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Tour de Paris, Paris, TX

July 2021

Had been on my list for awhile, finally got to it. Pre-reg was a bad idea here. If you walked up- you got a number and out the door in 5-6 minutes. If you pre-reg'd, you probably waited 10-15. Just to get a number unless you were one of the first 1000 or however many it was guaranteed a shirt. Parking was easy- at least when I got there. I had never seen the little miniature Eiffel tower- pretty cool. Love the start line- whole road to get going - AND it's STRAIGHT - then narrows safely. I also really love the roll around downtown. Peach Pedal used to do that in Weatherford. Kind of a little mini-parade- the website shows it but its even more fun being in it :-) Course has a fair amount of chipseal but it comes earlier in the course when you hopefully can find a good group to keep speeds up and roll over it a bit faster. Plenty of rolling hills on the course but there's enough terrain variety and direction changes to keep you interested and focused. Didn't take in any of the rest stops but they looked well-manned and stocked. Finish line scene was decent. I wandered over to the miniature Eiffel tower and watched the scene of folks taking pics and enjoying the day. Overall, it's a good ride. Doesn't check any really special boxes/bucket-list items and unfortunately a fairly long drive for me to get there so not sure if I'll do it again. If you're within an hour's drive, it's easier to justify this as an annual ride on your calendar. It's well organized, and the roads are as good as just about anything else we have going. Traffic was generally light, people were mostly courteous.


July 21, 2018

The Tour de Paris is the "crème de la crème" (French: best of the best) of bike rides. Ride has 1,700 cyclists, 650 enthusiastic volunteers, start has tour of town square filled with cheering local people and Boy Scouts with American flags then on out to great country routes, guarded traffic intersections, fully stocked rest stops, on road mechanical and medical SAG support, a finish with cheerleaders and a spray mister cool off. After ride charcoal grilled hamburger, chips and soft drink. This ride is on our list every year!


July 16, 2016

Thank you to ALL of you who participated in the 32nd Annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally, July 16, 2016!! We introduced a new 80-mile route, and had 197 ride! It will be back next year, as well as the 68 mile route that was under construction this year.
The North East Texas Trail through Paris, Reno, and Blossom serves as a great family ride, and is growing! Our total cyclists this year was 1123!!! Wahoo! We are thrilled that you chose to visit Paris and hope that you will come back next year!
Over 650 wonderful volunteers will be there to welcome you, and they love taking care of YOU!
Hope to see you July 15th, 2017

I took two grand children, ages 11 and 14 on their first 35 mile ride. They loved it and remarked how nice everybody was to them. They thought hamburgers after the meal were delicious. already they want me to sign up for next year. I noticed there seemed to be a rest stop almost every 5 miles. There was no chip seal except for a few patches and one half mile spot. - John

Paris was a good ride with excellent signage and rest stops, although having the balloon launch at the same time, increased the traffic x5.

Paris continues to show itself as one of the most bike-friendly towns in Texas. The route through town and throughout the course had local folks cheering and waving. I even had some cars pass me while the driver was shouting words of encouragement! Paris is not afraid to set up and man rest stops. Throughout the ride there were stops often only 6 or so miles apart. On a hot, humid day, these are such a welcome sight. The traditional burgers and smoothies at the end, were delicious. Thanks Paris for another fun ride!

I rode my 1st ride ever this past weekend at the Tour de Paris ... Did the 80 miles and it was great ... Can't believe how many volunteers there were at this event !! Paris Tx. Rocks

The Tour de Paris was another outstanding event put on by the good people of Paris. I rode the new 80 mile route, which was great! Good signage and frequent rest-stops, the most frequent of any ride I have done. The volunteers were most enthusiastic and super friendly. Each of the rest stops I paused at were well-stocked. As usual, great post-ride hamburger and snacks. If Paris does not put on the most friendly and enthusiastic bike ride in Texas, then who does? Thanks Paris. Please keep up the great work!

My third year for this ride and once again the Tour de Paris set the gold standard on how bike rides should be.
Seems like the whole town comes out to support the ride. Good roads, excellent road markings, guarded intersections, full SAG support and well stocked rest stops.
This year's hot air balloon launch at the ride start and the all the people filling the town square also made it memorable.
The Tour de Paris is already on our next year's ride list!

The 2017 Tour de Paris started in at the Love Civic Center in Paris, Texas on July 15, 2017. The weather at the start of the ride was partly-sunny, temperature 76, a humid 91% and wind north at 7. The 35 mile course went SSW, with the wind and mostly downhill first half of the course fast. There were rolling hills along the whole route. Three hours after the start the temperature was 78 with wind NE at 3. It rained very briefly. The ride was well organized, the website provided maps with an elevation profile, the hills were not a surprise. Registration was available to 3PM the day before the ride and in person to 8PM at the civic center the day before and the day of the ride. Registration was fast, no wait and maps of the courses were on tables at the civic center. There were two hot air balloons being launched behind the civic center, at the start in front of the civic center, a hot air gondola was there with the burner firing to music. The courses advertised were 14, 20, 35, 66 and 80 miles, well marked. The start was not staggered. All of the rest stops had fruit, sports drink, water and restrooms available. Rest stops were about every 5-6 miles. The finish was a road running into the civic center, across the street, the intersections were well-controlled by law enforcement and volunteers.

Fourth time on this ride. 1,000 cyclists – 600 volunteers. They have always set the Gold Standard on how to run a bike ride. This year, they have been elevated to Platinum Level. Enough said!

Paris is a great ride. Excellent organization. I like that the rest stops are approx 5 miles apart. Plus, they had homemade cookies!