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Cow Creek Classic - Waxahachie, TX

June 26, 2018

This was a good venue for me to return to riding after a 7 month hiatus. Although a bare bones event, it was efficiently run. Parking was fine and registration was smooth. Although advertised as a staggered start, it ended up being a mass start. This was no problem though. On the course, signage was good and intersection control was great. There were plenty of SAG vehicles in support. The after ride treat of sausages on a bun was tasty. I've enjoyed this ride for many years and was glad I didn't miss it this time. I'll be back next year.

Good country ride. Well-marked routes using street paint and signs. Lots of SAG support and intersection control. Rest stations well-spaced and stocked with ice and drink. Complaint: After driving in rush hour traffic for an hour to get to the posted bike shop and without warning found out the organizers were a NO SHOW for packet picked up. Last year, also without warning, the organizers canceled the event because of weather. We found that out after our hour and half drive to Waxahachie. The organizers need to have the registration site Active send out email updates to all pre-registered riders!


June 25, 2016

This was a well-attended rally. The volunteers were very helpful and enthusiastic. Parking and registration went smoothly. It was disappointing that the jerseys never arrived for those that purchased them. I was told that my jersey would be mailed to me or I would be refunded. Also, although an email was sent out about the route changes, I didn't see any maps of the new routes. As a result, there was some confusion about the 20 mile ride, which turned into an out and back instead of a loop. Other than these concerns, the ride itself was fun and I'm glad they held it.



June 27, 2015

I have done this ride several times and it is still good. Packet pickup was,.............screech,........wait a minute, there was no packet. A T-shirt and be on your way. Ok. Before the ride, a pledge to the flag and a prayer. Yes by me! And the start. Pretty smooth as far as I could tell. The ten milers however were forgotten, but the issue was fixed fast. Signage and road markings were really good. I liked the fact that they posted the marks before and after intersections. You take the second guessing out of it. And at the pace we started at, this came in handy. I got blown off the back of the front group within a few miles. After I caught my breath, I settled in with a fairly large group and things got nice. Potholes and bad patches of road were clearly painted. Thank you. Police were stationed at the major points, again thank you. The routes were IMO nice with a little bit of everything thrown in. A problem I see in recent years is motorists who won't back off one bit when these events are taking place. I'm talking about oncoming traffic. Maybe some more signage. In Abilene we post signs that cyclists are using this road. Please use caution and slow down......THANKS. I would just hate to see a rider get clipped . {me}. Rest stops were good. No problems IMO. At the finish, folks were there to greet the riders in. Food was available. They said showers were available. Can't comment,....I went back to the hotel. Speaking of that, there seemed to be good services available. Nice lodging and restaurant's. El Phenix did us right after the ride. Great food and quick. Overall, this ride is good, the routes nice, and the people running it equally nice. Will be back again.

Cow Creek Classic, Waxahachie, TX- poor ride. Was supposed to be on the 21 mile ride with my son's who are first time riders. Ended up riding 29? Poorly marked routes, key turning points with no traffic control. Had about a two mile section of gravel road that was never mentioned. Ended up flatting. Won't be back next year, sorry.

It's been several years since I've ridden this ride and wasn't impressed but decided to try again. It has improved considerably since the lat time I was here. The route was improved and I felt it was safer than it was before, less traffic and no highway access roads . I was a bit nervous on one FM because the speed limit was 55mph but it had very little traffic. The rest stop near the highway interchange was unusual and maybe it could be moved down the street a little. It's nice to have showers and the people were very friendly. If this fits on my calendar I will be back.

June 29, 2014

Cow Creek Country Classic was another great ride. Everything was well organized and went off on schedule. The routes were beautiful.

Always liked this ride – nice challenging route with very little car traffic. Then 7 to 8 years ago, several roads got chip sealed. After 7-8 years of car traffic, the chip sealed sections are now fairly smooth. Now with relatively smooth chip seal, the ride is back on my good list. Only stopped at the 50 mile rest stop which was extremely helpful.

Another fun ride. Registration and parking went smoothly. Weather was mild. Signage and rest stops were good. Wind picked up midway into the ride, but it wasn't excessive. The views from the tops of many of the ridges were great. My wife and I really enjoyed exploring downtown Waxahachie after the ride.

Windy! But overall a good, well-organized no-frills ride. Good start location with ample parking and restrooms. Easy packet pick-up. Nice tech t-shirts. No national anthem or anything at the start but a few cheering volunteers at the finish. Rode the 102 mi route. And with the exception of the first turn, the route was well marked. There was traffic control at the first turn, but he didn't direct riders and allowed dozens and dozens of riders to go past the turn. The route for the long route was marked with orange arrows and there were two set of orange arrows pointing both straight and right at the first intersection. We were supposed to turn right, but many of us followed the straight arrow and had to turn around a quarter mile ahead when it became apparent that we should have turned. Small hiccup, but needs to be fixed for next year. The roads were generally very good with light traffic. Rest stops were adequately spaced and adequately stocked and had some shade set up for weary riders. Volunteers were very helpful and friendly. My one suggestion would be to have PB&J at some of the rest stops, at least on the longer routes. All in all it was a good ride that I would do again and recommend.

