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Tour de Paris, Paris, TX

July 21, 2018

The Tour de Paris is the "crème de la crème" (French: best of the best) of bike rides. Ride has 1,700 cyclists, 650 enthusiastic volunteers, start has tour of town square filled with cheering local people and Boy Scouts with American flags then on out to great country routes, guarded traffic intersections, fully stocked rest stops, on road mechanical and medical SAG support, a finish with cheerleaders and a spray mister cool off. After ride charcoal grilled hamburger, chips and soft drink. This ride is on our list every year!


July 16, 2016

Thank you to ALL of you who participated in the 32nd Annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally, July 16, 2016!! We introduced a new 80-mile route, and had 197 ride! It will be back next year, as well as the 68 mile route that was under construction this year.
The North East Texas Trail through Paris, Reno, and Blossom serves as a great family ride, and is growing! Our total cyclists this year was 1123!!! Wahoo! We are thrilled that you chose to visit Paris and hope that you will come back next year!
Over 650 wonderful volunteers will be there to welcome you, and they love taking care of YOU!
Hope to see you July 15th, 2017

I took two grand children, ages 11 and 14 on their first 35 mile ride. They loved it and remarked how nice everybody was to them. They thought hamburgers after the meal were delicious. already they want me to sign up for next year. I noticed there seemed to be a rest stop almost every 5 miles. There was no chip seal except for a few patches and one half mile spot. - John

Paris was a good ride with excellent signage and rest stops, although having the balloon launch at the same time, increased the traffic x5.

Paris continues to show itself as one of the most bike-friendly towns in Texas. The route through town and throughout the course had local folks cheering and waving. I even had some cars pass me while the driver was shouting words of encouragement! Paris is not afraid to set up and man rest stops. Throughout the ride there were stops often only 6 or so miles apart. On a hot, humid day, these are such a welcome sight. The traditional burgers and smoothies at the end, were delicious. Thanks Paris for another fun ride!

I rode my 1st ride ever this past weekend at the Tour de Paris ... Did the 80 miles and it was great ... Can't believe how many volunteers there were at this event !! Paris Tx. Rocks

The Tour de Paris was another outstanding event put on by the good people of Paris. I rode the new 80 mile route, which was great! Good signage and frequent rest-stops, the most frequent of any ride I have done. The volunteers were most enthusiastic and super friendly. Each of the rest stops I paused at were well-stocked. As usual, great post-ride hamburger and snacks. If Paris does not put on the most friendly and enthusiastic bike ride in Texas, then who does? Thanks Paris. Please keep up the great work!

My third year for this ride and once again the Tour de Paris set the gold standard on how bike rides should be.
Seems like the whole town comes out to support the ride. Good roads, excellent road markings, guarded intersections, full SAG support and well stocked rest stops.
This year's hot air balloon launch at the ride start and the all the people filling the town square also made it memorable.
The Tour de Paris is already on our next year's ride list!

The 2017 Tour de Paris started in at the Love Civic Center in Paris, Texas on July 15, 2017. The weather at the start of the ride was partly-sunny, temperature 76, a humid 91% and wind north at 7. The 35 mile course went SSW, with the wind and mostly downhill first half of the course fast. There were rolling hills along the whole route. Three hours after the start the temperature was 78 with wind NE at 3. It rained very briefly. The ride was well organized, the website provided maps with an elevation profile, the hills were not a surprise. Registration was available to 3PM the day before the ride and in person to 8PM at the civic center the day before and the day of the ride. Registration was fast, no wait and maps of the courses were on tables at the civic center. There were two hot air balloons being launched behind the civic center, at the start in front of the civic center, a hot air gondola was there with the burner firing to music. The courses advertised were 14, 20, 35, 66 and 80 miles, well marked. The start was not staggered. All of the rest stops had fruit, sports drink, water and restrooms available. Rest stops were about every 5-6 miles. The finish was a road running into the civic center, across the street, the intersections were well-controlled by law enforcement and volunteers.

Fourth time on this ride. 1,000 cyclists – 600 volunteers. They have always set the Gold Standard on how to run a bike ride. This year, they have been elevated to Platinum Level. Enough said!

Paris is a great ride. Excellent organization. I like that the rest stops are approx 5 miles apart. Plus, they had homemade cookies!

July 18, 2015

Bonjour Y'all from Paris, Texas!
We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our 31st ANNUAL TOUR de PARIS BICYCLE RALLY!
You rode with 891 cyclists this year with six routes to choose from, including a new extension route on our Trail which is a part of the North East Texas Trail !
16 Rest Stops served refreshments, and assisted hot and tired cyclists, and the fellowship was great! We added a "SLOW ROLL" ride on Friday night with 75 participants!
Mark your calendar for July 16th,2016 (3rd Saturday in July) and we look forward to seeing YOU in Paris, Texas 2016!!
Becky Semple
Tour Director

I can never say enough how enjoyable this rally is year-after-year! The sincere hospitality shown to the riders from EVERYONE involved in the organization and support of Tour d' Paris is amazing! Rest stops every 5-7 miles stocked with WAAAYY more than the basic offerings including mini-sandwiches and Fritos (thanks Brookshires!) Intense heat later and headwind outbound made for a difficult day in the saddle, so the emphasis on participants' support was a MUST and Paris NEVER FAILS to take good care of us!
A lot of roads on 57 mile route were freshly patched with *smooth* blacktop, especially in Delta County. Free burgers, chips and smoothies in ice-cold convention center afterward.
If you have never attended this event due to distance from home, spend Friday night in a hotel here, and you're no more than 10 minutes from the start.
See ya next year!

There's a reason that the Tour de Paris is one of my favorite rides. Paris is one of the most rider-friendly towns you will ever find! They make us feel welcome and they are glad we are there! Registration and parking was a snap. The volunteers were all helpful and friendly. Traffic control was great as was the signage. The after ride meal (grilled hamburger and smoothie) was scrumptious. It's a great experience!

I've been doing the Paris ride for the past five or so years. I really enjoy this ride, the route, the staff and the venue and great hamburgers at the finish. One thing that I really missed this year was the portable showers on site in the pavilion. Please bring back the shower!! That was so convenient/refreshing upon coming in off the route.



July 19, 2014

Bonjour Y'all!
Thank you to everyone who celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Tour de Paris by riding in the Rally this year! You rode with 931 cyclists! You were greeted by over 650 volunteers! Some of those have been helping for many many years and can't wait until next year!
Also, thanks to all of you for checking your goodie bag for the precious lost wedding ring! It was found!! Thank you Mary Brock!! :D
We look forward to seeing you all next year for the 31st Annual Tour de Paris on Saturday, July 18th, 2015 and bring a friend!
Becky Semple
Tour Director

Perfect riding day. Rode the 68 mile route, which was great. Some nice climbs, generally good roads, and some very scenic sections. Signage was generally good and there was support at all turns. I don't think I've ever said this before, but there were too many rest stops. lol There were 11 on the 68 mile route, many of which were greatly underutilized. But the volunteers at the rest stops were great, standing along the road offering water to passing riders. Only stopped at one and it was adequately stocked and the volunteers were friendly and helpful. Loved the encouraging signs, cheering volunteers all along the route, goodie bags and the smoothies at the finish were yummy. They had burgers and chips and massages at the finish too but I didn't have any so can't speak to those. Only hiccup was registration. The signs were not right so people stood in the wrong lines and then had to move, which extended the wait. Having riders fill out waivers at the registration table didn't help move things along either. Neither did the way they divided the last names -- some lines had no one and others were really long and they didn't allow riders to go to the shorter lines. But overall, a great rally that I will do again and recommend.

