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Goatneck 100, Cleburne, TX

July 27. 2019

This is a very popular ride. There must have been close to 2000 participants. As usual, the organizers had everything well in hand. Check in and parking was a snap. The start was staggered. All the signage consisted of painted arrows but worked very well. We had another cool morning which kept the temps comfortable. Intersection control was super and there were plenty of SAG vehicles running around. Thanks to the rainy spring and early summer, the vegetation was still lush. Not the dried out straw usual for this time of year. Made for some great views. I didn't stop at ay rest stops so I can't address them in this review. I had a great time.

Goatneck 2019 had great weather and as usual, a well run event. Thank-you to Cleburne Bible Church for allowing the event to be staged from your property. Mid 70s to start and low 90s to finish. Slight headwind going out and a light tailwind coming back. Good support along the route. Well stocked and manned rest stops with friendly helpful volunteers. Good intersection control. Roads could be a little rough in spots, but overall, OK. Some good downhills and some climbing to keep you honest. Thanks again for putting on such a good ride. See you next year.


July 28, 2018

This is always a well-attended rally. I expect there were as many as 2000 riders. They had to relocate to a church across from the high school because of construction, but parking and registration was still smooth. Intersection control and signage was excellent. The rest stops were manned with enthusiastic volunteers and plenty of goodies. Thanks to the cloud cover, the temps were mild for most of the 27 mile ride. The last 7 miles were under clear skies and that started the temps to jump up. It was still a fun ride with great views and challenging hills.

Rode the 31st annual Goat Neck(2018). Another well run ride despite a couple of hiccups. First, the high school was closed for construction, so the event was based out of the church next door. This made parking a challenge, but they did the best they could with the open field by the church. There was a parade going on in Glen Rose, which caused a small detour for riders coming in during the parade, luckily, I was early enough to not have to deal with the parade. Things should be back to normal next year. Thank-you for a great ride. Well run, registration was a breeze, good coverage for SAG and for intersection control(thank-you local law enforcement). Thanks to all the sponsors and local shops. Road surfaces were as expected—fair to midland. Chip seal, pot holes, bumpy, but also some smooth asphalt and well worn chip seal. Rest stops had everything you needed. The course is challenging as always with lots of climbing. Thank-you for putting on a great event. See you next year!

July 29, 2017

Just rode the Goat Neck 2017—30th anniversary edition. Weather was great with clouds to keep the heat down and sun off our backs. Did not really heat up until late morning. Parking was good, though we had people parked all over the area. Packet pick up was quick. started on time. The course is hilly with some challenging climbs and some rollers. Rest stops well stocked with plenty of volunteers. Thanks to the volunteers and local police for the intersection control. Big thank-you to all the local bike shops who support this ride—Hill Top, Bicycles Inc., Mad Duck, RBM, B and B. I have done this ride since 2001 and it is always a challenge and my measuring stick for my fitness going into HHH. In some respects, I think the Goat is harder than HHH. Thanks again and will see you next year.

Goatneck has always ranked as one of the more challenging rides. Several 6% hills, fast course, always draws numerous fast riders. today was no exception, several P/1/2's in the mix that led to an extremely fast start. the hospitality at the finish was great. (cant comment on the rest stops - didnt even have time to notice if they waved at us as we went by. Grat ride, highly recommend this ride. One of the better courses and challenging routes.

The 2017 Goatneck started at the Cleburne High School on July 29, 2017. The weather the day of the ride was a few clouds, temperature 81 and calm wind. The weather stayed the same throughout the ride with the temperature three hours after start 90 with wind W at 8. The ride was well organized with a big turnout, volunteers were directing traffic to various parking lots. There was overflow parking in a field, it was best to come early. Late registration the day of the ride was in the high school, very easy with plenty of volunteers. This year they issued color coded wrist bands for the routes instead of a ride number. Routes this year were 10, 27, 41 and 70 miles with start times 07:30 for 70 mile, 07:40 for 41 mile, 07:45 for 27 mile and 07:50 for the 10 mile course. Prior to the start it was announced the roads had been swept prior to the ride. The 41 mile course was hilly, with a downhill from mile 15 to 22 only to face climbs on the way back. The routes were marked by arrows and with volunteers at turns, (later in the ride one volunteer saved someone from a wrong turn) intersections were controlled by law enforcement. The course was a very good hill workout. The rest stops all had rest rooms, tents, chairs for riders to sit and provided water, sports drink, cookies, fruit and pickles and pickle juice. At the finish, a large tent had tables, chairs and same items as the rest stops. Showers were available at the high school. This is one of the best organized rides I have ever been on, considering how well they handled all the details from parking, registration, rest stops, course markings and traffic control. They did everything right.


July 30, 2016

As usual - a very good ride, scenic, a challenging hilly course. Only stopped at the 60 mile rest stop where a young volunteer quickly filled the water bottle - excellent service. Showers for riders at the High School, plenty of watermelon and other goodies at the end and lots of volunteers providing water & ice, etc. Only bad thing was the crash at mile 30, where 12 or so riders went down, Still overall good ride

The folks in Cleburne really know how to put on a ride. Good turn out. Parking was a breeze if you get there early. Registration was a snap. I was pre-registered, so it was even faster. The start was on time. Great signage(arrows painted on the road way. Plenty of pre-start warnings about some bad road surfaces. The course itself is unchanged. Lots of chip seal, but this is Texas and not a whole lot we can do about that. However, they announced that the county sent news out and swept the course of debris, which was really nice. Big thanks to the organizers, volunteers, police, and sponsors. This is a must do ride for me since 2001. BTW, the water truck at the 50 mile stop(?) is a stroke of genius! Great rest stops with lots of friendly and encouraging volunteers.

Great rally as usual. Road & intersection support is second to none. Great route with plenty of hills. Only hiccup this year seemed to be the lack of showers for the women. The men's showers were available as in the past, but my wife said there were not any for the women, only a changing room????? //mb

The Goatneck is an excellent bike ride. Good country scenic roads, excellent road markings, fully guarded intersections, full SAG support and well stocked rest stops with lots of friendly people and lots of ice. Packet pick up was the quickest I've ever seen. The Goatneck Ride is already on our next year's ride list!

These folks know how to organize and run a rally, just an outstanding and flawless effort. Plenty of quick and well directed parking, sign up was fast and easy and I did mine the morning of the race. Good directions at the start, on-time start, very well marked routes, cross streets very well patrolled, very clean surfaces (thank you!), well stocked rest stops every 6 miles (unbelievable!) with very friendly / helpful attendees, nice rolling hill terrain to challenge but not beat you up. Even the passing vehicles were courteous, they gave you space and didn't buzz you. Big thanks to the community and everyone helping out with this event, great job, you are appreciated!

Another great Goatneck ride! All aspects were well-organized and well-executed. Volunteers were helpful and friendly; traffic control was superb; absolutely no problems with signage; rest stops were well-staffed and stocked (loved the PBJ sandwiches); route was scenic; and on and on. They really know how to put on a rally in Cleburne. Thanks to all! Your hard work is really appreciated!

Great ride as always. Really enjoyed the Glen Rose loop. Only bad part of the ride was the driver of a red pickup that was flipping everyone off for mile after mile. I guess he didn't like us being on HIS road on a Saturday morning. A real class act.

June 25, 2015

Thank-you to the good folks in Cleburne. It was another great Goatneck 100. Got there early so no parking issues. Packet pick-up was quick. Good sound system at the start with the National Anthem before. Good rest stops with all the usual including a stop or two with PB&J sandwiches. Great traffic control/intersection control. Some smooth roads, but also a long section of new(er) chipseal that was really rough. Hope this gets worn down and smoother over the next year. See you next year.

As usual very good ride. Great and challenging route. Very hot day making it a 5 water bottle day to finish the ride without stopping. Only problem is that I only carried 3 water bottles. Only saw one SAG – Amazingly, it showed up within 30 seconds after I stopped with a flat. Lead group started out fast enough so that no inexperienced riders stayed on past their capacity. No crashes which was good. Unfortunately when I went back out for the warm down, I saw numerous riders on the side of the road trying to recover from the heat. (presume those were mostly 40 milers struggling with the heat). Will be back again next year. FWIW – Cleburne is a much better ride than the HHH.

Another great day at the Goatneck. This is an extremely well-organized rally. Plenty of hills to challenge you but fantastic support to get you through it. The views were great!

Another great ride that continues to be among the top 3 – from handling parking for a very large crowd to speedy in-and-out registration to the event itself, they do it right at $25 pre-registration. Early 7:30 start, great routes, cheerful volunteers and I always love the Northstar Bank rest stop with the misters to cool you down. Announcer said that over 28 years they have raised over $450,000 for local charities – awesome. Love this ride!

July 26, 2014

As usual excellent ride, reasonably fast, with good roads and little traffic. Decided to carry 4 water bottles due to heat which was plenty (presume the rest stops were friendly). Great tasting watermelons at the finish. We did have numerous flats (8-10) in our group, not sure what was up with that, since the roads were clean. One downside is the lead groups started much slower than usual which allowed less experienced riders to hang on too long. Two crashes involving less experienced riders that were too tired to maintain control.

This was my first time doing this ride. Rode the 70 mile route, which is challenging (hilly) but a lot of fun. The day was hot (almost hotter than hell!) but with a nice breeze. Registration was quick. Loved the red t-shirts. Signage was spot on. Lots of rest stops though the first one I stopped at (mile 20 something) didn't have any ice. Volunteers were very helpful and encouraging. Thanks to the residents who stood out and hosed passing riders down! This is definitely a must do ride. Looking forward to next year!