Volunteers stayed at finish until VERY LAST RIDER rolled in!! I was not that cyclist, just hanging out with friends after, but they were dedicated to support the event 'til The END! God Bless Y'all!

June 22, 2013

Still a great ride. I really liked the new start. Going through the neighborhoods instead of on the service road of Hwy 287 was a much nicer start. We rode the 40. I am with the previous reviewer, don't say it is 36 when it is really 41. Registration at B&B was quick and easy. I really like the new t-shirts! The only suggestion I would make is to have a traffic person at the intersection of Hwy 287 and Ovilla Rd. All the bikes were just running through the stop signs and the cars were very patient when I went through. However, a police presence would have been a good idea. The roads were actually in pretty good shape. The concrete roads in Midlothian are a nice change from the regular Texas chip and seal. But the chip and seal in Waxahachie was not too bad. The wind, as usual in Ellis County, was a factor. The rest stops were good. I like the Burleson honey on the bananas. Waxahachie Rotary did a great job as usual.

57 Mile Route: Great day, decent temps, HORRIBLE WIND, Grueling hills, and that's the good news. I did not enjoy parts of the Cow Creek Classic this year, 3 major unprotected intersections within the first twenty miles, nobody there, no Cops, no volunteers, nobody, there was simply not enough people to cover the ride. – very dangerous. Rest stops were not as good as last year, the volunteers were very good though. The Rotary Group were in excellent form taking care of everything at the High School real well. - Ed

This was a good ride. The t shirts were awesome! Rest stops were well managed and well stocked. Volunteers were great. Signage was good. Even though the published mileage for the rides were different, riders were made aware of the differences from the get go. There were several locations that had all the ride maps posted with the actual mileage. Also the signs had the actual mileage listed. There were only pleasant surprises for this ride. I'll be back next year.

Let me start off by saying that we are relative newbies and have only done five or six other rides over the past three years. This is by far the worst ride we have ever participated in. Everything seemed to be halfway done. The first clue should have been at packet pick up. I use the term packet loosely since all that was in the bag was a t-shirt and number. Course map, nope. Safety pins for the number. Nope. The traffic control was both spotty and curious. Volunteer traffic control in a residential neighborhood on the way out of town. Check. Any sort of traffic control crossing over I-35. Nope. Downtown in the finishing miles. Nope. After a long ride the last thing I want to do is stop and start at 4 way stops every block. Maybe n the future it might be better to head out through down town while traffic is light and head in through the residential areas. Rest stops had bananas or oranges, although to be fair, a couple of them had both. The "Gatorade" was an odd brown color I have never seen before. At one rest stop a friendly volunteer was shouting that the next rest stop was only 8 miles away. Within about three miles from said stop the routes split into three directions. At the next rest stop some 14 miles from the one only 8 miles away I heard many riders grumbling about the misleading info. Only two port-o-potties at the first rest stop? Really? If you do this ride be sure to bring your own nutrition and assume the only thing that will be provided is water and ice. Needless to say we will not be doing this ride again.

Cow Creek Classic 80 mile ride. Registered online with no problem. Packet pick up took a minute. The restroom facilities were good with minimal lines after 7am. The route was essentially the same as last year except for the start. Preferred this year's start direction over last year so a definite plus. Roads were in good shape except for the first couple of miles after the 80/100 split where there were sections of gravel. The gravel was not too bad but there were no markings or warnings. Arrows on the road and signs on the side of the road at the turns. Arrows were place before and after intersections so we had confirmation that we were going in the right direction. Traffic control was in the right places where needed, especially around I-35, where traffic was stopped for riders. Showers were available in the gym which is always nice. Good ride, good organization, will plan to be back next year.

First time on this ride. Have nothing bad to say about this ride (dang it.) Everything was, route, roads, rest stops, registration, everything! We did the 80 miler and thoroughly enjoyed it. The one reason I will be back: no up-charge on the online registration (,, it hosebags!)

Great T-shirts! Organizers in this year's rallies are getting on the bandwagon with the cooler synthetic shirts, and we really appreciate them!
No-so-good: the usual 13-15 HARD (windy and hilly) miles between rest stops on 40 mile route. Organizers need to put a stop somewhere in between. Lots of sagging riders that day due to. Many beginner-level participants out there, and I, a trained & experienced rider found it difficult.
THANK YOU to the pub that offered FREE BEER to cyclists on the route!!!!!! Only too happy to stay a little longer and purchase a snack & extra suds!

