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Red River Road kill - Ardmore, OK

September 2014

The change of month and venue no doubt hurt attendance this year. However on the positive side, the new start on Broadway can in the future accommodate many more riders than the old start at the Sta. Fe Depot. Most of the ride were the same courses as years past. The scenery around Lake Murray makes this worth the drive from the Metroplex. There was absolutely no chip and seal to be found, and most defects in the pavement were carefully painted. The volunteers (especially on the 60-mile course) were for the most part long-suffering as they had relatively few riders to attend to. I would suggest perhaps a better way should be found to bring the ride back to Heritage Hall; there were several busy streets to cross downtown.

June 2013

Despite the weather it was a great ride.  Holding the start back until 9:15 was a good idea to let most of the lightning clear the area.  Honoring Tim Lewis for his many years riding the event was very nice touch.

June 9, 2012

Ardmore does a great job with the Red River Roadkill Rally. The trains can be noisy and it was unfortunate that a train blocked the road just before the finish that caused the riders to add 2 miles to the route but the work put into the ride makes up for it. The roads are good with just a few short strips of rough road. They warned us about a bad stretch at the bottom of a downhill and had someone stationed to tell us again to be careful at the bottom of that hill. There is nothing flat about the routes and the hills can be challenging. The volunteers get SWAG from area bike shops so there are door prizes when you get back from the ride. Low traffic compared to the rides in the metroplex, easy parking, great scenery, good food at the end - I will be back!

June 4, 2011

I rode the Red River Roadkill Rally again and was not disappointed with anything, except maybe the cost. $40 for day of registration is a big much. The roads were smooth, Lake Murray is a beautiful lake, the State Park is well maintained and goes for miles. At one point, we were put into a major highway. The rumble strip was rough but there was 10 feet of smooth shoulder on the right side. No chip seal! Of the four cars that passed us, three were on the other side of the road! There were more cars in the parking lot than passed us on the road! There is nothing flat beyond the parking lot so you will return tired and yes, you are likely to see some roadkill. Now, if someone will just tell them to co-ordinate with the Durant ride and don't have them on the same day... If you like crowds and rough roads, ride Mesquite. If you want air that doesn't smell like exhaust, friendly drivers who don't want to play frogger and terrific scenery, make the drive to Ardmore.

June 5, 2010

The weather was a little hot and the 60-mile course was a little hilly, but the volunteers were extremely friendly. This is a very nice ride and it is shame that more riders don’t take the time to drive up from the Metroplex. The rolling hills around Lake Murray are unlike anything around Dallas-Ft. Worth, and the traffic on the roads is extremely light making this a safe ride. Just the beer and the pizza at the end is worth the entry fee.

June 6, 2009

I rode the Red River Roadkill Rally in Ardmore this year for the first time. The route had lots of hills and not a single foot of chip seal! The ride was lightly attended with perhaps 200 people partly because this ride conflicts with Mesquite. Registration was fast and easy. The price was slightly high but there was food and drinks (including beer) after the ride which justified the extra few dollars. There were more cars in the parking lot than on the road during the tour. The route passes through a state park and the scenery is terrific. If the extra drive time does not bother you, good roads appeal to you and riding in the country with low traffic is attractive, this ride is one you should consider.

Excellent ride. Organized, well marked, great route and roads. Lots of hills. Scenic. Afterwards, cold beer and pizza. Well worth the 90 minute drive from Dallas.

Smooth roads! Light traffic! Considerate drivers! Great views of Lake Murray! Enough hills to keep your lungs exercised! I really enjoyed this ride. I like to travel to the weekend rides in areas away from the Metroplex so that I can see and learn more about our great state. There really is more to Texas than the Mavericks and the Cowboys. Ardmore isn’t Texas, of course, but it doesn’t miss it by much. This rally came with a Friday night dinner, a continental breakfast on Saturday and a lunch after the ride. The large number of volunteers ensured easy check in and well stocked rest stops. SAG support covered the routes fully. Give this ride a try next year. You won’t be sorry you went.

