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Cycle Fandango, Tahlequah, OK

October 11-13, 2014

What should have been a wonderful cycling weekend was ruined by the weather, unfortunately. But I cannot fault the organizers. They did a wonderful job organizing and an otherwise fun time was had by all. We arrived on Friday morning, picked up our packets, decided we didn't want to tent camp due to the weather and rented a cabin instead. Thankfully it wasn't that busy and there were plenty of cabins available. We rode the 40 mile route on Friday and the route was very beautiful, despite the downpour, and very challenging with over 2000+ climbing. Support was wonderful. As it was a small ride, they kept following and made sure everyone was doing ok, warned us of flooded areas on the route, and we had numbers to call. There was one turn that could have been marked better, but we got back on course very quickly with the help of SAG and a nice gentleman who drove by and noticed that we seemed to be off course. Food was very good all weekend and the Saturday night entertainment was great. Enjoyed the Volkswagen festival in town. Because of the weather, we didn't ride on Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully next year, the weather will be better and we'll get more riding in as we'll definitely be back.