June 23, 2012

First time to do this ride, but not my last. Packet P/up great. One of the girls even pinned my number for me. Very friendly. Rides were divided up in classes. Well announced, and staged so there was no confusion. Routes were color coded. They were posted well before turns, several times in some instances. That puts an end to people who complain about things like that. And it is an issue at some rides, but not this one.
The BAD NEWS! Gosh it got hot fast. I was debating with several riders to do the 78 or the 101 mi route. I ended up doing the 73! I hit the wall hard. My fault all the way. NAH!! Look, I gotta blame it on the organizers. They set up a route so cool it just begs for riders to go fast. I rode with some great riders, and we ate this course up. Till the 65 mi mark. Then the course ate me! I was not alone. The heat just came out hard and fast. Riders were searching out shade. Some rider who had a mechanical called his friend to pick him up. While picking him up, I asked how many more miles were left. 5mi. He took one look at me and told me to get in his truck while he loaded my bike. A local. MANY THANKS TO YOU SIR! The A/C and ice water were welcome.
The post ride events were nice,although I really couldn't enjoy much. IMO, this ride is harder than the HHH{ 15x, but going for 16 }. There are hills, flats, awesome covered roads, wind, and heat. Anyone thinking of doing this better train, OR ride the shorter routes. But you will have a good time.

Rode the 55 mile Cow Creek ride. I found this to be a very enjoyable ride with a lot done right. Announce attendance was 1,400 riders. Lots of parking around the school. On line registration was easy and they appear to manage it themselves, so no extra charges. Packet pick up was quick (after 7am) with no lines for pre-registered riders. Minimal lines for either the porta potties or the inside restrooms. The busier intersections leaving and arriving were manned by either law enforcement or volunteers. Markings on the roads and color coded signs for each route. One suggestion would be to move the signs up earlier on the approach to intersections to give riders time to react. The 'confirmation' arrows after turns and intersections were a great help. While the route is not flat, most of the hills are fairly tame. No major problems with the road conditions and traffic was generally light on the route. Personally would love to see them bump the 55 mile route up to 100k. All around a positive experience and will plan to come back next year.

My husband and I did the 36 … errr … 41 mile ride this year. I don't mind going 41 miles, but don't tell people this is a 36 mile route when even the map linked on the site says otherwise. Otherwise, it was a pretty nice ride. Not particularly scenic until you get to the last 10 of the route, when the sunflower fields, not to mention the end of the chip seal, was quite glorious. Only one really challenging hill just before the 25 mile rest stop. Everything was well marked, intersections were well controlled, and parking was easy. Neither of us was particularly thrilled with the snacks at rest stops — just sandwich cookies (which I am not fond of), oranges, and bananas (which my husband doesn't like). But everyone was friendly, and ice, water, and gatorade were plentiful. And about the chip seal: it's small town Texas so it is inevitable, but most of it was fairly worn down and smooth as chip seal goes, and, as previously mentioned, the last 10 miles had no chip seal so it felt great coming to the end of the ride.

June 25, 2011

This was my first year at the Cow Creek Classic event. I rode the 78 mile route. A review said it was fairly flat. The only level spot was the difference between the start line and the finish line elevations. It was ferociously windy, hilly and not too hot. Who knew you could have this much fun in one day. Great support, rest stops, staff were friendly and well organized. Add this to any-ones list of must-do rallies.

This was my first time riding in the Cow Creek Classic. I did the 101 mile route and was able to complete it despite the wind, the heat, the hills, and the chip seal. The course is more challenging than I anticipated as the brochure says mostly flat with a few rolling hills. It seemed to be more hilly than that. The wind was brutal, but at least it was a tail wind coming home. The volunteers were some of the best I have encountered. They were so friendly and helpful. Every rest stop had lots of ice which was much appreciated in the heat. Overall, it was a challenging but rewarding ride.

Twenty five years ago this probably was a beautiful event, but urban sprawl and traffic has made this ride ugly and treacherous. Poor management of the ride doesn't help. Signs on the route were inconsistent and often did not match the advertised ride mileage. At one of the most dangerous intersection on the ride (a very busy four way stop on the I 35 service road), traffic was being 'controlled' by, what looked like, a 12 year old kid, his mother, and maybe an older brother. This created an extremely dangerous situation. I would recommend avoiding this ride.

Very well done again. Spot on directions, plenty of sag if needed, Rest stops had plenty of ice (spaced out perfectly for 100 miles) and overall organization excellent. Hot Dogs at the finish. Super Windy again this riding day. 25 MPH averaged basically in the face the first 65 miles. But the last 35 miles it was directly at your back for a super strong push to the finish. Temperature was at 100 degrees also. Keep up the great and hard work. Cannot wait till next year. Thanks.