Fantastic ride in Cleburne. Still cannot hear the announcements when waiting for the start. Registration was effortless. Parking was plentiful with overflow next door at Cleburne Bible Church and the physical therapy place next to that. The route as always is challenging on the 100K course. Lots of rollers with a few more challenging hills. Some of the road surfaces have been smoothed over with new asphalt which made for some smooth riding. Good rest stops with friendly volunteers. Great traffic control I look forward to "The Goat" every year. It is a great tune up for the HHH the following month. Thanks to all involved parties for an outstanding event.

What fun! Everything was well-organized and ran smoothly. It was nice that the port-o-potties at the start were spread around. Saved some steps and seemed to ease some of the lines. I love the views on this ride! I know I'm getting older-the hills seemed to be steeper this year (even though they were the same hills). It was still a great ride! Glad I came!

I took part in the 41 mile route last Saturday and really enjoyed it! All the volunteers were excellent and the aid stations were well stocked. Great job!


July 27, 2013

The Goatneck was blessed with exceptionally great riding weather this year. Low humidity and a cool north breeze made it feel like an October ride instead of late July. The registration process was lightning quick and the blue Goatneck shirt really stands out. The ride started on-time right after a live rendition of the National Anthem and we were off. My daughter and I rode the 41 mile route and finished in 2:10. A really nice tailwind for the first 20 miles kept us sailing along. This ride has several long stout hills besides the Goatneck Hills at the 23 mile mark. We stopped at the 35 mile rest stop and it had plenty of oranges, ice, cookies and everything needed to refuel. The finish line area is a nice party post ride. A great ride and we'll definitely be back!

This years Goatneck was once again a wonderful event. Registration was easy and quick. Showers available in the high school gym after the ride. Started on time. Great weather, though the wind heading back to Cleburne from Glen Rose got a little brutal at times. Good signage(color coded arrows painted on the road). SAG support everywhere. Thank-you to the very nice woman in the SAG that stopped to help with my flat tire. Manned intersections, awesome. Great, challenging course--though I wish Texas would outlaw chip seal road surfaces! Well manned rest stops that were fully stocked and with friendly, helpful volunteers. Thank-you to Cleburne Bible Church and Performance PT that allowed overflow parking. See you next year.

It's been a long time since I've done the 69 miles at Goatneck and I've forgotten how much fun it was! It seemed like a fast ride except for the last 10 miles which felt all uphill. Some of the roads are rougher than I remember and a few of the rest stops could use more porta potties (Glen Rose!!!). Other than that, great ride!

Another GREAT Goatneck ride - it continues to be one of the elite events of the year from organization, execution, great support and volunteers and good routes - I count it in the top 2-3 events of the year. Last year was the 25th Anniv and they had 2500 riders - the count this year looked a little less but still a good turnout. I was a day-of event registrant but as usual in and out in a flash - great job! Got a real break this year with some cloud cover and cooler weather and little to light winds - made for a very pleasant day. Hats off to everyone involved with the Goatneck - I come back to this ride year after year and am never disappointed.

What great weather! Couldn't believe this was really July. Another well-run rally! It was a lot of fun.

We rode in the Goatneck for the 1st time this year. We registered online, used the website to find a hotel since we were coming from Houston and loved the big signs directing us to the Registration out on the main road in town (why can't all rides do that). The packet pick up on the morning of the ride went smoothly. Thanks for not loading me down with a bag full of stuff I don't want and will throw out anyway. The ride started on time, although it seemed like 1/2 of the riders were all sent out at one time. Perhaps breaking up the start into smaller groups would be a better and safer way to start the ride. It was tough to hear the announcements at the start (if there were any) and I wasn't that far back from the starting line. Rest stops were plentiful, well stocked and staffed with great volunteers. I'd like some PB&J earlier in the ride instead of only at the last rest stop when doing the 70 mile ride. I appreciated the "Lowes benches" at one rest stop as well and the shade from the canopy's at most stops to get out of the sun. The reception at the finish line was great as well as the police and volunteers that directed us safely thru some busy and not so busy intersections. Those directional arrows & the "1 mile to next rest stop" that were painted on the road were fantastic. Thankfully I never had to use the SAG but saw them constantly on the road patrolling for people who were in need of some help. The showers back at the school were great too. This was definitely worth the 4 hour drive to ride the hills!

July 28, 2012

Once again, as with last year, I will post this as one of my two favorite rides of the year, and it could easily be number one. Despite arriving late and with thousands riders already there, I was quickly guided to an area with good parking and with less than 25 minutes left, was able to get to registration, get my stuff, get back, get my bike and gear ready and still make the start. Amazing – it's always a good registration experience, but the Goatneck group has it down. Once again, great routes, terrific volunteers, the couple rest stops I went to were great – I can only continue to give this ride a 10+ and it shows as the word gets out and the numbers go up each year. Last year, 2500 – looked like more than that this year and it all went smoothly. It's definitely on the "don't miss" list. Congrats to the ride directors, volunteers and everyone who makes this such a premier event. Carpe' Goat !!

Did Goatneck for the first time. Very fast ride even though I was not expending a lot of energy because I did not know the course. I have done 9 rides so far this year and this is one of the top 3. There were only two maybe three challenging hills but nothing daunting about them at all. Matter of fact I kept wondering when the hills were going to really come into play since I heard it was a hilly ride. Maybe on the 70 miler. Glad I only did the 41 mile course cause the heat was definitely on when I finished at 10.00. I only made one stop and that was at 27 miles and even then just to use it and grab some Gatorade. There were some wipes in the port-a-potty and that was very pleasant. Every event should have that no exceptions. Definitely a ride to do again next year.

Goatneck rocks!! The organization for this ride is superb. The road surfaces were decent and I actually think there were fewer cars on the road this year. Lotsa food at the rest stops and plenty of shade for quick cool downs. Liked the t-shirt too!

The 25th annual Goatneck was, once again, a great ride. Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers who make this a must do ride every year. Parking and registration were a breeze, and the ride went off right at 7:30am. The roads are generally in good shape, with some rough spots, worn chip and seal, and nice stretches of smooth asphalt. I did the 41 mile ride which has plenty of rolling hills. Had a flat 7 miles into the route (thanks to all the riders who asked if I needed help), and although I was able to change the tube, the CO2 didn't inflate it enough so I rode to the rest stop in hopes of an air pump, which they did not have. Thankfully, it was only about 5 miles to the next rest stop where they did have one. The massage at the finish was greatly appreciated. I have done this ride for the last eight years and cannot recommend it enough.

This was my second time doing the Goatneck, and once again it was great. They are very organized, so getting to the starting line is a breeze. I did the 70 mile route, and it was scenic and moderately challenging at times—but nothing too bad. The heat was the main challenge, and it was very hot when I finished at 11:45. I stopped at two rest stops, and they were well stocked—I also think it's great that they space them out every 8 miles or so because it's so hot. The only negative I can think of was the chip seal, and one section of it was brand new. I think my hands are still vibrating as I type this! Above all, this is a great ride that is well organized, and I had a blast.\

This was my second consecutive year to travel to Cleburne and complete the 70 mile route. I really like the wrist band instead of bib numbers coupled with the quick and efficient check-in. The ride itself has a number of rollers and inclines with two to three climbs that get your attention. Rest stops were well maintained with stenciled markings on the road indicating when a stop was one mile away. There were volunteers everywhere on the course with flags directing the riders if there was a fork in the road, intersection or simply a rest stop. I can't imagine not doing this ride if the HHH is your year end summer goal. I look forward to attending in 2013!

The Tour de Goatneck is a well-organized ride. I appreciated the portable signs throughout town directing the way to the high school. The minimalist approach to ride swag is different than the trend for most rides. I personally liked it. We received a nice t-shirt wrapped around a water bottle and a ride wrist band (no plastic bag stuffed with ride flyers, coupons, and other mostly useless filler items that get thrown away as soon as I get home). The scenic 70 mile route was very well marked and flaggers were even present at remote intersections with no traffic. The rest stops were well stocked and staffed with friendly volunteers. The ability to shower afterwards before a 4.5 hour ride home was great. I thoroughly enjoyed my first goatneck ride and hope to be back again.

July 30, 2011

The Goatneck has been a great ride in the past but it has fallen out of favor with a good many riders. If you do the short routes or are a hammerhead on the long route then you probably made out ok. They had shut down the 40 mile rest stop at 11:30, dumped the ice and offered us a ride back because the rest would be closed. This is a deal breaker and we will not be back. I do at least 25 rides a year and I haven't seen this before. I rate this ride a D- Parking, registration, rest stops, traffic help, and nice volunteers were good.

I really enjoyed the Goatneck today. Once again, this ride is one of the best. Parking, registration, rest stops, and volunteers are tops. I only used 2 rest stops on the 71 mile route, but they were fully stocked with the usual stuff(and pickel juice) with great volunteers. Thanks again to all the volunteers at the rest stops, intersections, registration, etc.

Great ride for the 100k. Only suggestion is to do the same as the hotter n hell and start the 100k earlier when there is a major heat index. We were fortunate to have wind and cloud cover. If not there would have been serious over heat issues.

