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Hills of Oklahoma Tour (HOOT), Davis, Oklahoma

October 1, 2016

Courses were changed up a bit this year. The first rest stop at the Chickasaw Conference Center was better located than in previous years, the only drawback was the prolonged hill climb to it. Change of finish to Davis City Park seemed a little unnecessary, but at least lunch was served right there. Make no mistake, the long routes live up to their billing. You will see that Oklahoma is not all flat prairie.

October 4, 2014

This ride was billed as the first annual, but I understand that it is a revival of ride once held in Sulphur, OK. It lives up to its name and more, as the longer routes tackle the Arbuckle Mtns. If your only experience with the Arbuckles has been the relatively easy grade I-35 crosses them, you really need to ride these routes to see the real range. The volunteers were friendly, and just the fresh-baked cookies at rest stops and the after-ride lunch in a Davis bistro are worth the entry fee. My only complaint was a real confusing point at the "Fried Pie" rest stop, but otherwise the routes were well-marked. Metroplex riders really need to check out this little gem of a ride.