Roll-Roll-Roll your bike, gently up the hills, windy-windy-windy-windy, the Cow Creek's full of thrills. I rode the 36 mile route (38.2 by my bike computer…but who's counting). I agree the ride was definitely not flat (unless you are a very small person, which I am not). I found the rollers to be challenging, the wind to be very punishing, and the rest stops were great (thanks for having ice in your drinks and for being well stocked!) I liked the course and the police support was plentiful. SAGs everywhere! The real treat was the strategically placed rest stop at the end of the longest, steepest climb (mile 30 by my computer). Nice touch! Challenge yourself and ride this one next year!

Congratulations to the Cow Creek Classic Team on a excellent rally, lots of parking, registration easy, started on time, well marked, loved the hotdogs after. This is a must do ride for everyone. Thank you to all the volunteers - GOOD JOB!!!

Rode the 78 mile course on the Cow Creek Country Classic on Saturday. Not unlike past years. Can't do anything about the wind or rough roads (Some chip/seal, some lacking maintenance) so it is to be expected. Good support from police at the intersections. Once I made the turn at the south end of the course, I was by myself for a lot of the rest of the ride. It felt like the ride was set up just for me with good roads and a tailwind! The rest stops were great! Even the small ones with a pick-up truck and a table set up were welcome sights after battling the headwinds. One more would have been a welcome sight! Almost all were at the top of a climb too! Heard about one mishap just before Rest Stop 2. Hope anyone involved is OK. The massage at the end of the ride and the hotdog were also welcome!

For the second straight year I would categorize this race as incredibly sloppy organization that is overcome by super nice volunteers. An example of the sloppiness was the meager, poorly colored routing signs and markings. I totally missed the 57 mile separation and ended up on the 78 mile course. Since I had a family obligation that day, this was a bad thing. I thought it was just my oversight - until I found two other riders at the same rest stop that had done the same thing. Signs are weird confusing colors, and arrows on the road are both small and in my (our) case seemed to be missing. SAG Driver extraordinaire Bob Diana heard my issue, and drove me forward one rest stop, thus saving me some time and shortening my ride by 14 miles. Will I do this again? Hard to say - I tire of the obvious mistakes, but the location and the great people make this a pretty decent ride.

I really love this ride! I did the 100-mile course this year and last year. I think the scenery is beautiful and the hills provide just the right amount of challenge. The traffic control was excellent, the routes were clearly marked, the rest stops were appropriately spaced and well-stocked. However, the most positive aspect of this ride is the awesome volunteers. At every rest stop, without fail, each volunteer I came in contact with gave me the VIP treatment. It was like flying first class (I guess... how would I know?). It was like they just couldn't do enough for the riders, and I really appreciated their effort.


June 26, 2010

Some idiot &^%$#@ idiot parked a pickup truck in the middle of the road just ahead of the starting line. Apparently so they could take pictures. yea I know it was 6-lanes wide but this is a time when the riders are looking down trying to click in, jockeying for position and/or looking for their friend. The last thing you would expect is a truck. Hope nobody got hurt. - John

After reading the past reviews about the Cow Creek Classic I was hesitant to to do the ride, but I'm happy I chose to attend and ride the 100 mile ride.
This is a nice rally that is for a good charity. The 100 mile route was very well marked and had police support at the neccesary intersections. The rest stops were nicely spaced at appox 13.5 miles, well stocked and the Rotary club volunteers are very friendly and attentive to the riders. The T-Shirts are Gildan Brand ( one of the best brands) with a tastful design. The showers at the high school gym is also a nice perk.
Good ride, nice people, enjoyable route, so Stop Whining it's a bike ride.

This was my first trip to Waxahachie so I didn't know what to expect. I rode the 46 mile course (which actually was 48.5) and found it to have more rolling hills than I expected. It was a true test for someone whom 46 miles is a true fitness test. Sag wagons and mechanic trucks were visible throughout the ride and the volunteers at the rest stops were very nice. I would have liked to seen more variety than basically oranges and bananas, but the cookies at the first rest stop was nice. In all fairness, I didn't stop at the last rest stop, so I don't know what it had. The finish took the riders through downtown Waxahachie for an added nice touch. Thanks again to all the volunteers.


I've been riding this rally for about 8 years now. I've got a few suggestions and praises. The praises - this is a very simple and casual ride. Very friendly to new riders as well as experienced riders. The traffic support is good and signage is well placed. The showers and facilities at the end of the ride are very appreciated. Ample parking and quick registration.
The suggestions - it is time for a re-routing of the 75 & 100 mile routes. Particularly, the stretch of Hwy 77 on the return to town. There is more and more traffic each year on this stretch and the drivers seem to be getting more careless with regards to the riders. Not sure if some signs about a bike ride in progress or roving police patrol might help that. Also, the rest stops needed some salty snacks. Oranges, bananas, honey, and cookies were there but riders need some higher-carb salt snacks, especially with the heat. Pretzels or Goldfish would be some low-cost opions.

