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Tour De Agua, (formerly Tour de Pepper) - Dublin, TX

June 10, 2018

Second time on this Dublin, Texas ride and is now become one of our favorites. Check in the night before was quick with welcoming volunteers. Country roads were marked with directional paint. Mostly flat but some long climbs. Rest stops were well-spaced and stocked. SAG vehicles were supported by amateur radio. We will ride again next year!

June 10, 2017

The 2017 Tour de Agua started in Downtown Dublin near the Dublin Bottling Works on June 10, 2017. The weather at the start of the ride was sunny, temperature 71 and wind south at 10 gusting to 18. Four hours after the start the temperature was 82 with wind south at 14 gusting to 20. The ride was well organized, the website provided maps with an elevation profile, a map on where to park. Registration the day of the ride was outdoors under tents. At registration the volunteers pointed out another tent where breakfast burritos were available. The breakfast burrito tent was giving away soda and water from Dublin Bottling works. The courses were 9, 37 and 62 miles with arrows marked by color for the different routes. The start was staggered with the 62 mile riders starting first with the 37 and then the 9 mile riders starting later. The 37 mile course went almost due south for 11 miles turned to ESE for another 10 miles with the final 16 back north to Dublin. The prevailing winds made the trip back to Dublin fast. The course had some hills but nothing difficult. All of the rest stops had fruit, sports drink, water and restrooms available. The turn to the finish was directed by a volunteer with the last quarter mile on E. Elm St. At the finish, there were complimentary drinks provided by Old Doc's Soda Shop.

First time on this ride. Signed up because of past positive reviews on this website and this will be yet another positive review. All routes started in downtown Dublin at the Bottling Works. The town is mostly original brick roads (red not yellow) so a feel for cobblestones then country chip seal roads with rollers and no big climbs. Most of the route had little to no traffic except for SAG vehicles. Good supplied rest stops were located 6 to 9 miles apart with mileage signs to the next stop so we would skip. After ride, we purchased a $5 BBQ sandwich lunch and enjoyed live music and activities of the Dublin Summer Celebration. We put this on our favored rides list and will ride again next year.

June 11, 2016

The ride in Dublin Tx is back! Great roads and support from the organizers.
This is their first year back and the long route is a little different than in years past.
Most notably is that it didn't have to cross over Hwy 377. Nice!
This was a fun ride and I'm looking forward to next year. Come on back to Dublin. Free "Original" soda (formerly known as "Dublin Dr Pepper") at the finish. Fun ride!

June 8, 2013

Weather couldn't have been much better today for a beautiful ride in the country. TdP does an outstanding job, they're very friendly and willing to do whatever it takes. Rest stops were staffed by enthusiastic volunteers and had homemade cookies, pickle juice, Dr Pepper, bottled water and Gatorade (made with enough powder to actually taste like Gatorade). This ride needs to be on your to-do list...100% OF YOUR ENTRY FEE GOES TO THE CHARITY, YEAH CHECK OUT THEIR COMPETITION, NOT CLOSE!!!! Brian Faulkner

Dublin is a great location for a bike rally and the weather this year couldn't have been better. This was my daughter and my fifth Tour de Pepper and each one has just gotten better! There are three routes for all different types of riders and the volunteers are helpful and friendly. Eric, the ride director, makes the effort to try and learn your name and that's not easy seeing how this ride continues to grow. My number was in the low 200's and I saw plenty in the high 500's. Registration is online in advance and onsite. They had a separate line for us early registrants and it is no exaggeration that I had two registrations , with packets, numbers, and route maps in less than a minute. The ride started on time with a staggered start and the rest stops were every 9 miles or so. I saw SAG vehicles throughout the ride on a challenging and hilly course. My daughter won a nice prize for the first women finisher and we averaged 20.9 mph on a pretty lumpy course. Dublin is a great place for a June rally and I recommend it to everyone of any cycling ability.