As always great route, nice hills, nice reception at the finish - very little automobile traffic, except last 3 miles back in town, and then had good police support. Only stopped at 55 mile rest stop and the volunteers were very helpful and friendly. With respect to the prior comment about the 40 mile rest stop closing at 11:30 almost 4 hours into ride, that individual has no business riding that distance if he cant get 40 miles in nearly 4 hours. goatneck is always a good ride.

There aren't many rides better than this one. That's why two to three thousand cyclists turn out for it. We got in the starting que about 7:20 for a 7:30 start; but, the start didn't occur for about another 10 minutes. Someone was on a PA system up front but there were no speakers back where I was so I don't know what was said. Once underway, things went well from my view on the 41-mile route. The road surfaces were generally very good with a bit of chip seal on one road that wasn't unbearable. Motor vehicle traffic was light and motorists were courteous. Traffic control at intersections was excellent. The route was well-marked, there were volunteers at route split points to help keep folks on track, and there were plenty of SAG vehicles patrolling the route. Rest stops were outstanding with standard fluids, a wide variety of snacks including watermelon, and lots of helpful volunteers. The last rest stop with the misters is always welcomed; however, the temp and wind today weren't bad. Thanks to the organizers, police, and volunteers for a very enjoyable ride.

My wife and I did the 41 miles in Cleburne and had a great time. Parking, signage, rest stops and route control were excellent. Most of the roads were in good shape and provided a scenic ride through the backroads of Johnson county. Be back next year!!

I was convinced to ride this event for the first time due to the reviews from previous years. My wife and I completed the 112.5k (69.5 mile) route and found the route to be fun and challenging. There are many hills, but the elevation map provided on the website was spot on and enabled us to map out our ride accurately. The volunteers at the rest stops were great and the course was well marked with SAG and mechanical vehicles everywhere. However, the ride needs to start at the posted time (7:30 and not 7:45) and the rest stop at 54.5 should have ice and sports drinks since most riders are starting to reach their limit at that time. This is a very good prep ride for the HHH and hope to ride this event next year.

Third time to do the Goatneck and I've liked it each time. I'm really getting fond of the double hill at the 23 mile mark of the 41 mile ride:) The chip seal from a year ago has been worn down by the traffic enough that I think the route rates a B+ for road conditions. There was consistent cloud cover that really helped keep the heat down. In fact, heat concern was why my daughter and I did the 41 mile route. We only stopped at the fourth rest stop (they were about every 7-8 miles) and everything was well stocked with goodies, fluids, and helpful, friendly volunteers. Except for the inexplicable failure to start on-time (rollout at 7:41 a.m.) I don't have any negative item to report. A helpful suggestion would be to start the rally at 7:00, but start on-time whatever that time is. Good: Volunteers, PD support, rest stop selection and quantity of rest stops.

It's been said in prior years' reviews, but this event is a gold standard for cycling events and one of the Top 3 rides of the year - from registration to staging to routes to the great people from start to finish. I'd have to work hard to pick on something. OK, most people seem to mass start no matter what distance they are going, but it was orderly. Some want more food at the end, but they do have a tent with cookies and fruit and more, they have showers in the schyool, and they raise over $30,000 for local charities, and they keep the ride price down - so chill with it. Next year is the 25h anniversary - put it on your calendar NOW.

This was my first ride for the Goatneck 100K (70 miles). Great previous post, I defer to their positive comments. I was reluctant to ride this rally since it has so much publicity about being extremely difficult. I rode smooth and deliberate in an effort to conserve my energy. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I had already passed the double Goatneck hills. I would encourage riders that have done other 100K rallies to give Goatneck a run, you can do it. My disclaimer is we had cloud cover, rest stops are spaced closer than most events and I was riding not racing. For the competitive riders, you will get your monies worth.

This was my first time to ride this ride. I loved it. There was a very large group of us that road various routes. I rode the 70 miler. I could not have been more pleased with the roads, the volunteers, and the rest stops. I will say that if you cannot carry hills or at least a 15 mph pace, you should not attempt the long course. Most of our team did the 40 mile route and finished in 3 hours. I will be back with our entire team next year. You guys did a great job! Well done.

Nice ride again this year. No Ice at the 30 mile rest stop and we were one of the first groups to get there. This was my first stop so it was a bummer with the heat getting up there that this particular stop was not more prepared. All else was great. Will be back next year. Thanks.

I have ridden the Goat Neck for over 8 years and its organization keeps getting better and better. These people get it right. Whether you are doing the shortest route or the longest it always is one of the best managed events of my riding season. The only thing that keeps getting more dangerous is after the ride when you enter the parking lot on your bike. It seems that many people who ride bikes and support the safety and rights of the rider seem to get extremely stupid when they get in their cars. Yes! I said stupid! Many cyclists who get into their cars seem to be oblivious to riders entering the parking lot and I have seen many near collisions with cars and bikes. This is the last time I will ride any where near the parking lots, particularly the paved areas. I strongly suggest that you walk your bike once you pass the finish and stay on the grass. You can't make these people smart, courteous, or just plain carefull.

Great ride as always – only complaint was the town of Keene (6 miles north of Cleburne) was running speed traps – big revenue day for the Town of Keene.

July 31, 2010

Thank you to all of the 2600+ riders that participated in this year's ride. We appreciate your continued support as do the charities that receive approximately $30,000 per year with the proceeds from this ride. Your comments are always appreciated and it is nice to pass along the compliments to the many volunteers that turn out to support you. Our organization and volunteers work extremely hard each year to make this the best ride it can be. A couple of comments based on the reviews. We have a staggered start now. It is advertised on our website, the registration flyer that is mailed, the Powerpoint presentation that is going at registration and is announced by our emcee. The starts time have been staggered for 10+ years with the 70 mile at 7:30, 41 mile at 7:45, 27 mile at 8:00 and 10 mile at 8:05. The start was no different this year. Also, the route was not changed. However, the heat and wind made it seem much harder than the previous years. We are truly sorry about the flyers. We have no knowledge of them and they were not part of our organization. Anytime we are approached about distributing info it is placed on a table at registration for those that are interested. If any of you saved the info, we would like to know who it was so we can contact them and ask that this not continue at future Goatneck rides. Once again thank you and please consider our ride again next year as we will host the 24th Annual Goatneck Bike Ride on Saturday, July 30, 2011.

My name is Richard Wharton, and I am the owner of the Cycling Center of Dallas. Consider this a public apology for the windshield fiasco that occurred on Saturday. I had no idea that the quality of the paper stock I was using would do that, especially since we had received no complaints from other hot-weather rides. Again, it was unintentional, and I apologize for the inconvenience that this caused. I was told later that simply turning on the A/C, cooling the glass, and maybe pouring some cold water on the paper would make removal easier , but obviously that was too late for most of you. I have contacted my printer, and they are also investigating, especially since I paid extra for higher quality card stock.
It won't happen again.
Rich Wharton
USAC Level 1 Coach

The Goatneck was a great, well marked and supported ride again this year (2010). Great rest stops manned by friendly volunteers and wonderful traffic safety at intersections. However, whoever put the stickers on our windshields should be banned from all future rides! Took me 10 minutes of razor blade scraping to get them off and I feared scratching my windshield the whole time.

The Goat Neck Ride was a great course; enjoyed the scenery with road conditions nice and enough elevation to make it challenging in spots. The heat was the real challenge of the day. Suggestions for improvement would be a staggered start at the beginning with the 100 k going first and then the shorter races leaving a few minutes later. Also the rest stops were nice but the finish line offered only water and Gatorade. It would have been nice to have had some food, watermelon, fruit or snacks of some kind since it was almost noon for some. Great job overall! Thanks to the volunteers from those who helped park cars, to those at rest stops and the officers and emergency personnel who assisted throughout the course.

We've put this ride on our annual calendar (this is our 3rd or 4th year.) Course was definitely different this year. Much hillier and that last, horribly bumpy stretch coming in was really painful. And, this year was really, really hot (who would've thunk it, Texas heat in July.)
Nevertheless, the most enthusiastic rest stops of any cycling event, bar none. Not sure if the burgers at the end were the best in the universe or if I was just so famished, but they were really good. We'll be back again next year. Thanks for the great time!

If anyone is thinking about putting on a ride, or is currently running a local ride, they should go to Cleburne, and see how it should be done. Outstanding! VERY challenging course with hill after hill, but everything was perfectly run from the registration to the rest stops to the post-race. Excellent ride!

Excellent registration process, I really recommend the online process and picking up your packet early at the Fort Worth Cycling Shop. Nice blue shirt with a cool logo and a little less hideous goat head this year J. The staggered start is a good idea to let the racers and fast 70 milers clear before the recreational riders. My daughter and I did the 41.5 mile route so that we could be done before the heat – finishing at 10:10. There were five rest stops on the 41 mile route – nicely done organizers preparing for the heat!
Good: registration, the finishing 10 miles on smooth pavement, PD and volunteers for route control, rest stop volunteers (they often volunteered to fill bottles and bring fruit while we sat on our bikes), hilly and challenging route
Bad: can’t get around it – 25 miles of chip ’n seal

I didn’t ride the Goatneck this year, it rode me..... .:-). This was my 7th time to complete this ride. The first half of this ride is almost all downhill to Glen Rose. Next year I might just roll all the way to Glen rose and then stop... J Joking aside, best ride in Texas.

What a great ride! This is the first time I've done Goatneck and it was fantastic. It is extremely well organized. Registration was fast and easy. Break stops were well manned and all of the volunteers were extremely friendly. Lots of ice, which was nice given the heat. The route was well marked and easy to follow with volunteers at key intersections to help direct you. We are so impressed with how well organized and well run this ride is. The route was fun and hilly, but not too difficult. We'll definitely be back. Kudos to the organizers and the team of enthusiastic volunteers!

