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Mesquite Rodeo Ride, Mesquite, TX

June 1, 2019

Beautiful weather for a ride. Nice breeze to keep you comfortable. This is a primo event! The Mesquite Rotary has it down pat! Parking and check in were a breeze. All the volunteers were friendly and helpful. The start was smooth. Plenty of SAG support and volunteers on the course. No problem with signage. This ride has the best traffic control I have ever experienced. The bike-only lanes were a welcome addition. I did not stay for the post ride activities, but it looked like there was going to be plenty of food and ice cream. I really enjoy this ride.

The Mesquite Road Rally is a very well organized event. Easy to get to, fast registration, nice T-shirt, no goodie bag(yay!). Goodie bags need to either be good or not at all. It is no fun getting a goodie bag with useless stuff. Thanks Mesquite for ditching goodie bags. Great traffic control and intersection support. Great signage and a good course. Roads had some very smooth sections, some pretty rough. The rough sections had warnings and were well marked. Thank-you to whataburger for providing breakfast and lunch. Thank-you to BlueBell for the ice cream. Lots of free ice cold soft drinks at the end too. Bike raffle. This ride has fast become one of my favorites in the metroplex. Thank-you to the organizers, sponsors(sorry to hear that Panera backed out at the last minute), bicycle shops, law enforcement, etc. See you next go round.

Best ride ever, overall. This year was my fastest yet and I really enjoyed this one; overall. Yes, there were some really bad roads in places (Lasater, Lawson, Environmental Way), the out/in for 60 miles sign/intersection confused a lot of folks, but traffic control was the best EVER, weather worked out perfectly and volunteers and Rotary Club staff were friendly and very helpful. Love love love Whataburger for the burgers and Bluebell for the ice-cream. Pickle Juice was there too giving out free samples – ended up needing it and it does work.

The weather cooperated this year with no rain or wind. The PD did a great job with traffic control. Rest stops were well stocked and most of the roads were in good shape. Be back next year.

I did the 40 miles at the Rodeo Rally in Mesquite and it was such a great ride. I have done four others this year and this is by far my favorite. Every intersection was blocked off by police and the rest stops were done really well. Just a great experience.

June 2018

After a rain cancellation last year, it was great to be able to participate in this ride this year. No rain, but we experienced the typical North Texas Summer heat. Registration and parking was run efficiently. Signage was great and there were plenty of SAG vehicles checking on us. This venue has some of the best traffic control I've ever experienced. Intersections were fully manned and there were coned-off bicycle-only lanes available. The volunteers were enthusiastic and helpful. The after ride refreshments were tasty - chicken sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream treats! All in all, a great experience and one I hope to enjoy for many years to come!

June 3, 2017

The Mesquite Rotary cancelled the Rodeo Rally last Saturday. At around 7:30 AM on the day of the ride, they decided it just wasn't going to be safe for anyone. I think they were very justified in this. I was there and checked in around 6:30 and waited around for it to clear. It never did. It just got worse so I was glad when the decision was made. They are going to give the paid riders a discount on next year's ride.

June 7, 2016

The good - Good food at the end with panera bread & Blue Bell, soft drinks, etc, plenty of parking, easy registration, well organized. The price has gotten a little steep - $40. Can't comment on the rest stops since we did not stop. The roads - a mixed bag - Some good smooth stretches, other sections of the route had lots of pot holes, lots of large cracks, the road hazards are not a big deal if you are solo or in small groups, however if you are in large groups such as the lead group going 24+, the road conditions become hazardous. (Bowers Road & Seagoville road) Same with the traffic cones. The cones are put out for "safety", but with large groups they become hazards making the roads less safe.

There seemed to be a lighter turnout this year, possibly due to the weather and some other local rides going on. It was still a decent turn out. Registration was a snap. The start was a little crowded leaving the Rodeo area and winding through the local streets. once is stretched out, the route was a good with roads in fair condition overall. Great intersection control with plenty of police presence. Signage was good. The rest stops adequate with the usually stuff plus one rest stop passing out Panera goodies. The finish line lunch was a nice touch with blue bell to boot! Once again, Mesquite put on a really good rally so close to home. A big thank-you to all the volunteers. See you next year.

This ride is still a lot of fun. It has the best traffic control I've ever experienced! Although it looked like we might get rained on at the beginning, it never happened. The cloud cover kept the temps mild. Everything was well-organized and smoothly executed. The after ride food and refreshments were great! I'll definitely be back next year!

About the northern section of the 100K+ route, I really liked it as I ride those exact roads for weekend warmers, it was fun to be in my neighborhood in a manner of speaking. It was also a nice to start at the convention center; the National Anthem was excellent! Southern sections were indeed a little bumpy, but knew that was coming and was able to snake around the bumps pretty well as they were well marked. Traffic support was superior and the route (100K) was overall very good although looping back across the route can and does lead to confusion sometimes. The breakfast/lunch was AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks to Panera – totally AWESOME lunch 'samiches'! And thank God for good weather (only caught a brief rain early in the ride), although the wind that came late made the final 20 absolute murder! On a final note: Welcome back Bluebell!

The Mesquite Rodeo Road Rally, formally Rotary Road Rally was a great success. This is a ride not to miss. The routes have a lot of variety, lots of turns to keep your interest and a few long stretches to test your skills. A lot of intersection control. There was pre-ride food and post-ride food. Close to 2,000 riders plus raffles for prizes.

June 6, 2015

I did this ride for the first time ever. I have heard good things about it, but the timing have never worked out until today. Everything I have heard about this ride is true! The course was really good(100K) and well planned with plenty of rollers. Great rest stops. For the most part, the roads were in good shape with most hazards clearing marked. signage was good, though I missed a turn due to my inattention. All major and more minor intersections were controlled by local law enforcement. Parking was easy, registration was efficient and fast. Thank you to all the volunteers from law enforcement, rest stops, registration, etc. You guys did a great job! This ride is on par with my other must do rides(Cedar Hill, Italy, Goatneck, and HHH). I will make my schedule work so I can do this ride next year. Thank-you to Panera and Whataburger for providing lunch. Special shout out and big thank-you to the two kind female cyclists who assisted my sister and helped her complete her first ever organized bike rally. She had bonked and was in a bad place, but you two really encouraged her and helped her complete the ride. Thank-you.

As usual a very good ride with ample end of ride festivities. I would like to eliminate the northern section of the 65mile route by extending the route south into Wilmer the way it was done a few years ago. The Northern section is too much of crit course. Moving the course south would open up into country roads and reduce the need for police control at many of the early intersections.

It was nice to have the rodeo convention center again. Everything ran like clockwork. Parking, registration, etc. As always, the traffic control was extraordinary! Love having the "bikes only" lanes. Weather was great with just enough breeze to keep you from getting too hot. Volunteers were wonderful and the after ride meal was superb! Thanks, Mesquite!

This was just my third Rodeo ride and it won't be the last. Unlike some negatives about the northern "crit" style section of the 100K route, I really liked it as I ride those exact roads for weekend warmers, it was fun to be in my neighborhood in a manner of speaking. It was also VERY nice to start at the convention center again – I think it's WAY better than the school start so let's hope it stays this way. Southern sections were indeed a little bumpy, but knew that was coming, I had switched wheels/tires to 25c to better deal with the bumpy roads. Traffic support was superior and the route (100K) was overall very good although looping back across the route can and does lead to confusion sometimes. The breakfast/lunch was AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks to Whataburger (my fav) and Panera – totally AWESOME! And thank God for perfect weather, warm, light wind, blue sky's! On a final note – I miss Bluebell L

Thanks for getting back to familiar start at actual rodeo arena! After numerous "burps" from last year's rally, it looks like we're back on track to the event we know and love. Plenty of post-ride food, good familiar course, police presence at intersections. Good job, everyone!

June 7, 2014

We've done this ride for the past five years or so. It's a big event, well organized and convenient to the Dallas area. However, my enthusiasm for returning next year is waning. My main gripe is the route - too much high-traffic, urban riding and confusing overlap of the various route distances offered. As a practical matter, there may not be much more the organizers can do if they want to start in the middle of Mesquite but perhaps they can consider more of an easterly route (rather than south, crossing US80, I-20 and US175). Also, in this day and age of Google maps and GPS, how can they not get the route distance correct? I rode the '65 mile' route (which is also referred to as '62M' and '100K' on the printable map), but it measured out to almost 68 miles. I hope they find a way to improve on these areas. On a positive note, the food at the end was excellent - salads, sandwiches, etc. and plenty of it.

