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Gear up for Hunger, Ft Worth, TX

October 6, 2018

This ride was promoted by the mayor of Ft. Worth who is an avid cyclist. We had high expectations for a great ride. The route started from downtown area of Ft. Worth was ride out then turn around and ride back on same streets. This was on city streets that were mostly rough, with some pot holes and large bike tire sucking street cracks. There was a bike repair truck at start but never saw any SAG support. Intersection control at first was great but riding in traffic later became riding in heavy traffic. No turn signs or turn street marking. Several people missed turns and became lost. First "rest stop" was 15 miles out and only had a table with bananas and gallon jugs of warm water…NO ICE OR COLD WATER! We cut ride short so we could pick up one our our riders that had crashed from getting caught in a street crack. If it weren't a charity ride, I would ask for my money back. Will not ride again.