First time to ride this event. I rode the 49 mile route (46…).
Volunteers, rest stops and staff were a 10. Super nice and friendly all of the way thru. Roads were a 5. I ride a lot, so I know about the chip seal – and all of TX roads – but, even the remote country roads were bumpy.
Route was a 1. WAY TOO much traffic. Running a bunch of cyclist – including kids – down the frontage road of a major highway is a bad thing. Very. I would support this race in the future, but they need to remap the route for better safety – too many major roads and too many cars.
We cyclist need to keep in mind that we SHARE the road with cars and trucks…. even though it was an organized ride with good police support, we do not have the right to berate drivers. I’ve been riding – and was a racer – for decades… and have been cut off, buzzed - and once - hit by a car. With the exception of screaming to get someone’s attention, it makes us all look bad and quite frankly, the driver could be the Mayor, or City Councilman – or some other person – who could cancel the event in the future. People in automobiles are not always going to ‘get it’ to our satisfaction…as they are not cyclist. However, a little mutual courtesy, a friendly wave, and a ‘thank you’ will ensure this ride, and our sport, will be around for the long time.
Yes, there are a few idiot drivers out there. Not many, but a few. As well, there are a few idiot cyclist out there as well. Not many, but a few. About 3-4 miles in, on a frontage road, I saw a cyclist inches from a car window SCREAMING at a driver. It was not good. Actually, it was bad. The cyclist was not only screaming at her, but was also throwing out personal insults. Screaming at someone and calling them a “fat pig” is classless, and quite frankly, you were being an a$$. That driver was someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s sister, and someone’s child. No one deserved to be treated like that… even if they were a poor driver. While the screamer was yelling at the driver, his 8-10 year old daughter was cutting straight across the path of the on-coming car… about 2 feet from the bumper and enough for a big mutual gasp from our group. So, while he was screaming and depleting his abundant testosterone to driver of the car, he was not watching his child. Nice.
OK… the diatribe is done. :-)

I rode the 48 mile route and had a great time. The parking was plentiful and near the starting line. They had a staggered start with the longer rides starting first. There were great volunteers at the rest stops and free hot dogs at the finish. I'll be back next year.

I did the 100 mile route at the Cow Creek Classic in Waxahachie June 26th. It was a beautiful day to ride, but SOOOOOO HOT!! I thought I was going to pass out at mile 63 when I stopped at that rest area. I was so close to throwing in the towel. The two old guys there serving Powerade were so nice. I can say that about all the volunteers along the way. Everyone was so helpful to the riders. This is the third time in four years that I've done this event, but first time doing the 100 miles. I can't ever remember the roads being as rough and bumpy as they were this time around. It felt like I was rolling on flat tires and hitting potholes with just my rims for about 85 of the 100 miles. My shoulders, back, and feet were so sore. That's really the only negative thing I can say about this ride. The only smooth roads were on the main streets of Midlothian and the last few miles in Waxahachie. I would love to do this event again, but I cannot put my body through the awful road conditions.

After reading some of the other post & agreeing with some of the comments, I choose not to relist them but just add. Could the organization of the ride do a couple of things to help their rally out by making sure that they list the High Schools Address on their website, I know of a few friends that choose the high school on Gibson Street(?) by what google had listed & arrived a little later than expected. Then I personally went to call the Chamber # with business hrs listed till 5pm...Well on Fridays they close @ 4 pm, I called @ 4:15 pm, not good when your trying to get a few last minute questions answered, simple fixes @ no charge. Overall I want to thank everyone involved, this is a good little rally that could easily grow with some of the changes listed.

We break this review into two pieces - safety and support. On the safety side, I can only recommend that you never do this course. The 10 Miler was advertised as "All Ages can participate with confidence of a safe ride." The start, where you are on a service drive of a highway that is both heavily trafficked and merges from two lanes to one is very dangerous. Cars jockeying for position on a merging road with bikes? Very dangerous. Then the infamous 10 mile turnoff. You couldn't get to the left to turn because of 1. Cars, 2. Late 75 and 100 milers many who refused to acknowledge either left turn hand signalling or slowing hand signalling, 3. Cars inching out into this space to get onto the road. As a result, a car came within a foot of hitting my daughter, and many bikes almost picked both of us off before that. I am an experienced safe biker who has done many Century rides and am among the safest, politest riders out there. Despite other reviewers here who seem to revel in both judging and using foul language to describe me. I too am a father, a son, and a supporter of my family. Clearly when someone almost hits my daughter and then swears at me about it when she nearly killed my daughter, I should just accept that? Really? Thanks for your unbiased (and wildly inaccurate) reporting. The support on the course was excellent. I was surprised to see support at the five mile of a 10 mile run. But my daughter welcomed it - and more caring riders who witnessed the corner wanted to make certain she was OK. Smiles, cookies, Powerade, bananas and oranges powered my tough 7 year old to a strong 10 mile finish. SAG vehicles seen often, and super nice people dishing out hotdogs and cokes at the finish line. Suggestions: do the ten mile as an "out and back" going through downtown early, to and through the hike and bike trail - and then returning on the same course. Then I can honestly have "confidence of a safe ride" with my young daughter.