June 9, 2012

Okay, this year I give TDP one word-..............................FANTASTIC!! They said the ride would be shortened from 70mi to 64ish miles. Okay by me.
The entry form line - smooth. Parking - pick a spot. There's plenty. Signage, rest stops, and folks running them - spot on!
The route? One of the prettiest you are going to find. Hills are challenging, but they seem to reward you with just as many downhill's. Mother nature graced us with almost no wind, or at least not an issue. The finish was nice, and folks were there to hand out drinks. Great live music playing. A festive event. Then you ride back to the high school for a great shower and more food for purchase.
It just doesn't get any better than this. This ride is going to grow. I was wearing a tag in the 500s. It has all the right stuff. Of course I'll be back! Thanks to all who made it happen!

This is a great rally. The organizers are friendly, the registration is quick and efficient, the ride starts on time, and the people of Dublin appreciate you making the drive. This was my daughter's and my fourth Tour de Pepper and each one has been better than the last.The pavement was good to great and the course is challenging and hilly. I like the fact that the route is designed to head north for the last half to give a tailwind when you are tired. They had plenty of imperial sugar Doctor Pepper to drink too. Though not strictly a race, they do keep track of how you finish. My daughter won the women's category and I rode in fourth overall at her side. We averaged 20.3 for the route - not too bad for the hilly course. I recommend this rally highly and the organizers say it will be back better than ever next year.

Arrived late (shortly before the start) because someone over slept. Was surprised to see a good turnout after the price increase from last year; later heard that they kept the ride day price at $35 instead of the advertised $40. Good decision. This was another excellent TDP on a beautiful morning. Decent roads, light and courteous traffic, enthusiastic and friendly volunteers. Very good rest stops with very good homemade cookies! SAG trucks were frequently in view. I wanted more than 34 miles but didn't want the full 64 so I turned right after the 3rd rest stop and did 40 miles. It would be nice to have a marked finish line with a sign directing riders to turn right into the shaded area. One guy I know continued straight to the Dublin Days celebration area, thinking that was the finish line area.

This was my third TDP and I agree it continues to improve each year. The start is on time and the volunteers are very courteous and helpful...home made cookies were awesome. We had four in my group and had an absolute BLAST...We will definetely be back next year.

June 11, 2011

.Third trip to Dublin rally and the organizers keep getting better. Check-in took less than five minutes and the rally started on time (an often overlooked detail). The route was unchanged from last year, but it seemed smoother and except for a short stretch on TX6 there was very little traffic. The south wind was rough heading into it, but was a turbo boost heading back in. My daughter finished first for women and won a nice trophy averaging a bit over 18 mph. The volunteers were again very friendly and knowledgeable - though the 62 mile riders got a bit of an unexpected surprise to find out the route was actually 70 miles this year because of road construction.

The 2011 Tour D' Pepper was one of the best organized rides I've ever done. This was my 4th Dublin ride. The routes remain the same and you get the headwind over with from about mile 7 to mile 19 (and uphill). This tour has the best support including fast packet pickup, helpful and friendly volunteers, and a nice goody bag that included 6 Dublin Dollars accepted by Dublin merchants. If you didn't have time to stay in Dublin after the ride you could get a nice bag of coffee at the registration area or donate the 6.00 to their local Meals on Wheels. What a great idea. Volunteers were everywhere including offering to hold your bike at rest stops (well stocked )and children passing out ice cold Dublin Dr Pepper at the finish line. I even had my shifters serviced by a nice bike shop owner from Austin for free. The sound system at the start was fantastic as was the trumpet solo of the National Anthem. Dublin is bustling with activity during the ride which forces the organizers to start the ride at the high school but finish downtown in a nice shaded park. Its then about 3/4 mile back to your car at the high school and the showers. The T-shirt was a little plain this year with not much color but costs have to be contained I'm sure. The route was simple and very well marked. All rides in Texas should go to Dublin and take notes on how to organize a ride and pamper the riders. Great job, Dublin!

