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Honey Tour De Burleson, Burleson, TX

May 25, 2019

We had a great day for a ride! After all the rain lately, it was nice to have a dry, sunshiny day. This is a well-attended ride. Well organized and well run. Check in and parking was a snap. Intersection control was superb. A lot of rollers and grades, but there were plenty of fun downhill riding to make it fun. All in all, a great ride. Can't wait for next year!

The Burleson Honey Tour was well run. Registration was smooth. Roads were OK for most of the ride, but rough chip seal on parts. Great weather with a stiff breeze. Did the 100k with good intersection control and well stocked rest stops every 10 miles. Overall a good ride and close to home. Thanks to all the volunteers, police support, SAG and sponsors. See you next year.


May 2016

I enjoyed this ride. The weather was mild and the course was scenic. It was a very well-organized ride and the intersection control was terrific. SAG vehicles were everywhere. I didn't stop at any rest stops, so I can't address them. The only area that Burleson needs to improve is in their staging and starting. It was confusing, to say the least. It would help if there were separate staging spots for the different routes. This way it would be easier to stagger things. Saturday, it turned into one mass exodus and the roadway was very congested for quite a while. There was a lot of emergency braking caused by the congestion. Once the congestion settled out, things progressed smoothly. That being said, I'll still be back next year.

The Honey Tour is growing as about 1400 cyclist experienced this fantastic ride south of Fort Worth. It is one of the most scenic routes in North Texas. The weather is typically cool, making this a fun ride. Lots of shady back roads with lots of turns to reduce the boredom. Lots of volunteers and SAG support for this event. Routes for the novice to the expert. Look forward to 2017.

May 2015

Once again, we had the threat of heavy rains and thunderstorms. We were lucky, however, and escaped them, for the most part. This ride was a well-organized and well-executed affair. There were vendor tents galore at the start. Signage and intersection control was fine. I did not stop at any rest stops this time, so I can't speak about them. The route was rural and scenic. The only downside was that some of the roads were wet and a little slick so you had to be careful on the downhill curves. This, of course, was something the organizers had no control over. It was still an enjoyable tour and I'll be back next year.

Same issues as last year, but not so large that I will still be happy to attend next year. Great 46 mile route. PB&J sandwiches at most rest stops and pickles, too. Great volunteers, lunch after. Parking at school still needs a volunteer at corner of Renfro and (I think) Hurst St. Tiny sign *PAST*that intersection cannot be seen! Still a problem with ONLY 2 portapotties at first rest stop (church). Need 4. Otherwise, nice job. Fortunate enough to have significant rain hold off.

May 24, 2014

This was an excellent, well organized ride and the organizers could not have asked for better riding weather. Good start location with lots of parking. Quick packet pick up. Loved all the free samples by local vendors as well as the goodies in the ride packet. Orderly start. Though a large ride, riders were generally courteous and there were no injuries. I rode the 65 mi route. The route was good. No tough hills but plenty of gentle rollers to keep it interesting. Some chip seal, but it wasn't too bad. Signage was good and most turns had volunteers helping to keep riders on course. The major intersections had traffic support and there was SAG out on the course. Traffic was very light on most of the route, which was great. I may have clipped out twice. Rest stops were well spaced. I only stopped at rest stop 3 but it was well stocked. Appreciated the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice, and loved the variety of fruit (oranges, bananas, pineapple, watermelon). Hot dogs, chips, cookies, fruit and water at the finish. And showers were available. Will definitely be back next year!

First time to try this one and we'll likely be back. We rolled into the parking lot about 25 minutes before the start, unregistered. Good traffic flow, plenty of parking and a quick registration. Suggestion #1: More porta-potties at start area - the lines were too long. It's a nice course, decent roads, challenging but not too hilly (65 mile route). With the prevailing south wind, the last 25 miles of generally northbound route were pleasant. Good rest stops, plenty of drinks/snacks and really like the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (why not PB&Honey, Burleson??). Suggestion #2: If you're going to color-code the route arrows and turn indicators, please use distinct colors (not red vs. orange for 65 vs. 46 mile routes). Not a big deal to me, but there was no defined "finish line", we just ended up back in the school parking lot. Overall, a very nice ride run by competent and friendly people and well worth the one hour drive across the metroplex.