Two word review: chip seal ;)
This was my first Goatneck and my first ride over 60 miles. The route is really pretty with views of the brazos, wooded hills and wide open spaces. Hills were reasonable, enough to make you work but not brutal. Rest stops were quick and everyone along the way was really friendly. Intersections and turns were marked well and staffed. It was hot but this is July in Texas, it is to be expected. Back to my chip seal comment: the surface was rough for a lot of the ride, bordering on boulder seal at points. My hands/elbows took a beating. I think that drained me more than the wind or the hills. Near the 52 mile mark my friend had a huge tire blowout at speed, luckily he controlled the stop well. Not sure if it was glass or just a sharp rock but he was done. SAG support had him loaded in less than 2 minutes! They were everywhere, doing a great job.
As the other review mentioned I was very annoyed by the glued flyer on my car. A sour ending note to an otherwise great ride.

Excellent Goatneck this year. Parking, signage, rest stops, and support was wonderful. The only comment I have is to have the racers start 1/2 hr early like they do at the HHH or have them on a different course entirely.

Wanted to also say, what a great ride. Lots of hills that’s for sure, long hills, nothing to hard just long. The heat was not bad for the first few hrs, until you turned and started going with the wind then you could feel the heat. Also had a friend at the same spot, 52 miles coming up to the top of the hill, both tires blowout, front had a slice in it and the back blow a hole in the tire, so there must be something there. Had him turn his bike over and sit under the tree and wait for the SAC to pick him up. So my mission from that point was to beat him back, since he would be riding in a nice AC Auto, hahah. Hit the last two rest stops one had some sprinklers going that people were using to cool off. I got back just before he stepped out of the truck. Great ride will do it again next yr just have to remember about that one hill and look out for what caused the blowout. See you next year

I am new to cycling, only four months in, and The Goatneck was my first-ever organized ride. I rode with my 61-year-old mom and it was her first ride as well. We chose the 41 mile course. I cannot begin to express how impressed we were with absolutely everything on this ride. The volunteers were friendly in spite of the blazing heat, the rest stops were well stocked with lots of goodies, ice, water, Gatorade, shade, and chairs. One rest stop even had misting fans! Kudos to the rest stop that had watermelon, the one with PBJ sandwiches (awesome), and the one with tubes of Chapstick, which I forgot to pack and desperately needed. The routes were very clear and easy to follow. The SAG presence was impressive as was the visible police presence. The few cars I saw on the route all slowed down, moved as far away as possible, and seemed to take great care in passing cyclists (with one exception, a young kid in a fast car). Packet pick-up was easy and fast, the shirts and water bottles were great, and the parking was plentiful.
If I had to find something to complain about, which is hard to do because everything was incredible, it would be that the volunteers at the last two rest stops kept saying, "the course is all downhill from here." Nothing could be further from the truth. There were some good downhills, true, but that was after climbing up the hills first. I'd suggest that the volunteers not comment on the course unless they've actually ridden the course themselves...on a bike. Also, it would be great if there was more activity at the finish line. For a first timer, it was very anti-climactic to ride in to a nearly empty finish line, hear a light smattering of applause, then load up my bike and go home. I realize you want to keep costs low, but I wouldn't mind paying an extra 10-15 bucks to ride in and have a meal to attend. It gives riders more time to mingle. It was kind of a let down to just ride back to the car and leave. Aside from those two tiny things, this was an absolutely wonderful experience, we had the time of our lives, and for two beginner riders, the course was moderate and fun. Thank you so much, Cleburne, for such an awesome first ride experience. I'll never forget it and I plan to be back year after year. LOVED IT!!

I did the very first Goat Neck back in 87 or 88, at my age it’s hard to remember, Man how it has grown since then, it was great ride as usual, I was hanging with the lead group on the 70 mile route (it seemed like there was about 200 of us), we had already gone over the Brazos and was on the long flat road before going into Eulogy, got caught behind a crash and had to chase hard to catch up to the lead pack, by the time we caught up to them we were at the bottom of the Eulogy Hill, that kind of put us in the RED, managed to barley hang on going through Glen Rose, never could get recovered after the chase going into Eulogy, and when we hit Glen Rose the really started hammering up front, made it through the first couple of hills before going into Nemo and then got dropped on the last hill in Nemo, still finished strong (3 hours and 7 minutes, 22.3 MPH) and had a great ride, I love going to the rides were a lot of the USCF teams show up, It’s fun trying to hang with those guys, I thank them for a good hard ride and thanks to all the volunteers that put on such a good ride, and please do not ever change the course, you can’t mess with perfection.

Although there are a precious few rallies that come close to the Goatneck, this is truly the **King** of North Texas rallies. Early, staggered start times - two thumbs way up. Organization is SUPERB, and the volunteers are nothing short of utterly fantastic. Morning-of registration is smooth and easy. They ran out of t-shirts, which I thought was great - it meant they had a huge crowd! Besides, I don't need yet another rally shirt. Rest stops are well-stocked and staffed by friendly, helpful, smiling people. Excellent signage and intersection control. Key turns are manned, so you won't make a wrong turn. Great route, good hills. Light traffic. (The chipseal is NOT bad, no matter what other reviews say. If you are gonna complain about that, you might as well say "the route is too hilly".) There was a crash involving a pair of riders on the 70 section - both riders hauled away in ambulances - hate to see it, but appreciate the fact that medical attention was there in a timely manner. I also saw plenty of SAG wagons. If you are not riding the Goatneck, you just need to sell your bike. This is the rally that all others should strive to emulate.

My 1st Goatneck. New in TX, so appreciated the signs on the road leading the way to the high school. Registration well organized, but ran out of small sized shirts. More toilets at the start might be helpful. The course was perfect, with plenty of rollers, some tough hills (mostly because of the heat, I think). Rest stops close enough together to enable stopping at every other one, so they were never too congested. Loved the pretzels and peanut butter at the stop in the park! Liked the festive atmosphere at the end, but there was nothing left to eat at 12:30 when I came in from the 70! Would've loved a cold beer, too!!! Thanks to all the volunteers, police officers, SAG support, especially those guys with the flags at the turns!! Thank you all!!!

The 2010 Goatneck was my first organized ride, and now I am very excited to do more. The people working the ride were so friendly and energetic—I was truly shocked by how great they were. I met and rode with two Horned Frogs (I am a Longhorn), and I must say that I could not have met a nicer group of guys to ride with. The ride was challenging, especially when the sun broke through, but also very scenic. The road coming down the home stretch was silky smooth. Outstanding ride. I will be a regular from now on!

First time to ride this one. Very impressive and well organized. All I had heard from my friends is this is one of the best. They were right!. Thanks to everyone who volunteered. You did a great job. I did the 40 mile route with my son in law. (I am 62,he is 29) The only complaint I had was that on the way home he told me this was a recovery ride for him... He is training for an ironman competition at the end of August. I almost stopped our car put he and his bike out and told him to ride back to Grapevine. (See if he can recover from that!). We will be back next year!

More porta potties, seriously do the math.

July 25, 2009

Coming from Austin, I wasn't sure what to expect on my first North Texas organized ride and was pleasantly surprised by how well this ride is supported: the volunteers were numerous and very helpful, the route was possibly the best-marked route I've ever seen, and both SAG and public safety were out in force. My only complaint: where were the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches at the rest stops? I didn't stop at every stop, but I can't imagine that I missed the few stops that had them. I can do without Power Bars and the like if they're not sponsoring the ride, but not PB&Js? Maybe it's a Central/South Texas thing, but I've never done a ride that didn't have PB&Js at the rest stops and I sorely missed them.

Just wanted to thank everyone involved with the Goatneck, another great ride this year. This is a rally that anyone has not put it on their summer calendar needs to do so for next year. My only disappoint goes to the SMOOTHIE people & not the rally. Where were you? Your 1/2 price smoothies couldn't be found. Make yourself more visible near the finish line next year. Thank you again for another great rally.

Very well done, well marked course great rest stops, good police protection a model for how it should be done

In keeping with the WebMaster's request here is my brief review of the Goatneck 2009. Always a great ride and a fun time. Your best choice is the 41mile. An average rider can do it in 3hrs with a few stops. Enough challenging hills and flats to keep things interesting Event is managed very well.

Haven’t been to this ride in years…it was fantastic! The 41 mile route was mostly beautiful country roads – so many rides are now on FM chip seal roads. Volunteers, rest stops, and ride support were great. I’ll be back every year if possible!! Great job Cleburne!

Great ride out of Cleburne this past wkend. Excellent signage and intersection support. Nine t-short too. One of the rest stops even had pop tarts!!! Can't wait for next yr.

Another great Goatneck. I love this ride. Did the 100k in 3 1/2 hours--nice weather to start, heat kicked up after I got in. Great rest stops(only used 2). Friendly, encouraging volunteers, great community support, parking much improved over last year, loved the guy with the goat at the finish line--nice touch! Only "bad" comment--better sound system at start--could not hear a word the annoucer said at the start line. Once again, great job. Thanks to all the volunteers, donors, churches, etc. I will be back for my tenth year in 2010.

This is the first bike rally that I did.
I have to admit that the hills were challenging for beginners and experience riders.
The rest stops were stock with water, Gatorade, bananas...
Course well marked. What I really liked is the sign indicating 'rest stop 1 mile ahead'.
At the last stop, there were the PB&J's. Plenty of volunteers and SAG.
The Cleburne Police were awesome with the traffic handling.