You guys are awesome and I love this ride in every way. Signage, hospitality and rest stops are all top notch. Thanks for the hot dogs after. Thanks for all the hard work and this ride gets better and better every year. Can not wait till next year.


June 27, 2009

This year the trek included not only chip seal, but road under construction... start and finish were great but in between left a little to be desired....

There is pleanty of parking but everybody pulls into the first lot. Then it gets crowded and people drive round and round looking for a place to park. A few parking attendents would make a world of difference. Also I was surprised at how crummy the map is. - JohnS

Great ride and well organized again this year. I rode the 100 mile and was extremely thankful that they were well stocked at every rest stop with lots of ice. There was a heat advisory and I sure felt it. My temperature on my speedometer said 121 degrees at about 1:30. While riding it felt like some was using a blow dryer on you it was so hot for the wind did not cool you down. This is Texas though. Registration was a snap and quick. Everyone was so friendly and helpful at all rest stops. Only recommendation I can make is for them to have food after the ride for the ones that do the 75 mile and the 100 mile. I was told that the hot dog girl was only there from 10 till 2. If she really has to go and cannot give the station over to someone else, please make some dogs ahead of time to give out to the ones that cross after 2:00. Doing the 100 mile and with the heat I didnt finish till 3:30. Will definatley be back and thanks for all the hard work. It shows for this ride does get better every year.

This was the first year at this ride that I have opted for a route greater than 40 miles. Ended up doing the 75 route. The route over the first 15 miles has been altered from previous years, which made the initial stretch easier. It wasn't until the last 20 or so miles that the roads were very rough and lots of traffic (particularly Hwy 77). My computer was reading temps of 108 to 111 degrees along that stretch. The rest stops 5 & 8 were outstanding. Ice, water, gatorade, pickle juice, and people with sprayers were very helpful.
We had one rider whose tire completely blew out - we waited roughly 5 minutes before a SAG vehicle rounded the corner. No complaints there.
No gripes other than the rough stretch of road - but what can the organizers do about that? We had a "you have to be kidding me" moment as we approached downtown Waxahachie and waited for a very long train to creep through. Post-ride showers there are great and free snacks out front were made available. You have to be ready for this ride and the heat. I'm glad that the return route heads north, taking advantage of the usual south winds. If the organizers do find smoother roads, I hope they keep the last stretch heading north.

Rode the 46 miler and was very fun. Had a long stretch of concrete and asphalt that was fun along with the big downhill going about 35mph. Major intersections were manned along with police escort out of town. Turns were well marked. Weather Hot but tolerable with the well stocked stops along with friendly helpful attendants. This years t-shirts were kind of interesting...

I set out to ride the 100 mile course that was said to be relatively flat. Boy! Was I in for a surprise! Got tucked in with a group who was a little more advanced for me, and dropped out of the group after the first 16 miles, but we were flying! I really enjoyed the big hill with the curve in it. Not sure what mile point this was, but it seemed to be around 25-30. It was torture to be tired, and then see the rest stops at the top of the hills. I got to meet a couple of really nice people, and at times just chatting can seem to get you past the really hard moments out there. Well as the ride progressed, I could feel my brain frying, and was then told at rest stop area #8, that I had passed my 100 mile turn off. I was so disappointed with myself, but later happy about it. I did leave the rest area and took the small loop to add a few miles that I had missed from the other loop. As I rode on that part of the trip, it was so lonely. I was the only bike I could see anywhere, and was then worried if I couldn’t make it, would a SAG be around to pick me up. I finished my 82 miles at 1:30, and hurt so bad, but yet felt so good. As I was driving home, I kept wondering…. Whose idea was it to say that the course was relatively flat? That was one funny guy! And how many riders braved a cold beer at the top of the hill?


June 28, 2008

This is the only ride I know of that one has to fill out a registration form after pre-registering and paying online. The staggered start times are great. The roads are in fairly good shape. The color coding for the directional arrows on the road changes at the 20 mile point. In the beginning, the color code for the 100 mile route was black. After the 20 mile mark, it becomes white. The only markers for the route are painted on the pavement. There are occasional signs about every 15 miles cautioning motorists about the bicycle rally. The rest stops are stocked with Gatorade, water, oranges, bananas and small bottles of honey. There is food at the end of the ride, but one must pay for it. All proceeds from the food sales go to the American Cancer Society. And don't forget the goody bag, the only thing useful in the bag was the bib number. The rest of the bag contained two pieces of paper advertising other rides and one ink pen from a bank. Although this was the 22nd year for this ride, the organizers could learn a few things from the folks who organized the Cedar Hill ride. Hint: Waxahachie Rotary Club pick up the phone and talk to the Cedar Hill Rotary Club. This was my second time riding this one and will probably be my last.