A lot of good, a little not-so-good. GOOD:
46 mile route. Light traffic, especially after 46/64 mile route split for second time. Beautiful wildflowers on that stretch. Not much in the way of hills.
Nice rest stops with lots of goodies: pineapple, watermelon, pretzels, along with the usual fare AND PB&J sandwiches the whole way! Didn't grab breakfast, so those really hit the spot. Great volunteers at all stops, too. NOT GOOD: I arrived a little more than an hour before start. Followed other drivers/cyclists into parking lot PER WEBSITE DIRECTIONS. After a ridiculous route around the front of the school, which included the highest speed bumps I have ever banged over (I lost count), I was told that I couldn't go toward the back, that I (and countless others behind me) would have to exit the lot, go back out to Renfro and enter the lot in the back of the building. I told volunteer that they really needed to get someone on that intersection quickly or there were going to be a lot of late angry cyclists. A postage stamp size sign past that intersection cannot be read!
Rest stop 1 had only TWO porta-potties! Bad deal there, Organizers!!!! Had to wait 15-20 minutes to get in......doesn't take that long at Hotter 'n' Hell! Otherwise, had a good tome and will be back next year.
DON'T CHANGE 46 MILE ROUTE! It's a keeper

May 2013

I rode the 30 mile route. The web site said there would be a staged start.  I don't think it happened that way.  Didn't bother me.  I just rolled with the rest.  Route marks were clear.  Most of the course was on county roads, but these were smoother than many I've seen.  Rest stops were well stocked and managed.  Traffic control was good and course turns were well managed.  That big downhill leading to the finish was a _lot_ of fun.  It was topped off with free hot dogs and chips at the finish.  It was a fine ride.

PERFECT ride.  I rode the 65 mile route.  I tried to find a concern that needed improvement but could not.  They did a great job.  Rest stops were stocked, plenty of parking space over the old location, hot dogs and other yummies afterwards, route directions were good.  Even had honey straws at the rest stops for energy boosts.  Great job all.

This was a good ride. All aspects were organized and executed well. The volunteers were outstanding. The cheering sections at the rest stops were very vocal and fun. It was very enjoyable!

Rode the 65 mile route at the Burleson Honey Tour.  Registered online with no problem.  Onsite packet pickup took less than a minute.  Arriving at 7:30, cars were lined up to get into the parking lot we were being directed to.  Spent about 10 minutes getting into a jam packed lot (side note when parking is full, it would be nice if riders wouldn't pile up their stuff and stand in empty parking spaces) where there were no open spaces. Found out later there was a virtually empty parking lot over at the ride start line. Eventually they started directing people to that lot but it should have been done earlier.   The restrooms in the building were very full with 10-15 people in line.  Last year the stadium restrooms were open but not this year.  Heard there were porta potties somewhere but no one was directing riders to them, they were not on the registration side of the building.  The route was the same one used last year.  In the first 10 miles there are some roads with raised manhole covers that had no markings.   There was limited law enforcement support on the course, when we arrived at Hidden Creek Parkway the police were not at the intersection and only came up once the large group stopped at the light.  On the way back, I believe at Henderson Street, the police car was in the intersection with the lights on but our group of 15 riders had to stop and wait for the light to change (if the organizers are paying for traffic support, not sure that’s worth the money as the officer never got out of the car).  The route was marked with decent signage and at some key intersections there were volunteers helping direct riders.  Post ride there was at least hot dogs, hamburgers and snacks.  The showers were available in the gym which is always nice.  Overall it was a good ride, but there were a few hiccups compared to years past.  I’ll still continue to support this ride.