Start location was moved to West mesquite high, Facilities worked fine for the most part. The 67 mile route added a segment going north and cut a portion of the south loop. The only problem with the change is that at the 30 mile point, we were merged with the 20 mile route. Never a good idea to mix cyclists going 25mph with cyclists going 12 mph. The northern loop of the 67mile route is also the regular route of the RBM Saturday south ride. My suggestion is to truncate the northern loop and add the southern loop, same as 2012-2013 route. Other than the modification to the route, it was good ride and well supported. I presume to help at the rest stops was good, they at least waved as we went by.

First off, the location had to be changed this year due to the Rodeo Arena being booked by another organization for the first Saturday in June (I guess somebody waited too long to book the arena). The location ended up taking place a quarter mile west at the Mesquite West High School & Stadium so there was ample parking. Seeing how the temps were expected to reach the mid-90's and wind gusts of 20 mph, I made the decision to start out 2 hours ahead of the official start time. Good decision. I opted to ride the 65 mile course (which actually ended up being 67 miles), and I was SO GLAD to be finishing up around 11:00 a.m. instead of 1:00. The heat was really taking a toll on me - along with others. I heard there was a large group of about 14 riders that all decided to SAG in at the same time.
There were lots of people who sagged in due to the heat. This rally has always had a great course and the police support is wonderful. Glad to see that the Shannon Loop section was cut out and the 65-mile route could cut back on Lawson Rd.
I have a couple of criticisms that I would like to bring to the attention of the rest stop organizers. First off, the Gatorade. On a super-hot day like we had for our ride, riders need electrolytes to help them get through the course. The Gatorade that was being offered at the rest stops was nothing more than water with a light blue or orange tint to it. I asked about it at rest stop #3 and was told that they were mixing it 50/50. I may as well have been drinking water. There were absolutely no replenishing benefits to what was being offered, which would probably explain why I was bonking so bad during the last 10 miles (should've remembered to bring my electrolyte tablets with me!). Because the starting location had to be moved this year, the route to the finish went through a neighborhood behind the stadium. I thought the ride would never end!!!!! With less than 2 miles to go, I was ready to pull over and pass out under someone's front yard shade tree - that's how wiped out I was. Even taking a Power Gel with less than five miles to go didn't help much. Word to the wise - on a hot day, if you depend on electrolytes to get you through a long ride, it would be a good idea to bring your own powder to mix with water as you never know what you'll be getting at the rest stops. Organizers, next year it would be great if you could let your rest stop volunteers to know to make the Gatorade a tad bit stronger so that it will actually help your riders. If that's not a possibility, then provide pickle juice. Lots of people were cramping on the ride and that would've been a welcome addition at the rest stops.
Rest stop fare - sliced oranges, bananas, cookies and some Panera Bread bagel holes at rest stop #3. Wished there was more variety of consumables offered.
Chicken wings... Last year they ran out by the time I came in (hence, another reason to start two hours early). This year, I didn't even see chicken wings being offered at lunch but it was advertised. What's up organizers??
Panera Bread - all they had was turkey sandwiches when I went through the line (boring). Thirty minutes later when my friends went through the line, they broke out ham sandwiches along with the turkey. Where were the ham sandwiches early on? I guess I should be glad that there was any food left at all.
Last comment I will make, (and this did not affect me), there were LOTS of people complaining that they either never saw the signage for the 65 mile route, or that everyone was being diverted to turn at the 40 mile route. That would explain why I saw so few riders coming up Seagoville Rd. on my way back. My friends who started at the normal time (and were riding pretty fast on their tandem), said that they were all alone out on the back side of the route and never had anyone around them - which is very uncommon on the longer route - there's always riders around! I heard that rest stop #3 (which gets hit twice if you're on the 65 mile route), was out of water and they were trying to round up supplies from the other rest stops. Maybe this is why people were not allowed to proceed on to the 65 mile course? I don't know, but there were a lot of people scratching their heads in the cafeteria and looking at the route map trying to figure out how they missed the route all together. One girl pulled up on her bike while I was recovering in the shade and asked if "anyone knew what happened to the 65 mile route". This has always been a well-organized rally but I think the ball was dropped big time this year in several areas. I know this goes towards charity, BUT, I know I would be disappointed if I drove in from a long distance and paid the registration fee thinking I was going to ride a 65-mile supported ride and only end up doing 40 (not by choice). Better luck next year.

Another great job by the Mesquite Rotary Club, they know how to put on a first class rally. A few little differences in the route this year to accommodate the new start site, but mostly the same great roads from prior years. I only wish they would ask the City of Sunnyvale to re-pave Barnes Bridge. The rest stops were well stocked, and the food at the finish is plentiful. Look forward to next year's ride.

Some disappointments this year on what is usually one of the best rallies of the year. - Running out of sports drink at Rest Stop 2/St James Allee (42 mile route). Heard one rest stop actually ran out of WATER! Very basic supplies at all stops, even though this rally has been going on for MANY YEARS. How about something salty, like pickles or pretzels, too?
-Running out of food at finish. Seems this happens the last few years. Perhaps NOT offering a $5 lunch to non-riders will allow the hungry CYCLISTS to recover with something other than the meager offerings at the rest stops! Also, the folks who are kind enough to provide the food items could give ONE SERVING per cyclist with a coupon in the goodie bag. -Even two more porta-potties at Stop 1 would be great.
Otherwise, good ride I will continue to support. Thanks for the good wicking t-shirts.

What the heck happened to the 65 mile route? No one could find it!

It been 3 years since my last participation in the Mesquite Rodeo ride and notice some changes. Rode the 42 mile route. The distance to the first rest stop (15 miles) was longer than the norm (10-12) miles. This rest stop was well stock. The next 2 rest stops were either out of or low in supplies of water, Gatorade and ice.. At rest stop 2 supplies were low that the volunteers had to ration them. Not a good thing to do. This was The 18th Mesquite Rodeo Bike ride, and one would think by now the logistics of how much supplies should be needed. The weather might have played a part since it has not been real hot outside lately. The volunteers were friendly and helpful. Plenty of traffic control, thanks. Did notice the Mesquite PD had the Large command center at the start/finish Not sure why, but maybe was used to coordinate the officers on the route. The route good markings and most of the road hazards were marked. Did notice some of the drivers stuck in traffic looked frustrated while we rode by. Maybe look at areas that might of have less traffic. Even though at the finish, the sponsors were low or out of food, lot of riders were upset. Come on folks this is a benefit ride for a good cause. The food they is a benefit but is expensive to provide. All in all this year the ride was ok. For next year have ample supply of fluids and ice.

Thanks to all the local law enforcement that did a great job directing traffic and providing a safe route on some of the busier roads. Also, thanks to the Boy Scouts working at rest stop 3. Everyone was smiling and eager to help. Could have used some salty snacks by the end. Heat was worse than expected. Didn't have any trouble finding the 65/68 mile route.

This has been one of my favorite rides in the past, but the past couple/few years not-so-much. Unfortunate that the staging had to take place at West Mesquite H.S. this year instead of the Rodeo. I almost slipped and fell hard on the slick school floors in my cycling cleats…more than once. Oh well, reparable for next year. I really miss the serene Nature Preserve portion of the route (Seagoville?) for the 42 milers. The portion up by the lake in Sachse is tedious and not scenic anyway. The preserve portion was always my favorite part of the ride and now it's gone. The rest of the ride is so "in town" and busy that it made for a wonderful 10-15 mile respite. Perhaps the 60-milers get to do it, not sure…but I know other cyclists have commented about its absence. Addtionally, as has already been noted, the shade tents and hydration need to be top notch when it's so very hot like this year. More shade and seating would've been nice. It's unfortunate b/c this ride raises a nice sum of money each year and it's been getting worse over the past few. When something works as well as this ride used to, be very careful about making changes lest you spoil a good thing.