I've done the Tour de Pepper since it started and today was another enjoyable outing. Plenty of parking at the high school which also has toilets and showers available. Only problem with registration was not being able to determine which line to get in. There was a table for each route distance and two persons at each table - one for pre-registered riders and one for new registrations. There were signs on the tables but the view of the signs was blocked by those waiting in line. The long route of 62 miles was increased to 70 because of road construction. If you didn't want 70 miles, the next lower distance was 34. I had pre-planned a 40-mile route which went north to Dublin on 1702 after rest stop 3 on the long route. A small group of us used that to get a few more miles. The roads were decent and traffic was very light. All the volunteers were super friendly and rest stops were great. There were young'uns at each rest stop who wanted to hold your bike. We had planned to eat lunch at Granny Clark's in Dublin but it was packed; so, we went about a block up the street to the Buckboard Restaurant which had some space. It turned out to be a very good choice. A small lunch plate of smoked sausage or chicken fried steak or one other plus two sides plus a salad plus Texas toast plus banana cake with white icing plus a drink was $6. The $6 in Dublin dollars in the rider goodie bag was same as cash there today. So lunch was the cost of a tip! The Tour de Pepper is well worth the drive to Dublin and I'll return next year.

I rode the 62/70 mile Tour de Pepper ride. The course was pretty straight forward, primarily a big circle. The staff was friendly and helpful. As noted by the mileage, they had to change the route do to construction, which bumped the 62 route to 70. I had registered on Thursday night but there was not updated mileage (and the website never did show an update). If they knew ahead of time they should have put an update on the website. The ride started at the high school and the mens room, we had access to, had two urinals and one toilet (might have been two but I wasn't looking for them). Seriously need to upgrade the access to the facilities or bring in some porta-potties. As mentioned in previous reviews, the start and finish are 1-2 miles apart. The roads were in good shape and a significant amount of the course is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so not a lot of traffic.

This was my first Tour de Pepper riding the100K which changed to 70 miles at registration time due to road conditions. Strong SE wind with a slight advantage on the way back except for the last 9 uphill miles along Hwy 6 from the final rest stop to the finish. I would recommend keeping the 70 mile loop and the 100K to attract riders in training. They added an extra rest stop. The roads had chip seal worn down about half way. Although no extreme slopes, this is still a hill climber. 80% of the route had little or no traffic. Good stock of food and drinks. I estimated 600 riders.I will tell my friends and show up next year.

I rode the 70 miles and all in all it was a very nice ride, except for dealing with a flat rear tire, roads and rest stops were very good and the people very friendly. Would like to see age brackets for prizes, us old people can't hang with the young kids and the finish area needed more places to sit and enjoys the Dublin Dr Peppers. Granny Clark's has the best chicken fried steak sandwich I've had in years and the fish on Friday was also very good


June 12, 2010

Dublin "Tour de Pepper" Rally – 6-12-10. This was my second ride in the Tour de Pepper and they have gotten better each year. The check-in process was quick and efficient with plenty of parking. The split start/finish is a little off, but you are only about 1.25 miles away so a little extra ride doesn’t really hurt. I rode the 34 mile route. The road had some chip-seal areas and with a dry south wind to Carlton and most of the hills in the southbound leg, the average speed was down until the turn. But, then let the fun begin – easy to keep 25mph+ heading back north to the finish! The volunteers were friendly and knowledgeable and there was little traffic. Definitely recommend and I’ll be back!

I grew up in this area and thanks for putting this ride on. It was the 2nd year for it and it was like they have been doing this for 20 years. Not one flaw in anything. I love the opportunity to slam a DR. PEPPER at a rest stop. It is like you just took a shot of nitrous in a car. You cannot beat an original PEPPER with pure can sugar. The festival afterwards is awesome. You have to try a Frosty Pepper. Yum. Keep up the good work and see you next year.