May 26, 2012

This was our second year to do the Honey Tour. I enjoyed the rural setting and the ride last year. This year was not the experience that last year was. First of all, most riders who lined up for the 65 bailed at the turn off for the 40 or caught a sag. Yes, the wind was a factor, but it was not the worst we have seen this year. It was their right to choose a shorter route. However, those of us who chose to continue on paid a price.
The chip seal on the highway portion of the 65 mile route was among the worst I have ridden on. Roads over all were not all that good. It made the few stretches of good road seem like heaven. Not that Texas chip seal has much to offer, but parts were really rough. There was a noticeable absence of sags on the long route that did not double with shorter routes. A positive were all the friendly volunteers at the rest stops. Bad tasting water at the next to the last stop. Saw garden hoses. NOT the way to offer up water. The absolute worst parts of the ride came when riding into Grandview with a security vehicle running sweeper behind us. He was actually herding us with flashing lights. We couldn't stop to enjoy a shady patch or an energy snack. Must finish the ride into the rest stop. Must get off the road. The final blow came when we finished the ride a few minutes before the route closed and the volunteers had already packed up and were heading out. I am definitely tired of rides that take our money, but think that they shouldn't offer services for those coming in at closing of the route. Not all of us are fast riders. Some of us want to enjoy the scenery the rides tout. We probably won't be back next year.

This year's Honey Tour started from a new location (Centennial High School) and used slightly modified routes. Cheers to both changes - plenty of parking now and I liked going outbound on some of the routing we came inbound on in prior years. Almost everything about this ride was excellent. Quick packet pickup, very goods roads and scenery, excellent traffic control at intersections, well-stocked rest stops, enthusiastic and helpful volunteers, and courteous drivers. I did the 46-mile route and the only negative comment I have is the 15 minute interval between staged starts. How about using 5 minutes instead?

Road the 65 mile Burleson Honey tour. The ride started at the Centennial High School which provided great facilities for the ride. Access to the showers was provided always a plus. I was Pre-registered and packet pick up was a breeze. Pet peeve, no numbers, only wristbands, I've only seen a few rides that go this route (at the start they told people they needed to go get their wristbands in order to ride if they didn't have them on). The route is relatively flat and the roads were generally good except for a stretch that was torn up for repaving. Traffic control was good with only a few key intersections not covered. They had flaggers pointing directions at the trickier turns. The route markings had both signs and arrows on the road. Some of the road markings also included the route miles so there was no confusion. Post ride food included pizza, hot dogs and burritos. An enjoyable ride and will put this on my ride calendar.

Very well-executed and organized ride! No problems with parking. Plenty of police and SAG support. A lot of hills to challenge you. A thoroughly enjoyable experience!

This was my second Honey Tour and I think this year was a big improvement over last year. The start at the high school was nice, parking and registration were much easier. I liked all the stuff we got in our goodie bag too. The route was slightly different this year, for the better in my opinion. Rest stops were good, they had honey, pickles and mustard this year too. (I'd never heard about mustard's anti-cramping benefits but evidently that's a thing) Volunteers did a great job all over, it's nice to see so many people out helping. There was also a big police presence which made crossings safe. Road quality was a little suspect in a few places where it went to gravel, it wasn't a big deal to ride on as long as you were careful. The after party was majorly improved this year. I liked the hand washing station, I've never seen that at other rides. Pizza, hot dogs, burritos were available and good. Good job this year, I'll be back.

May 28, 2011

The 100K (59 miles) Honey Tour was a challenge to a lot of riders because of the strong SE wind on the first half of the ride. It looked like a lot bailed out for SAG or shorter routes. The good road conditions, moderate temperature, beautiful scenery and good traffic control made up for the wind. Toilets were adequate and the water/Gatorade was well supplied this year. They had a lot of fruit this year, a big help over cookies and sugar snacks. Speaking of sugar - where was the Honey in the Honey Tour? I will be back next year. Big thanks to all of the Chamber of Commerce groups helping along with the other groups.