June 1, 2013

Nice ride, good roads and weather was reasonable. However, when I got to the finish line, I had only ridden 40 miles. I was riding the 100K. Well heck! But it’s not the first time I missed a turn. When I got home, I compared the ride from my Garmin with the ride map and found the missed turn. I turned right on Belt Line Road just past Rest Stop 3, instead of going straight. I then reviewed my ride video to actually see my mistake. However, when I got to the Belt Line Road turn, the sign and traffic control, was directing all riders to turn right. I was at the intersection around 10 AM. Not a real big deal, but when you get up at 5 AM to do a metric century, it’s annoying when you finish with 40 miles.  Oh, well.

Rotary Rally 100K Route – Lots of good things about this ride but a big problem.  There were several courses which intersect which while not normally a problem except this rally only used 1 color of road paint and the same type of sign for all routes. If you miss your course turn you can easily end up on another route or overlap your own. I did this on the 100k when I saw conflicting information (around mile 54) and the policeman at the intersection directed me to a second 100k loop! Certainly my bad for not having the route memorized but when I loaded my ride to Strava my segment matched up with other people who had the same issue.
 Don’t get me wrong this was a well-organized ride but please consider different colors of paint for the routes, put  some signage which differentiates them or at least better signage of the right hand return to start on the 100k route as people are tired at mile 54 and can use all the help they can get

Even though this ride has been going on for 17 yrs, this is the first time I've done it and I've been missing out! Great ride. We did the 40 and out of all the rides I've done around the Metroplex, this one had the smoothest roads. The roads considered "rough" would be standard fare on any other ride. All of the intersections were controlled. No complaints with the rest stops or the after ride food. Rotary did a fantastic job!! I'd love to do this ride again. Love the T too.

Great ride, as usual -- the support from volunteers and police presence are always super, and this year was no exception.  The return to prior routing through Sunnyvale for the longer rides was also welcome -- really scenic, lightly traveled roads with no chip-seal (yippee!).  Of course, that did make the dreaded Lawson hills come during the second half of my 65km route, but by then the headwind was up to about 18mph, so at least there was a nice breeze to keep me cool while climbing. :)  Mesquite is one of my can't-miss rides -- maybe it is the great staff, the good roads, the variety of food afterwards in an air-conditioned sit-down venue, or maybe it is the Blue Bell ice cream.  Whatever it is, I'm sure you will see me there next year!

I rode the 40 mile route on Saturday.  This was my fourth year to do this ride but my first time through Sunnyvale.  The roads were wonderful and some were even fresehly paved and fast.  My only complaint is that the wings were gone by the time I finished.  So much for this being a tour and not a race.  That being said, I will be back next year.  This is always a wonderful ride..

Great new 40 mile route (65K as opposed to former 75K). Just enough, as 75K gets a little rough when we have our usual near-100 degree heat. T-shirts with Cool-Max type material is a keeper! Got my share of wings, but heard they ran out quickly. Thanks to all enthusiastic volunteers and numerous law enforcement officers who have taken good care of us all these years on this rally and continue to do so. This is a "must-do" event for me every year.....good job, y'all!

This was my first time to ride the Mesquite ride and we did 40 miles. I can't say enough great things about this ride. It was well supported – I saw a sag vehicle go by at least every 20 minutes. The rest stops were well stocked and the volunteers were so friendly and helpful. I particularly appreciated the large maps at each site showing the journey ahead and where the next stop was going to be. Very helpful and most rides don't do this. The roads on the 40 were wonderful – great shape little or no chip seal and all intersections were supported by police and crossing was safe and easy. The meal afterwards was good, and the long tables gave the chance to socialize with other riders. I have to say this is now my favorite ride and I will be back next year. Thank you to all that worked so hard to put this on.

May 26, 2012

Mesquite Rodeo Bicycle Committee, I have to say how disappointed I am to see you moved the date up for your rally. After many years of attending it faithfully, I will have to choose the one closer to home being Burleson Honey Tour. With the cost of gas etc these days I believe people are looking @ this. I so wished you'd have chosen June 16th where there is no rallies posted. I wish you another successful rally this year but please consider this for next year as to what rallies your putting yourself up against. All cyclists are here to support each rally the best we can & makes it difficult when things like this happen. Thank you for your consideration with this matter.

Great ride: Smooth roads, friendly and well-stocked rest stops. Some tough hills though.

Whew! Still a little windy, but not as bad as Wildflower! Always a relief to have routes southbound/outbound, northbound/inbound for obvious reasons, and this rally has it right. It has everything right! GREAT police coverage at intersections, as well as excellent markings for road hazards (cracks/rough road) throughout the route (75K). Excellent course, with a lot of fresh, smooth blacktop. Tasty grub for lunch, although we had to wait for more wings (but worth the wait....YUM!). Always happy to attend! NOT-SO-GOOD STUFF: What's with the bag? And for some reason, I paid ANOTHER $15 for a T-shirt. At least the question was asked on the survey (shirt or bag next year?) And, as long as I can remember (riding 20 years), Mesquite has ALWAYS been 1st Saturday in June. Unless there was some mondo event going on June 2 at the location that kicked us back a week, it was NOT a good idea to change dates. "Honey" rally in Burleson was scheduled (as always) on same day, so Mesquite Rotary might have lost a few dollars for those who chose to stay in Tarrant County to ride, not to mention riders who travel away for the holiday weekend. Also, the military personnel who guides the parking was missing; a lot of close-in spaces were empty. Mixed feelings about 8:30 start; more time to travel from Fort Worth but 1/2 hour later into the heat of the day. This has always been a "don't miss" ride for me.....looking forward to next year.

As usual, the the Mesquite Rotary Ride was a great success. Even though it was windy, the weather was good and the roads fast. The route was well marked, intersections controlled by police, well stocked rest stops, and great food at the end. A couple of reviews questioned the move from the 1st Saturday in June. Do what I did, ask them why. As it happens there is an event scheduled for the rodeo event center that prevented them from using it that weekend. I was also told that the next two years are already scheduled for the 1st Satuday in June. As for the bag, I think it was a nice change from a t-shirt.

June 4, 2011

Rode the 100k, was pre-registered, so no check in, the traffic control going in was excellent, plenty of room, started 10 minutes early which was a good thing with the heat today, all rest stops and the traffic control could not have been better, very visible and signage, or sprayed painted roads was also excellent, many of the rough spots on the road were marked with one exception, the area after the turnoff near rail road, there was a 1-2 inches lip in the road which caused several spills, some not as serious, well that's if you were not the ones that fell and one very hard fall, he stayed down , plenty stopped to look out for him, but it looked bad, heard from several other riders that it was on the map, did not see it myself and did not see any visible orange marking, not sure what the breakdown was there,Other the that problem overall an outstanding ride

The Mesquite Rodeo 100K is a fantastic ride, one the last chances to ride before the heat turns up. It is very fast. The traffic control was well organized, all rest-stops well stocked, adequate toilets, directional indicators well placed, hazards marked, great after ride food and cool down. I think more people participate in the after ride event at Mesquite than any other. The chip seal has soothed out after a year of traffic making most roads easy riding. The road resurfacing with (unmarked) grade changes between miles 5 and 7 was very dangerous. It looked like 4 separate accidents with about 30 riders down. Again, they need to identify toilet locations with a board at the registration area since the event wraps the building.

I had a great ride, my fastest time ever, Mostly fast smooth road with potholes painted orange. I would estimate about 3 miles of rough chip-seal. I only remember four big (well sorta big) hills on the entire ride of 62 miles. Every intersection was covered by someone.. Great ride! - John

As a citizen of Mesquite, and veteran of this ride, I'm proud of the excellent job the Mesquite Rotary Club does every year with this ride. And, what a great day for a ride. After the endless days of wind, it was nice to have a calm day to ride, and this was a fast course. Rest stops had plenty of liquids/food, and SAG was very visible.

AWESOME.... As stated the Mile 5 stretch of pavement that was ground was unmarked... however the organizers may not have know about it as I had a discussion with a rider that lives in the area and had ridden the same road Friday morning to work who indicated that the road surface was not in that condition Friday AM???
As for the rest of the ride AWESOME!!! FAST, VERY well supported (thanks Boy Scouts) loved the ice cold towels... See you next year!!