What a fun day! Lots of great folks and a ride to remember. Registration was a cinch. The rest stops were adequately stocked. The porta potties were actually (somewhat) cleaner this year. The volunteers were great and the mechanical support was outstanding! I saw one of my favorite mechanics there under a different banner but was happy to see that he still comes out to the ralies on behalf of his shop.
As a motorist I get irritated at cyclists because of their lack of consideration for others on the road. As a cyclist I get irritated at motorists for their lack of consideration on the road. What happened to common sense?

Editors Note: A lapse in common sense let me post the above review. In all fairness I am posting Mike's reply. In a few days I will delerte both. J.S.

I give them an A+++ for organization! The rest stops, registration, parking, signage was excellent. You can tell they've been doing this for awhile. Routes, however I have to give a C. Do we really, REALLY have to leave through Midlothian?? There were several stretches where cars were mixed with bikes mixed with more cars and more bikes. Because of oncoming traffic, no one could pass so no one could go faster than the slowest cyclist and I witnessed several near misses. Is there no way to get us out of Waxahachie faster and out into the country? On a positive note, the design on the t-shirt is probably the best so far this year.

Very nice ride! A bit more hills than I was expecting, and that and the wind made for a fun and challenging day. My only criticism would be too many cars! I felt like we were on slightly busy roads for a significant portion of the ride. Eventually, we found ourselves out in the country, and the traffic got a lot lighter. That was nice. Overall a good ride! I’d do it again! -Bianchi Bob

Registration was a JOKE! Why register? You fill out a registration form and pay your money. You get a useless packet but a COOL T-SHIRT and a rider number. They don't register the number with a name. God forbid if anyone got seriously hurt, how would you know who they are or who their emergency contact person was? It truly seemed like they didn't really care about the rider but just give them your money! Coming back into and through town was dicey. NO SUPPORT in town with traffic lights. Saw one cop on the side of the road in the square under the shade of the building but he did NOTHING to assist with either vehicle traffic or cyclist traffic. While waiting for friends to complete the 100 miles, they picked up the cones coming back into the school early making for a very dangerous cross over to make the left turn into the school. For a ride that has been around for 22 years, they need to learn a few things from rides like the Collin Classic or the Mesquite Rodeo. Those folks know how to do it right.
The pavement marking at the left turn where the 36 milers join back up with the 46 milers was on the PAVEMENT ON THE FAR LEFT HAND side of the road. Not until we saw others passing the turn and then having to turn around did we realize we quickly had to make a left turn. When my riding partner fell on the large mound of gravel in the road, there were no first aid kits with SAG, at breakpoints, in the police vehicles or even at the Finish Line. We were told the First Aid folks didn't show up and the only alternative was to call an ambulance for road rash and debridement. Nothing they can do about the first aid folks not showing up, but possibly think about having a stock of first aid kits to go out to breakpoints and at the finish line would be a great idea for the future.

A few years ago I rode with a sag driver and I was impressed with all the training and preparations the sag driver had to do before qualifying. Now what is happening? J.S.

First time to ride the Cow Creek Classic. Rode the 75 mile route. Have ridden most of the rides in the area and was looking forward to this Ride, given the good reports. In short I was disappointed. Registration and parking were well organized and went smoothly, and there was plenty of support at the intersections for the first half of the ride. However, there was chip seal everywhere, and riders were buzzed by quite a few large trucks sharing the road. Our group had to contend with two rogue dogs that were interfering with riders. One of the rest stops towards the latter half of the ride didn’t have Gatorade, which given the heat, wind and hills, was disappointing. Once we crossed I-35 and started heading back towards Waxahachie, we were riding along a busy road with quite a bit of traffic. Finally, there was little help guiding riders as we were coming back in through Waxahachie. In my humble opinion, the problem seems to be that they spread themselves too thin by having both a 75 and 100 mile route. I would suggest that they decrease the 75 mile route, which actually turned out to be 78 miles, to a 55 or 60 mile route, the distance most of the other rides around the area (Mesquite Rodeo, Collin Classic, Tour d’ Italia, etc) have for their long route.

Registration seemed a bit chaotic around 7am when I was there. I preregistered but nobody was checking your name off or anything, they just asked for your waiver and your shirt size. For all they knew, I could have just walked up signed a waiver and rode. Might want to rethink that. The staggered start is a good thing. There were a couple roads that may have been lightly traveled country lanes 22 years ago but with the growth to the exurbs; they are no longer that and should be reconsidered. There was one that had a lot of traffic, no shoulder, and some hills. I saw 2-3 guys violate the center line rule during that stretch to pass cars! If that rule is good enough for USCF races, then people abiding by it during a charity ride seems like a no-argument no-brainer. I felt the rest stop volunteers were fantastic, energetic and helpful. Especially the guy handing out paper towels at one rest stop about 9 miles from the end.