This was an above average ride in many respects and below average in a few important one's. The route, volunteers and weather were awesome. There were only a handful of intersections that were not manned, but the majority were and that makes up for a multitude of sins. Having the start at a small (possibly elementary) school where people had to park a half mile away lining the streets wasn't great, the water at the last couple stops tasted nasty (go to the big city and get filtered water) and the lunch provided just possibly tipped the scales for me. I'm sorry, I want to support your charity, etc. but after I've paid $30 (well above average) I expect you to have conned some local restaurant into feeding us all. Cold cut and PB&J sandwiches are well below expected, and if you have white and wheat bread don't tick EVERYONE off by making each sandwich with one of each. We'll probably come back but you can do sooo much better, easily!

Parking Parking Parking That is the only thing to keep this from being a great ride. Rate A- Most people probably had no trouble, but it tried to ruin our day. Thanks

Nice ride as always. Directions were well marked, police support at intersections and friendly people. Seem to be a different route this year per my GPS said we climbed 2500 feet versus 1700 prior years but a great one. Wind was 20 mph at the start and in our face the first 30 miles. Good thing was the last 30 the wind was at our backs and kicked up to 25 mph making for a fast last half. Thanks for a nice ride and look forward to next year.

The Burleson ride was the best ride that Ii have attended in ten years of weekend rally's around the metroplex. It was on par with the HHH. There was adequate water, ice, watermelon and the usual other snacks at all stops and at all times. The volunteers were at every intersection and very friendly at the rest stops. Other rides should pattern their rides around this one.

May 29, 2010

Decent ride out of Burlseon today. I meant to do the 100k but missed a turn somewhere and ended up doing the 50. The support at the intersections was excellent. I didn't see any sag wagons but that doesn't mean they weren't there. Didn't stop at any rest stops so I can't comment on those. Most of the roads were good with a couple that weren't. Nice T!

OUTSTANDING RIDE with one GLARING error. Overall a terrific ride. Beautiful scenery, etc. Some lines (Registration/potties) but not bad. VERY VERY nice people. GLARING ERROR: I was on the 60 mile, and was out of water and Gatorade. Stopped at the 42 mile rest stop and they were OUT OF WATER. No water, no drinks at all. To me, on a pay ride, especially of this quality, this is simply UNACCEPTABLE. I rode a half mile to a convenience store and bought water and Gatorade and finished the ride. Unfortunate incident on an otherwise nearly perfect ride!

This ride keeps getting better. The organizers appear to be paying attention to past reviews. Intersection support was very good, and there were plenty of sag wagons on the course. I rode the 59 mile route, and the roads were just fine, with the exception of a couple of railroad crossings, not much they can do about that. The rest stops that I stopped at were well stocked, with plenty of friendly volunteers. After finishing I had my choice of BBQ, burritos, hotdogs, or sandwiches. Thanks for a great ride! I will be back next year. Oh yea, nice T-shirt too!

This was my first Honey Tour Ride. I rode the 100k which clocked in at a little over 59 miles. The route had some very beautiful back road scenery. The pre-registration, parking and packet pick-up was easy and convenient. Several toilets at the registration. They handled the safety and flagging well. All of the rest stations were well stocked and I stopped at all of them. The hills were gently but long in one location creating a challenge for some of the riders. Thanks to the SAG and motorcycle volunteers for watching out and helping. I will be back next year, great work Burleson and participating cities.

May 23, 2009

Where to start, lots of great improvements. First of all the American Flags lining the street was great being Memorial Day, lots of intersection help & the rest stops where great, love the pineapple, yummy!!! Thank you to all the countless volunteers who help make our ride so successful. I can't find anything negative to say when I compare it to the past rallies they have had....Great job everyone, looking forward to next year. I hope it was as successful for ya'll as it was for all of us!!

I did the 51 mile route, and my husband did the 100K (59 miles). This is a well organized ride. All T shirt sizes were available (nice design too), parking and port-o-potties plentiful, and all rest stops were fully staffed and supplied.
We encountered NO chip seal, and maybe a few rough spots on the routes. There are a couple of unmanned intersections that you need to pay attention to.
The terrain is mostly gently rolling without a lot of long boring straight-aways. Nice scenery too. The finish line had hot dogs and free shower facilities. Will come back next year for sure.

