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Trick-It-Up, Farmersville, TX

Oct 27, 2018

I enjoyed the great weather and the free tacos and beer at the end. I did not enjoy the cobblestone ending. A few of us who completed the 30 mile and 40 mile distances felt unprotected out there in the middle of nowhere on a two lane highway. There were some unfriendly drivers and cars that didn't realize there was a bicycling event going on. Some of the route markings were lacking or not obvious. The country was beautiful and I appreciated the three rest stops that I used.

Fourth time on this ride. Friendly helpful volunteers with easy parking and packet pick-up. Good intersection control. There is heavy highway traffic on the first 10 miles. Country chip and seal roads with some hills and rollers. Turns were marked with different colored road paint. Did not see SAG but may have been in "unmarked" pick-up trucks. Good fully stocked rest stops. Some fields of crops but also cows, longhorn steers, goats, horses, miniature horses and a few donkeys. Some great tacos after ride. We will ride again next rear.

This ride was great! The Onion Shed made a great location for the start and parking was easy. I appreciate the 9:00 start. Check in was easy and volunteers were friendly. Rest stops were well stocked and more friendly volunteers. We did the 50 mile route, which was good, but I have two complaints. The first rest stop was not until mile 20 and riding down US 69 with a rough shoulder and traffic for a few miles was miserable. Hopefully they will address both of these issues. The street tacos (and beer) at the end of the ride were excellent.

October 28, 2017

The folks in Farmersville sure know how to put on a bike ride. This is one biker-friendly town! The morning started off cold - 33 degrees with a stiff north wind. It warmed up some as the day went on. The art work for the shirt was great!. The course was well marked and had the typical Collin County rollers. I took the little side trip along the NETT on the way back. It is a pretty stretch of trail and adds an additional dimension to the ride. The refreshments from St. Arnold and the grilled burgers and hot dogs capped off a fun day. This continues to be one of my favorite rides and I'll be looking forward to it next year!


October 22, 2016

Third time we have ridden this ride. Easy to get to from the Dallas metroplex area. Plenty of friendly volunteers at packet pick up and at well-spaced rest stops on the ride. Some hills (I'm not a good climber) but they were not bad. We did experience some heavy vehicle traffic with impatient drivers the first 10 miles on Hwy 78. The various routes were marked with different colored road paint but they came up quick. At the "turn here or go straight" intersections there was a volunteer helping with directions. Not shown as being on the route, but there is a beautiful heavily wooded Rails to Trails type trail you can take called Chaparral Trail Shortcut that goes directly back to the Onion Shed start/finish. We will ride again next rear.

What a difference a year makes. No rain this year. Nothing but blue skies. Temp was 49 at the start, but it quickly warmed up. It doesn't get any better than this. The Farmersville folks always put a lot of effort into their ride and it shows. It's a very pleasurable experience with plenty of helpful volunteers, a great goody bag, and a challenging route. This year I took advantage of the "shortcut" and enjoyed approximately 5 miles of the Chaparral Trail. I was a little concerned about the surface conditions (crushed rock) but my road bike handled it well. The brats, hot dogs, and beer at the end were a very welcome treat. Thanks, Farmersville!

October 24, 2015

Rain was on the menu today; most of the registered riders didn't ride, I think only 20 folks actually braved the rain and dropping temps to actually ride.
The route I rode was the 32 miler; there were several hills that were very challenging for sure for an older guy on a 40 pound Wal-Mart mountain bike.
Signs and marking could still be better; signs need to proceed the turns – the painted arrows were ok but a little 'off' in a couple of places.
SAG support was OUTSTANDING! My whole left side crank arm fell off before I made it ten miles and Richardson Bike Mart's van stopped and was able to get be back on the road.
Town folk were amazing, shop keepers were wonderful and the free beers, hot dogs and band were the best! I do like this ride because of the towns people – simply the best!

I felt sorry for the organizers. With a forecasted 100% chance of rain, it didn't look good. It was raining when I arrived around 7:30 and continued on into the start of the ride. A mile or two outside of town, the rain stopped and that was all of it except for a few bouts of drizzle. It sure helped. Farmersville is very rider-friendly and the organizers had obviously spent a lot of time and effort to prepare for the event. Registration was a breeze as was the parking. I was concerned about the road signage, but, luckily, it had not washed away and all the turns were well-marked. The ride itself had plenty of rollers to exercise you. The after ride festivities were top-notch with a live band, free hot dogs and free drinks (including St. Arnold beer). It turned out to be a fun day!


