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Ride United Parker County Charity bike ride, Weatherford, Texas

Sweptember 19, 2015

I for the life of me cannot understand why this ride is not attracting big turnouts. Lets see, the registration is quick and easy. Packet pickup and T-shirts on target. Then they give you a bag to fill up with goodies,food etc. A really nice facility with nice clean restrooms. The National Anthem was played. The start was with a mini cannon. How cool is that ? Police and Sheriffs services at the intersections was much needed and appreciated . They shut down the busy crossings fast. Sounds great so far ? Because it is. Ok, now we are out on the open roads and we get hills, up and down the whole way. We get good scenery through some nice country. Some fast hills { 40+mph }. Of course those hills go up the same way. { not 40mph !}. For some this route doesn't appeal at all. IMO, this is what I love. Rest stops were great. Most rest stop stuff was on hand. Nice friendly people cheering us and holding our bikes. My gosh, what more do you want ? Well,.....finish the ride and there is grill full of hot dogs and burgers ! Fixings are inside that nice facility, and sit down and enjoy a quiet meal. So why no big turnout ? My only complaint was a route marked poorly at some school. One can easily go off course. I know, I did in previous year. 10 miles off. But I'm sure this is not the reason. Maybe it just doesn't get the word out . I really don't know, because this ride really does have it all. And I usually don't give a ride that kind of rating. Please, tell your riding buddies about this ride. There is NO reason to dislike it. You'll have fun, and want to do it again. I did.

Fifth and final ride. At the start line, we were all sad the hear that the sponsors would no longer put on this even, they are shifting their efforts to Peach Pedal. Ride United out of Weatherford was again a well done event. Blessed with cool weather and low wind. All the previous great reviews still stand, this was a great ride. In Parker County, there are no easy routes, just shorter routes.

September 20, 2014

A perfect morning for a bike ride supporting the Parker County United Way. About 135 riders took part in a well-organized and well-supported ride. Plenty of parking and a quick packet pickup. The Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem preceded the start. I did the 34-mile route with a detour near the end. Roads were generally decent; however the chip-sealed portions into and out of Garner were a bit on the rough side. Lots of downhills getting to Garner which you pay for getting back from Garner. But that's Parker County - there are plenty of hills to challenge you. Route was well-marked and rest stops were super, both in types of snacks (including homemade cookies) and helpful volunteers. Law enforcement support at most intersections was excellent. A post-ride burger (grilled on the spot by Sundance Club folks, previously known as 7-R Ranch) with all the fix in's, chips, water, etc were available. Overall, a great ride that should be attracting more riders. Now to vent - you racer types need to dial it back a few notches. I was at rest stop 4 when the lead group of 10-15 racers came by. They ignored a stop sign just past the rest stop at an intersection where there was no advance visibility of possible oncoming traffic. Luckily, there wasn't a motor vehicle to meet them. Ultimate dumbness that could turn a great cycling event into a tragedy.

Great Food, great route, no traffic, rolling hills, smooth roads and animals, animals, animals to see. Hard to get away from the homemade cookies but knowing they were grilling hamburgers at the end, helped. GREAT EVENT!!!

Ride United 59 mile route. This is an underappreciated ride in the DFW area. The organizers have the benefit of a challenging route that includes some nice hills. Traffic is pretty minimal and intersection support is good. Online registration and packet pick up were quick and easy. Not sure for the reason the start and end of the route were changed, but riding Rick Williams highway, especially on the return is less than fun. Cars traveling at high speed by groups of riders is not good. The Garner Road outbound and return were much better. Quite a few top riders turned out this year which was a step up for this ride. This ride should bring in 500 riders each year. It's a great prep ride for the Texas Road Championships at Fort Hood. I will continue to support this ride.


September 21, 2013

Rode the 59 mile (actual 57+) route for Ride United. Overall this is an enjoyable ride. Online registration with a quick packet pick up. The couple of restroom facilities were adequate for the number of riders. The ride this year only had 100 – 150 riders, possibly do to a conflict with TTT. There was enough parking, but it's in the grass/dirt, which was not great due to the heavy rains the day before. Also apparently the Sherif's Posse was in session so parking access to the small amount of pavement was limited. The route remained the same as previous years. Minimal interaction with traffic on 90% of the course. The roads are generally good, with a couple of miles of new chip & seal. The major intersections were staffed. The route is challenging as the back half has some challenging and constant hills. Small item, event shirt same 'reddish' color as last year, but with this year's date. Bigger item, need to put someone at the final turn into the Posse for the finish line, especially if another event is happening at the same time. A couple of us were nearly hit by motorist that turned at the end of the cones, as riders were turning as well. Will continue to support the event, hope others will come out and do the same.

