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College Station Rotary Ride ~ College Station, TX

October 10, 2015

The Second Annual College Station Rotary Ride was not a good ride this year. Although the volunteers were wonderful, rest stops well stocked and the start/finish location was an excellent choice that's where all the good stuff stops. The routes were not marked well at all – many riders got turned around, missed turns and/or got lost. SAG support was at least present, although light, and helped to retrieve wayward cyclist. Police support at intersections was sparse and when it was there was didn't offer any help, hence the wrong turns (they sat in their cars and watched) and lost souls. Road surfaces were exactly as would be expected for a ride in the country EXCEPT none of the hazards were marked and areas along shoulders with heavy traffic had a LOT of debris. The ride organizers and volunteers are at least VERY open minded concerning these issues and will most likely address what they can. I may indeed wait a few more years before I do this one again - Ed