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Cove House Classic, Copperas Cove, TX

August 12, 2017

This could be a great ride if the support would show up. Really nice scenery. Great cause. Unfortunately, after 10 miles I was really looking forward to that first rest stop but it wasn't present. There was a shade tent setup and two men sitting on a bench but no water coolers or anything. Everyone just drove past it. About 14 miles or so into it, I came to a route decision point that wasn't marked correctly. I wanted to do the 50 mile route but just ended up taking the wrong road and finished with 45 miles. The rode I turned on was dangerously loaded with potholes. One section had fresh oil and dirt for at least two miles and then a mile of freshly grated cleechie. Finally got to the first manned rest stop at 20 miles. It was set up too close to the FM road and right in a turn in the road. Very dangerous for those lined up in the road to get to the water jugs. Riders had to warn each other to get out of the road because a car was coming while they were waiting to get water. I ask the volunteers how far to the next rest stop and got a reply of "10 miles". Fifteen miles later I pulled into the second rest stop which should have been the third rest stop. I got in 45 miles and saw the SAG one time. When I finished I went into the starting/finish point building to sign in as they told us to be sure to let them know when we finish so they would be looking for us. No one was in the building and no sign in sheet around so I just left a note. I hate to be negative because this is a great location for cycling due to the low traffic, great scenery and great cause. This could be a top notch ride to raise money for the Cove House homeless shelter. It just needs more support volunteers and better organization.