First let me say that I and my wife are in no way associated with the Parker County Charity ride. We just love it. She has long loved the roads out to Poolville, Whit, etc. Its very scenic with sweeping views of the valleys as ridden along the ridges. There is a reason that there is a cycling training video "The Roads of Parker County". Its scenic, its very low traffic and its challenging. Typically there are a endless stream of rolling hills. The roads are good, except for a short distance on some potted chip seal in transition. This ride deserves more attendance. I recommend they check the big ride schedules to make sure their date does not overlap. The folks were very friendly and helpful, just as you would expect in a small Texas town. I highly recommend it.


September 22, 2012

Perfect weather!! Routes pretty much the same as last year. If you like hills you"ll love this ride. Hopefully construction will be finished by next year. Well organized with great support from the community. The finishing touch of subway sandwiches and Jillibeans Ice cream was great! A definite have to ride for next year!

Planning on riding Waco Wild West Century, but curcumstances beyond my control called for staying local. Not at all disappointed in Ride United Parker County rally in Weatherford! Hilly 34 mile route, a bad road that was out of the control of organizers (last-minute construction snafus) who were very apologetic and let us know about these before the start. The volunteers could not have been nicer and more sincere in their hopes of putting on a good rally for the riders (Parker County folks are always AWESOME!)
Great SAG coverage, law enforcement presence, Subway sandwiches and chips for lunch, good T-shirt...........I rode this rally with the reviews of last year's first-time efforts in mind, and was glad I came. About 200 riders in attendance. If you wish to ride locally instead of Waco or Bonham, I can give a thumbs-up on this one. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for your hard work! QUACK!

59 mile route. Great ride.
Lightly traveled country roads. Generally good surface.
Well supported. Friendly volunteers.
Lots of small hills/creek crossings.
Plenty tough. Lots of dogs (no biters that I encountered).
Very pretty countryside. Subway sandwich and chips at the finish.
Will definitely put it on the list for next year

Completed the Ride United 59 mile route. Actually measures out to 57+ miles. Registered online, packet pickup took no time at all. No lines in the restrooms. Plenty of parking, but mostly on dirt and grass, which is not great for walking on cleats. Thanks to the organizers for moving the start time to 8am, which is perfect for this time of year and hopefully encourages riders from further away to attend. The line up for the start was a little odd in that the announcements were made by the parking lot and then they had everyone line up by distance on the road out of the facility. Some riders were lined up early and missed the announcements, then the 59 mile riders had to navigate around the shorter distance riders to get to their section. The route was the same as last year. Signage is outstanding with large signs with big clearly visible arrow. Arrows painted on the roads as well. Something unique, they also put do not enter on side roads to help keep riders on course. Except for a mile out and mile back on 180, the roads are lightly traveled with few cars to be seen. The route is challenging with a continuous series of hills, especially on the back half of the route. The traffic support was great with the officers giving the riders priority at intersections. Absolutely no reason this ride shouldn't continue to grow in popularity, the organizers have mastered a lot of the important details that some of the more established rides struggle with every year. I'll plan on coming back next year.

Today a few hundred of us enjoyed the Ride United Parker Co. This was a great ride with good well stocked rest stops, plenty of help with crossings, sag support and good turn markings. Finished with Subway sandwichs. Plenty of parking, moderate hills, and low registration price means this ride should grow. I hope to see you there next year.

September 23, 2011

  First time for this ride to be held. The organizers did an outstanding job. Great route, plenty scenic, some climbing required and the weather could not have been better. Rest stops were spaced well and stocked with plenty of stuff, toilets and friendly volunteers. Active law enforcement support was found at every necessary location, even those way out in the country. This was a great, close-by ride and I hope they continue with it next year. Subway sandwiches at the end were appreciated.
For me, I would like a little more distance, but I can live with it the way it was. In addition, I hope that that pack of 6 or 8 Great Danes is secured inside their yard next year. They were just curious, not aggressive, but that many big dogs running out into the road makes me real nervous!

They need to rename this the hills from hell ride! Talk about a challenge. The ride starts out innocent enough, and fairly fast. If you like country roads where the trees drape over the road, this is it. Just beautiful. If you are not careful with your pace, the seemingly small little hills start adding up. Most riders who I spoke with after the ride said they were not expecting the fatigue. They just start stacking up. Like the frog who gets boiled one degree at a time. Before you know it, it's too late. You're cooked!
But if they have this ride next, I'll be there! The rest stops were manned by friendly folks, and there were plenty of Subway sandwiches after the ride. Only a couple of places needed better markings on which way to go. But they somehow figured it out and had people there to direct us. For a first time event, it really went great. To all the folks who made it happen...............................THANK - YOU!
I'll be back.