The Mesquite Rodeo Ride is one of the very best organized rides in North Central Texas! It was easy to find and the volunteers from the Texas National Guard kept the vehicular traffice moving efficiently into the large overflow parking lots. The staging area for the registration and rider seating was large and organized to accomodate the riders and support team. The start went off slightly ahead of time and everything was rolling along smoothly until we hit numerous sections of dangerous road surface with cracks, offset pavement, and bomb craters... Seriously, this needs to be fixed before the 2012 event - it's not too bad for riders who are riding at a more relaxed pace, but it IS unacceptably hazardous for riders in packs doing 20+ mph. Most all of the road hazards were marked but there were a few that were unmarked - I suggest marshalls who can warn the riders and slow down the pace at some of the more dangerous sections where Seal Team Six has been practicing their mortor aiming skills... Road Marshalls , signage, and road cones were the best of any ride; having your own private lane with traffic cones is a nice treat on a hot summer morning! I happened across one rest stop for a quick refill of one water bottle and it was all top notch. This ride gets a grade of A+ for everything except the road surface, which gets a D. The dangerous roads are bad enough to cripple or kill, please make this ride safe for 2012.

Excellent from start to finish! I will definitely do it again. Great start location with tons of easy parking. Tons of indoor bathrooms with toilet paper and no wait.
Great ride and roads with nice rest stops, volunteers, and directional signage. Sandwiches, coke, and Blue bell ice cream at the indoor finish area with plenty of seating.
We all had a great time!

June 5, 2010

Just have to say that I do about a dozen events like this every year, and I can't remember a better organized or supported ride than this Mesquite Rodeo Ride. The support really was incredible - across the board. Kudos to all involved, and especially to the police and volunteers who made the route safe with great signage, marked pot holes and cracks, and excellent police support at the intersections. It's no surprise that more people participated this year than ever. When you do something this well, word gets around. Thanks for a fun event and a fast route!

Anyone who hasn't put this rally on their calendar needs to do so. Everything from the registration, sag support, rest stops & police was excellent, can't beat this one. Thank you to everyone involved another TOP NOTCH rally!!!

This was my first ride at the Mesquite Rodeo Bike Rally 100K and I was very pleased with the entire event. The facilities are more than adequate to handle the riders and support people. The Rodeo toilet facilities were below par being very under capacity, I am not sure how they meet code for a facility of this size. At the start we could not hear the announcements so we just followed the lead. The staff were more than accommodating, traffic control and SAG at every turn. It is a fast course (my average speed was higher than my normal) with some rough spots, save some energy for the last 20 miles of combined heat and incline. Stop 2 had a long wait for drinks, and stop 3 we had to wait for a restock of water and ice. The finish with food and refreshments was great.

This ride was fantastic! My wife and I, along with another couple, did this ride for the first time (75K) and we were all very impressed. The event was very well organized with smooth parking, quick registration, good roads (both quality of roads and lack of traffic), excellent support and route markings. The rest stops were well-stocked and the Whataburger at the end of the ride really hit the spot. No gripes here. Thanks for a great event!

I did the 33k and did not feel the roads were well marked. I was told to follow the green signs and I don’t remember seeing any green signs. At one point, if it hadn’t been for the police officer I would have gotten lost. The police officers were great and I really appreciate what they did in stopping traffic and motivating us along. The first rest area was ok although being on the side of I20 was a little disconcerting. The food at the end of the ride was a disappointment especially after riding the Cedar Hills Rally. The Mesquite Rodeo ride was ok and I’ll do it again, although with my limited experience thus far I think the Cedar Hills Rally was the best organized and their T-Shirts are nicer and food was better.

Well organized except for: No formal staggered start (wow, what was up with that?), not enough bathrooms at the start, one rest stop ran out of ice and one washboard section of the 100K was almost too much. Well marked for turns, bumps and potholes, lots of police presence, lots of marked off lanes with cones, lots of volunteers and well stocked rest stops. Loved the shaded spots with chairs, that was a very nice touch for a 55 year old guy returning to cycling

Mesquite Rodeo Ride of 2010 - 2nd rest stop really need more water servers - there was a 15-20 min line just for water!! Otherwise, a very good ride, good routes.

June 6, 2009

How do you make a great ride even better? Ask the dedicated people of the Mesquite Rodeo Ride who make it happen, year after year after year! Parking was plentiful and easy to find at the Rodeo complex. Registration was courteous and took less than 30 seconds. The ride kicked off smoothly and before we knew it we were toodling along at 23 mph. The course was a bit rough in spots but had great signage, had all rough spots marked, and the marshalling of the intersections is the best of any ride I've done - period. I did the 100k and stopped at the mid rest stop and the last rest stop; they were staffed with enthusiastic volunteers and the food and drinks were great! We enjoyed the post-ride eats in the convention center and had a very enjoyable ride. I'm the ride coordinator for a cycling club and have done so many t-shirt rides that I lost count at 200 and I strongly believe this is the premier t-shrt ride anywhere in Texas. It has consistently achieved high marks for years and it just keeps getting better despite the current economic condition. WELL DONE TO ALL THE HUNDREDS OF FOLKS WHO MAKE THIS SUCH A GREAT RIDE - SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

A great job by all the volunteers on this ride. Organized pre-ride parking, easy to follow course markings, well-stocked and friendly rest stops, outstanding intersection control, and good indoor finish area with food and treats. This is absolutely the best run ride in the Metroplex. Now, if we could just figure out a way to make Mesquite and Seagoville a little more scenic...not much to see on this ride (did the 75k); too much highway access road views and run down parts of Southeast Dallas County.

Great job this year as always. This is the best ride of the year, bar none. These folks have it down – from plenty of parking and t-shirts to the post ride meal and – my gosh! Who put all those cones out??! There must have been 12 miles of protected lanes. Super job !
My only critique is… why not twice or three times a year?

Good ride overall, with one MAJOR complaint. ALL postings indicated 8am start but at 7:45 there was a free for all start with all routes starting at the same time. I have never seen anything so rediculous in any other rally. Longer to shorter route staggered starts are much better.

Having done dozens of rides across north Texas for several years now, I can truly say that this is the best ride/rally you will EVER do! Parking- plenty of it and volunteers to help manage the flow; Registration- fast and efficient even with all the other people registering at the same time; Ride- well marked (including road hazards) and there was traffic control at EVERY intersection (at least on 100K route). I never had to slow down. Post Ride- the air conditioning sure felt good; plenty of free food and ice cold drinks and tables to sit down and relax and cool off.
Without exaggeration, this is the best ride/rally you will find. Everything is well thought out ahead of time. It seems they have anticipated all that might be needed and then provided for it. The ride is so well attended that you’re never alone. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many people on these rides. It’s easy to find a group riding at your pace and you can tag along and enjoy the camaraderie.
If you can only ever attend one event of this kind…….MAKE SURE IT IS THE MESQUITE RODEO RIDE !!!

To the organizers: This is probably the 5th time I've done this rally. The route goes right past my house and is on many of the roads that I regularly ride. This used to be, without a doubt, my favorite rally of the season, but I'm sorry to say that the Mesquite Bike Rodeo has dropped to the #2 spot (in my book), right after Cedar Hills' Head for the Hills rally. In the past, everything I've had to say about this rally was 100% positive, however, I do have a complaint about this year's food. After doing the 100K and only stopping at one rest stop, I was looking forward to some good food at the end of the ride. Unfortunately, all that was offered were bagged chips and FRIED chicken finger sandwiches. Very disappointing. Can't you guys at least offer grilled chicken finger sandwiches? Bring back Outback as your main sponsor, or even better, how about Chick-fil-A? I left without any food and felt like I basically paid $30 bucks for the officers at the controlled intersections. I passed on yet another cotton t-shirt and there was nothing of any value or use in the goody bag. Depending on the type of food served next year, I may just skip registration all together and just do my own ride. The Mesquite Rotary Club has been at this for awhile - I know you guys can step it up. Check out the comments for the Cedar Hills rally - they know how to do it right.

I thought the chicken Sandwhiches were the best yet - But that is just me - John

Very good ride, one of the best organized, easy in and out for parking. The 100k route was great, good traffic patrol, just a few pot holes but not to much chip n'seal, distance was correct. I didn't stop at any of the rest stops, but after the ride enjoyed the great chicken sandwiches, chips, many variety of drinks and ice cream, can't beat the food! Thank you.

