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Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo, Frisco, TX

September 2019

After a weather cancellation last year, everyone was happy to see this one happen. The announcer said that that over 1600 folks participated. This was a well-organized event. Everything was planned and executed like clockwork. Having the Southfork Ranch as the venue was a great touch. All kinds of things to see before and after the ride. The route was a typical urban one. There was a lot of construction but thankfully our exposure to it was minimal. Intersection control was great and signage was excellent. Volunteers were very helpful and there were plenty of SAG vehicles making the rounds. A lot of traffic (which couldn't be helped). I did notice that most drivers tried to give us a wide berth. It was appreciated. All in all, I enjoyed this ride and plan to participate next year. I hope they have it staged from Southfork again.

This ride was well organized and they did a great job getting all the riders sent off from Southfork Ranch and the event after the ride was great. However, the organizers need to look at the ride routes for improvements next year because there was a lot of traffic on this ride and many of the vehicles either didn't want the riders on the road (and you knew they didn't want you there) or didn't have a clue how to pass bicyclists. Unfortunately some of the roads we were on didn't have enough of a shoulder to try to get away from vehicular traffic and because of this, my husband was hit by a car that had been driving erratically and bikers were yelling at the driver to no avail before he hit my husband. Fortunately he only received some road rash and did some minor damage to his wrist and ankle – we're still waiting to get the verdict on his bike. The driver stopped about a quarter mile down the road a Ride Marshal was able to talk to him. The driver was surprised that he caused that accident but didn't bother to leave his name or contact information and left. I know the ride organizers have nothing to do with how people drive but they do need to find a better route that is not as populated and provide roads that gives riders a chance to take evasive action when needed as the area where my husband was hit only had a shoulder of a foot at most and then a drop off. This route seemed to have a lot of local traffic in a hurry to go work, yard sales or other Saturday morning errands and I would hope the organizers will look at trying to put together a safer ride next year.

September 30, 2017

1800-2000 riders - excellent turnout - lots of strong riders doing the 100mile, great course, good traffic control , excellent weather with light NE wind. Good festivities and the end had BBQ abnd some adult beverages, etc. Registration on-line, so I didnt bother with regular check in. Only complaint was the start - the race group and the rally group started at the same time, with the official pace limited to 18ish for the first 4 miles ( this was for Emmitt's benefit so he could stay with the group). This allowed a lot of non racers to hang with the racers when the pace ramped up to 28-32+, not good for safety. Overall a good ride