What a wonderful rally the folks in Ardmore put on. A very scenic and rural course with lots of rollers and absolutely no chip seal. It was my first time doing this ride and that was an unexpected bonus. The rest stops were appropriately stocked. The finish had pizza, pasta, salad, beer, flavored ice, and a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It was a nice alternative to another urban rally. Great job!

We took a group up for the Road Kill rally Great event, what’s not to love about Free Beer & fresh Hot Pizza at the finish line. Again a great place to take in some nice views on smooth roads, very light traffic, good rest stops. Plenty of sag, super volunteers!


June 2, 2007

The Red River Roadkill Rally is one of the best rallies in the area. Unfortunately the popular Mesquite Rodeo Ride falls on the same date, but over the years I've noticed that traffic just seems to get worse as that area grows. So we opted to make the 90 minute drive to Ardmore for a ride in the country without the traffic hassles.
Registration was quick and easy and a free continental breakfast was available consisting of donuts, brownies, bananas, and juice. We started on time and after a quick loop through downtown Ardmore, we headed out into the country. This was my third RRR, the first two times my husband and I rode our tandem on the 60 mile route. This year we decided to ride our single bikes and save the tandem for a ride in the Arbuckle Mountains the next day with the Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts. My husband rode the 60 mile route and I chose the 40 mile distance.
My first thought on the 40 mile route was that I'd forgotten how hilly this ride is! Lots of rollers and some steep climbs kept it interesting. The course was extremely well marked with road side signs and arrows on the pavement. The 40 mile route and 60 mile route stay together for approximately 23 miles out to Lake Murray. There the two routes split with the 40 mile route continuing around the lake and the 60 mile route heading to the flatter countryside. I was told that it was quite windy on the 60 mile route, but I think the hills on the Lake Murray loop provided some protection from the wind. After completing the loop around the lake, the course veered back to town. I forgot to mention that every major intersection had a policeman or woman there to safely get us through without stopping. This was very much appreciated! The ride back to Ardmore was different then I remembered as I passed a very large, well tended cemetery. I marveled at how little traffic there was and before I knew it I was back in Ardmore at the train depot. A very nice free lunch was provided; sloppy joe sandwiches, salad, cole slaw and chips. The beer man arrived a few moments later along with fresh pizza.
This is a rally I will definitely do again and again. Not only are the routes scenic and well marked, but the volunteers and the members of the Ardmore Cycling Club are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I was appreciative of their concern for me as I waited for my husband to complete his 60 mile ride. My hat goes off to all the people that make the Red River Roadkill Rally truly a pleasure to ride!

A super, well organized ride. The start/finish area was great with free breakfast and lunch, registration went smoothly, road markings were big and clear. The 60 mile route was absolutely gorgeous. Yes, there were some hills, but nothing too bad. Support was seen quite often and the rest stops were stocked full of food and drink. I love that they had Gatorade bottles that you were able to take with you. The roads did not have much traffic and it was nice to see Lake Murray at times. I would highly recommend this ride.

What a great ride. The people were very friendly. Reminds me of the rides in DeLeon, Stephenville and Comanche. I recently had knee surgery and decided this would be a good ride to get started again. All I can say is thanks to the gentleman in SAG truck for picking me up. My knee was not quite ready. I will be back next year in better physical shape. Although I didn't complete the 60 miles I got far enough to enjoy the hospitality of a couple of rest stops and the opportunity to meet some great folks. See ya next year.

