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Spindletop Spin - Beaumont, TX

June 2012

Some one should let these drivers know that these rallies are more than likely benefitting a Charity in their community. There are some rude drivers in Beaumont. Blowing theirs horns at us while we were on the shoulder and no where near the road and then nearly hit by a white mustang while I was on a narrow stretch of road and he was trying to beat an oncoming car. Pretty scary as he missed me by less than an inch. That is no fault of the ones putting on the ride which had very helpful and friendly volunteers. I had a blast especially when a peleton had formed and stayed together until the 30 mile marker. At that time I saw a lot of people that had left with the 100 milers bail out and take the 52 mile route. What's up with that?


June 4, 2011

.Excellent ride and very much worth the drive from Dallas. Did the 100 mile route and only climbed 600 feet the entire time. Beautiful scenery next to the ocean and also 100 foot trees for many miles blocking the wind. Route directions were spot on. Police protection at intersections getting out of town was the best I have seen. All were very friendly and helpfull. Temperature creeped to 100 degrees and they were prepared. Wind was about 7 to 12 mph. Sag support if needed everywhere to help you. It felt like the entire town of Beaumont came out to help you on this ride. All rest stops had Ice, pickles and all the other goodies plus many more items you needed to rehydrate. They even had gel pacs. Very nice T-shirts and also alot of give-a-ways. At the end of the ride they had Ice Cold Keg Beer, Boudan Sausage Hot Dogs and BBQ Dogs. Yummy and boy did it taste good with the temperature. I will do this ride again next year and very much looking forward to it. Thanks.