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Get-A-Way Tour, Clarksville, TX

June 2019

A very friendly town. Cars seem to go ou of their way to avoud us. Most of the roads are almost deserted and there are very few hills to contend with.

June 2016

What a great way to spend a few days with good friends and good riding. Each day three different routes of different lengths. Up at five, breakfast at 5:30 then ride out at 6:15 gets you back before it gets too hot. Then have time to take a nap in air conditioning comfort.

I look forward to this ride every year! It is several days of great riding on some not so busy roads primarily in Red River County Texas. The ride derived from the old Texas Chainring challenge which a lot of riders still recall very fondly.
Most riders take out at daybreak and get some good distances in. This year I got a metric century in every day. (which is good for me, shorter distances are also posted) I stay at high school and camp indoors which works out well for most riders and saves money on lodging. I have met and ridden with lots of good people, and established lifelong friendships from riding on this tour through the years.
One of the only issues I have is they have a BIG breakfast every day, but I have to eat "light" or my riding will be sluggish or worse. Maybe have a BIG lunch.

June 2015

It rained all around but not much at Clarksville. As usual good food, good company and very low traffic made for a great cycling experience.

June 2014

It gets better every year. Lots of room in the air conditioned gym to put your air mattress and your bike. If you do not want to sleep in the gym, there is a motel and a B&B available, just make your reservations early. A great breakfast is provided to get you going just after dawn. Quiet roads? one day we road 30 miles without seeing a single car.

June 2013

Great ride, I was surprised at the flatness of the area. First day only two small hills in 61 miles. some of the rest stops were convenience stgores, others were manned by Clarksville and those stops were well stocked with bottles of ice water, Gatorade, cookies some of them homemade. One stop even had blueberry cobbler WITH ice cream. You could ride for an hour on some of these roads and see maybe one car. For each day three routes were offered, long 60-70 miles, medium (50-60 miles and a short 30-40 miles). Each day the county would go out and sweep the gravel out of the turns. There was sag service and phone numbers in the packet. There was even WI-FI in the gym. Already I am making a list of what to pack and what not to pack for next year. - John

This is my favorite ride of the year. The roads are great – hardly any traffic, stop signs or traffic lights. The routes are on a fairly flat terrain, with a few rollers and one actual short climb on one of the routes. The people of Clarksville treat us like royalty. They actually want the bicyclists in their town, and go out of their way to make it a great ride. This is the eighth year I have attended the ride and it is just a great getaway vacation. There are several groups that ride together so there are many different speeds to choose from – from the smell the rose ride to going all out – or ride alone on your own schedule/speed. The price of the ride includes breakfast and dinner, snacks (including homemade cookies), gatorade, water, ice, a great goodie bag, maps, fully supplied rest stops, sag wagons and a place to sleep indoors with air conditioning and showers. Put this ride on your calendar for next year!

June 2011

Wonderful multi-day ride on country roads with minimal traffic and for all practical purposes, no hills. Camp out in air conditioned comfort at the high school. Two square meals a day and possibly the nicest people you will ever meet. A great way to expose yourself to multi-day tours without the hassle of packing and unpacking every day.

June 2010

a great area to enjoy 4 or 5 days of cycling... each day 3 different route distances.. with sag and mechanical support .. an assortment of cyclists... a few racers, several fast rec/rally riders, and many just for the joy of cycling in an area with less than 13 people per square mile !!! yes, that means very little traffic ... good roads and just a few hills ... an assortment of bikes also... singles, recumbents, tandems (a few fast ones), trikes, even a tandem trike this year.. the town basically gives you a key to the city and takes good care of you to boot... we've done this tour each of its five years and do not plan on missing next year.


June 2009

Lots of riding and food. Plenty of rest stops and other things for the non-riders to do. A town of 3500 friendly people and a remodeled downtown square supported by your entry fees.

Some of my friends ride this every year and they always rave about it. BUT they wont send in a review (well one did this year after I put on the pressure.)



June 6 - June 10, 2007

Another great year for the town of Clarksville. For those that wanted they could ride 5 days. The routes were scenic and low traffic. food was nice, I plan to return next year. They said they plan to put this ride on again in 2008.

June 8-11, 2006

This is a great ride, if you want to do a multi day ride/tour this is it. It's a 4 day ride out of Clarksville ,Texas. A different route each day, with points of interest. They feed you breakfast and dinner each day. Great SAG, and good low traffic roads. These folks worked real hard to make this a great ride. Check it out, next year.

A fun 4 days of riding, visiting and having a good time.
I am sure I will go again next year.

For a first time ride they really did a good job.
The whole town seemed to turn out and help see you had a good time.