I have ridden this one every year, and there is not a better planned ride on the cycling calendar. Aside from great rest stops, monitored intersections and clearly marked routes, I really like the black T-shirt instead of white like most of the other rides. And I loved the Whataburger lunch!! Contrary to another review, I thought the fried chicken strip sandwiches were superb to the dried grilled chicken sandwiches that Outback used to serve. And Blue Bell ice cream is another plus. My helmet's off to the Mesquite Rotary Club!! -- Deb

June 7, 2008

Does anybody know what happened to the guy in the mustang that got arrested???

All things considered, the 2008 version of this rally remains a premier event, similar to past versions of this rally but the road conditions leave a lot to be desired. I have participated in this rally for many years now. While the road markings are excellent, particularly the markings for potholes and rough road, those markings do little good when in the middle of a fast moving pack if the riders at the front of the pack do not call out the hazards. Last year I flatted on one of the potholes. This year I successfully navigated the hazards. However, I had to bunny hop and swerve to miss many of the potholes. I would prefer not to have to make sudden moves in a large pack. This year the organizers slightly changed the long route to lengthen it and the roads seemed to be in a little better shape than in previous years but many of the roads are still very bad. I would encourage the organizers to continue to fine tune the route to remove as many of the bad roads as possible and keep this one of the premier events.

Attracted by the previous reviews we rode the Mesquite Rodeo Ride for the first time. Overall we were very pleased. This is a very large highly organized ride. The facilities are top rate with a nice indoor gathering area for after ride eating and recovery. The tandem friendly sign up fee and start time were also a nice feature. We rode the 100K route and it there were always many cyclists in front and behind. At smaller rides you sometimes find yourself out there by yourself - not at this ride. The roads are fairly rough but we expected this given the area. The one constructive comment I have is for the organizers to add a emergency phone number to the secruity center to speed reponse to an accident.

Awesome ride. I’ve been off the bike for several years and just picked up the sport again about a month ago. This was my first rally and what a great one to test my fitness. I rode the 75k. The road conditions were okay. A couple spots towards the front of the ride where a bit treacherous, large potholes, etc…. but overall I can’t complain. Hats off to the police and the volunteers at all the intersections, they did a great job. I only stopped at one rest stop, the last one, and it was very well stocked and the pickle juice hit the spot. End of ride, the chicken sandwich was a nice touch but the Blue Bell ice was even better. I’ll be back next year and can only wish all the other rallies are as well coordinated! Great job Mesquite Rotary Club.

This was my son’s first 20-mile organized ride, and we are very appreciative of all the supporting comments from the passing riders. He finished it and didn’t have to walk the last hill/overpass! This is my fourth time to do this event, and I always circle it on the calendar due to its convenient location and excellent facilities. As usual, the registration, packet pick-up and went smoothly. I rode the long route and liked the change. I’d rather ride a few roads with some potholes than long stretches of chipseal, so the couple of rough sections didn’t bother me so much. The small aid station set up around mile 35-37 was an oasis and much appreciated. The sandwich and treats and the end were great as always, and we’ll enjoy seeing the rodeo with the ticket included in the goody-bags. I already look forward to this event next year.

To be fair to the organizers of the Mesquite Rodeo Ride, you have to divide a review into 2 parts. First the organization. This has to be one of the best organized rides in the area. Everything is were it is supposed to be, plenty of supplies at the rest stops, and very friendly volunteers. Great job on organization. On a scal of 1 to 10, I'd give the organization a 9. Now as good at the organization was, the routes were that bad. I did the 100k, and I've never been on a ride with so much bad road. And I'm not even talking about chip-n-seal. That's just a fact of life in Texas now, so it's not a legitimate complaint. But it seemed like every road you were on was rough, patched, cracked, potholed, and just plain bad. A note to the ride organizers, if you have to print up that many signs that say "Rough Road" on them, you might want to go ahead and see if you can find some new roads to ride on. On a 1 to 10 scale, I give the route a 1.5. If you are one of those riders who really doesn't care aboout the road conditions, then you'd probably have a really good time at Mesquite. But if really horrible road conditions are likely to bother you, you may want to skip this one.


June 2, 2007

What a perfect day for a bicycle event! The weather was fantastic and it was unseasonably cool. There was enough water on the course to keep things interesting. If you haven't been to this one you need to put it on your 2008 schedule. These guys do it right! Thanks to everyone who made the Mesquite Ride into something I'll look forward to each year!
Every intersection was controlled—even those out in the sticks. The bad spots were marked with paint and plenty of signs and the county must have repaired the craters we encountered last year. I hope I rode hard enough to offset all the goodies I ate during and after the ride. The support personnel were very visible and quickly dispatched help to those with broken bikes or injuries. Hopefully those injured riders we saw will be back on the road soon. The pickle juice drinks must have worked because I didn't have any cramps on the long drive back home.
"It's a beautiful day out there.
What are you doing inside?
Turn off the computer and
go to the Mesquite Rodeo Ride!"

The Mesquite Rodeo Rally exceeded last years rally. This rally keeps getting better each year but only one thing that happened and I'm not sure how if it was under estimating the number of riders or riders just being greedy with the Outback Steak House grilled chicken burgers. A few riders were unable to enjoy the grilled chicken burgers as they were all gone when they arrived in. Somehow this really needs to be looked after for next year!!! We brought a couple of riders new to the ride this year and they said that they couldn't believe how well everything went from the registration, police support, sag support, rest stops to even your Mesquite residence appeared to be cyclist friendly...GREAT JOB FOLKS, WE'LL BE BACK!

This was the first year my husband and I have ridden this ride. I have nothing but praise for this ride. Obviously, the promoters and volunteers work really hard to put together this ride because it shows, all the way from the registration to the lunch provided at the end. It was great. We will be back.

Excellent ride, excellent organization. Did the 56 miler. Flat, fast course and scenic. Police presence at all intersections. Felt like there were more spots on the roads in need of repair this year, but organizers did a great job marking them. This is one ride everyone should plan on doing every year.

The Mesquite Rodeo Ride was my first bike rally and it was a really wonderful experience. I rode the twenty mile route and was really impressed by the other riders. I have not rode since I was a teenager (it's been a few years!) and several riders rode by and spoke encouragingly. The people at the rest stops were awesome and they seemed to really care. There was very noticeable SAG support (I was tempted I must say). The feeling of crossing the finish line was enough to hook me on this sport!

I can not say enough about the great job done at rest stop #5. Blindingly efficent, suave presentation of the gatorade, and cold towels; heaven on earth (at least Seagoville. The Blue Bell bars and the prayer by the rodeo clown in a Rotary shirt were also tops.

My goodness! I have never, EVER seen so many riders hurt in all of the many bike rallies I've participated in! There were far too many ruts and wide grooves on the course which were not marked and one of 'em about did me in when I hit it going 22mph. A big thanks to the kind volunteers and paramedics for their help. The sag wagons were so busy with all the problems it took awhile to pick us up due to all the flats and injured riders. I'll have my scars for life from this ride and suffered cracked ribs but that's the nature of the beast. The Mesquite ride has always been one of my favorites and of course I'll be back hopefully a little more attentive to the pitfalls in the roads!

Another excellent year for this ride. Routes were changed up some from last year but I thought they were great. I know some of the reviews indicated that theses roads were not acceptable but this is rural Texas and you should not expect fresh concrete roads for a whole bike ride. I much prefer potholes to chip rock since I can avoid a pothole but have to live with chip rock. The organization for the ride was excellent. The signage on the routes was as close to perfect as you could get. Traffic control was unbelievable – I am amazed how this community is able to get the local PD’s to donate their time but that is what it takes to put on a top flight ride. Whataburger chicken sandwiches and Bluebell ice cream were great. Saturn gave away a gas powered scooter after lunch as a door prize. Since I was the one who won the scooter I will always be biased with this ride and will return every year.

Best ride ever! No bad roads At ALL! Excellent support and registration. Did not use rest stops but, they all looked like they were well supplied. My only suggestion would be a longer route. I WILL be back.