June 4, 2005

This was the BEST YEAR EVER for the Red River Roadkill Rally !!!   This was the first year to be sponsored by Ardmore Main Street Authority, and they did an outstanding job!!  They still have their trademark free breakfast and lunch , but the routes were tweaked just a little to make them a little safer. They also still had the music DJ there , the drawing for a free bike and a drawing for a $350 gift certificate. What this ride offers is hometown appeal...hometown organizers, hometown police service, hometown rest stops, and hometown volunteers. The routes wind around Lake Murray State Park, with the 60 mile route departing from the loop to complete an out and back to Marietta . The day was gorgeous , and so was the ride. Fairly smooth pavement and very little traffic. Is just my imagination, or is the air cleaner up in Oklahoma? Maybe just  a cleaner bike riding experience. Hats off to everyone connected with putting on this rally. The "food" left a few minutes early and several riders did not get food. The ride organizers felt so bad they were willing to give the riders the map to the organizers house, where a party was planned for all the volunteers. Did I mention how incredibly professional and friendly the Ardmore Police Department was???  After the ride, I accidentally left my "camelback" behind. I called the APD several hours later , and explained my problem. They sent an officer out there in the middle of the night...and found my camelback. They were extremely courteous and helpful, and, whether they knew it or not, were acting as excellent ambassadors for the City of Ardmore.  So was volunteer Tonya Cross, but that's a different story. This ride just keeps getting better and better . I can't wait till next year!!!!

June 5, 2004

Great day for a ride, overcast and almost no wind. Preride breakfast and postride lunch were very good and the free beer was fantastic. Parking and registration were easy. The music and DJ were a nice touch, and there were a lot of free give-aways including a Trec bike and a $350 gift certificate. The support from the local police was the best except in Marietta. We almost missed a left turn in Marietta, because there was no support on a busy highway. There were very good, well stocked rest stops, and a lot of sag support. The course going around Lake Murray was very scenic, although it was quite challenging. The course markings were fair, just a little too small. The only bad thing about this ride was returning to the finish line. You had to come down a really rough residential road which was very narrow and busy. Although this was not a race, a few like to sprint to the finish line which was not possible. Even though this was a small ride, it has the potential of becoming one the major rides where people mark the date on their ride calendars a year ahead.

This is a great rally that has the misfortune of being on the same weekend as Mesquite (and last year Flower Mound). I have done it most years since it began 7 or so years ago, and it has been run in a first class manner since the beginning. There were about 350 riders this year. I did the 40 (actually 44) mile route which took us around Lake Murray. The roads were lightly traveled, and the scenery beautiful. There was one long steep hill, a few long, easier hills and lots of rollers. The support was good with police at most intersections. After the ride, there was food, drinks (and beer). If you are looking for friendly people, great scenery, light traffic and good food, this is the ride. Ardmore is about 30 miles north of the border on I-35.

A well kept secret, this event gets better every year. Friday night offered a pasta feed that was free to alumni cyclists and only $2.00 for all other event entrants. Saturday began with a free pre-event breakfast and the ride concluded with lunch. All 3 meals included in the $25.00 entry fee (I registered day before). The route is well marked with both paint on the road and signs just off the shoulder. Law enforcement leads the group through the traffic signals and out of town after which they serve as corner marshals are at all major intersections. Rest stops were at spaced at a maximum of 10 miles apart and a minimum of approximately 8 miles. The scenery is beautiful, auto traffic is minimal and well-mannered. There are hills on this ride for the 60 & 40 mile routes (can't comment on the 20 mile terrain) which share the same roads excluding a 20 mile jaunt the longer route takes upon reaching the south end of Lake Murray. The toughest hills are all out of the way by Rest Stop # 2 (mile 18) so you are free to cruise the remainder of the ride. The folks in Ardmore really work hard to make this a special event. They did have one glitch this year and that was with lunch. They had chipped beef BBQ sandwiches and allowed riders to serve themselves resulting in many taking more than their fair share before everyone was back at the start/finish. They also failed to police the food line and numerous non cyclists helped themselves as well. HOWEVER, the organizers made a mad dash back to the BBQ supplier and returned with more food (took about an hour but they didn't leave us out in the cold). Enough said, it is a great event and frankly I am glad that it is not too well known. This year, we had to choose between this event and the Mesquite Rodeo Ride (another excellent event) and it was an easy choice. I just hope that these 2 events don't continue to fall on the same weekend in the future or I might never ride the MRR again.