June 12, 2009

This was my first time at the Tour de Pepper, and I did the 100K. The course was exceptionally well marked, and someone was directing traffic at every major intersection. Traffic was practically nonexistent on most of the course, the exception being on Highway 6 for the last few miles leading into Dublin. There was definitely a lot of chipseal, but most of it was old enough to be pretty well broken in. The rest stops were about every ten miles, well stocked with volunteers and had plenty of port-a-potties. Between a constant 20mph wind and a couple of pretty decent hills about five miles from the finish, the only 100K I’ve done which was more challenging was Muenster. One of the things which is different about this rally is they treat it like a race by monitoring your finishing position. They give out trophies for the top three finishers in class as well. Knowing where you finished in relation to everyone else was kind of cool. The odd thing about this ride was that the finish line was about three quarters of a mile from the start. They had a shuttle bus to take you back to your vehicle, and a place to check your bike at the finish if you wanted to enjoy the festival, but I just rode back to my truck. Showers were available at the high school. Having a port-a-pottie or two to supplement the high school bathrooms at the start would have been nice. All in all, this is a very well organized ride for being in only its second year. I hope it continues to grow, and I’ll ride it again next year.

One of the absolute best rides ever. For those of you that have never been to Dublin, TX you must go for the experience. I believe this is the second year for this ride but honestly it is far better than almost any other ride there is. Dublin is where you can get the original DR. PEPPER's that are made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar still. We rode the 62 mile. Wind was tough but roads had almost cars traveling on them. Forgot that they had DR PEPPER's at the rest stops. Yummy and what a bolt of energy. Awesome festival down town at Old Doc's Soda Shop. Where they make the DR PEPPER's. You must try a Frosty Pepper. You will not forget it. I cannot say enough about this ride other than you will not regret the trip. Top 3 finishers in each event received prizes. Will be there next year and keep up the great work guys.

I saw that there were no reviews for last year’s Tour de Pepper so I decided it was my duty to head down there and check it out (OK, OK, I really went down because I love Dublin Dr. Pepper). The parking lot was getting pretty full when I arrived, but they had plenty of volunteers directing us to available spaces. I did the 34 mile course which was hilly, but not killer hills by any stretch. Road surfaces were good, the chip seal was old and compacted; the course was well marked and well laid out. Plenty of friendly volunteers, homemade cookies, fruit, water, ice, Gatorade and Dublin DP at the rest stops. I believe they said there were around 500 riders this year. It was a lot of fun and worth the drive.

June 13, 2009

Tour De Pepper Riders,
We are grateful for the opportunity to say “Thanks” to each of you. As most of you may already know, this year was our inaugural ride. YOUR participation truly made the event successful. Over 350 riders joined us from at least 7 different states. Approximately $9000 was raised for the non-profit organization, Kids Across Cultures. Those funds will go to meet the holistic needs of children in places like south west China, the island of Zanzibar (Africa), and the Sierra Madres in Mexico.
Ride results have been up on the website for a few weeks now. ( Take time to find your name. We are still working on getting some photos up as well. Keep checking back from time to time for those.
Your comments and suggestions were most appreciated. We have been compiling a list to aid us in planning next year’s ride. We hope you will mark your calendars to join us in Dublin on June 12, 2010 for the 2nd annual Tour De Pepper. You won’t want to miss out on a ride that will just “get better with age.” Again, we sincerely thank each and everyone of you. We enjoyed the chances we had to visit with some of you and look forward to seeing you again in a year--well actually more like 11 months and counting.
The Tour De Pepper Team of Directors

Kudos to these guys on a great first ever Tour de Pepper Bike Ride! As I rode the 9 mile course with my 21 month old baby girl who rode in the luxury of her Chariot, I can definitely say that this route offered both the scenic grandure of the area for a relaxing leisurely ride while also throwing in several challening hills which mommy really liked. The road conditions were smoothe for the most part, and the brick road to the finish line was a wonderful touch. When I stopped at our rest stop about six miles into the route for a sippee check for my daughter, the volunteers get an A+ for coming over to hold my bike and chatting with the baby while I went over to re-fill my bottle and grab a banana. We will be back next year!