June 3, 2006

Hats off to the best organized ride of the year. Each and every other event should take note of the excellence that is put forth by everyone at the Mesquite Rodeo Ride. There are policeman at all intersections helping us with traffic, rest stops are top notch, Outback steak house and Blue bell ice cream at the finish, Lots of photographers for your personal photo. This course is relativly flat, I did the 56 mile and only climed 1120 feet. The only thing in my opinion to bring this ralley up another notch is to add a 100 mile ride. For me, 56 is not enough. I know of alot of people that would like to see this happen. I alway feel so good after doing this ride. Maybe because my times are getting better every year. I did the 56 mile with an average speed of 21.1 mph. For me, thats a new land speed record. Good work guys.

Mesquite Rodeo Bike Ride 2006. EXCELLENT ride! Very well organized, great parking, nice staging area. And the ride? WOW! Great route selection-nice roads for the most part that were mostly flat with a few challenging hills. The route made the ride very enjoyable as I did not ever feel as if I was in over my head nor struggling like I have on other rides. Just a nice, enjoyable, pleasant ride. Superb intersection traffic control. Amazing signage and markings. (They even marked road hazards on the road itself - for the WHOLE 40 miles! Unbelieveable!) I never needed to look at my map because they did such an excellent job of marking the route and guiding you. And they even had maps at every rest stop as well. Well spaced and well stocked rest stops with plenty of porta potties at each and every stop. The cream of the crop for rides and I will return each and every year. You couldn't keep me away! Great job Mesquite Rotary club!

This is a really well executed event.  The folks that work it are very friendly and absolutely fantastic.  The police officers, deputy sheriffs, contantables, and fire department personnel do an outstanding job directing traffic and working intersections.  The route is nice, fairly well marked, and where there are road hazards, for the most part, they are well marked.  Other rally coordinators could learn alot from this crowd of organizers.  Oh and one more thing that makes this one nice  ...alot of rallys have raised their prices and are going to price themselves out of the market, but the Mesquite Rodeo Ride has kept those prices in check.  Nice job.

The 2006 Mesquite Ride was another outstanding ride and everyone should mark it on their calendars for next year. Rode the 56 mile ride and was pleasantly surprised at how well the markings on the road were. All rest stops extremely well supported with cheerful volunteers, all interestions well policed, sag vehicles everywhere, can't think of much that they could improve on, Great Job Folks....a suggestions to some other rallies that maybe you should talk with the Mesquite people and get some of their ideas or come and see how well it is run.

If you're new to cycling/rallies, this is one you should not miss! I've attended this one more times than I can remember, and it never fails to please! I rode the 40, and it was great! (NOTE TO ORGANIZERS: This new 40-mile route is better than previous would be great to repeat next year! )Excellent directional signage, great care in highlighting road hazards, super intersection coverage by the friendliest in Blue, and volunteers who truly care that all riders have a super rally! I understand participation was likely surprise! GREAT JOB!!! K-Duck

I've found another ride that will definitely become an annual event for me! This was an extremely well-organized and executed ride. The police support at the intersections was first-rate. The rest stops were well-placed, well-stocked and the folks there were friendly and helpful. The roads were well-marked (but one of my friends still managed to get lost...but not due to a lack of arrows and signs...) and the road hazards were also well marked both by paint at the point of the hazard and by warning signs. The flatness of the course and the lack of much in the way of wind allowed me to post a personal best for the distance I rode and the finish provided me ice cream and Outback food with which to celebrate. I'm not sure that, short of adding a 100 mile course, as already noted by another reviewer, there is anything that the organizers could do to make this ride any better!

This was my 9th rally of the year, and I’ll I can say is WOW. By far and away the best organized rally I’ve done, and certainly the best in the Metroplex. It’s been said before, but bears repeating: this is the ride that sets the standard for all others. Registration was extremely efficient, the route was outstanding – mostly flat on excellent road surfaces, with a few hills thrown in to keep it interesting. The few potholes on the course were clearly marked with orange spray paint. Route signage was excellent, as was traffic control at intersections. Aid stations even had printed signs indicating which coolers contained sports beverage and which ones contained water. I rode the 56 miler and agree with an earlier review that this ride is now established enough with enough riders that it should consider adding a longer route somewhere between 70 to 100 miles. Only complaint: there was a somewhat dangerous and puzzling intersection crossover towards the end of the ride that needs to be remedied. Otherwise, bravo Mesquite Rotary Club!

Short and sweet: good morning, good signup, good signage, good roads, good scenery, good police support (OK, the rubber chicken sandwiches at the end weren't the best.) makes for a Great Ride. See ya' next year.

This was my first time riding the Mesquite Rodeo Bike Ride. I rode the 56 mile course. “Day of” registration took place inside a building next to Resistol Arena and went smoothly. The $25 registration fee seemed like a bargain for the T-shirt, support and food available for all 2000 riders. There were staggered starts for the 56, 40, 20 and 5 milers following instructions from the Mayor of Mesquite and the National Anthem. Police and National Guard were directing traffic around the arena and there was traffic control and sometimes orange cones at nearly every major intersection. Course was marked with colored arrow signs. Road hazards also were painted orange and additional turn arrows on the roadways. The route was mostly flat with a few rolling hills near the end. It had been shortened from last year due to bad roads near one town that were deemed too dangerous. There was only one short stretch of road that had a lot of pot holes, some unpainted, all over the roadway, which made riding close on the wheels of the lead pack a dicey proposition. The 35 mile rest stop was well supplied and had enough porto-lets. I only saw one loose dog, one minor accident, but several flat tires. Back at the finish, there were chicken sandwiches, chips, water and soft drinks catered by Outback Steakhouse and there seemed to be more than enough for everyone. They also had ice cream for dessert which was a real welcome bonus after a hot ride. Massages were available for $1/min and there was plenty of shaded, indoor seating for all finishers to eat and cool off. I would rank this as one of the top three rides I’ve done this year. It had excellent support and was a real value. I’ll definitely ride this one again next year.

Please fix the Pot Holes - This is too dangerous travelling at +20mph in pack. Other than that fantastic organization/ride at all levels from registration to cooling down in air conditioned building in front of a chicken sandwich, ice cream and soft drink.

This is the first time for me to ride this ride. Rode the 56 mile. Nice job all around for the organizers of this ride. Just a couple of suggestions. Please repair the crater of pot holes. This can be dangerous when riding 20 miles an hour in a pack. Also, the Chicken sandwich from Outback was a big disappointment. It was cold and tough to eat. You guys can definately do better on the food. However, the ice cream was definately nice. Thank you so much for your efforts in putting this ride on. I hope to return again. - Thank You.

You've got to be kidding me !!!! This is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, the MOST organized ride ever. Just pulling into the parking area let's you know this a very special ride. Parking attendents made it really easy to get e front row space. Registration was a breeze. 50+ pens on the table at registration let you know they were ready for anything. They accept credit cards...another plus. Maps on-line for all distances. A family route to get the kids into bicycling. Signage was excellent, provided by "Accurate Signs" I believe. Signs and painted pavement, you could not get lost on this ride. More smooth pavement (percentage wise) than any other rally. Rough road signs warned of trouble, plus just about all potholes were painted red. Just one section with potholes, but no problem if you watched where you were going . Rest stops great, some with maps showing where you were. At finish "Outback" provided a great meal. I rode with a slower rider(Come on Larry, let's do more training so we don't miss out on the after-ride goodies)
I had given up on having food left over, but all we missed out on was the Blue-Bell ice cream . Why didn't anyone tell me what a FANTASTIC ride this was? Come to think of it, I think you did. We are SO LUCKY to have this outstanding ride in our area. Hats off to organizers, traffic control, SAG support, rest stop volunteers, and everyone who made this ride the "Best in Texas". Maybe a longer route next year? Put this one on your calender was phenominal!!! DeWayne Shepard (Roadkill)

This is my first review but far from my first ride. I am an eager cyclist and have over 1500 miles this season. I rode in the 56 mi route. This is by far the most value and best riding experience in the metroplex. The mech support was always visisble, the routes well marked, the stations well stocked, the roads were superb, the MEAL at the end was plenitiful and well thoughtout (We had Grilled chicken sandwiches, unlimited soda on tap, unlimited ice cream (bars, sandwiches, popcicles). I was happy to see people arriving at the finish when they were begining to wrap things up and the food was still available and the tables were still full of people socializing. Also every rider was given a ticket to the Mesquite Rodeo. The only negative thing I have to say is that I feel that these folks are so good at putting on a ride that they should add a 75 and a 100mi route. I'd like them to take over the Collin County Classic and the Tour of Dallas. Good going guys!!! I will be back next year with more riders for this event.