They said "only one set of tracks" but I rode over two, then over them on the way back. They did cover the tracks with mats to smooth the crossover. Excellent, except instead of putting the mats parallel to the tracks which meant I also had to "bump" over the edges of two mats. Putting more mats perpendicular to the track so the rider could cross the track on one contiguous mat. Other rides have covered the tracks with a large4 picec of old carpet which worked even better. Other than that I can't say enopugh good about this ride. So many rest stops but usually the Paris ride hits the high 100s and these rest stops can be life savers. I am a whimp and I thought the 57 mile course was mostly flat so I assume the hills were on the 68 mile course. - John

30th Anniversary Year for this rally! Always great every year that I've attended, gets better every time. Did 57 mile course for first time. WIDE OPEN, NO TRAFFIC. Best rest stops: Brookshires for decor & eats and first Roxton stop where: Dr. Hill, Chiropractor, saved my ride from *great* discomfort in my neck & upper shoulders. He & staff had a massage table under a separate tent; he gave a quick massage and while doing so, he detected an alignment problem, made a minor adjustment and I was on my way, much relieved. THANK YOU, DR. HILL!! You cannot beat the genuine friendliness, enthusiasm & hospitality of the good folks of Paris and surrounding towns who go out-of-their-way to ensure one of the best rallies in the state. Thanks again, to Becky, David and every volunteer that include the churches, businesses, school groups, Scouts and others who make me proud and happy to live in Texas. See y'all next year! QUACK!!!

There's a reason Tour d'Paris continues to be one of the premier area rides and worth the drive – well organized, good routes, safe, great volunteers, great burgers and eats after. This year was one of the best because of the cool front – when you can start a ride in mid-July at about 67 degrees and it's only hitting about 71 three hours later, it's like riding in AC. I heard at registration that several were deciding to do a longer ride because of the cooler weather and people were really cranking it up. The new start seemed to work well, riding through downtown at the beginning the crowds were out and welcoming. Love this ride and I keep going back. Put it on your "must do" list. Note: the ride info PDF on the website didn't say so, but you can camp out overnight on the Civic Center grounds and I did that this year and put up the tent. Oh, the 2014 Tour d"Paris jerseys were nicely done too. Awesome event.

Another fantastic ride in Paris! This is an event I look forward to every year and for good reason. It's hard to find a more "rider friendly" town in Texas. I don't know how they managed it, but the weather was ideal – overcast with temps in the mid 70s at the start. The volunteers were energized and very helpful and the various cheering sections were fun. I loved the views and the after ride meal was delicious! Thanks again, Paris. You folks rock!

My first time at the Tour de Paris and it is unique … in a mostly good way. First off, I have never participated in a Rally in which there was LESS traffic! I mean … almost none. To ride 60 miles and encounter so few vehicles on the roads is a treat. Addtionally, this year was favored by the Gods b/c the avg. temp. was in the mid 70's for the entire ride! No wind and overcast all day. Ideal riding conditions. The roads were a bit rough for stretches, but nothing unusual for these parts. The town really seems to come out and support this ride in a special way. The circuit through downtown on the way out was lined with cheering boy scouts and quite a few locals! Impressive for 7:30 am on a Saturday. Addtionally, the cheerleaders and well-wishers at the finish line stayed most of the afternoon … welcoming even the later riders with as much enthusiasm as the early riders. The mini-Eiffel Water tower was fun and the post ride food was hearty. This ride is a wonderful little vacation from Dallas.

July 20, 2013

Bonjour Y'all!
Thanks to EVERYONE who came to Paris, and participated in our 29th Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally! You talked, we listened! Something will be done with the "pesky train tracks" before next year!!, AND….we will make fruit smoothies until the last cyclist returns!!
Come and join us for our 30th Anniversary on Saturday, July 19th 2014, and enjoy the ride!
Thank you!

Becky Semple
Tour Director

I'm not going to bore you with all the awesome details. Nobody does it better. Of all the rides in North Texas this is one of my two favorite rides. Brian Faulkner

This was our third time to ride in Paris. We did the 35 mile route and once again, the folks in Paris get an A+.

Wow. Homemade cookies at well stocked rest stops. HUNDREDS of enthusiastic volunteers manning literally every intersection of a 90km route, map links for cycle computers, route signs everywhere to entertain and guide. Smooth roads for the most part, some chip seal but the only traffic seemed to be cyclists and support vehicles. The 2 hr drive from Dallas is SO worth it, I'll be back for the 30th anniversary of this ride in 2014!

Great people & many well stocked rest stops, good roads with lots of fun hills to climb .. I did the 110K ride & would do this one again .. Only 1 bad part is crossing the railroads track on the way back to finish line .. 5 people in front of us had blowouts crossing the track to fast .. but over all a great fun ride .. very nice T-shirts.

Those riders who didn't come 'cause they got spooked by the threat of rain missed a good time! Fast, SMOOTH and flat 35 miles was a cinch......course different than last year, and a pleasant one. Many roads patched up well, and course did NOT have you going back in on highway as in previous years. Always a challenge, even way out in Lamar County, to pick the minds of TXDOT and hope they don't throw in last-minute changes, says one of the organizers. No problem this year, that I saw. Cloud cover hung on for most of the morning, so heat was no issue early on. ALWAYS the most enthusiastic and welcoming organizers, volunteers and residents you will find get SPOILED riding in Paris, year-after-year! The best, well-stocked (and located every 5-7 miles) rest stops & lunch, too. Spend Friday night at one of the several chain motels in town, and it's an easy 10 minutes to the Start. You will NOT be disappointed! Thanks, again, Paris, for another top-notch event!

First time to ride the TDP and was totally impressed with the organization, the route, the rest stops and the hamburger lunch. Can't wait to come back next year.

There's a reason why Paris is my favorite ride of the year! It is the most bike-friendly town. Love the cheering sections. Love all the active and enthusiastic volunteers. The route, signage, and support are superb. Rest stops are numerous and well stocked. You just couldn't ask for a better ride! Thanks, Paris!

Those riders who didn't come 'cause they got spooked by the threat of rain missed a good time! Fast, SMOOTH and flat 35 miles was a cinch......course different than last year, and a pleasant one. Many roads patched up well, and course did NOT have you going back in on highway as in previous years. Always a challenge, even way out in Lamar County, to pick the minds of TXDOT and hope they don't throw in last-minute changes, says one of the organizers. No problem this year, that I saw. Cloud cover hung on for most of the morning, so heat was no issue early on. ALWAYS the most enthusiastic and welcoming organizers, volunteers and residents you will find get SPOILED riding in Paris, year-after-year! The best, well-stocked (and located every 5-7 miles) rest stops & lunch, too. Spend Friday night at one of the several chain motels in town, and it's an easy 10 minutes to the Start. You will NOT be disappointed! Thanks, again, Paris, for another top-notch event!

The Parisians did a wonderful job with the ride . Lots of volunteers turned out to work the ride or to provide us moral support. We did the new 57 mile route and it was scenic and relatively traffic free. The only problem was that it also had 16 (sixteen) RR crossings going into and out of town. I don't know if they still do it, but Rockwall puts carpet over their railroad crossings to smooth things out. Just sayin! I hold out hope that someday we'll go back to the old routes SE of town. Nice lookin t-shirt.

July 21, 2012

This is the second year that my husband and I have ridden in the Tour de Paris. We think it's the best kept secret in North Texas. Yes, it's a bit of a drive to Paris but that enables you to truly get away from all the city traffic. The locals enthusiastically support the event. The rest stops were great - plenty of ice, drinks, food (including lots of homemade cookies!). The routes were well marked and before each rest stop there was a sign that said "x.x miles to next rest stop". I wish other rallies would do this as it enables you to better plan and manage your ride. (I also enjoyed the motivational signs along the way!) We had a friend come this year for his first time and he agrees that this is the best rally. Keep up the good work, Paris!

It is always hot on the Tour de Paris but The rest stops were from 3 to 7 miles apart. These people were so organized that even the police directing traffic were provided with an awnibng for shade. I did the 56 mile route and counted only two real hills. - John

A truly top-notch ride! Great organization, fantastic support, and outstanding volunteers! Paris, you rock!

You want to run a bike rally? Hire the folks from Paris. Also, it seemed like half the town turned out to support the ride!

This was my second consecutive year to drive up to Paris and complete the 90K route. A common theme in reviews is the statement that a ride is well supported, which they are. Paris just has a different vibe that's hard to put into words and results in Paris being a top ride to attend in North Texas. I normally load the bike up after a ride and head home, but in Paris, I hang around at the Love Civic Center for burgers and watch the Tour de France on the big screen. I will be back next year and thank the organizers and volunteers for an enjoyable experience.