Wow! What a great ride. Lots and lots of friendly, cheering volunteers staffed the rest stops with ample food and drink. They also stopped traffic at intersections and guided riders at turns with brightly colored flags. Police handled traffic at larger intersections. The painted road markings were huge arrows that were hard to miss. There was some chip seal, but there were also many smooth roads too. I'll definitely be riding this one next year! Well done, Burleson!

One of the most scenic rides in North Texas, with long views to the horizon across pasture and farmland and never long depressing views of the road. The well-marked course kept to good roads mostly free of traffic and completely free of chip seal. The registration went surprisingly fast, given the number of riders that waited for on-site registration due to the uncertain weather. Parking wasn't a problem, but if the event grows more popular they will need to move the event. No pomp and circumstance for the start. Some people wanted a stirring speech about Memorial Day, I was just glad to hit the road. Loved the shirt - simple, basic and decent quality. Outstanding traffic control at every intersection. I only had to stop twice (at the same busy highway). I saw the SAG wagon several times, but I'm not sure if they had more than the one van. The volunteers at the rest stops kept the lines short and moving. The stops included the usual Gatorade, waters, pretzels, cookies and fruit, but also a steady supply of "honey straws". Improvements? Can we get the "100k" closer to 65 miles?

Fantastic! The City of Burleson has come a long way over the past few years and has finally hit its stride in conducting a very well organized and well supported ride. Almost all of the intersections (including railroad crossings) were staffed by friendly, enthusiastic volunteers, or otherwise well marked with clear signage. Good roads (FM 916 leading into Grandview on the 62-mile course was smooth as silk), and beautiful scenery. The honey sticks at each rest stop were a nice touch. Be sure to keep this one on your calendar for next year; You won’t want to miss it!

This was a fantastic ride even if it did start in the rain! The hills were a-plenty but you always had time to recuperate before the next challenge and the route was so well marked you would have to try extra hard to get off route! The volunteers were fanatical about keeping us happy between the rest stops, intersections and finish line refreshments/food/music/vendors there just weren’t any room for complaints. Did I mention the honey? What a neat idea to have sticks of honey! Thank you to everyone for making Honey Tour 2009 an enjoyable event! --Kimberly


May, 24, 2008

We did the 34 miler in Burleson this past weekend. Looks like the ride has grown this year. I enjoyed the new routes from and back into the school this year. (I missed last years make-up ride, so the routes are new to me) Also the tour through beautiful downtown Alvarado was nice. Other than that, the routes were the same as previous years. Traffic control was better than previous years. Seemed to be someone at every turn, which is a big help. We did have to stop for traffic at 67 in Alvarado, but a officer was working the light and I think he was letting the riders through as soon as he could. The only downs to the ride were the rest stops. I didn't stop at the first one, but my wife said the sport drink was pretty thick. Second rest stop in Alvarado had all the goodies, but no drink, no ice. They were waiting on a jug to mix the drink in. The rest stop (Egan?) was the best. ALL the goodies and cold sports drink and cold water. These folks had it down.
The finish was great too. Ticket drawn give-aways and good barbecue sandwiches. That hit the spot.
As always, we will be back next year. Close to home and a pretty good ride