Once again the folks made the Goatneck worth the drive. keep up the great work

Always a great ride. Thanks to all the volunteers. I didn’t see any commercial photographers along the route this year. Thank you Bicycle-Stuff that you took pictures! What was with the motorcycle escort for a small group of “100 milers” that went by rest stop #1 on the 41 mile route and long after the 69 milers had already started the ride? Were they lost or were they late to arrive? Thanks again to all who organize this ride, I plan be back next year.

My first Goat Neck ride (70 miles) and I found it very enjoyable. A couple of the first rest stops came up quite suddenly and many passed them up, but after that every rest stop was well marked in advance. The non-bike traffic was great and the traffic control was great. The day was forecast to be partly cloudy and low nineties, but it ended up cloudless and 99 degrees before noon so I was definitely feeling the heat on the shadeless asphalt. The rest stops always had cool water or sport drinks, fruit and other things to keep you going and the volunteers staffing them were great. It was a bit more demanding on the hills than I was expecting but well worth the challenge. I just wish there was more to the end of the ride – there really isn’t any social activities to do when you complete – you just kind of complete, roll your bike to the car and take off home. Even if they didn’t want or couldn’t afford to have a meal at the end like the Mesquite Rodeo, perhaps they could arrange for some sponsors to have reduced price meals and sitting at the gym where we originally checked in the morning. But it was definitely a fun ride and I will do it again.

Sign-in was a breeze. When you register online, you choose your shirt size and ride distance. Sign-in is organized by last name and ride distance, cutting the wait to only a couple of minutes. Another great idea is instead of those ridiculous race numbers (since it isn't a race) that require you to remove your shirt (or use a very trusted friend) to pin them to your jersey, they use a wristband. You can put it on your handlebar if you like. There is also day-of registration if you want to hold out to the last minute. Those lines were longer.
The start is on time and with a minimal amount of fanfare. The entire roads are closed for the first couple of miles until the riders spread out. The rest of the ride was very safe with excellent route markings, police at major intersections, and mostly low use roads. Potholes are painted with high visibility paint. The roads are in good condition, but there are a couple of sections with new chip seal surface that is rough (can't seem to get away from that stuff.) Rest stops are plentiful (I think there were 8 or 9 on the 100K) and all had ice, Gatorade, water, snacks and portable toilets. The last rest stop even had iced down Hershey bars. My only complaint is that the last rest stop was muddy and my cleats got filled with mud--again. This happened last time and I suspect it is because of the amount of water being spilled on the ground and the fact that this stop is in a low spot. A little plywood on the ground would be a big help.
Probably the best part about this ride is the hot (or cold) showers available at the gym at the finish. Since there isn't any substantial food offerings, you will probably want to stop and eat on the way home, so it's nice to be able to get cleaned up. (Great BBQ at Buffalo Creek BBQ near downtown.)
My only complaints are pretty minor: First, the T-shirts are super ugly. The giant goat-head logo would give small children nightmares and to top it off, it's printed on a radioactive-blueish shirt. I've never seen anyone wearing one of these around town. Either make a better looking shirt, or give more money to charity. The other complaint is with the "100K" ride. By my calculations, 100Km is 62 miles. Their 100K is 69.5 miles. The other rides are 10, 27, and 41 miles--pretty accurate mileages. On the long ride they decided to go metric and get the distance wrong by over 10%. That's a lot when you think you're closing in on the finish in 100 degree heat only to find out you have 8 more miles to go.
Overall, one of the top rides in North Texas.

2nd ride at Goatneck. 100 K this year. Nice hills. This may be my favorite ride next to the HHH. I'll do this one every year.


July 26, 2008

My husband and I did this ride again for the second year. I can find nothing about this ride to complain about except the color of the shirt this year. Really guys GREEN!!!! Mine won't be worn out of the house. But that said it is the ride that you can always count on for the roads to be marked really really well. Being warned of a rest stop in a mile is especially great. If you are not going to stop you know to watch out for people slowing down and if you are needing to stop you know how much longer you have. Other rides in the area could learn alot from this ride and the organization behind it. We will be back next year!

IMHO - the gold standard for rides in North Texas. I think Cleburne ought to be commended for the number of volunteers they provide for this event. I saw every major intersection manned with volunteers and flaggers. To me, it was great: organized parking, well-ordered and efficient registration, plenty of signage, warnings and arrows on the road. I stopped at two rest stops: One manned by Bono VFD and Luau, both had plenty of everything, even mechanical support. The signs at "Top Gun" did inspire me to jet through the finish. Overall, job well done, thank you Cleburne!

Did the 100K this year - great course, well marked with safe crossings (take note, Peach Pedal). The roads are 99% smooth and the scenery is as good as you'll get in this area.
All the rest stops were adequately stocked and staffed except Lowes - which ran out of Gatorade and had a 15 minute wait time to boot. Good job Top Gun, for the Ozarka bottled water and friendly workers.
I've never seen so many SAG wagons on a ride - they definitely took care of broken riders and broken gear.

2nd Year for this ride. Very good ride. This ride always seems to have a great support system. They have friendly volunteers, good signage throughout, and well staffed volunteer booths. This ride is becoming one of my favorites. The tshirt is very good as well. Thanks again and see you next year.

Thank you to the countless volunteers that make this rally what it is, EXCELLENT!!! Lots of SAG support with well marked vehicles all over the 40 miler route!! A few recommendations for next year. Could you consider starting the racers say at 7:00 AM & the rest of us at 7:30 as they (the racers) feel as they come yelling thru a rest stop area that the rest of us should stop dead on our trails. Really guys there are alot of people & children out there that maybe can't move as fast as ya'll & it just takes only once for a quite a few of us to get hurt including yourselves. Lastly the T-shirts look great except the saying "Leading the Sheep to Slaughter" could we go back to last years saying "Chewing Up The Pavement" a little more appropriate & less violent!!! Thank you again for everything, we'll be back!!!

I absolutely love this ride!! Loved the warnings about the rest stops coming up, all were well stocked. I tried to ride the 72 mi, but my rear tire blew out at 42 miles. I was standing on the road for less than 1 minute before an ice delivery man came along. Chris delivered the ice to rest stops then got me back to start/finish...very friendly and really cared about the riders comfort, etc. Really outstanding ride! I will be back next year and will tell all my friends! good job goatneck! Oh yeah...I love the green t.shirts...unique and good design.

I absolutely love this ride!! Loved the warnings about the rest stops coming up, all were well stocked. I tried to ride the 72 mi, but my rear tire blew out at 42 miles. I was standing on the road for less than 1 minute before an ice delivery man came along. Chris delivered the ice to rest stops then got me back to start/finish...very friendly and really cared about the riders comfort, etc. Really outstanding ride! I will be back next year and will tell all my friends! good job goatneck! Oh yeah...I love the green t.shirts...unique and good design.

Thanks to all the directors, volunteers, Public Safety Departments and sponsors of the Goatneck for conducting such a first class ride every year! Everyone in the organization deserves the Maillot jaune!

This was my 5th straight year doing the Goatneck. It is without question the best ride in the area. There is little if anything that could be done to make this ride better. All intersections were safe, rest stops were stocked, and the course was well marked. Traffic was extremely sparce - most the cars on the 100K route were SAG wagons! Bravo to Cleburne for doing it right year after year.

Excellent supported ride, as usual. Good road conditions, great volunteers, well stocked rest stops (which brings me to my complaint). The volunteers at the 2nd to the last rest stop are nice enough to provide wet, cold rags. If you've stopped at that reset stop, you know what I mean. Definitely a treat. But as cyclists, let's show some courtesy to the people who live in that part of N Texas and not throw those used rags on or along the road. Stuff them in your pocket or do like I do and wrap it around your neck and zip up your jersey. Makes the last 10 or 15 miles tolerable in the heat.

Goatneck used to have to best T-shirts. Go back to the brown or gray!!! There needs to be a route between the 41m and 100k. The most volunteers and best sag on the circuit.

This is always one of my favorite rides of the year. Rode the long route. Everything from the quick packet pick-up to the availability of showers at the facility was top notch as always. I really appreciated the cold, wet towels just after the Goatneck hill, and I was happy to see the Smoothies back this year as well. I’d much rather have a cold smoothie than a hot dog at the end of a long hot ride. Thanks again, and see you next year.

Great ride! This was my third year to make it to the Goatneck for the 100k. A big thanks to the organizers and all of the sponsors. All the volunteers were fantastic! Plenty of refreshments at all the rest stops and the cold wet towels towards the end of the ride were very helpful. Thank you for putting this ride together and giving us an opportunity to ride supported. Thanks again and look forward to next year. Keep on pedaling!

My wife and I did this for the first time this year. We had heard it was a great ride and we have to agree. We did the 27 mile and found the rest stops well staffed and stocked. The route was smooth and well marked with support at every intersection. We like the green shirts too--a nice change of pace from gray or white! We would agree with others who suggest that the "racers" get an earlier start. There were a couple of spots where it got a bit dicey as the hard chargers came through slower traffic. We were very impressed with the ride and will definitely be back next year.

As usual, great ride with great support. Love this ride and do it every year.