Another class act by the good folks of Paris! I've attended this rally more times than I can remember, and it has NEVER failed to be the best overall. Said it before: sincere hospitality second to none from the very hard-working volunteers and organizers, who truly care about putting on a good event for the cyclists. Rest stops every 5-7 miles (some even closer to tend to the riders who choose to pass some up), PLENTY OF GOOD SUPPLIES AT ALL STOPS (salty, sweet and TONS OF ICE), good routes, grilled burgers, chips and beverages in air-conditioned comfort at the end, as well as outdoor showers which were a tremendous blessing for the long ride back to Fort Worth. Nice T-shirts this year, too. To the riders who have never participated in the rally before: PLEASE COME! It is a bit of a drive from the Metroplex, but I spend the night before in Paris, and it's worth it. You will not be disappointed! Thanks so much, Paris...........can't wait 'til next year! Quack-Quack!

July 16, 2011

"Bonjour "to all the cyclists who rode in our 27th annual Tour de Paris bicycle rally Saturday, July 16th, 2011 in Paris, Texas!!!
We had 824 cyclists riding on 5 different routes, and over 600 volunteers helping to make sure you were taken care of at the Rest Stops, and you were safe on the roads!
Thank you for coming to Paris, and we just want you to know how much we enjoyed having all of you, and look forward to seeing you all back next year! Bring friends!
Watch our website for pictures of this year's rally, and remember to save the date for next year! 3rd Saturday in July, 2012 will be July 21st!

I just had the pleasure of riding the Tour de Paris for the first time. It was an absolute pleasure. The town truly supports the event. To have police at all critical corners and plenty of rest stops fully staffed and supplied made a very hot day a pleasure. I will be back next year.

One of the best run rides of the year. The folks at Paris can give clinics on how to run bike rally. Lots and lots and lots of support. Rider safety was their primary concern. Police at all the major intersections and aid stations at what seemed to be every couple of miles. Pepperidge Farm cookies at one of the rest stops and an excellent after ride lunch. It's a shame that I have to wait until next year to do it again. One concern: why they route us through downtown over bricks and railroad tracks is a puzzlement to me.

This is a very well organized ride in Paris, TX. The route rolls through pretty countryside consisting of a lot of rolling hills on smooth pavement. You will get to ride through Ben Franklin, Texas! The ride started on time with a siren and cheering bystanders. All routes go through historic downtown Paris before heading out to the countryside. All intersections were manned by volunteers or police. Rest stops were every 7 or 8 miles with all the goodies to keep you going. My daughter and I did the 90k (57.5 actual miles) in about 3:15 - not really hammering it, but enjoying the ride. Good: Fast check-in, on time start, excellent police and volunteer support, abundant rest stops, smooth pavement, hamburgers and strawberry smoothies after the ride and the Tour de France on a big screen in the civic center. Bad: Nothing to report. Well worth the drive to east Texas.

This was my maiden voyage to Paris and my wife and I completed the 90k route. This is a very well run event giving attention to detail. Blown away by the motorcycle riders along the route(s) with route signage pinned to their back. Impressive! This ride delivers whether you're training for the HHH or simply looking for a ride for fitness or fun purposes. The Tour de Paris will be on my cycling calendar for 2012. Great Job!

This was third ride in 4 years and, as always, very well organized. The routes are well planned and the rest stops at just the right frequency. The volunteers were courteous and professional. The event planners have learned well over the 27 years of promoting the event.
I have only one suggestion. Could we start at 7:00 AM instead of 8:00 AM?

Thank you Paris, TX for a great, well thought out event! This is my first year to ride this one and I will be back. Great support at the plentiful rest stops. Very encouraging volunteers. I enjoyed the procession through the town square very much…nice touch. And, I very appreciated the flat, long, straight finish with cheering section provided by the cheerleaders. Job well done!

Great ride as far as I was able to go. The support at each rest stop was exceptional (especially at #4 where I had my wreck). A great big thank you to the volunteers there and cyclist #518 as first responders. All was going well and was feeling strong when on the down and back for the 110K it all took a turn for the worse. EMTs responded fast and was told that "you are finished" as I needed stitches. Unfortunately the wait for the ride back lasted about an hour and a half. Utilized Paris Regional Hospital's ER and was in and out within an hour and a half. I will return next year and complete what was not finished. Once again a warm thank you to the volunteers and to cyclist #518 for stopping his ride to help me out!

Great Ride, Great Job. Well Prepared. First Class in every way. Thanks.



July 17, 2010

Bonjour Y’all!
We would just like to say a HUGE TEXAS THANK YOU to all our cyclists who participated in our 26th annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally on Saturday, July 17th!!!
We appreciate these wonderful comments and helpful suggestions! Our desire is to continue to make this ride more and more enjoyable and safe! Thanks to all our volunteers and cyclists who make Tour de Paris the success that it is!
See you next year! Mark your calendar now for Saturday, July 16th 2011!
Becky Semple
Tourism Director/Paris, Texas

I completed the 110k distance in Saturday's Tour De Paris. This has become one of the best managed and organized rides in Texas. I couldn't hear the announcements, but the ride around the town square, the chosen route and route signage, the volunteers, the police at every major intersection, and the highly visible SAG support should serve as examples to other ride organizers. In spite of truly brutal heat for the last 10 miles or so of my ride, there were plenty of stops with plenty of ice and drinks. And to whoever decided to set them up at 5 mile intervals instead of 10 - well, my insurance carrier thanks you. I never saw such enthusiastic volunteers - well done! The heat made this one very hard, but your tour organization seemed flawless. Thanks for a great ride.

Yes it was hot but I couldn't ask for a better ride or support. - John

This is one of my very favorite rides. This was my sixth year. Paris loves their bike riders! This is demonstrated in many ways, from packet pick up to the ride itself. It’s great encouragement to have cheering sections in so many places along the route. Everyone is friendly and makes sure you know they’re glad you came. I had a great time and, believe me, I’ll be back!

My daughter and I rode the 90k route and we really enjoyed it. The check-in process on Friday evening was fast and efficient with multiple lanes to speed the process along. The giant screen inside the Love Civic Center showing the Tour de France was a really nice touch. Online registration was flawless and I was holding my packet five minutes after walking in. Good (or great) – rest stops(plenty of them and well stocked) every six to eight miles. They were really needed with the excessive heat of the day. The volunteers and Police support were outstanding. Plenty of SAG support to rescue cramping or heat exhausted riders. The hamburgers and smoothies afterward were a nice touch. The roads were very good with very little chip/seal and the route is relatively flat. Nothing bad to report – I’ll be back next year!

This Ride just keeps getting bigger & keeps getting better; and I am not surprised. Loved the new route and the small towns that were part of the 110K. If you’ve never been to Paris, put this one on your list for next year…it is obviously becoming a favorite to a growing number of people. Hospitality at it’s finest and some beautiful and scenic countryside make this a most enjoyable event. The after-ride experience with free burgers, fruit smoothies, and the Tour De France on jumbo screen was a great ending to a great day! Keep up the good work!

Great support, from the organizers to the volunteers to the spectators that lined the route. Special thanks to the cheerleaders that started the ride and braved the heat to cheer every finisher. Route was nice with almost no traffic and the best part, no riding on the shoulder! The few sections of highway on the route had a lane blocked off for the riders. Plenty of traffic cones and police to make it safe. Other rides need to follow suit; riding on shoulders full of debris is not fun. One section of 286 was very rough, but most of the route was on better chip seal roads (can't get away from that). Almost no shade on the route, which made it a hot one this year. All rest stops were fully stocked and had plenty of people to assist riders, no lines, no waiting. My first TdP and I will be back next year.


July 18, 2009

Others will fill in all the details. So I have only to say that these folk in Paris could give lessons on how to run a safe ride with plenty of well staffed rest stops, The outdoor showers were great. Thank you to everyone and I'll be back next year. signed the king of the mnt. greatful dead jersey!!!!