First of all I'd like to thank all the volunteers who assisted with this ride in any capacity. Registration went smoothly, new t-shirt design was nice, the singing group at the start did well. The rest stops that I stopped at on the 100K were well stocked with watermelon, peeled oranges (nice touch), bananas, cookies, pretzels and pretzels in small sandwich bags so that riders could carry them while they rode a great idea. All the volunteers at the rest stops were very friendly, happy & helpful. The overall course was well marked and easy to follow. Now for some concerns. First of all this was Memorial Day Weekend and this rally showed no signs of that except at 1 rest stop had the red/white/blue bows etc. at it. Otherwise what a shame no National Anthem, No Pledge, No American Flags at the start/stop line. The rally started with a break in the music and a lady saying "go". I don't know where SAG support was cause I only saw 1 vehicle on the 100K route which was full after the 34 mile rest stop. All the motorcycles never saw them excepted parked at the start line. Is this the new thing that there is little to no support for riders on the longer routes??? Come on folks if you can't get more SAG out there on the longer routes then don't offer those routes. Things happen, mechanical, heat (the news reported that evening 95 degrees with heat index 105), accidents etc. At the finish there was no one there & where was the finish line cause it wasn't marked. Did love the sign marked with "Caution Loose Dogs Ahead", thank heavens I didn't see them. Some suggestions. 1 - Get some American Flags up and flying. 2 - Have either the National Anthem, The Pledge or something at the start. 3 - At each rest stop have a sign or something telling riders how far to the next rest stop. 4 - mark bad spots in the road with bright paint. 5 - Mark SAG support with signs in front/back windows and sides of vehicles. 6 - Have a cheering section thanking everyone for their support as they come back in and cross the finish line. 7 - Have your shorter route SAG support move out to the longer routes to provide additional support after everyone is off the shorter route. Overall this rally has the potential to be really big if they'd only stretch out a bit more!!! Not sure if I'll be back next year.

I very much enjoyed the Burleson Honey Tour this year.
I rode the 60 mile route, which was a scenic challenging course through rural country side with mostly very little traffic.
The direction signs were easily visible, mostly were painted on the pavement along with some signage.
There were many volunteers and flag people where they needed to be along the course.
I stopped at the 30 mile rest stop which was well stocked with fresh pineapple, watermelon, bananas, cookies and pretzels along with ice water and gator aid.
Hot dogs and sloppy joes were served at the finish.
Thank you Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce for a great ride.
I will be back next year!

I will agree with most of the afore mentioned, good ride, good rest stops, but the MEMORIAL DAY connection was missing. I am a vet, as were alot of riders. This area of Texas has a lot of military ties that support our way of life and we should remember those honored by MEMORIAL DAY. I (and 4 others) finished the 60 miler at 1:08pm and was offered a warm hot dog sans bun. No sloppy joes or bar-b-que sandwiches. Where did they go? Who ate up all that stuff? Was there a cut-off time? I did get an extra t- shirt tho. Not gonna say I wont ride next year but..... Thanks for this year.

I haven't done this ride in a couple of years so I was really impressed with the changes to the routes. Scenery was beautiful on the 54 mile route!! Registration was a breeze (I didn't pre-register), facilities were there and available when I needed them, I stopped at a couple of rest stops and was surprised by the variety (everything from pickles to pineapple). This was a great ride and I plan to be back next year!!


May 2007

Note: The May 2007 ride was rained out. and it was rescehduled for September.

Enjoyed the 62 mile route...thanks to the folks manning the intersections and for the hot dogs and cold drinks after the ride.