This was my first time to ride at Mesquite and I was awed by the number of riders. I was also very impressed by the way everything was done to perfection. It's well worth the 3.5 hour drive over! It was very relaxing to eat those marvelous chicken sandwiches and as much ice cream as you could hold in a cool spot and get a rub-down if you wanted one.


June 4, 2005

Many thanks (again) to all of the volunteers, organizers, sponsors, road & intersection marshals, Police officers, riders, vendors, and the Mesquite Rodeo for another outstanding cycling tour! The improved website made it easy to find the event, helpful & enthusiastic volunteers made sure the parking process and registration went smoothly, the staging area was close & compact, and the rendition of The Star Spangled Banner was of note (no pun intended...). Although the route had some changes from last year, everything seemed to go effortless, despite some drizzle and a moderate southern breeze. The roads were in great shape, gravel & obstacles were almost non-existent, road hazards were marked and easy to spot, signage was great, the road & intersection marshals and the Police did an outstanding job; even the vehicular traffic was agreeable. We did the 100k and only stopped at one rest stop and it was very good and not much of a wait for the port-o-potty's. The finish line was spectacular and afterwards we were treated (again) to some good eatin from a variety of sponsors in the large air conditioned convention center. I'm in a local cycling club that puts on a very popular tour immediately south of the metroplex in June and I know the degree of planning and attention to detail needed to produce an acceptable tour - the folks in Mesquite are to be commended (again) for doing such an extremely professional job on the 2005 Mesquite Rodeo Ride. The success and the results speak for themselves due in large part to the planning and subsequent execution of all aspects of this ride. Thanks again guys and gals for doing the impossible, we'll be back (again) next year. A note to all Ride Director's, and to those who are considering implementing a ride in your community: come out and observe what the folks in Mesquite are doing - nobody does it smarter, better, or more professional than them - it's just that simple

Again, this rally sets the standard for route lay out, intersection and on route support, and the rest stops. The maps, although very helpful in knowing exactly where you are, are not necessary because the routes are so well laid out. I did the 60 mile route which has enough hills to challenge you but not waste you away! The only flaw in this whole thing was that the chicken in the sandwiches were a little stringy and dry (probably just a little over cooked). Otherwise, everything at the finish line was like the ride itself, very well done!

Shame on you if you missed this event. What a fantastic job these people do. The roads and police presence were awesome! Impossible to get lost in this event even if you tried. The was even a short rough part of a road...and there was a sign calling it the Paris Robbilise (SP?). This is a fast course 75% flat and the rest mild rollers. This is made for those guys with big gears and Hed-3 Tri spokes. Traffic was not even noticeable and the weather cooperated magnificently. Each year I keep thinking it can't be better... but I am always wrong. 10 out of 10 for this one on the rating scale. There were 1,700 riders, but is good enough to attract 10 times that amount. This is definitely a "must ride" event each year. Congratulations to Dwight Hawkins and the savvy pros putting this one on.- Norm Weatherby

Mesquite Ride 2005 was greater than the past. The opinion polls put on the tables in the eating area I am sure help to evaluate the ride and help in the future. The parking was improved so you did not have to walk cross in front of traffic to use the restrooms or to register. Kudos. The sequence start keeps the excessive clutter of bikes to a minimum. Well marked routes and color coded so using the map was necessary. Great friendly rest stops well stocked with everything. The drizzle keep the riders cool combined with the overcast sky the first 45 minutes, then the rain stopped. Good routes and police coverage make it safe. Great job everyone involved, Big Thanks for the volunteers. The standard all rides should follow. My chicken sandwich was done to a turn and wonderful, good drinks and the ice cream as a topper. 


June 5, 2004

Excellent ride! I got the impression that the threat of bad weather reduced the number of participants, but it was their loss! No rain, cool weather, very few areas of standing water, light breezes and some sun at the end. I rode the 20 miler, and it was over much too quickly. Great signage and friendly folks throughout, plus exceptional police and military support at most intersections. Volunteers were enthusiastic and friendly. Lesson I learned the hard way: at one of the very few uncontrolled intersections (side street with stop signs entering the road we were on), a van seemed like it would stop and let me through, then continued across the road. It was a bit slick coming down that gentle hill, and I was at full throttle thinking I was in the clear. I foolishly locked up the brakes, fishtailed to the right, let go and locked them up again and went down after another fishtail to the left. (I guess that was better than smashing into the side of his van!) No significant injuries, and the driver jumped out to see if I was ok. Bottom line: I learned the hard way not to trust that a vehicle will yield--or even see me--to let me pass. I'll definitely ride more defensively from now on... (...and work on my braking technique!) Other than that, it was a very enjoyable time, and the food from Outback was an excellent way to finish the ride. I'll be back next year, ready to ride the 60 mile course. Thanks to the organizers and staff for a very professional event!

This ride has the best route marking of any ride, bar none.

EXCELLENT RIDE - extremely well organized, traffic control at all intersections, signs pointing the right directions, pot holes clearly marked with orange paint. People at rest stops seemed friendly - at least they all waved at us when we went by. Early morning rain and thunderstorms probably kept attendance down below 1,200 vs. the expected 1,800, but that just left extra chicken sandwiches and ice cream at post ride for Me - Thanks. The rain did leave the road slick in places resulting in a two bike crash at bottom of one hill. See you next year.

Great rally! This is an excellent tune up for the Collin Classic. The 60 mile route is well laid out and challenging but not a killer. I am real impressed with the intersection control throughout the ride and traffic was never an issue. This shows how well the ride organizers do their homework. The scenery is really beautiful especially the loop around Lake Ray Hubbard (between miles 15 and 40). I did the entire ride non stop and was close to the front of the group on the 100k route but noticed that the rest stops were pretty well staffed. Attendance at this ride was relatively sparse (compared to other years) due to the weather. As usual, the food and drinks at the finish line was real refreshing plus it gives one a chance to build fellowship with other riders.

I did the 60 mile course, and found every aspect of this ride to be of the highest standard. The weather was nearly perfect for the duration of the time I was on my bike... The registration area was well laid out, with next to no delays (my friend and I had pre-paid - there were no line-ups at those booths). The starts went well, the course markings were the best, and sections of rough roads were hi-lighted with both signs and paint... this was great.... Being that I ride slower than most, I was one of the last of the 60 milers to make it in, but... along the way all rest stops were pleasantly manned, and I was thrilled to ride up to the last one (with only 5 miles remaining on the ride) - I needed that one... All rest stops had ample supplies. The visibility of the SAG wagons was great all along the way. Even at the end. there were still people cheering your arrival... The organizers and volunteers at this ride did a great job. Thanks to all of them, and to their sponsors... I will return next year...

Another flawless performance by the Mesquite Rotary. The 40 mile route, which stays pretty much the same, is fantastic. Rest stops are placed roughly every 30 minutes by my speed. Just enough hills to challenge, yet it remains a very fast course. They also go through the trouble of spray painting hazards on the road and notate rough roads with signage. Does it get any better? I think not. I cannot say enough good things about the post-ride. I wish many of the other event organizers would talk to restaurants about catering with simple sandwiches, etc. I retreat when I hear the word "hot dog." This ride should be considered the benchmark for all other area rides. I really appreciate the efforts by the area police and National Guard. They make this event very successful and very biker friendly. I'll be back year after year.

I agree with all the positive things said about this event. This event is 2nd to none. Once you have done this ride and experience the post ride food, drink music in the convention center, other rides will have a hard time meeting the standard. Great job Mesquite Rotary Club!

Despite the overcast and misty rain was a great ride. I would have loved to ride the longer route but work kept my to the 30 mile route. The start is very quick with a gradual downhill12 miles zipped by like nothing. The rest stops were nice and thanks to the Mesquite PD for the intersection support. The Outback meal at the end was not restaurant quality, but hey it was free and tasty and they gave out free onion blossom coupons.