July 28, 2007

This year's Goat Neck seemed like another success. I hear there were more riders than last year. Again, the route was marked well with signs and painted arrows on the road. All the rest stops I stopped at were well stocked, had plenty of volunteers, and were well placed. Parking was easy. SAG support seemed to be everywhere on the 72 mile course. I did not pre-register and thought it would be a drag to register because the lines were long, but I got registered within about 5 minutes of getting in line. All the volunteers were very friendly and enthusiastic. This is really encouraging to the riders, especially when you pull into a rest area all beat up(as the Goat Neck can do to a cyclist). The Goat Neck is a ride by which all other rides should be measured. Thank-you to the city of Cleburne, Glen Rose, the surrounding communities and counties, most of the drivers who were patient while the cyclists clogged the roads, and all the great volunteers!!! One thing I did not like was the amount of cyclists who still think it is ok to wear, headphones, ear buds, ipods, etc while they ride with a large crowd. You are a danger to yourself and all of us who are riding with you and around you. I know many of you think you are experienced enough to do this, but many other riders you are with are not. Do everyone a favor and leave the personal devices at home. Is there any way for sag wagons, ride officials, or anyone else in charge to remove a rider from the course who insists on doing this??? All in all, the Goat Neck continues to be an excellent ride with great support.

With the exception of being guided to the back way to the parking lot (very slow), a decent day. A good showing of participants, well-stocked rest stops with friendly volunteers and a nice goody bag with a great-colored T-shirt (although I'd prefer the "Goatman" design on the front). Feeling a little under the weather and only able to ride the 27-mile route, had a good time anyway.

I do this ride every year - good routes and support. Due to my schedule, I often don't know whether I can do a ride until a few days before and am a frequent "race day registrant." For the last two years I get to the Goatneck one hour early and they are always out of T shirts - and it's a fun shirt. C'mon people - it's not a surprise all these people show up. This is bad planning - next year if it happens I'll just leave the registration table and ride as a bandit.

The volunteers and organizers did an excellent job this yr at the Goatneck. Intersections were controlled, rest stops were well stocked and the hazards on the roads were well marked. Good color for the t-shirt! I noticed there seemed to be more traffic this year, especially the semis! The only gripe I have is with the other bikers. I wish that people would physically move off the road at the rest stops!

This ride is one of my favorites. Rest stops are awesome, SAG vehicles are GREAT and the staff/volunteers are wonderful. Because of the popularity, I think the organizers should consider a few suggestions. First, in the registration packet, give some instructions that if you start with the 100k (or any other distance with experienced riders) then instruct them on riding on the right side if they find themselves being passed by everyone. This caused a serious accident not too far from the start when two riders were riding on the left side of the lane and doing about 10mph. Second, I suggest that the organizers negotiate with the local "roughnecks" working the construction and oil/gas wells to simply slow down. It was ridiculous how fast these semi's loaded with tons of equipment were driving on very narrow roads. They don't have to close the roads, just have them slow down. The accident after the Rock and Roll rest stop was almost made worse after a "water truck" from one of the wells came flying over the hill to see the firetruck and ambulance assisting a crash victim.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the bicyclist that was hit by a red pickup at the last intersection. I was very impressed by the police officers immediate reaction and actions when this accident happened. They deserve a huge "Thank YOU" for all they do on this ride.

This was my second year to ride the Goatneck 100K. Big Thanks To the organizers for putting on a great event. All of your volunteers were extremely nice and helpful. Registration was great, t shirts are great, all the rest stops and sag were top notch as well. I will be back next year. A little note to anyone riding one of these events. When coming upon a rest stop if you are stopping please get to the side of the road. Also, when leaving a rest stop watch for cyclists that are coming by. I almost ran over two people as I was passing through a rest stop area because these people just pulled out in front of me. I had even slowed down to watch for this and I was glad that I did.

Congratulations to the Goatneck and all it's volunteers for another successful rally. I loved that the rest stops were approx. every 5 miles apart. The SAG support was everywhere. The finish line area was fun but would love to hear more cowbells maybe at the rest stops also. My suggestions for the rider who mentioned no ipods etc. would be, "You've got to be kidding us! How about worrying about more important stuff like the rider who rode without a helmet!!! or the semi trucks that didn't want to share the road or the pelatons that after the 1st few riders pasted you they started to move closer to you without any consideration on how close you were already to the shoulder of the road, come guys share the road." I'm sure that you don't use your cell phone when you are driving either. The Goatneck is a ride that everyone should plan on attending for next year!!!! Again thank you to everyone involved, you did a GREAT JOB!

As usual one of the best rides of the year. Weather conditions were ideal for a fast ride - Contrary to prior comment, I experienced little if any auto traffic, this ride seldom has much if any traffic except for a few short stretches.

As always a great ride. I was late so I didn't get a t-shirt. Maybe organizers should offer a discount once the shirts are gone? Also, please find a way to prohibit iPods etc. They are a danger to everyone out there. The rest stops are fantastic, especially #4. Thanks to all of the volunteers who make this a great ride.

Awesome event! The route and staff were excellent, the rest stops were well spaced and supported, and the scenery was beautiful. The weather helped out by not being a typical hot July day and the course was tough but fun. This was my first Goatneck and I will definitely be back next year.

This was my first time out to this ride, driving down from Collin County. The drive was quick and easily doable on ride day even coming from all the way across the Metroplex. There was great traffic control and coordination of the available lots to get everybody in and parked for the ride. Registration and packet pick-up on ride day was a breeze. Bathroom facilities were scattered well away from the high school, except for a few stalls in one of the locker rooms adjacent to registration. There were a lot of folks who queued up like lemmings to use those with no idea that the main row of porta-potties was just outside on the grounds but well up towards the start line, with more indoor facilities also available in a field house also located away from the registration area. These facilities were easy to miss unless you headed out away from the registration area to search for them, especially early before the sun came up or for those who were directed to park back behind the high school. A little more signage and direction towards those would have helped. More porta-potties out by those other parking lots wouldn’t be a bad thing either. I also was surprised that the ride doesn’t use rider bib numbers for the back of your jersey. Those make great mementos and this is the only rally that I have ever come across who doesn’t use them. You’ve got the coolest logo and rally name in this part of Texas! Why not spring for printing these up for your riders? That’s why God made rally sponsors! You got your goodie bags from Bicycling Magazine; RoadID will provide these for bib numbers for free if you want to go that route. The music, national anthem and staggered send off at the start were well done. The routes were well chosen and clearly marked for the riders. There were a few huge tank-trap pot holes along the routes that while encircled with spray paint warranted some addition heads-up and painted warnings in advance of them so that riders could be aware and steer to the side before coming upon them. At speed or even creeping in a group of several hundred riders, these suckers are hard to see and avoid once you are only a few feet from them. The rally area was relatively free of traffic and the scenery was beautiful. I have to agree though that the heavy trucks in the area weren’t always the best at accommodating the visiting riders. I did appreciate the portable signs that the rally organizers had used along the route to warn the truckers to be alert and mindful of the cyclists. All of the rest stops were shaded, stocked to the tops of the tent poles and staffed with volunteers who clearly wanted to make this a great day for everyone. Sag and emergency vehicles were everywhere and ever-present along the ride routes. I loved the way that the finish area was set up complete with a finish line, a cheering section for the riders as they came in, and an inviting post-ride music and party area complete with seating for family and friends who came out to watch. I will do this one again. Kudos and many thanks to all who were a part of putting this rally together! Thank you sponsors and thank you Cleburne!

TERRIFIC Ride; MANY THANKS to the ORGANIZERS(JAYCEES) AND THE VOLUNTEERS. Kinda new to the organized tours, but the rest stops(sorry, only partook of R7 and R9) were GREAT!!!!. Great markers. Hills were everything promised(that means they kicked my tail enough that I couldn’t worry too much about the tractor rigs.) Smooth registration. Am kinda curious as to the height of the shower heads in the boys locker room!!

The 07 Goatneck 100 was a stellar ride. Thanks to all the volunteers as well as Police and Fire for a maximum effort. A rider in front of me on FM1434 (100K) was clipped by a big water truck. The moron truck driver swung his trailer into us after attempting an unsafe pass. Fortunately, the accident happened during a low speed climb and the downed rider was not seriously hurt and I was able to dismount in time to not crash on top of her. Preserving myself and aiding the downed rider prevented me from getting the truck's ID and reporting the hit and run to the police. This jerk should not be driving a big rig! My guess is that there will be much more oil/gas support vehicle traffic by next year. Perhaps the oil companies involved might be persuaded to suspend vehicle operations along the route until after 12 PM next year.

the 72 mile course. The scenery was beautiful (especially the terrain in Glen Rose along the Brazos river) and the roads were generally maintained and very well marked. The number of enthusiastic volunteers was impressive. SAG support was available anytime if necessary and all of the rest stops were well-stocked. I noticed an added benefit of the increased number of SAG support vehicles in that traffic was forced to travel at fairly safe speeds for much of the ride. The city of Cleburne and Glen Rose (and surrounding areas) did an outstanding job with this ride. Thank you!
A side note... I noticed a rider's review that indicated he was unhappy with the riders wearing headphones, ear buds, i-pods, etc. I am one of those folks (I-pod user). I agree that it can be dangerous to wear anything that covers both ears. I think it is also inconsiderate to other riders to have music playing loud enough that others have to endure it. In an effort to be safe and courteous, I leave the right earpiece in and left earpiece tucked in my jersey so that I am aware of other riders. I also don't have the volume up so high that I cannot hear a rider communicating with me at a conversational level. I have noticed ride marshals enforce both of these things on some of the rides. Again, great Job with the Goatneck!!!