I just finished the Tour of Paris and was pretty impressed overall. The ride around the square was great as a sort of prologue. Stops were plentiful and they all seemed to be well stocked. Traffic was very well managed and the route was easy to follow. I even liked the out-and-back on the 100k distance because we got to see the real pros leading the way. They are usually gone in two blinks after the start and by the time I get finished they are probably at home with their feet up. The food was also good. The cheerleaders were a bit… hokey, but I get it. They are practicing for college, where they will be sorority girls. Then their task is to make sure their own daughters become cheerleaders, and so on.
The only negative I have is PLEASE advertise the correct distance next time. 100K means 62 miles, not 70+, guys! I would have ridden the distance even if it was correctly advertised, but would have chosen a line and speed I could maintain. Instead, at the 55 mile rest stop, several of us found out we were 3 rest stops from the finish- and the people at that stop did not know how far we had to go, just ”…somewhere around 15 miles or so.” Afterward I checked, and I know that in the fine print on the map, it states 112.8K, but it is still called the “100k route”. Call it the “70 mile route” next time, OK? Again, great ride overall.

Great volunteers, nicely organized, perfectly spaced rest stops, good community support and above average roads. Would recommend and will recommend to friends. Note the guy griping about the triathletes last year was still going off on them at the start line this year. I think now that a full year has past it is time to let it go.

This was the second weekend in a row that I had the opportunity to participate in a ride that could be held up as a model for all others…last week the Peach Pedal and this week the Tour de Paris. Everything from check in to the excellent traffic control to the refreshing showers at the end of the ride was very much appreciated. From my viewpoint there was nothing to criticize. I even won a prize at the drawing! We stopped for a visit at the Sam Bell Maxey home, one of the Texas Historical Commission properties, after the ride. We learned a lot about the history of Paris and the Civil War. Try to make time to go by there after your ride next year!

What a beautiful day for a ride, and the organizers and volunteers of the Tour de Paris did not disappoint. There was ample parking at the convention center, and it appeared that many cyclists came out for the event. Registration was quick and smooth with plenty of people pointing you in the right direction. The roads were great (even the chip and seal was fairly smooth), especially on the last few miles coming back into Paris. I think the worst road surface was in the parking lot. I rode the 70K and stopped at one rest stop (Rockford) that was well stocked with water, Powerade, ice, snacks and friendly people. Did see a couple of young lads (I'll call them IDIOTS) who were riding, side by side, on the wrong side of the road, with oncoming traffic, when their side of the road was empty. Thanks for a great ride, and I'll be back next year.

What a great ride. This was my first year to ride in the Tour de Paris. The rest stops were well placed, well stocked, and everyone was very friendly. The support from the local Sheriff’s department and Fire / Rescue was also great. I rode the 100k, and I don’t believe a 5 minute stretch went by that I didn’t see either a SAG vehicle, Sheriff’s car, or fire department / ambulance go by. Nice job by all!

Like the new start locale. Like the 100k route they had us on this yr and liked the t-shirt. Ride support was excellent as usual. It's a shame they only do this ride once a year.

Awesome ride. While there were over 800 riders again this year, I’d swear there were more volunteers than riders. Excellent route markings. Shaded, fully stocked rest stops were almost too abundant- you felt bad skipping one. Smoooth asphalt, great weather, & mostly flat route with almost NO traffic other than support vehicles. Oh yeah, a huge air conditioned indoor area for pre and post-ride activities, including a bid screen showing that other Tour- the one where you have to work to wear yellow. Worth the drive from Dallas. Looking forward to next year!

Great ride as always. Excellent hamburgers and 3 different home made smoothies after. Peach, Banana and Strawberry. New location this year and alot nicer. More room. Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome and it really shows in the ride that they care about the riders.

This was a great ride. I went over to Paris from Denton and stayed the weekend. The ride was well organized and the community is very ride friendly. Great job by all the volunteers.

July 19, 2008

I just want to say a HUGE THANKS from the over 475 volunteers, The Lamar County Chamber of Commerce staff and the citizens of the “Second Largest PARIS in the world” – to the over 800 cyclists attending our 24th annual Tour de Paris!
I hope you enjoyed the ride and plan to return next year for our 25th year celebration!
We value your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to offer you a great ride, and an enjoyable experience while in Paris.
We are planning a great 25th anniversary, and you can still count on the great hospitality, pancake breakfast, abundant rest stops, great hamburgers, fruit smoothies, and lots of surprises!
See you next year – 3rd Saturday in July………..and bring lots of fellow cyclists with you!

They had rest stops every 6-8 miles. All manned by cheerful, helpful volunteers. And they stayed out there to the "bitter end" . I should know I was one of the last riders in.
And now a note on bottles. If you are going to hand out bottles of water to the riders as they pass, be prepared to pick the empties up all the way down the road. After one rest stop I saw 20-30 empties around a mailbox sugesting that the riders didn't want to just toss them anywhere, they need a place. My sugestion is to put a trash container with a sign "Aim Here" or Bottles Here". Even if they miss, the bottles will be in one area, not spread up and down the road. JS

I had a great time riding the 75k. Ride was well organized, registration was smooth, and rest stops were closely spaced and well stocked. A bit warm, but not too hot considering the time of year. Some of the roads were a bit rough, and I saw some unmarked road hazards, but that didn't seem to be slowing anyone down. A recommended ride.

I really enjoyed the re-routing of the start that took us through downtown Paris. It was great to see all of the people out there waving at us and having a good time. As usual, this ride is flat and fast but very hot. The rest stops are placed phenomenally. They were stocked with cold drinks and foods for all. I always saw SAGs or the guy on the motorcycle and trailer roaming the route. Traffic control was also great at intersections. Even though you drive an hour and a half to get there, Paris makes it worth the trip and then some. The burger and a Coke at the end was very appreciated.
Now on to my Ironman "buddies". About 4 miles into the ride as we crossed over the loop to head out south of town, 2 "professional" triathletes rode up behind me. One of them yelled, "Left, Left!!" Mind you, we were going through a manned intersection. This guy rode by me shaking his head, so I asked what he expected me to do. He tells me I should move over. Little cycling tip for you, chief: Just because you bark at me with "Left!" does not mean I am supposed to move over - ask any cyclist and they confirm this. You do not own the road and you certainly do not get to decide which people should move out of your way. You either say "On Your Left", which lets someone know you are passing and not to weave into your path or "Car Up/Back" which lets them know to allow you back over the lane. This guy's other "buddy" (dressed in the exact same outfit by the way) chides me for having my earbuds in. News flash - some of us do enjoy a tune on the ride. I keep the music at a level which allows me to hear others plus I ride with my mirror to see traffic behind me. I only turn the music on after the first rest stop when the traffic thins out. One would think that when two riders, sporting very expensive triathlon rigs and dressed in such fancy matching outfits, yell at someone like this that they are flying and using the ride as some sort of professional time trial. Yet, interestingly enough, I finished the 100k ride, washed myself off, put up my gear, walked to get a burger and drink, walked back to my vehicle, cruised down the road, and ran into these guys, still out on the course some 30 minutes after I finished. How do you like those apples?

Editors note: "On you left" does not mean "get the heck out of my way" even is some riders think so.

Tour de Paris was a blast, rest stops were plenty well stocked and the people were so kind and generous. Pancake breakfast early in the morning race day, and absolutely the best hamburgers anywhere after finishing the Tour, and never had to wait on anything. My wife and I were indeed treated as a guest in the great city of Paris, Texas. I just can't say enough on the hospitality of the people of Paris. When the tour started it headed into the city square with jeers from everyone in the community, from the Paris High School Cheerleaders (you guys rock!) to the people standing at the intersection cheering you on, Now you had to be pumped up for the Tour, I was. Well organized tour and the route was very well marked, few bad spots on the road( but you can't blame the Tour for that) awe have bad roads here in my state of Louisiana, So! I am just glad to have roads to ride on. People were cheering for the riders when the Tour started and people were still standing cheering for the Tour when riders were finishing five hours later.To quote Arnold" I will be back" Defiantly a recommended ride.
thanks Pop

Great ride. At one point I turned to a fellow rider and said ‘it’s really nice out here.’ His simple reply said it all about this ride: ‘…This is one of the best rides around.’