Good ride for it's first time out. Volunteers were very friendly and helpful. I did the 62 mile route which was tough, but that is what I expected for this area. Having your name called out as you finished was a nice touch. One bit of advice, please have more ice available for the riders at all the rest stops. It's nice for topping off half empty bottles or refilling a camelbac. I will be back next year. Thanks to all the folks of Dublin, or should I say Dr Pepper, Texas.

I was very impressed with Dublin's running of the Tour de Pepper. Very well organized and seemed to have the rest stops at the perfect distances on what turned out to be a very hot day. There were friendly volunteers to hold your bike while getting ice, drinks, fruit, and homemade cookies. There was a very visible motorcycle escort for the first third of the route, although there was little traffic on the 63 mile route. The course ran in a clockwise direction and to the south. By the time the course headed back north, the south wind seemed to bring on the heat. The roads were in good shape, but had a long 8+ mile section of chipseal on the section heading south. The ride coincided with a big party in town for Dr Pepper. Very nice, but meant that the start and finish were 1-1/2 miles apart. Look forward to next year's ride.

For a first time ride, the Tour de Pepper went fairly well. Registration wasn't too bad. A few improvements on logistics are in order, but it still wasn't bad. The ride started at the High School and ended at the Dr Pepper Days festivities near the Dr Pepper factory in Downtown Dublin. The organizers provided a shuttle to take you back to the High School after your ride. They also provided a lock-up area if you wanted to walk around and partake in the festivities. However, I saw several riders that rode back to the High School to their cars. Although having the finish line in a different area from the start is a bit unusual, this one isn't as bad as you might first think.  The High School is only a leisurely 1.5 miles away from the finish. And if you were too worn out to ride back that far, you could easily take the shuttle.
The finish line area is one of the best around.  Located under a large, shady oak tree, you are provided with ice cold water, homemade cookies, other snacks, cheering volunteers and lots of shade to help cool you off.
The 34 mile route was well laid out and easy to follow.  The first 8 miles on Hwy 6 are the fastest as you divebomb down to Alexander from the start. Then turning South onto FM 914,  the next 10 miles is a series of long ups with short downs going from Alexander to Carlton. The pavement here is the old grey colored chip-n-seal that has a very thin "smooth" line where the vibrations aren't as bad. 
Out of Carlton, you turn back North on FM 217 and you have to ascend back into Dublin as the road "stairsteps"  from an elevation of 1250 ft to 1500 ft over the next 16 miles. FM 217 is a much better road surface and the South wind helped push us along to the finish.
I'm looking forward to next year's event. Congratulations to all the winners from each route that received a free case of Dublin Dr Pepper.
The Tour de Pepper gets a grade A for a first time event.

I, too, thought this was a great effort for a first time ride. We were greatly impressed that the organizers took the time to send folks out into the crowd at the after ride celebration to ask the riders what could be done to improve the ride for the next year. We had a chance to comment on the lack of adequate supplies at a number of the rest stops for later arriving riders. In addition, the heat and humidity that developed as the day progressed could have been moderated by a 7:30 start rather than 8:30. I really liked the shady, breezy rest area at the end of the ride. After the last 7 or 8 miles of beating it into the wind and humidity along Hwy 6 to Dublin (which at the time seemed to be all uphill), the rest area seemed like a desert oasis! We loved the ride and I expect that we will be back in Dublin next year.

Absolutely one of the best rides I have ever done. This was their 1st year putting this on and what a fabulous job. About 600 riders showed up for the ride. Signage, sag support, rest stops were outstanding. If you don't know the history behind Dublin, they are famous for their DR. Pepper. It is the only one still made with Pure Cane Sugar. This was their birthday ride. Free Dr. Pepper at each rest stop if you wanted in addition to all the other goodies. After the ride there was a carnival next to Old Doc's Soda Shop and the Dr. Pepper Plant. Again all the free Dr. Pepper you could drink. This is one of those rides that you will never forget and can't wait to get back their next year. They also had an additional 500 runners that started at a different location. Go next year and I promise you will not be disappointed. Have a Dr. Pepper or 2 at one of the rest stops and you just might set a land speed record. I did.