dogs.

This rally gets better by the year! I've done all three, and have been pleased by all. I rode the 3o mile, and route was decent, although no ice was available at either stops....good thing it was not hot. After-ride burgers courtesy of Chili's were great, intersections manned by law enforcement were plentiful. I was confused by directions to start, thanks to Mapquest. Mapquest had me arriving at Eagle Parkway/35-W, even though I typed the correct address that was printed on a flier, as well as being familiar with previous NTBR start. Not sure what happened there, but I was concerned enough for other riders that I brought it to volunteers' attention to perhaps have someone go there to redirect lost participants. A gentle suggestion to organizers: maybe another color for the T-Shirt? Third year of yellow-orange. Great cause benefitting from this rally, and I will be back next year. Good job to all!

I rode the NTBR 50 mile ride. Only in its 3rd year it is proving to be better organized and managed than many of the rides that have been around for much longer. The traffic support, just as last year, is probably the best in the DFW area. The ride, this year, wound through Roanoke, Haslet, Fort Worth, Southlake and Keller, and they managed to get public safety support even with the diverse group of municipalities. Intersections that are supported by law enforcement give the riders right of way. At the front of the ride, there was near 'race' like support. Escorts by SUVs, motorcycles and law enforcement vehicles, for the entire course and provided on each distance. The course has some small challenging hills but is not overly hilly. Packet pick up was quick and easy. Plenty of porta potties, never saw a line. The ride is nicely situated on the ride calendar between Paluxy and the Crazy Kicker (last year it was on the same week-end of Paluxy). A band at the finish line and for post ride food burgers and hot dogs. The only negative, for me is a lack of a 62 mile route, despite the promise on this page to add a 62 mile route. There is plenty of space in Haslett and Southlake/Grapevine that would allow an additional safe 12 miles to this ride. In my opinion, they are not going to draw as many riders as they could if they had a 100k ride. I live in the area, so it's a no brainer for me, but if I had an hour or more drive to this ride I would not consider it at 50 miles. Add the 62 mile distance and this could become one of the best rides in the DFW area.

Ahh the North Texas bike rally, one of my favorites. Great staging area, plenty of sag, lots of people stopping traffic. Didn't have to stop not once. Great roads, nice scenery. Awesome route. This was my second year in a row to do it and is one of my favorite rides. Great after party and they have free hamburgers and hotdogs.

Registration was a little surprising because it was cash only. I don't recall seeing this on their event website. There was no signage about keeping bikes out of the registration area but the volunteers were quick to shout out to keep bikes out of the area. Rest stops were pretty sparse with no ice and limited snacks. Overall it was a mediocre ride that I will have to think long and hard about before signing up next year.

There were over 500 riders. This is my second year to ride he NTBR and it is my favorite ride. I did the 50 mile ride and it was fantastic. It's well organized e.g., the signs, support, time of year, the course, and there is food and music at the end. The ride is also well thought out. Many thanks to Sam and Pam Sellers for organizing this ride and to the sponsors and volunteers. Thank you very much. I highly recommend it. Kevin Stanley

October 2, 2010

“Dear North Texas Bicycle Rally Friends,
Just a quick note to say thanks to all of you for participating in the Second Annual North Texas Bicycle Rally supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We had approximately 500 Cyclists that participated in the rally, nearly double the participation from our inaugural year. We took all of the suggestions from the feedback at and e-mails to heart. The results were excellent. We will work even harder next year to make the Bicycle Rally better. For the upcoming year we will be adding an additional 62 mile route (100K) and will be working with the various state, county, and city and public safety teams to make sure all of the routes are well protected and clearly marked for everyone. Thanks for your feedback and have a safe and prosperous New Year.”
Once again, thanks for all of your help.
Samuel Sellers
North Texas Bicycle Rally

I rode the NTBR - Roanoke 50 mile. This ride was shorter but fun. The course was challenging but not a killer. It allowed the rider to put in extra effort and concentrate on the difficult parts of the ride not the distance endurance. The weather was perfect so I saw fewer people stopping at the rest stops. The staff and support were wonderful from the time we entered the site, they directed traffic and walked us through registration. The signage and pavement markings were well done. The police gave us ROW over the vehicles in most cases. There were extra volunteers to flag the riders at difficult intersections. We got caught at two unmanned red-lights and one train crossing. The organizers made the ride enjoyable by providing signs that poked fun at the rough roads and steep hills instead of ignoring the difficulty of those sections of the course. Suggestions: 1. Place a sign at registration area to tell the riders that food and drink are at the staging line (on the opposite side of the building). 2. Tell the riders to print their own maps since they were not provided at the registration. I will be back next year, it was a lot of fun.