This continues to be one of the best events around. This was my third consecutive year to do the long route. Registration, pre-event packet pick-up at Plano Cycling, route, frequency of rest stops, traffic control, water hand-offs and burgers at the end were all welcomed and appreciated as well as the access to showers. Considering the timing of this rally, it’s expected to be hot and the shorter distance between rest stops and especially the cold water handoffs are GREAT! The volunteers all seemed to be having a good time and make this an even more positive experience. I took advantage of a post race message, and I also liked the addition of the loop around the square. See you next year!

Having done this ride for the third straight year, I must say, it was an excellent ride! Flat, fast route, nice scenery, more aid stations than any ride I’ve seen, good roads, and I especially loved the newly-added “prologue” through the historic section of Paris with all the people out there cheering us on. Nice touch! One suggestion for the race director: starting the race a half hour earlier at 7:30 would really help riders get a jump on the heat. Otherwise, one of the premier rides of the season!

Wonderful 100k ride out in Lamar County last weekend. It was well marked, had lotsa rest stops, good signage and few hills. Great burgers at the end too! A nit: I used to like the start of this ride. As soon as you rode away you were out in the country. It was a straight route (no turns) and no RR tracks - just follow your nose. Several of us didn't want to mess w the downtown loop so we skipped it and I'll probably skip it again next yr.


July 21, 2007

To all our cyclists who rode in the "Tour de Paris" this past weekend-------THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You were one of 752!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We appreciate your participation so much, and we hope that your stay with us was a pleasant one. It is our wish that you will come back and visit our great community soon.
We had over 350 volunteers working to make your ride safe and enjoyable, and we have received so many positive comments telling us what a wonderful time they had meeting and visiting with all of you great folks!
They are already signing up to help next year!
It is our pleasure to be your host, and we look forward to seeing you at our 24th Annual Tour de Paris on July 19, 2008! It is a Paris tradition! :)
Thanks again!
Becky Semple - Tour Director

Registration: There is a separate tandem registration. I believe every ride should offer a discount for tandems, mainly because that is what we ride. I did not notice any long lines at the registration, either at pre-registration or same day registration. I also did not notice any long lines a the toilets. In addition to the toilets in the school cafeteria, there were two porta johns outside.
Packet: There were several useful items in the packet besides the usual junk mail. 1) A patch kit which can come in handy, 2) Kleenex, 3) a bar of soap for the post ride shower (more on that later) 4) a jar opener and 5) some pens. Most important, they offer a small T-shirt. I know we are in Texas, but not everyone is big here. My Filipina wife is tiny, so I always appreciate it when a small T-shirt is available.
The parking and traffic situation at Paris High School is very good. There are enough parking spaces and no traffic jams leading to the ride.
Route: Comments pertain to the 41 mile route. The route was a simple loop starting out to the south, somewhat downhill. It was adequately marked. There were rest stops at ever major turn and intersection, so it would have been extremely hard to get lost. The last part of the route has some uphill, but no major steep hills. All and all it is a good route.
Rest Stops: This ride has the highest density of rest stops on the circuit. There are rest stops seemingly every five miles. But this would be meaningless if they were not adequately stocked, and they were. Every rest stop we stopped at (only 3/7 and 10) were well stocked with cookies, goldfish, sports drink, pickle juice and cold bottled water. In fact, at rest stop 3/7 every refreshment was organized in little paper cups. What a difference from the Peach Pedal last week!
The only thing that could be improved: more toilets at the busy rest stop 3/7.
SAG: I noticed motorcycle support and at least one truck. I did not see any mechanical SAG from a major bike shop. The website states “Riders are responsible for their own repairs” so perhaps no mechanical SAG is available. If this is the case, the organizers should consider having mechanical SAG next year.
Post ride: This was fantastic! The burgers with all the trimmings are always appreciated, but this year, for the first time in four years, THE HIGH SCHOOL SHOWERS WERE AVAILABLE TO THE RIDERS. In previous years only the one small pathetic shower at the fire station across the street was open, and the line was always too long. There was also an outdoor water spray, but I always thought it would not be appreciated if I stripped naked and soaped up there, so I never did this. What a relief it was to be able to shower with soap and be clean during the long 99 mile ride back to DFW. This was by far the biggest improvement to the ride, and it made the 2007 Tour de Paris very enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

What a great ride! The ride organizers could hold a clinic on how to run a rally! Great t-shirt as usual. Rest stops were frequent and well stocked. They even had Pepperidge Farm cookies!!! I don't even eat that well at home. Low traffic and few hills made for a fast ride. Good burgers. Can't wait till next yr.

I never saw so many rest stops on one rally. Each stop had a sign stating the distance to the next rest stop so the tired rider would if they could make it tothe next. The furthest distance apart was about 8 miles, the shortest was 2 miles.No kidding. Wth a course this FLAT, rest stops so close and volunteers more than willing to wait till the bitter end this is a great ride for a new rider to try their first metric century. I should know, I was among the last few riders and they were still cooking whan I pulled in. I have to dig deep for complaints but I have one. Please don't cut up the bananas into tiny little pieces. - John

This was my third consecutive Tour de Paris and it seems to get better every year. Good 100K route, great rest stops, I saw SAG support on numerous occasions and cooler temps this year was a plus. This event is very well organized and the volunteer support is outstanding. Tour de Paris has earned a permanent spot on my list of North Texas rides.

This was my first time up to Paris. The drive was a lot faster from Dallas than I was expecting. There are several road options from which to choose and all are great. The folks in Paris really turn out the town for the cyclists, and spread a lot of discounts and coupons around too! The rally is the best that I have ever done, and I have done just about all of them in Texas at one time or another. Everything was well planned, staffed with folks who genuinely care and know what they are doing, and was executed to perfection…and all without losing the small town hospitality and charm that makes this rally really special. I saw riders of all ages, tons of families and all kinds of bikes and types of riders. I rode the 100k route at the front and had a blast! The volunteers cheered us as we raced past each rest stop. And even better, this is the only rally that I have ever ridden where the rest stop volunteers come out to the side of the road and stand holding out opened ice cold water bottles for hand-ups to the lead group as they swoop by. That little bit of thoughtfulness and insight by the volunteers saved me from an ugly and horrible bonk. It also made it possible for me to make it non-stop through to the finish without bursting into flames along the final climbs back into town. With that came a personal best time which was greatly appreciated! Kudos to all involved! I’ll be back, and with some more friends this time.

Tour de Paris 2007 was a great ride. Either I was just in the best frame of mind possible or this was in fact the best ride I have ridden. What impressed me the most were friendly, enthusiastic staff that actually seemed to be enjoying what they were doing! From resistration to rest stops to adios, everyone acted as if they were an avid bike rider themselves. Organizers take note. Nothing tweeks me more that disinterested grouches who got roped into helping out at the ride. Sag was everywhere. If you got tired and burned out near the end, there was a sag vehicle passing by every 15-20 minutes. The A/C near the end, how cool was that! Gimme more! My group finished near the end and there was hot food waiting for us! The very last man and woman got burgers with all the trimmings. Waiting for the last riders is important, if you want them to return. Just a word for moderate to slow riders and recumbents, this is a somewhat flat course with only a few easy inclines. As always, I would like to see a receipt given for a charitable contribution. Thank's to Tour de Paris organizers and staff!

I rode in the recent Tour de Paris (7/21/07) and had a great time. I thought Paris did a great job in supporting the rally. There were plenty of well stocked rest stops and the volunteers were very friendly. The route itself was also nice. A little over half the 70k route was fairly flat, will quite a few hills over the last half. I plan on making the Paris tour an annual event.

Paris takes the Yellow Jersey again!!!!!!! Wow! The hospitality and enthusiasm of the hard-working organizers and volunteers is second-to-none!
Rest stop gangs take such good care of you (every 5-7 miles)............
Did y'all eat big at the Girl Scout rest stop (#8 I think)? Fritos, Pepperidge Farm cookies, sliced pickles, Lucky Charms.......and that was before the made-to-order hamburger lunch. This Duck got fat! (Quack!)
Seriously, though, if you have never been to Tour d' Paris, you are missing out! Get a room for Friday night, and you have to drive only 10 minutes to the start! Thanks, Becky..... already looking forward to next year!