Excellent ride. Very well organized. One of the best rides in this area. Outstanding course control; the best I’ve ever seen for any ride in this area. Every intersection had 2 to 4 people controlling traffic with lots of signs and “flaggers” giving you plenty of warning about upcoming intersections and turns.
Course (69.5 mile) was scenic with plenty of challenging hills plus good, fast downhills. Lots of rest stops along the route; all well stocked with food, water and ice. Could have used a few more port-a-potties at the 40 mile stop. Enjoyed going thru Glen Rose.
Registration was well organized and seemed to move pretty quickly. Ride started right on time with a wide start to accommodate a mass of riders very well. Having (50?) big American flags lining the street as you approached the Finish was a superb, patriotic touch as a finale for the ride. Really appreciated the effort that went into the race. Definitely will ride in this race again next year.

What a great ride! So far it was the best we've done. Great weather, great scenery, good roads, challenging hills, lots of visible sag support and Rest Stops were fully stocked, with plenty of food water and Gatorade. Rest stop 9 even had peanut-butter sandwiches! There were a few intersections that were not controlled very well. I suggest I few extra port-o-pots at the first few rest stops. But the Cleburne Jaycees and all of the volunteers deserve a huge round of applause. Can't wait to do it again next year.

What a fantastic ride as always. Great location, organization, packet pick-up, rest stops and the ability to shower once done. I always look forward to this ride, and it would be hard to top the weather this year. The one thing I looked forward to and didn’t see this year was the booth for Smoothies at the finish. I hope they bring them back. See ya’ll next year

July 29, 2006

This was my first Goatneck experience. Thank you, Goatneckers, for separating yourself from every other ride in the DFW area. Among the many highlights:1. A shirt I'm actually willing to wear for something other than mowing the lawn
2. A sturdy water bottle that I'll actually use
3. A route that gently introduces you to the countryside, then challenges you with some rolling hills, then pushes you home with a nice tailwind
4. Route markings and volunteers that make it virtually impossible to get lost, and smooth, low traffic roads
5. Rest stops with plenty of ice, and volunteers doing everything they can to make sure you're satisfied
Cheers, Goatneckers, and see ya next year!

Excellent ride today in Cleburne. Organization was excellent. Volunteers everywhere. Well stocked rest stops. Can't wait for next yr!

Another great ride for the Goatneck. Even though the route is the same year to year, it never ceases to challenge. This ride has become one of the premier rides in/near the Metroplex. It is on par with the Hotter 'n Hell for being well organized, well supported, and challenging. Thank-you to all the hardworking volunteers. We really do appreciate you being out there offering your help and support for the riders. Thank-you to the volunteers from Cleburn Bible Church for allowing us to park on there future church site and for the free hot dogs and lemonade after the ride. That really hit the spot. See you next year!!

This was my first time riding the Tour de Goatneck and I am not affiliated with the ride or its sponsors. I rode the 65 mile route. I had no problems with “Day of” registration and I signed up for a raffle of a Discovery jersey signed by George Hincapie. There were 2350 riders in all and they had staggered starts for different distances following a prayer and Star-Spangled Banner. The course was marked with BIG color-coded paint arrows on the roadway. There were flaggers at almost every turn and police stopping traffic at all stop signs and stop lights. There were about 20 SAG vehicles patrolling the course and I think I saw one about every 5 mins over the entire route. The route was very hilly with about 2100 feet of ascent, but roads were relatively smooth. All rest stops were well supplied with ice, sports drink, water, bananas, oranges, pretzels, cookies, and in one case (55 mile stop), sliced pickles!!! All volunteers were very helpful and friendly. I don’t know if it was the pickles or the tailwind, but after that rest stop I felt like a rejuvenated man and kicked butt all the way to the finish line. I hope other rides adopt a “pickle” stop somewhere in the middle of the ride. At the finish area, they had a PA encouraging finishers, music, sports drink, water, ice, hot dogs for free and smoothies and massages you could pay for. There was shaded seating under tents, but I wish they could have opened up the High School to help cool off riders. They used it for registration. Why not for the after ride festivities, too? Overall, it was one of the best supported rides I’ve been on this year. I highly recommend this ride if you are conditioned to ride all the hills. I will definitely do this ride again next year.

Second year to ride the Goatneck. Several improvements made on what is already one of the premier rides in North Texas. This year the route seemed to be more clearly marked with more direction arrows painted on the road, and better signage. All intersections were well manned with volunteers making it impossible to get lost. The ride took a cue from the other great ride in the area, the Mesquite Rodeo Ride, and identified the rough spots in the roadways with spray paint. Hats off to the great aid stations – lots of goodies, including fruit, wet paper towels and water misters to keep us cool because this was a hot one! Make sure you fit this ride into your top rides to do for the summer. It’s one of the best!

One of the best rides - excellent trafic control - very few cars - out in middle of no where with beuatifull countryside. very courtious help at the one rest stop

The standard by which all other rides can be compared. Well organized, great parking, the best route marking, the best traffic monitoring, the best sag, and very scenic, low traffic routes.

This was my first Tour de Goatneck ride (2006). I rode just to get the cool shirt. I did the 27 miles and my husband the 100K. The whole Goatneck experience from parking to the finish line was easy and totally catered to the riders. The roads were very well marked for trouble spots and directions. The route coordinated painted arrows were a good touch. Great routes through rolling hills with plenty of scenery. The Tour had a little something for everyone - hills, distance, speed and flat terrain. A wonderful salute to all the volunteers that were on the course in the heat to help out the riders with directions and a great thank you to all the rest stop volunteers. All the stops had plenty of cool drinks, restrooms and encouraging smiles. The major intersections had police helping out which is wonderful. This is a must do ride for next year. I only hope that the organizers next year would consider starting a little earlier to "help" beat the heat (Let the HHH take the glory for the heat). The Tour 2006 was very thought out and well executed. I will be back.

1st and for most, thanks to all the volunteers at the rest stops and cross streets, made for a safe and pleasant ride. Thank you, to the local business that supported the event, especially the auto dealers for supplying the 20+ SAG vehicles. Kudos to the organization staff for the staggered start times and nice touch with the prayer for a safe ride at the beginning. The announcer at the finish line was encouraging and helped cheer tired riders to cross the line. Rest stops were organized and well stocked. The festivities at the end were very nice and so were the available massages. Another nice touch was the distance between stops, if you wanted to go on it was manageable to the next stop. When it got hot in the 90-95' range the distance was prefect where I felt confident hydration would not be an issue. The pickle Juice and water mister was also a nice touch. The route was well marked and challenging, and beautiful country side.Over all this is one of the top rides in North Texas. Keep up the good work, and we will see you next year....

I was impressed by three specific things at this year’s Goatneck. First, the abundance of SAG wagons was astounding. Not only were they everywhere along the route, they were clearly marked as SAGs. Most of the time, when we shouted “car back”, it was a SAG. Very impressive. Second, the traffic control and help to the riders in the last 3 miles was unmistakable. The volunteers and the police officers obviously had the safety of the riders in the forefront of their minds. Good job! Third, I was impressed at the warnings along the route, especially in town, that motorists should expect delays because of the riders. It certainly helps to let the motorists know we’re there. Applause to the Goatneck organizers. Well done!

This was a great ride this past weekend. I did the 41 miler and I really felt those hills! As everyone mentioned, the ride was great, but I really want to give it up for the sage support. The sag support deserves raving reviews--Bill from Fort Worth Cycling and Fitness spent 30 minutes out in the heat after I managed to get my chain impossibly wedged between the cassette and spokes of my tire fixing that mess. He was so determined to get the chain fixed and even broke the chain to get it apart, when most sags would have thrown up their hands in defeat. I totally expected that he was just going to send me home only 18 miles into the ride, but he worked away at that and got me back on the road!
The rest stops were great-- I loved the rock and roll rest stop with the music and PB&J sandwiches! Good stuff!
Despite it getting hot during the ride, I had loads of fun and am ready to get out there next year and do it all again! Way to go Cleburne for putting on a classy ride!

This was my third organized event ever and did the 41 mile course. Outstanding support in all areas and a great route. Showers at the finish and I couldn't ask for more. I'll be back.

I was a rookie Goatnecker, and what an introduction. I did the 69 mile course stopping twice. Very well organized, and a tough challenge of hills. I'll take pride in wearing my Goatneck tee. I earned this one.

We did The Goatneck this past weekend and it was fantastic! Nice route, good road surfaces, MORE than enough rest short, a great ride! We did the 41 because a couple of our regulars couldn't make it and we hooked up with a couple of young riders that had never done an organized ride before. Next year this will be on the list of FOR SURE rides to do and we'll do the longer route. These were the best rest stops of ANY ride I've ever done.....tons of food and drinks and way more than enough helpers to make riders stops comfortable and efficient. The hills were nice, no where near as tough as we have been told but perhaps adding the extra miles to our ride would have brought us into tougher terrain....mostly rollers with a couple of bigger climbs thrown in but lots of recovery time. If you don't do this ride in the future it's your loss! NOT as hilly as the Beauty and the Beast out of Tyler but just as pretty AND smother riding. Mike

I am a pretty harsh critic of bike rides. I have no patience for poorly supported rides or rides that provide little return for the money….no matter how noble the cause . I pay to ride and to be supported. I'd have to rate this ride an 8 of 10. This was by far one of the most enjoyable and rewarding rides of the season. I have about 2000 miles under my belt this season and I have given some bad reviews of some of the other rides so I am not someone just enjoying the sunshine on a ride. When I ride, I ride hard and I want to know that what I pay for (support, protected routes) is provided. The group running this event was top notch. Here are my ratings (out of 10): Support - 7, Rest Stops - 9, Route - 9, Road Surface - 8, Post Ride Social - 8, Post Ride Food - 8 (Only Mesquite Rodeo was better in food), Estimated Attendance: 2000+, Overall Rating - 8+++. Keep up the good work. Thanks for a great ride!!!! I will be back with more folks next year. Suggestion: add 100 mile route, put signs at the end for where folks should go for showers, food…etc. Again…thanks for encouraging me that TX bike rides can be worth the trip and the money.