October 25, 2014

One of the WORST marked rides I've ever done. Absolutely pathetic. Don't waste your time and money on this ride. I won't be back.

The folks at Farmersville picked a great day to hold their ride. The weather was perfect! Just like last year, they had everything running smoothly – parking, registration, intersection control, etc. The volunteers were great! Plenty of hills to give you a workout (mostly rollers). The after-ride festivities and goodies were a real treat!

This was your typical country ride. There was a lot of construction along 380 right near Main St. It would have been nice had the organizers reached out to those who'd signed up to let us know as it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to get to the start. But once I figured it out, there was plenty of parking. Packet pick up was quick. There was not enough port-a-potties though and the few at the start ran out of paper and sanitizer. I rode the 62 (which was actually 64) mile route. The rest stops could have been spaced a little better. Lots of traffic support from friendly volunteers. A few more signs along the route would have been good. And the route markings at the second to last rest stop was not in the best place and made several people doing the metric turn off early and end up unhappy with the shorter distance. It was right at the rest stop and therefore partially obstructed from view. The route itself was fine. Lots of hills, some chip seal. Beautiful day made for a fun ride. Nice little festival at the end, including free beer. Will definitely do this one again and would recommend.

I parked in the wrong place to park and had two prot-a-pottys to almost to my self. Lots of chip seal but mostly old chip seal. Only road markings were red arrows paintred on the road which makes it hell for a recumbent to see. Still I never missed a turn. I did not see any sag wagons on the route although I did see a couple waiting, hope they got in. There were lot of hills on the 40 moile route but few were that difficult.

Seven of us went to Farmersville for this ride the first time. We did the 65-route. We were told that the 12 mile loop was new this year. And it was a hilly 12 miles and it didn't take long for us to get all warm up. Overall, this was a challenging ride. 3-4% grade rollers with no chance of momentum to get you to the next incline. The good about the rally - scenic route and low traffic, friendly folks at rest stops. The after party was great - Live music, free St. Arnold's beer. Things need to improve - 1. more porta potty; 2. better signage (They changed the route at Blue Ridge downtown. Even though there were arrows pointed to the correct direction, it didn't match the GPS file nor the map they passed at registration and that caused some confusion. I also heard from others who did the shorter routes commented about the lack of clear signage. 3. Energy drinks - Rest stops only had ice and water. Most of the rally regulars like me expect to refill our water bottles with energy drinks at the rest stops. There was none. 4. Snacks at rest stops - As certain rest stop, they only had bananas. Overall, it's a very good rally and we would go back again. Hopefully they can address those issues next time.

October 26, 2013

Very nice ride out of Farmersville today. Friendly volunteers, well stocked rest stops and decent roads. We did the 33 and it had more hills than I expected. If you're ever in downtown Farmersville, I can recommend the Sugar Hill Cafe on the square- really good. Would do this ride again.

I rode the 42 miler in the second annual Trick It Up bike ride. It was nice to have a rally closer to my home turf. Everything was run very efficiently. The volunteers were terrific! Weather was coolish, but we managed to miss the rain. Plenty of hills to give you a work out. Signage was fine. All in all, a top notch effort. I'll be back next year!



October 27, 2012

Very small ride but very friendly. The towns' people and support staff were extremely helpful and kind. Around 100 Riders is all that showed – perhaps the temps, lower 40's, and COLD wind around 8 to 10 mphs, had something to do with it.
Support personnel were available for most of the turns though not all. The roads were plenty rough with a lot of stones and other debris – but saw only a couple of downed bikes. The hilly nature of the ride made for a very challenging ride and signage and route markers were almost non-existent, need better route markers.
The live band at the end was great and the "finisher pins" were outstanding – I wish every event would give a "finisher pin" to commemorate the event – it's like a trophy that's way better than a T-Shirt.
The forty mile route looped back on itself three times before returning you back to town to finish the ride. The route(s) need to be better before I'll do this ride again. Got tired of seeing the same hill time and time again.

Fantastic ride with down-home hospitality. A lot of great volunteers to help. Maybe since this was a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored ride, it seemed like the red carpet was rolled out for riders. In fact, they quite literally put temporary carpet over a section of rough railroad tracks for riders. Could have use a few more signs marking routes, but all in all this was a great ride and I look forward to doing it again. I hope it continues.