It's all been said in the other reviews - I've been doing most of the area rides for ten years (now on bike #3) and this is consistently one of the top three rides in the area - maybe the best. Routes are relatively flat and you can just spin your wheels and go. Everyone goes all out for the rider. About the only thing I would add is some cold cola at the end to go with the burgers instead of pickle juice or water. Some rides pull more riders - and all of them should come do this ride. Support those who really know how to support riders like Paris does.

July 15, 2006

To all the riders and volunteers for the 22nd annual Tour de Paris, a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!
This was my first Tour de Paris as Tourism Director, and we value the helpful comments from all of you that will assist us in making next year an even greater ride!
Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to seeing you next year!
We would also like to invite you to come back and visit Paris anytime!
Becky Semple, Tourism Director

Becky Semple
Paris Visitors & Convention Council
1125 Bonham Street 903.784.2501
Paris Texas 75460 1-800-PARISTX

One of the best rides in N. Texas. The only complaint I have is that this ride is done only once a year. Awesome t-shirt this yr!!

The Tour de Paris was extremely well supported by the Paris Community. I don't have any Idea of the number of riders but it was very well attended.
They had 11 rest stops with the longest distance being approximately 70 miles for the 100 K. The heat and humidity made the last few rest stops extremly welcome.
The black land roads are showing the effects of the drouth. The ground is shrinking becasuse of the lack of moisture and several places the hghiway department has made temporary repairs, which if the drouth continues will have to be redone in the near future.
The hamburgers were very welcome at the end of the ride.
The people at the rest stops were very friendly and helpful to the extremly hot riders.
I have never seen some many flat and blown out tires as I saw on this ride. The sag wagons were in great demand toward the end of the ride. I passed two persons sit under trees on the side of the road who looked very sick. The heat was taking its toll.
I definitely looked at the SAG wagons, but being hard headed I completed the 100 K..

Had a great time! I've done this rally several times and am always happy to come back. Flat, and roads were pretty decent. Deathly hot this year, but there are rest stops every 5-7 miles (at least on 70K route) with super volunteers at all, and tons of support (sags and mechanical) throughout. Since it's about 2 hours from the Metroplex, I suggest spending the night before at one of several motels. Free grilled burgers and drinks at the end while watching the Tour inside a super-cold cafeteria. Thanks to ALL the wonderful volunteers who work hard to put on a good rally...I'll be back!

It was brutally hot but there were so many rest stops that you could stop or not knowing there were more soon. One was an oasis in the desert heat where they helped me put ice into my water pack. What I remember most and dreamed of for about the last 15K (of 100K) was the home cooked, grilled, hamburgers and slushies just waiting for me at the finish. Oh my, that was good. As we rode in at the finish there was a HUGE BILLBOARD stating “108 degrees”. It may have been a little less, but that last 2 mile section did feel like 108. I will be back next year but could someone turn down the furnace please. Great going to all who worked for us in that really hot weather and all the EMS and police, your presents was definitely noticed. Then there were those very spirited cheerleaders out in the sun when we came in… how great was that ! Nancy

The people who put on this ride again showed why this is one of the premier events of the season and worth the drive. Well organized at every step, great routes, great attitudes and if you missed the cemetery rest stop you missed some good fun and welcome relief from the heat at just the right point. Everything about this ride is done right, year after year. This is a terrific ride if you want to do some consistent pacing as hills are minimal (just a few small grades) and you can just "go". If you like cycling and you like events that know how to put it all together, don't miss this ride. To all the great folks in Paris - "thanks".

I broke my "Never Drive Farther than You Are Going to Ride" rule for the Tour de Paris. I was richly rewarded for bending the rules. I did the 100 kilometer course and, after the enjoyable hilly suffer-fest of the Peach Pedal (which was also an awesome ride), the relatively flat course with good roads was a pleasure to ride. Registration was easy and the early breakfast was a nice touch. The numerous rest stops were well-stocked and the fact that there were so many towards the end of the ride was a testament to the planning that went into making this ride work. It was pretty hot at the end but there were so many rest stops in the last fifteen miles that you could have any heat issues dealt with effectively. Traffic was sparse and what traffic there was showed great patience. It was also really nice to have spectators well away from the start and finish point. All-in-all, a tremendous ride....

WOW! What a great ride. The organization, planning and volunteers were as good as any ride I've ever particpated in. THANKS VOLUNTEERS...You made it an awesome day. A great turnout of riders...I saw rider numbers in the 800's; so, I assume there were over 800 riders. THANK YOU to all of you "non Paris" riders for making the trip to participate; we Parisians (and Parisites) TRULY APPRECIATE YOU! Way to go Becky S. on "organizing" your first ride!

Another great ride in Paris. Unfortunately, I had mechanical problems at about mile 45 and had to catch a ride from Stoney on his Harely the rest of the way in. At least I still crossed the finish line on a "bike". Thanks again Stoney for your help. No break from the heat this year. Perhaps starting the 100K earlier to get a jump on the temps? Just a suggestion.
I will look forward to returning to Paris next year. This event is very well organized from top to bottom.

Once again, the volunteers in Paris demonstrated why this is my favorite ride every year. I appreciate that the rest stops are so close together, which was especially useful in this weekend’s heat. The simple idea of having signs at each rest stop indicating the distance to the next rest stop is extremely helpful – it helps to decide whether to stop now or later. I wish every ride had signs like that. The volunteers are friendly and eager to help. I overheard some of the radio checkins at one rest stop and it emphasized how organized and focused the volunteers are. They really do care about the riders. As always, the burgers and smoothies at the end were delicious. I also smile at the irony of the cemetery announcing “you are near the end” of the ride.

Another fantastic ride at the Tour de Paris. Well organized from start to finish. Once again great T-Shirts. I did the 70K route. Excellent rest stops including one musicians. Very flat course with some small rolling hills near the end. It did get extremely hot as the ride ended (the sign at Paris High School read 106 when I arrived). The support staff were diligently checking the route for anyone who needed assistance. The freshly cooked hamburgers and smoothies at the finish made getting to the finish worth while as well as the big screen TV with the Tour de France showing. There was also a drawing of early bird entries for several prizes including a new bike. I will keep coming back for this ride for years to come.

Tour de Paris, 2006 - What a great effort by the folks in Paris! Thanks to all of you at the numerous rest stops, I know the day was brutally hot for you as well as for us (riders).

Excellent ride put on by the folks of Paris, Texas. I did the 100k route. This was a flat and scenic ride through northeast Texas farmland. No hills to worry about. Road surface was excellent throughout the ride. Loved having the cheerleaders start us off; and, even though it was brutally hot, they were still there at the end of the ride cheering the riders to the finish line. There was an abundance of aid stations, all well stocked by friendly volunteers, which was important given the heat. Intersections were well marked and manned. My only suggestion would be to start the ride earlier to help avoid the heat. It really started affecting riders towards the end of the ride. Will definitely do this ride again next year.

This was my first time riding the Tour de Paris and I am not affiliated with the ride or its sponsors. I rode the 62 mile route. “Day of” registration was a bit slow, but orderly. The volunteers were all very friendly. I was a little dismayed when I asked for a paper map and they said they were out. I figured the one time I didn’t get a map would be the one time I’d get lost and it happened. They had a mass start for all 700+ riders and the course was marked only with signs at each turn. On one turn of the return trip at FM 196 and FM1497 there was no sign and it sent several riders off course. After going a couple miles down the road, we asked someone out in their yard which way Paris was and we were set straight again. We notified the next rest stop when we arrived, but I’m not sure they took any action. The route was very flat with only 640 feet of ascent. The roads were relatively smooth and virtually abandoned of traffic. They were maybe 10% chip and seal and had some shoulder for safety most of the way. All rest stops were well supplied with bananas, snacks, sports drink, ice and water. I only recall seeing SAG once during the ride. There were 4 loose dogs on the course, but they did not pursue. It was good that it was a flat ride or the heat might have become more of a factor especially for those who went off course with no support in sight as temps climbed near 100 degrees. The finish area was like an oasis and will no doubt “spoil” riders who have experienced less on other rides. They had grilled burgers made to order, banana and/or strawberry smoothies, cold fruit drinks, bottled water, massage tables and the Tour de France playing on a big screen inside the A/C at the High School. Overall, I highly recommend this ride if you can take the heat. It was well organized ride (except for the one missing sign) and I will definitely make the drive to do it again. The pampering you’ll receive at the finish line is well worth any pain you might suffer getting there.