This was an awesome ride. The Cleburne Jaycees put on one helluva bike ride. This is far and away the best supported ride in the DFW area. Everything from the check-in to intersection control was outstanding. All of the rest stops were well stocked and supported by friendly volunteers. I rode the 100K which was actually 71 miles (which was advertised). The 100K ride was challenging – 95% of the ride was rolling hills with several challenging climbs. The roads are in good shape and the course was scenic and lightly traveled. This is a must ride if you live in the DFW area.

July 30, 2005

The 2005 Tour de Goatneck was absolutely fabulous. We had 2,125 riders with many first time Goatneckers. Thanks to all of you for your support and participation. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. As you can tell from your experience in the ride and the reviews, the town continues to embrace this ride and we continue to look for ways to make the ride better. This year we had more sags, flaggers, officers and volunteers than ever before. We will continue to provide that level of support so that the you the riders can have a safe, enjoyable ride each time you ride the Goatneck. Any area that needs to be improved, will be before next year's ride which is scheduled for July 29, 2006. Please come back and tell all of your friends to come as well. Many of you have wondered how the name came about. Here is your answer. C.A. Pierce, one of the early settlers of the area, was asked to describe the piece of land for one of the legal documents necessary to the transfer. According to legend, he said, "It's just a little ol' goat's neck out in the cedar brakes along the river." The name stuck, and goat's neck eventually became Goat Neck." Steve Bell Johnson County History Book. 

This was a great ride. The reviews have been very good for several years, but they outdid themselves this year. The directions were great. Traffic control at intersections and turns was fantastic. The rest stops were very well stocked with a variety of items and placed well. The cold towels at rest stop 8 were really great. The t-shirt is really nice. I appreciate something other than white. Thanks to the Cleburne Jaycees and all the support workers for a great ride. I'll be back.

Hey a great ride as usual. But...WHERE THE HELL WAS THE PIZZA! I was all set to hog down a half dozen pieces after the ride...but was told that somehow Domino's had not arrived? Bad mojo. An hour after the finish...still no pizza. Hey folks...if you say "Pizza" in the brochure then figure out some way to make it happen.
Otherwise say "Cookies and watermellon slices". Oh yes...there was a vender "SELLING" hot dogs. Again...bad mojo. Otherwise if you didn't ride this one...shame on you, it's one of the best of the season. Now if there had only been Pizza...

I had Pizza - John.

he Tour de Goatneck was a fabulous ride - beautiful scenery, great roads, challenging hills but not too challenging, GREAT volunteers, aid stations and SAG support. Race directors did a great job of incorporating rider feedback from last year's race. Loved going through the old part of Glen Rose and over the rivers. This ride might be in a position to challenge the Hotter n Hell as the best ride in North Texas, due to its beautiful course, close proximity to Dallas/Ft Worth, nice mix of hills and great volunteers (and of course, great name). Would love to see it continue to grow and eventually add a 100 mile route. I agree with an earlier review re: coordinating with Glen Rose on this ride in order to expand your options.

Excellent ride - one of the best

Great ride - well organized, routes well-marked and very good rest stops! Great volunteer placement, easy in-out of start/finish and out of town as well. Hills were just enough. Had never done this ride before, but it is definitely worth the drive out to Cleburne to do in the future !

This is a fantastic ride. It was well organized, with clean, air-conditioned facilities and post-ride showers. The roads were exceptionally good, and the 69.5 mile ride had only about 3 miles of chip-seal. There were course directors with flags at every turn, with police directing traffic for us at all major intersections. What few road hazards existed were well-marked. Rest areas were every 7 miles or so, and were well-stocked. This is quite possibly the best ride in North Texas. Now, if they only had a 100-mile route.

This is one great ride! This was my second year at the Goatneck and I think it is simply one of the best bike rallies in North Texas. We are fortunate to have many good rides in our area but the Goatneck really stands out and sets the bar high. The route is great - very low auto traffic, very little rough road, lots of beautiful scenery and a good mix of flat terrain and challenging hills. The ride organizers, sponsors and volunteers did another outstanding job this year. Pre-registered packet pickup was very fast. The rest stops were well stocked with everything you could ever want - Clif bars, fruit, water, ice, sports drink, cookies and water misters to cool you down. RS8 even had PB&J sandwiches and Hersey's chocolate bars with PB on them (top that!). I've never seen so many SAG wagons. SAG was everywhere. And so were the cheerleaders - signs and people shouting and waving encouragement throughout the route and especially at the finish line. Too cool! The only problem I had the entire day was getting into the parking lot. I didn't see any reason for the slow traffic. The area I parked in was wide open with no obstructions. There just seemed to be a lot of slow moving people arriving all at once. It didn't appear to be organization problem. Kudos to all the great folks that put on the Goatneck. It exceeded my already high expectations and I can't wait for next year's ride. Well done!!

In my opinion, the best route of all the rallies within the DFW area. Plenty of hills and having a 69-70 mile route in lieu of just 60 makes for a better route also. The start area that allows riders plenty of road to warm up is also a plus. The volunteers out on the road did a great job and everything was well marked. The tents and food at the end were also a plus. 

Great ride, as usual. Many different things make this ride the best in North Texas: Traffic control is perfect. Not one uncontrolled intersection. I hate pay rides that make me stop at stoplights. I can do that on my Saturday group rides. Great volunteers. Great rest stops, with a wide variety of snacks. Great registration process. (I got there at 7:15, and it only took me 3 minutes inside the building to register, so I actually made the 7:30 start.) The T-shirts are good this year, after a bad experiment with quick-shrinking cheapies last year. And I love shirts that are something besides white. The route is excellent. It's so nice to get outside the city and ride some roads with little traffic. Only thing they could improve would be the parking setup - it was bad this year, probably a factor of the growth, but lots of people were stuck getting into the parking area. Oh, and they could add a 100-mile route. There are far too few of those in the area, and lots of us would be all over a 100-mile Goatneck. Some other rides, like Aledo, are putting up a good challenge, but the Goatneck remains the best ride in North Texas.

Helmets off to the Goatneck ! It was a great ride with decent road conditions and excellent traffic control. This was my 6th Texas rally  this year and had not faced a hill that could beat me as yet, well, the ones in this ride did. I went for the 100K ride but had to walk part of the big hill after the end of the newer chip seal section. Half way up the Goatneck I finally threw in the towel and had to sag in the rest of the way. Heat exhaustion was creeping up slowly. Heck, I am 58 ! Nevertheless, I  truly enjoyed this ride. Going thru Glen Rose was pretty cool, the two  bridges across the Brazos, kids swimming in the rivers, the rest stops, the volunteers, the sag support... all great!. I'll be back next year with  a lighter road bike and an extra low gear.

Experienced my first Goatneck this past Saturday. The course was challenging. Rest stops were plentiful and everyone was very nice. Don't
remember the stop number, but there was ice cold sliced watermelon and misting sprayers to cool off. That hit the spot. All the turns and road crossings were manned. Usually with police that  had the traffic stopped. We will be back next year.

I agree that the Goatneck was the best ride this summer!!!!! The scenery was absolutely beautiful, every rest stop out did themselves, cross roads, turns etc. were excellently managed, package pickup and entries were very organized, what can we say other than we will be back again next year and ya'll deserve the GOLD MEDAL of Bike Rallies this summer!!!! GREAT JOB PEOPLE!!!

My congratulations to The Goatneck staff, volunteers and supporters for another job well done. This was my second "goat" and this event has definitely moved to the top of my list of rides to do in the DFW metroplex. However, Saturday's event was nearly marred by tragedy. A late model white Ford pickup (a 2005?) truck blew past us eastbound on FM 200 (we think) with the oversized mirrors coming within inches of our heads. We watched breathlessly as the truck proceeded eastbound at a moderate rate of speed buzzing other riders. The other lane was clear, but the driver did not show any intent of crossing over the center stripe and safely passing other riders strung out ahead of us. Unfortunately we were so surprised that we failed to get a tag number, but we did notice that the back window had horse head figures with the name of a ranch boldly displayed. Did anybody get a better description or a tag number?

Can you say HILLS? I heard the stories about this one and I mustered up the courage to try it out. I rode the 70 mile route and had a blast!! I met a lot of great people along the way. The rest stops were very well stocked. The traffic control was on top of the situation. No worries whatsoever. I did hear a lot of people complaining about cramping. I hope they all got to feeling better. I, however, had no problems in that regard. My biggest challenge was getting up those darn hills. If there is a complaint, it would be that you had to pay for all the snacks at the end of the ride. Oh well, not a big deal. You have to remember it is supporting the local community. I bought a smoothie and enjoyed some more watermelon and ate when I got home. I will definitely be back for this one.

What a great ride. Excellent support, great routes, best marked ride of the year. Will be back next year! Excellent in every way!