Great Ride! This was my first year for the NTBR, and I tried the 50 mile ride. I thought it was great. With the exception of about 1/2 mile, the roads were very smooth and in very good shape. I thought the traffic control was outstanding, and only noticed one intersection I thought was of concern (low traffic, but blind corner) . The rest stops were frequent enough, and the after-ride band and grills looked like fun. I will definitely be back next year!

The traffic support for the NTBR was one of the best I’ve seen (just for perspective I’ve been on 16 different rides over the last two seasons). The lead group for the 50 mile ride had a police escort for the entire ride. The escort stopped traffic at every intersection. I was told that some of the shorter distances had escort support as well. For one of the newer rides in the DFW area they are very well organized. I think they could improve the ride by adding a 100k route (as they take us through Haslet it would be easy to find 12 miles with almost no traffic) which would probably attract more of the hard core riders in the area.The traffic support for the NTBR was one of the best I’ve seen (just for perspective I’ve been on 16 different rides over the last two seasons). The lead group for the 50 mile ride had a police escort for the entire ride. The escort stopped traffic at every intersection. I was told that some of the shorter distances had escort support as well. For one of the newer rides in the DFW area they are very well organized. I think they could improve the ride by adding a 100k route (as they take us through Haslet it would be easy to find 12 miles with almost no traffic) which would probably attract more of the hard core riders in the area.

October 3, 2009

My name is Sam Sellers. I am the Rally and Ride Director for the North Texas Bicycle Rally. For this years NTBR, we have worked very closely with the Public Safety Teams in the Tarrant and Denton County areas to ensure that rider safety is of paramount concern. We have modified all bicycle routes with the safety of our cyclists and support teams in mind. While planning this year's bicycle rally (2010), our goal was to address comments from friends who attended the rally, our local and regional cycling clubs, as well as the folks that support us including and more importantly the additional comfort and safety of our riders. This October 2nd please join us at the North Texas Bicycle Rally as we have improved safer routes, along with Live Music and some really Good Food for all participants.

I must commend the group for their great route marking and nice rest stops. The law enforcement support was very good too. They stopped traffic for one cyclist or twenty. “brats and kraut at the end were good too. Traffic wasn’t so bad for a lot of the ride EXCEPT Trophy club, some of the roads were scary, SOOO busy and same old crabby drivers. The first 25 miles were OK, thru Haslet and ending up at the start again to head off on the second half of the ride. Let’s head off around Justin next time, good roads and less traffic. Overall I would give it a 7.5 Sweet weather too!

Turn out was ok, suspect that its due to other rides in Plano and in Glen Rose. Who ever design the T-shirt did not use the K.I.S.S. method.
The start was relocated several blocks down the road, which cause some people to show up at the wrong location. Along the 25mile route, traffic control could be better. There were some intersection that really needed someone to direct traffic.
Leading up to Haslet on 156 there were more traffic than I would have liked. The last 5-8 miles of the 25 mile ride, there were some long climbs. The rest stop were well stocked, but there were no cups for those who lost their waterbottle. After the ride, the brats and kraut were good.

I rode the 50 mile route. It was a pretty hilly course, but I expected that. One section, perhaps a mile long, was a bumpy washerboard. There was a lot of police support for multiple municipalities, so the organizers went to a lot of trouble. Good signs and road-painted markers on almost every corner, and quite a few people waving us the right direction, especially on the first half. The first few miles were on busy urban roads, and in the pack I couldn't see corner markers so I just followed the crowd. There were some intersections in the beginning where police were there but did not make it clear who had the right of way, so I stopped unnecessarily ( perhaps a hazard to those behind me who didn't expect anyone to stop). Perhaps the police need some feedback. I didn't stop at any of the rest stops to comment on them. The food at the end was nicely done ( Bratwurst and grilled chicken sandwiches were a nice surprise!). It would have been useful if the person announcing the start of the event had told everyone exactly where the Finish was located, and where the food and the rock band would be, because they were on the opposite side of a large building and not visible from the road or where everyone was parked. Not very many cyclists, maybe ~120, so the second half I was by myself. All in all, a pretty good event and close to the metroplex. I'd rate it 7 of 10.

Three years ago this was my first rally, it was also the only time I didn’t get lost on this rally. The people running it are friendly, the rest stops are run pretty well, the start and finish are done well enough, and the roads are OK, not perfect but OK. The marking for where to go needs help. They are improving some but a painted arrows on the road that are big enough that you can see it after 40 miles would really help. Only about 120 or so riders this year so they may not do it next year, a shame because the route is pretty scenic country.