This was my first Tour de Paris. I rode the 100K route. This was an excellent ride. Plenty of parking and packet pick-up was a breeze. Great t-shirt design and lots of goodies in the bag. Also, a great route, set up for the usual southerly wind to take you in. The route was fairly flat with excellent roads and plenty of SAG. One thing really stood out and was very helpful – the kids handing off ice cold bottles of water on the fly. That was AWESOME. I’m also sure people appreciated having the rest stops closer together toward the end, and the stops I made had plenty of ice, which was very welcome. I also really liked the signs indicating the distance to the next rest stop. Intersections were well marked and controlled. The cool cafeteria, along with the freshly cooked and well portioned burgers – together with the cycling coverage and smoothies finished the ride off nicely. I’ll definitely be back next year.

This ride is one of my favorites! It's well organized on all fronts - excellent SAG, rest stops, and the burgers afterwards were fantastic! It was extremely hot, so I didn't mind taking it easy as there aren't many inclines on the routes. A wonderful volunteer fixed a flat for me prior to the ride. The prizes, which I didn't win-BOO HOO!, were useful items like camelbacks and pumps! Loved riding my bike through the water sprinklers at the end! Way to go Paris!

July 16, 2005

What a great day for a ride! The rains from the night before really cooled things down nicely. After struggling with the hills in Weatherford last week, the relative flatness of this course was a welcome change.
My hat is off to the Tour de Paris organizers. Everything was run and timed flawlessly. The rest stops were outstanding in both their quality and their numbers. It was fun visiting with such great volunteers. The cheering sections were quite a bonus, too. Signage and traffic control was superb. The route was interesting and traffic was minimal.
The free burger and smoothie at the end were really appreciated. It was great to be able to watch Lance's progress in the Tour de France, as well. This ride rates 4 stars in my book and I can't wait to ride it again!

The Paris Group did a great job of putting together a bike ride. Rest stations were fully ready with drinks, cookies and bananas. The people were very friendly and ready to do what every you needed to have a good ride. The hamburgers and smoothies were great. They did every thing possible to make this a great ride.
The only complaint belongs to the Texas Hwy. Dept. and that is chip and seal roads which are the norm on secondary roads. In place the 100 k was a little on the rough side. Tax payers love this road because it does not cost as much as other types of construction.

Another excellent event put on by the folks in Paris. The word seems to be getting out about this ride since there seemed to be more riders than last year. I did the 100k and stopped at two rest stops and they were well stocked with cookies, powerade, fruit and Goldfish. Rest stops were numerous (some less than 4 miles apart!). It wasn't too hilly and the roads were in decent shape. Hamburgers and smoothies afterwards for all riders. Great t-shirt! Hey, I have a great idea, let's all do this again next weekend!!

The Tour de Paris was great! I've ridden many rides this year from Mesquite to Tyler to the Paris area and this one had all the others beat hands down. There were more rest stops than others. The rest stops were well stocked and run by very enthusiastic volunteers. The signs at
each stop gave distance to the next stop, nice touch. Packet pick up was smooth, and the t-shirts and goody bags were great. The route was well marked and patrolled by support vehicles. I never went more than a few minutes without seeing support of some type. Traffic at major intersections was controlled. The pancake breakfast was a good start. The cheering, hamburgers, smoothies, and Tour de France coverage at the end was a good way to finish a ride. I will definitely be back next year. Good job!

This was our first Tour de Paris and we are so glad we made it this year. We were a bit hesitant because of the 2 hour + drive, but it was well worth it and we will be back next year. It was a lovely day for a ride and the route was superb. Clearly marked and the rest stops were in abundance. Nice to have quite a few rest stops towards the end. I loved the smoothie and the burgers! Super nice volunteers and a very well organized rally. You can count us in for next year without a doubt.

Tour de Paris is one of the best organized, best marked, best staffed, most fun rallies I have ever participated in. Directions to the start could have been better, but, the overall program was the best I have ever seen. I'm a believer! I won't ever miss this ride again. West, Garland TX


July 17, 2004

It's hard for me to believe that we've been holding the Tour de Paris for twenty years with each year getting better and better. We had a total of 568 participants and were thrilled! I would like to acknowledge the 250-plus volunteers who worked the event to provide the hospitality referenced in some earlier posts - they are an awesome team without which we would not have an event. Thank you to the participants for your loyalty over the years and for your wonderful comments about our event - even your critiques are valuable to us for we use them to build a better event the following year. Our sponsors are so generous and make us look so good in the eyes of the participants. What a blast it was watching the Tour de France - thanks to OLN for providing coverage during "our Tour". Thank you to Lance's father Terry Armstrong for being our honorary starter and hanging around to watch the Tour de France with some of us - watching Lance's success with you made the day even more special. Next year's event will be held on July 16, 2005. Hope to see everyone here in the Second Largest Paris in the World! - Ride director.

Just to clarify the post about showers at the Tour de Paris. There were showers available at the fire station across the street from the start  line, bars of soap in the rider goody bags, and even towels available at the  fire station (courtesy of the local hospital). And, of course, there was  always the misting machine at the finish line (courtesy of the City of Paris  water department)!

As stated in my earlier review, I did NOT say that there were NO showers, what I said, is the wait for the TWO showers was so long, that I waited an hour and finally gave up.  I heard numerous other riders complaining, so it was not just me that was disappointed with the shortage of showers. I did not get a bar of soap in my rider bag either. But that was not a big deal, I always have soap and towels with me.  568 riders and 2 showers....... The misting machine was nice, but hardly a shower and still had to wear dirty and now wet bike clothes.  Thank you!

The Tour de Paris is one of my favorite rides and this  year did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, the rest stops were well stocked and often less than 10 miles apart. They also had signs at each rest stop giving the distance to the next rest stop! Great idea. The scenery was beautiful - I love riding in the country. The course was straightforward, not a lot of turns (like Peach Pedal). The volunteers were friendly and the burgers and smoothies at the finish were great. Of course, seeing Lance win on the big screen didn't hurt. The people who put on this ride could give clinics on how it's done. I'm glad to see that there were so many riders show up this year. My only complaint is that I'll have to wait until next year to do this again!

I woke up early to make the trek to Paris. Getting lost last year made to trip a little easier this year. The turnout for this ride looked considerably higher than last years ride. One thing that was noticeable, the course was 100lk this time rather than the 70 mile adventure that last years ride was. Actually, that was rather welcome this time around. There was a cool front in the area and that kept the temperature in the high 80s throughout the morning and a little breeze blowing from the northwest. The wind played a roll in the latter part of the ride as the course develops a little roll to the landscape and you headed back towards the northwest, straight into the wind. The general layout of the course was pretty much the same as last year but the loop was eliminated and a turnaround was added. I guess this is how the course was shortened. This is a very fast course as most Northeast Texas rides seem to be. I would have to say that most of the dogs in the neighborhood responded to "stay" or "sit" and none of them actually gave chase to me however, there were some dogs that very well could have. Afterwards, showers at the fire station across the street were available. The folks back at the school were very friendly and to have people cheering at the end was nice. The burgers and smoothies were welcome and the group viewing of Lance's triumph that day , completed the scene. The tee shirt was nice but green is tough to wear. The yellow ones from last year....they were just better.

This was the fourth Tour de Paris for my daughter and I. As always the number and quality of the rest stops were very good. We enjoyed the music at the first stop and the Milano cookies were a hit with the daughter. We did the 40 mile route and enjoyed it. The traffic was well controlled. Thanks to the man at the last stop that gave my daughter an evaporative neck cooler. At other stops people came out to offer drinks. When we stopped to pump up a flat tire we even had a resident in a nearby house ask if he could help with anything.
Most stops, maybe all, had areas to sit and rest if needed. Hamburgers and smoothies at the end were good. The cheerleaders and the shower helped end everything on a good note. Will be back again next year.