This review is for the rescheduled Honey Tour 2007. The original ride on Memorial Day weekend was rained out, so the organizers rescheduled the ride for Labor Day weekend, and I believe this was a very successful decision, despite some shortcomings which I will point out in the review. It looked to me like the ride had a good turnout.
Registration: I registered for this ride by mail and I can’t remember if there was a separate tandem category (I think not), nor what was in the original packet besides a T-shirt and water bottles. The pre-registered riders had their packets all prepared for them, and a small T-shirt size was available.
There was adequate parking at the start of the ride, and a reasonable number of porta johns, however the school facilities were not open (more on this later). I give registration a 4/5.
Route: (Comments pertain to the 55 mile route). This is one of the most interesting and complex routes on the circuit, and has garnered quite a reputation for not being well marked and hard to follow. The route is mostly on rural county roads, narrow, albeit with very little traffic. The markings consisted mostly of painted arrows on the route, there were also volunteers where needed, so the route was much improved this year. Technically, it is a grueling, hilly route, one of the hardest workouts I have had this season, and harder than the Hotter ‘n Hell 64 mile route. I was sorer than usual after completing this ride.
The downside of the route was the map. The map that was given out at the start of the ride was of very poor quality, you couldn’t make out the names of the cross streets and the rest stops were not even indicated on the map. The map posted on the website was a little clearer, and I was able to construct a GPS route to ensure I didn’t get lost. Also, the route on the website said 50 miles, the map said 55, which was the actual distance. Finally, the map said that a detail route through the cities was on the other side, but the other side was of course, totally blank. Mainly because of the map deficiencies, the route gets 3/5.
Rest Stops. The rest stops, as aforesaid, were not marked on the map, so it was a surprise when you came upon them. I thought they were adequately spaced, but some riders did not think so. The main problem with them was that the water was not potable. The plastic tank and garden hose used to supply the water left the water with a horrible taste, and I was not the only rider who thought so. It is a shame, because the rest stops were well stocked with a variety of snacks, both sweet and salty, although more effort should have been made to keep the fruit cold. Also, some of the rest stops were only tables by the side of the road (rest stop 4 on the 55 mile route, for instance). You really need a sun shade on a hot day. I give the rest stops only a 2/5.
SAG: There was evidence of SAG on the ride. I believe Mad Duck provided mechanical SAG with their riding mechanics, and there were trucks and a motorcycle to pick up riders who listened to their bodies and chose to end their rides early. I do not believe there were any mechanical SAG trucks on the route or at the rest stops. SAG gets 4/5.
Post Ride: Well, there were hot dogs and some sort of amateur song contest, but the most important thing, showers, was lacking. If you start the ride at the school, you should ask the principal to open the showers to the riders after the ride. I have never heard of bike riders trashing a school shower. It is very unpleasant riding home all sweaty and smelly and dirty, so a shower is really a must after all spring, summer and fall rides. I give post ride 2/5.
In conclusion, this ride is average, but it could be a lot better with showers and potable water. I hope the organizers will read this review and take this to heart.

The Honey Tour for the most part was successful. The only short comings was the water on the 55 mi route particular at the rest stop #3, it tasted like pool water. Alot of riders had refilled at past stops and felt sick by the time they got to #3. This really needs to be looked into for next year. The lack of SAG support or mark SAG support was well noted on the 55 mi route and when we arrived at #3 we heard someone asking for help for some of the riders back on the route cause there were a few needing SAG. Other than that the route was gruellingly hilly and challenging but with beautiful scenery. We'll be back next year but will carry more fluids just in case!!!!

It's really hard to descibe how I feel about the 2007 Honey Tour. I was pleased it was rescheduled because I had looked forward to riding it for the first time. There was confusion about the route -- up until the day of the ride, the website said 55 miles was the longest available due to road construction. At registration I was told the longest was actually 52, and then someone else said no, the original 100K route was suddenly open! I found out on the road, when I reached the decision point -- either 55 miles or 100K. I did the 100K. The route was nice, 2600 ft total ascent, but felt hillier because the 2nd half was gradually uphill. The weather was beautiful, continuing the run of luck we've had in North Texas. Roads were mostly excellent. The volunteers at rest stops were wonderful and there was lots of food and liquids, including the almost-magic pickle juice. It's hard to complain too much since I rode a personal-best average speed. That said, this was the most poorly controlled ride I've taken part in. Twice, big groups of riders took wrong turns due to poor route markings. Once, a police officer controlling a traffic signal at a major intersection stopped a group of 50-or-so 25-mph riders rather than stop the vehicular traffic! The last several miles were so poorly marked that those not familiar with the route had to actually guess which way to turn at several intersections. Before someone replies that the cyclist is responsible for knowing the route and negotiating intersections, I'll say I know that. I guess I've just been spoiled by every other ride I've done. Will I ride it again? Yeah... I guess so.

After reading the reviews submitted, it’s hard to believe we did the same ride! My husband & I thought the ride was one of the best we’ve done all summer! The scenery was gorgeous, the hills not too bad, the drinks were cold & there was plenty of ice & a nice choice of snacks. Plenty of directional support & not-too-hot on top of that. A great ride! Go figure.

