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Some Closing Thoughts


Bikin' Mike

Wow! What a great note to end our 12 years of Classic rides. We had our best turn out since we took over the ride in 2001 and from the comments we heard, people had a great time at our Last Ride.

First, I have some items to cover. We lost our MC at 3pm Friday, so I was called on to fill in. Since my primary job on the morning of the ride is to assist with getting the traffic in, we did not have someone on the mike repeating the start staging information. As indicated on our start site payout, we planned to stretch out the cyclists by distance (just like the way we have done it every year). Unfortunately, without the MC repeating it on the mike, everybody massed and filled in. Made for a dicey start. My apologies.

With everything that we had going on, I never looked at the script and tried to wing it. Not my best idea of the day, as I failed to remember several people and organizations. So, here is a lot of what I should have said on Saturday morning:

First, we would like to thank our sponsors who have been so supportive. Rick Gurney of Plano Cycling & Fitness was the first person to approach us and support our efforts with the Collin Classic. We never would have attempted the endeavor without his support.

Second, a BIG thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Rudy Andrea, of the Andrea-Mennen Family Foundation for his support of CityHouse. Rudy was wearing #1 on ride day, and he rode out with the lead group on the 100k route.

Third, my thanks to my longtime friend Geoff Godsey. Godsey was racing this past weekend in Tulsa, but he drove down Friday night just so that he could ride in the Collin Classic with Rudy. Godsey recently won the Texas State Masters Criterium Championship and has joined the Giant Racing Team. Godsey is also the producer of the Texas Tough 250, scheduled for October 2012.

Fourth, I would like to thank our long time sponsors and supporters Dr. Yuri Cook of Raintree Pediatrics and Pat Guess of Ortho Texas. These two clients/avid cyclists have been very consistent in their support of our efforts.

Fifth, our thanks to long time sponsors Road ID and Clif for all the numbers and product they provided.

Sixth, our thanks to all the local bike shops who have helped provide mechanical support to our participants: B&B Bicycles, Bicycles Plus,  Bluebonnet Bicycles, Cadence Cyclery, REI & Richardson Bike Mart.

Next up is what I call the A-Team. These are the men and women who put in so many volunteer hours helping me manage a project as big as the Collin Classic. Each of these people make sure that we are ready to take care of you on ride day:

Registration and Packet Pick-Up

Jan Roewe

Registration Data Entry & Management

Jeanie Brazelton

Volunteer Coordination

Mikalan Cawley

Beth Bumpus

Kathy Kilpatrick

Route Coordinator

Fred Miller

Communications Manager

Mark Guest

SAG Support Management

Alan Faddis

Roll Models

Matt Tinonga

Then you get into the army of first rank volunteers who helped our leadership team get the job done:

Joyce Jones, Mark McVicar , Carolyn Thomas, Bob Appolito, Aleda Keel, Michelle Chappell, Gilley Estes, Jim Wilson, Lane Paschal and Frank Cortese.

We'd also like to thank the staff and volunteers of CityHouse for coming alongside us on this last ride.

For those of you who were unhappy with anything we did, or how we did it, or the pavement, or the running out of T-shirts, or the free food, or the finish line – we regret that your expectations were not met. Believe it or not, we try very hard to put on a good event. Planning ahead, buying supplies, adding to orders on the last day, scrambling on ride day to get more stuff – trying to get it all on the route where it needs to be. If you felt that the Collin Classic was not a good ride, I hope that you will get in contact with CityHouse and help them put on the ride in 2013.

Yes, you did hear me correctly on the microphone. This is my last Collin Classic at the helm. After 12 years at the front of this effort, I am ready to sit in the back. I am turning the ride over and letting someone else take the reins. This will allow me to put my time and energy into some new projects that will continue my long time support of cycling. Be watching and listening so that you can get involved with us.

Finally, I would like to thank YOU, all the cyclists who supported our endeavors all these years. It has been our pleasure to assist you in the pursuit of the hobby that we both love.

I hope to see you out on a bike ride soon.

Bikin' Mike


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