I was a little reluctant to do this ride due to the way-too-early morning rise to get to Paris on time for the start. However, after the long ride on the country roads I'm sold and will return next year. We rode the 100k route and I was hoping it was the longer route they had last year. There was great traffic control in Paris, none elsewhere but then, there wasn't much traffic to control. If the supporters are reading this, I would like to suggest traffic control at FM1184 and FM1497. We couldn't see if traffic was coming, due to trees obstructing our long range view, until we were out in the road and there was a pickup truck heading our way. Other than that, this group has it figured out. The rest stops were great. The cheerleaders were able to raise money with their pancakes and smoothie sales. The hamburgers were fantastic and much appreciated after a long ride. There was a large TV showing the Tour de France and a community area to rest and meet with fellow cyclists. The door prizes were also a great idea because it brought the cyclists back to the community area and I'm sure it helped boost the smoothie sales. This is my first time to ride this event and it's the best one I've done. I do wish they would add a 75 mile route out there on the country roads. I also want to add that all of my t-shirts from the rides have been white and I LOVE the neon green shirts, they are a definite change of pace. These guys did a fantastic job with this ride.

This was my 4th time to do this ride and is one of my favorites. The traffic control/support gets an "A+", the course was easy to stay on, well marked and the maps were great. Wonderful rest stops, with 3 in the last 15 miles. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Smoothies, grilled hamburgers and of course watching Lance was wonderful.
I only had one problem with this years ride, no showers. Well, there were 2 of them but after waiting and waiting and waiting, I gave up and dump a gallon of water over me in the parking lot, and changed clothes in my car. Then had to drive 4 hours back home sweaty and gritty. So, would really like to see showers at the next Paris ride, one year we used the ones in the school gym and that was perfect. Please - the hot, tired and dirty riders need showers afterwards.


July 19, 2003

This is my second time to ride the Tour De Paris, one of my favorite rides. I did not heard an exact count of riders, but it looked around 400 or so. I rode the 70K this year. The day of course was HOT with rolling hills and some shade from the trees along the way. Traffic control was great and the course was well marked at every turn. The rest stops were close together and stocked with plenty of fluids and food, all the folks at the rest stops were great. When I stopped at rest stop #10, one of the folks there actually ran out to where I was standing and filled up my water bottles with ice cold water. Now that is service. Everything was well organized and fast and the t-shirts this year are great. They are yellow which I thought was perfect since Lance Armstrong is in the Yellow Jersey. Cheerleaders at the finish line and the best part... a giant spray of water at the end to cool everyone off, this is my favorite part! Free hamburgers and smoothies
in the cafeteria with the AC going full blast afterwards. The folks in Paris really worked hard to make this ride a good one and have totally succeeded! Thanks! slbs

Today I took part in the Tour de Paris, which was my first time to attend this event. I now know why it has all of the positive reviews. It was well worth getting up at dark-thirty to drive in from Dallas! My only wish/suggestion would be for them to give directions from major cities on the web to help find the event! The registration process was very smooth, and it was great having access to a "real" restroom (in the school cafeteria) prior to the start. I rode the 70K route, and it wasn't too difficult--no killer hills to contend with. The support at the rest stops was phenomenal, with the volunteers going out of their way to be helpful. I really appreciated having rest stops every four miles or so. With so many stops, it give greater flexibility in determining when to stop. The signage was great--there were signs at most (all?) rest stops informing you how far it was to the next one. The signs warning of rough pavement were also a nice touch. The roads were mostly vacant, and most of the cars I encountered passed with plenty of clearance. The one porta-potty I had to stop at during the event even smelled nice!!! The burgers and smoothies at the end capped off a great ride. I'll definitely be back next year.

Personally, I gave a big emphasis on this bike rally, in preparing for my first century ride at Holler ĄŻn Hell 100 in coming August. However, I was late getting there, causing me starting 30 minutes later than other 100 K riders. So, the situation made me ride alone and worried about 100 rout signs, but the signs were great and there were plenty of rest stops and very friendly volunteers. Unfortunately, I started to develop cramps at about 40 miles and it became serious from about 50 miles, making me get off the bike 4 or 5 times. From there to the finish line, emergency medical vehicles closely followed me and another rider. It was the greatest encouragement for me to finish the complete 69 miles. The greatest thanks to the medical assistance team! I will be definitely back to Tour de Paris and hope to see the friendly staffs and volunteers again

Great Shirt. Great Rest Stops. Nice volunteers. Those are the nice items. Unfortunately, our group did not have a great time at Paris. You would think after 19 years of doing a rally, they would get the kinks worked out. After having several friends have trouble finding the location last year - and talking with volunteers about the needed signage to get there - they didn't have signs this year either. Our friends caught us after the start of the 100k route.
Which brings us to problem 2. No word on Friday that the 100k route was changed. 100k route map did not indicate changes. BUT the 100k route was not using the roads indicated and it was, in fact 70 miles. When one of our riders asked the people at the cafeteria why we weren't topld of the changes, he was told they had to change the route due to construction. He said fine, but why didn't you tell us the distance had changed - and was told "that we didn't know how long it was", even thought it was marked and signed.
Rest stops were plentiful - but offered very little other than water, gatorade, oranges and goldfish. I think next time we'll save the drive time and hotel room cost - and just ride in the Dallas area.

My sincere thanks to all the - obvious - work and planning that entered into making the Tour as much fun as watching our beloved Lance's heroic efforts on his Tour! I have lived in Paris for almost a year, and did not meet a single rider during the Tour that actually lives here, too (not that I spoke to all that many riders), but although I know there were many "locals" of the over 500 who rode, that says a lot about the popularity of the ride, and how much it is appreciated by Texas and Oklahoma cyclists, and then some. It is wonderful to be able to get out into the Lamar County countryside and really enjoy it along with other riders, and not have to worry about the aggressive canines, for a change. I saw parts of my home county I didn't know existed! Yes, thanks many times over for sponsoring and managing the event to such a
high degree of professionalism, and next year I'll be there with friends from past lives in New Mexico and Missouri!

This is my eighth Tour de Paris, and they just keep getting better and better! Had no problem finding the start by using the map on the web page and the highway signs and banners on the roads into town. The route signage was incredible. You'd have to be blind to miss a turn! The rest stops were plentiful and staffed with very friendly volunteers who went out of their way to make the riders feel welcome. The roads were pretty much empty of vehicles, so the fear level for being clipped by a motorist was very low, and the farmland scenery is much prettier than biking around the Metroplex. There were plenty of snacks and fluids and even more food at the finish line with unlimited burgers and fruit smoothies. Nice added touches were a Poker Run competition for a cash prize and the Tour de France on the TV in the air-conditioned cafeteria. Not only were showers available at the new fire station across the street, the Tour even provided soap and towels! Now that's above and beyond! There were also great door prizes with a Trek bike, shirts, sunglasses, socks, and all sorts of goodies. Will definitely be back for next year's 20th anniversary Tour!

As event director, I would like to thank you for hosting this great web site, thank the 530 plus cycists for participating, and thank the 200 plus volunteers who worked that day. We are constantly listening to our participants' suggestions on ways to make ours a better rider such as last year adding maps on Paris' location on the web, more food on the route better signage and working with our county residents regarding keeping their dogs fenced during the tour.
Next year will be our 20th Anniversary and we are hoping to continue the tradition of great shirts and friendly service. We are planning on getting the kinks worked out of our showing OLN's coverage of the Tour de Lance . . . er, Tour de France - so, everyone come on! Don't sit at home watching the Tour . . . come to Paris and ride . . . and watch Lance afterwards.

I have ridden the Tour D Paris many times...was disappointed that they changed the tour distance and didn't bother to tell anyone. 70 miles is NOT 100K ! I had problems timing my finish effort in the hills and heat with an unknown distance. Don't repeat this problem in the future.

This was my fourth time for this event and it seems to improve every year. Over 20 from our club in Longview came this year and 8 of us did a 2 day ride to get there and then rode the 69 miles on the tour. Great volunteers and routes. I couldn't find anything to whine about except the heat and whining doesn't help anyway.