The Mesquite ride is a great one for beginners. This was my first and I did 20 miles. My husband went on ahead of me as he was taking the long route. The volunteers were great and the route was well marked. I will do it again next year but take the long way home this time.

Way too urban, too many turns, too much traffic, too many traffic lights. Next year, I'm going west to the Cyclone Bicycle Tour, Comanche, TX on that Saturday.

This is my anniversary ride. It was one year ago that I began cycling. And what a fantastic day. I thought it would rain, but it didn't. I enjoyed every minute of this ride. Instead of doing 20 miles, as I did a year ago, I did the 100K. Last year I was very nervous, but this year I was ready to ride. I would highly suggest this rally for anyone just beginning their cycling. The routes are extremely well marked and the ride support and traffic control is amazing. Anyone planning a rally should make note of this one. If  I had to complain, it would be the chicken sandwiches.  Dry and tasteless. I know it costs money to have that food there, so perhaps there is an alternative to the dry chicken like regular sandwiches. The ice cream was a nice treat especially since it warmed up quite a bit later in the day. Did anyone see the humor in having the ice cream freezer next to the pickle juice booth! Until next year....

June 7, 2003

What a great ride! These folks have got it all figured out. I did the 100K route, and it was terrific. The route is laid out exceptionally well and very well marked. The road surfaces were all smooth except for just a few stretches of the dreaded chip seal. Cracks and potholes in the road were marked with both road-side signs and bright orange spray paint. Every intersection was controlled, and there were lots of them. Clearly, whoever manages this ride is a cyclist. Plenty of parking, registration was a snap, the rest stops were well stocked, and the after-ride was great. This ride was so well managed, I'll even give them credit for the great weather :-) ATTENTION OTHER RIDE DIRECTORS: Model your ride after this one, and you're sure to have a success. Many thanks to everyone at the Mesquite Rodeo Bike Rally. I'll definitely be back next year!!!

This is an extremely well organized event, traffic control at all intersections (at times i wish the cops would make me stop so i could rest), excellent and well run rest stops, Outback steakhouse provided sandwiches at end. Route was very good once out in country. Sign excellent -even warning of rough spots in road. Will be back next year.

This ride just gets better every year. The people involved really out did themselves. Extraordinary traffic support at all intersections. Truly one of the best if not the best rally in the north Texas area. This is clearly a ride organized by fellow cyclists.

You can tell that the organizers and volunteers put a lot of extra effort to make this rally what it is. I rode with a lady who is new to distance riding (this is her 2nd organized bicycle rally) and she was really impressed with everything. We did the 40 mile route, which was about 60% shaded. There were a lot of hills, but nothing that was insurmountable and some a few of the roads were of a "shake and bake" variety. Since we both rode mountain bikes, the rough stretches were not near the factor they would be if we used road bikes. My friend did really great. She averaged just under 16MPH for the entire ride. After the ride, we pat ourselves on the back, enjoyed some wonderful barbecue, and came home with a great sense of accomplishment.

The Ride was very nice. I rode it last year and this year was better since this year my bike was working. The rest stops were all good but one the one at the school in Seagoville they sat in the chairs and took away the little shade we could get for a little break. One more place there should have had someone controlling traffic was the brides over 175 that was one place people in cars don't care about us riders other than this the ride was good and i will ride it again next year.

I hope you enjoyed the Mesquite Rodeo Bike Ride. It certainly was a perfect day for a ride and all seemed to go well. Outback made 1,600 lunches, Mesquite Championship Rodeo donated a ticket to each rider, we had 13 pickups loaned to us by Town East Ford and the City of Mesquite and the Mesquite Police, Town of Sunnyvale, Balch Springs Police City of Seagoville, County Constable Michael Gothard and Dallas Sheriffs Office, RACES (ham radio operators) all donated their time as well. Without this kind of community involvement we couldn't possibly have a bike ride. Special thanks goes to Dwight & Patti Hawkins and their company Town East Heating & Air for donating time and setting up their sound system and scissor lifts for the start & finish lines and to Past Ride Chairman Steve Whitworth for his advice and tireless efforts. I could go on forever about our Rotary Club and how we are dedicated to the effort to eliminate Polio worldwide, provide scholarship funds and support local charities. Frank Block, 2003 Mesquite Rodeo Bike Ride Chairman

I thought the ride had the best signage I have seen in a long time.  Almost every pothole or rough spot had a sign.There were over 650 signs used.  All these signs were donated by Accurate Signs of Mesquite. John

Excellent event! Traffic control was superb, the rest stops were plentiful and all volunteers were helpful and friendly. I can't think of any way it could have been better and I am looking forward to seeing the pictures from the finish line. I will absolutely be there again next year. Many thanks to the Mesquite Rotary Club for a really fun and safe ride!

I've done four other paid rides this year, but this is the best one yet. I believe all organized rides should use this one as an example of how they should be done. Being able to pick up your packets in advance was a definite plus, plenty of parking, rest stops were adequately stocked, traffic control was great, signage was excellent, potholes and rough patches were marked and the volunteers were very friendly. I rode the 60-miler and my wife and child rode the 20-miler. The route was great, some hills toward the end to make it challenging, but overall great scenery and smooth roads. I'm already looking forward to next year!

This is the first ride I've done in some time. What a great way to get back. The organizers did a tremendous job - Great, well marked scenic route. Challenging, but not overwhelming. Great support on both rest stops and police assistance at the intersections. EZ signup, EZ park. Outback, and other contributors did a fantastic job with the after ride lunch/social. The organizers even arranged for cool morning, sunny with a very light breeze. Cannot think of any negative impressions. Overall, I think this ride rates an A+ in my book. My congratulations to all involved in putting this one on, Organizers, contributors, volunteers, and, yes, the riders themselves.

Mesquite Rodeo Bike Ride is destined to be the premiere North Texas bike rally. I've ridden it every year, and few -- if any -- other rides can hold a candle to Mesquite's 2003 event, which was planned for cyclists by cyclists. From excellent signage, patrolled intersections and marked road dings to friendly volunteers and well-stocked rest stops, "cycling isn't complete until you ride in Mesquite."

Somebody tell the CTC Ride Director that Mesquite Rotary know how to plan a ride. For a moment there I thought I was in Cycler's Heaven, that was until I became victim to a Insectual Onslaught at the Start line. This had to be the GREATEST ride I've ever participated in. Heck I even think they organizers paid off Mother Nature with a small fortune cuz the weather was Perfect!!! I did the 40 stroll and by the time I was done, I wanted to do it again. Beautiful scenery and the occasional hill almost made me forget about the fresh smell of Horse Poo. You guyz laid out enough signs that even the blind riders could finish it!!! Nice touch with the pick pothole markings. And definitely hats off to the Boys In Blue. They did a Superb Job!!!

Great ride. Very well organized and supported - especially traffic control @ ALL the intersections! Thanks! Parking was great and picking up packets was a breeze. The rest stops were great - well stocked and the peanut butter crackers are a great idea! Only one suggestion - could you provide a different route for the racers other than the 20-mile loop - we were riding with two young cyclists and it was very unnerving to them to suddenly have these speed demons come whizzing by with no warning - where have all the manners gone - very few riders bother to warn "on the left" anymore!! Is this a new trend or are we all supposed to have eyes in the back of our heads? But regardless of the manners problem - Mesquite puts on a first-class ride and we'll be back again next year.

I am a bicyclist and a ride event director. This ride compares to HHH and Lance Armstrong Ride for Roses in community support and organization. The Mesquite Rodeo grounds is an ideal location for a ride. The hotel convention area and Outback Steakhouse post ride meal was a bicyclist's dream. The weather this year was perfect. The number of police support, turn-traffic control and road support were staggering. I critique every ride I attend but could not find any significant fault at this one. My advise next year is to get there early because this ride will continue to grow in size.

Well, Mr. Frank Block, 2003 Mesquite Rodeo Bike Ride Chairman, I certainly hope that you organize this ride again next year. If so, I will be sure to attend. For several days after the ride I told everyone I know about this ride and it was all high praise. I am a stickler for organization and this ride blew me away. I have never felt so safe on a bike ride as yours. Due to the police and signs (Accurate Signs of Mesquite) at every turn I was never worried about vehicles or getting lost. All of the organizers did an outstanding job! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!