Gonna chime in on this after reading some things. I rode the 40 mile portion of the Cow Creek Classic and it seems we have some folks that attended who need to "hike up their skirts" as the great Fred Miller once said. I've been riding this rally since 2001 and the comments are so pitifully predictable that it pains me to look at them. It started back in 2002 with people whining about the chip seal. Then there was a snide comment about a coupon that couldn't be redeemed immediately. I believe there is always something concerning the lack of things in the goody bag.
One thing to start off with is that this is a charity event that the Rotary attempts to raise funds with. These funds are used to help others in need through social programs, outreach, etc. How people got the idea that this and other rallies are for the free keychains and nail clippers is beyond me. Perhaps it could be that most have never done anything other than show up at the rally with a check and a list of demands/expectations. The Waxahachie Rotary is not as big as Mesquite, so understandably, they have to be conservative with how they put this rally on. They don't have as many sponsors, and as a result they have less shiny trinkets to distract whiny bikers. If you are that desperate for things like that, then review past comments on this site and plan accordingly....or stop in at a Dollar General and go nuts.
As for my ride, I see just as much rider carelessness here as any other ride. Nothing can be done to stop this. I ride for myself and try to watch out for others as well. The route was a little bit different from years past. The 2 rest stops I stopped at had it all - Gatorade, Water, etc. and lots of friendly Rotarians. The best was the senior gentlemen at the 2nd from the last stop. A bunch of characters. There is a bit more presence on the feeder roads that take us out for the first 3 miles - that is appreciated. I always go to this one because you really get out away from everything on this ride. There are some good hills and I try to zip through this route a little bit faster than others. This is just a simple ride with some good roads and I will be back next year, maybe with a beanie on my helmet, hoping someone will call me a "little guy".


June 23, 2007

One of my favorite rides. Most of the roads have very little car traffic, very good traffic contol in town. The rotarians manning the rest stops were quite freindly and appreciative of the riders participation in their annual and primary fund raiser. (most if not all the money actually goes to charity).

My wife and I rolled into Waxahachie High School about 7:00 and registered easily and quickly. The personnel were friendly and seemed to be enjoying themselves. We unloaded and waited for the start. The 7:30 start was staggered and took quite a while for the 46 mile group to launch. Normal chaos at the start but everybody stayed upright and we were rolling. Not being an athlete rider the “mostly flat with some rolling hills” was just a bit off. To me it was rolling hills all the way and a few flat spots with a few really challenging hills. The roads were rough in many spots and some angry cars on the roads. Manageable though and pretty much predictable on any ride. The weather was cool and overcast for first half of the ride. The last half had some heat and sun but not too bad. I did not consume the 70 ounces in my camel back. Rest stops ok, I would like more shade and porto potties. Maybe even some chairs for a short sit. There were some uncontrolled intersections, most of the big ones had police or event staff. Not much going on at the finish. Some fanfare even if just symbolic at the finish would be nice. Really liked that last few miles through down town, smooth and mostly down hill. I enjoyed riding this ride with my friends and will come again next year.

This was the first time that we had done the Cow Creek Classic rally in Waxahachie. The registration was very well done. It started on time with staggered starts but maybe make them a little closer together. Most intersections were well managed. Beautiful country side with not alot of traffice on the 75 mile route once you got out into the country. Some suggestions for next year. 1. A few more portapotties would be nice to see. 2. Maybe a little more signage either on the roads or signs on side of roads on the longer routes marking turns etc. as a couple of riders missed their turns and kept going. 3. A few more marked SAG vehicles visible on the longer routes. 4. Marks some of the really bad spots on the road. 5. On the 75/100 mi route #3 34 mile rest stop ran out of ice, water, and gatorade. All rides needs to have some kind of emergency plan on getting stuff to a stn if they run. OVERALL this is a great ride that needs just a little more work and it'll be one of the top rides around. We will be back next year. Thanks for all you do.

I completed the 46 mile route. On a scale from 1-10 (ten being the best); I rate this ride a 7.
The scenary was beautiful, some challenging hills and no rain this time! The hills were not the reason I rank this a 7. The 7 comes from the last two rides which have spoiled me rotten. I determined I had relied heavily on the food-factor and cool-drink-factor. When I approached my first rest stop I almost arrested when I noticed the food and drink tables were bare; only a few lonely bottles of honey. See, I had been anticipating an ice cold Pickle Juice, a few cookies and a banana for the past thirty minutes. And each rest stop thereafter was similar, no food... no pickle juice... great planning! This year we had plenty of T-shirts, but not enough food. I do have one compliment for the last Rest Stop - great Gatorade flavors and super-ice-cold Mango Gatorade -- YUM