Note to self: DEFINITELY REPEAT THIS RIDE NEXT YEAR!! Nothing but positive things to say about this ride. ***. SAFE RIDE: A telephone number for Ride Assistance was printed on the map (yeah!)
1. Low traffic and No high speed traffic -- Almost the entire ride is on low traffic, beautiful, back country, two lane roads. Ride start and ride end are on Hwy 180 (70mph) for a very short distance. These sections were both well coned and beginning was well coned and well patrolled.
2. Excellent Signage -- Very visible florescent arrows painted on the road before all turns. A plus: In some cases, arrows were painted after as well before the turns. Additionally, there were neat, easily visible, easy to interpret signs posted before turns. In some cases, there were written signs on BOTH sides of the road (in addition to the arrows). i.e., one could easily have done this ride without a cue sheet or map.
3. Excellent intersection control -- I only remember one crossing that was not patrolled by law enforcement.
4. Sag - Motorcycles and vehicles.
5. Excellent roads and MINIMAL chip seal -- the only sections of the ride that had chip seal were the Highway 180 sections at the very beginning (0.1 miles approx) and very end (2 miles approx). There were a few holes in the road that were not marked/circled; a problem for inattentive riders only.
6. Excellent Challenge (for me). If you need a hill repeat workout, this is it! This ride is hilly! Also, several false flats with a 3% grade (avg). Perfect prep ride for longer ride at Paluxy Pedal next weekend.
7. Excellent Rest Stop (at mile 30 - the only one I stopped at) Too many portapotties is so much better than not enough. Great selection of snacks and fruit. Friendly volunteers :-) Thank you, Volunteers!
8. Timing in regards to weather: Perfect time of year to be doing a challenging, hilly ride like this.
9. Subway sandwiches at ride end.
10. Great Parking -- plenty of space and lots of volunteers to keep it organized and flowing smoothly.
11. Ride started at 7:30am - loved that start time for an earlier finish.
12. Packet Pick-up at registration was quick and flowed smoothly. The ride packet contained the t-shirt, something to eat, a map, a pen, and NOT a multitude of contributions for my paper recycling bin (i.e., ads).
Other: There were three distances: 24, 34, 59. The distance that I participated in was the 59. My skill level: After taking almost a year off from cycling, I started riding outdoors again in April. This was my 5th 100K ride since April 17. Avgd 19.5 mph at August HHH 100K (flat ride). This ride took me 4 hours averaging 15.5mph, not counting the one, 15-minute stop at mile 30 to shed cool weather gear.

I did the 59 mile ride for Ride United. A new ride this year, usually when a new ride comes around I tend to expect some issues but I think the organizers did a great job for the first time hosting this ride. Signage, which is usually a problem, was excellent. Probably some of the best signs I've seen used. Large signs with large arrows that could be seen from a distance. They also marked the pavement as well. A nice touch, at some intersections they even market the pavement with the 'do not enter' symbol to make it clear not to turn there. The ride was primarily north of Weatherford and the roads were pretty decent, especially as we got away from the city. From about mile 4 through 48 there was minimal traffic, except where we had to connect via some secondary state roads, I couldn't have seen more than 10 to 15 cars coming or going. The course was filled with small hills with gradients from 1% to 2% overall. They had very good support from the local police at major intersections, even in some of the more remote locations. They actually stopped traffic on Hwy 180 until all the riders had left, which was interesting because of a semi staggered start. For those that care, they had a selection of sandwiches after and were handing out water bottles to riders as they came in. Cannot comment on the rest stops, but they all appeared to have a couple of porta potties. A few suggestions for improvement. This time of year a 7:30am start time is not needed, temps were probably in the upper 50's at the start of the ride. Also, I believe the earlier start time limits participants from further distances attending the ride. The ride map was good unless you needed to read the road name, since the markings went over the names. Using map or other service could fix this issue. The Sheriffs Posse parking for the ride was in grass but mostly dirt, so with morning dew, tires were covered with dirt at the start. The facilities were adequate for the amount of riders but get a bigger turn out parking and rest rooms will be an issue. Overall a very good ride and I will come back next year if they continue to put it on.

I rode the 59 mile route in Ride United Parker County. Everything was in place as expected for a great bicycle rally. There was signage and parking assistants. Registration was very easy on-line and at the event. The routes were well organized for safe cycling including good signage and traffic control at all major intersections. The attendance was low (175 riders) maybe competition with established rallies. Great workout course, there was no resting on any of the winding routes, the shorter routes got the same treatment as the longer routes - hills, wind, beautiful scenery. The routes are not overwhelming but there are several 6 to 11 percent climbs. The 59 mile was 57.7 miles and Garmin Connect logged the 34 route as 36. I would recommend combining the 57.7 mile with the 34 mile on the return route from RS1 to RS4 to give 61.6 miles. To attract more riders increase the route to 100K. I like the 7:30 start time.