The Honey Tour began in a different direction this year with the route leaving town by way of the new Hidden Creek Parkway. This seems to be an improvement and once the new bridge over I-35W is opened, it should smooth things out considerably for future rides. Unfortunately, that was about the extent of the improvements and we were soon back to the same ol’ Honey Tour. I rode the 62-mile route, and toward the end, the intersections were not all marked and/or staffed. The final rest stop in Egan lacked a shade shelter and the fruit was served hot! This is a nice course with great scenery. The ride could be so much better with only a little more support. It’s definitely worth doing. Just be sure you know your route before leaving the starting line.

Having participated in this ride for the past 4 years, I have had a chance to see the slight improvements and increased number of riders each year. I have to admit I agree with the people who complained about the distance between rest stops. I stopped at 22 miles and the next rest stop was at 36 miles. A 4 mile difference may not seem like a big deal but for the riders planning to see a rest stop every 10 miles it is huge!!! By the time I reached the last rest stop, they had run out of ALL BEVERAGES. There was ice left in one container so we scooped it out to get some relief.
I did not see SAG on the second half of the ride (I did the 55 mile route).
The volunteers that were there were all friendly and I enjoyed the hot dogs at the end of the ride, but could do without the opera singers. Clean restrooms INSIDE the school would be an added bonus.
Will I participate in this ride next year? 50/50 chance.

As riders we tend to beat up the organizers for their lack of effort, let's compliment the improvements that were made from last year. Yes, I agree there are still improvements to be made but I know for a fact the Chamber has read our reviews on this site and have heard our voice.
I can only speak for the 25 mile loop. The roads, rest stops were improved on from last year. There were a few intersections that need human interaction. The finish was greatly improved from last year, although a big tent is still needed to rest our weary bones under.
All told I did enjoy myself on this ride, rode in with a tandem and they were very pleasant to visit with. Thanks Chamber of Commerce for lending your ear. Keep up the good work.

Here is my quick take on the 55 mile route.... Rest Stop 2 was around the 20 mile mark and Rest Stop 3 was around the 37 mile mark. (The route map did not have them indicated anywhere.) The approx. 17 mile between stops was WAY TOO FAR for a fella like me to go without proper planning. I was lucky to have stopped at RS2
and refilled by fluids, but all were not so fortunate. Others I was with also thought that 17 miles is too far to go between stops. The Chamber of Commerce needs to better position the stops. This could have been a medical disaster. Also, RS3 ran out of pickle juice while I was there.
It would be an improvement for all the stops have more shade. The last stop did not have any shade at all... Also, the last stop ran out of water as I was leaving it.
Did anyone actually like the SoyJoy bars?
This is the 9th Annual Honey Tour. Shouldn't they have learned how to plan a ride by now?
The people were friendly and there was plenty of organization at the starting/registration area.
The route was adequately marked. Some intersections could use human traffic control,
but the car traffic was not bad overall.
The Mad Ducks were great to provide mechanical support along the way.
The SAG chopper man was helpful, too.

If you do this ride next year, be sure to take your dog repellent. I was chased by dogs at three separate times along the 55 mile route.


May 27, 2006

Overall a very tough day, the wind was out of the south 16 - 20 MPH, the first 30 miles went south. The course is best defined as rolling hills. The route mostly followed secondary roads which are not in the best conditions. Chip-seal was not a problem, it was holes uneven pavement, etc.. The hills were challenging especially at the end. The course profile starts up hill for 1st 10 miles (125 ft overall elevation gain), then downhill for the next 15 (225 ft elevation lost), then it is all up hill for the next 25 miles (300 ft elevation gain) and the last 10 was downhill (175 ft elevation lost). These are just overall trends. I do have a couple of items that needs to be improved. First, you need a speaker system at the staging area. Ideally the speaker system needs to be heard by the whole staging and the registration areas. Only the guys at the front could hear anything. Second, recommend a stagger start or at the very least stagger the distance (62 front, 50 next, 25, etc). It gets very messy when you have Cat 5 cyclist mixed in with the family out for nice ride. Third, ride stated out en-mass and went through several intersection in Burleson, some of the intersection did not have a police presence. If you want a couple hundred cyclist to ride through your town, it is very difficult for a group that size to stop at traffic light. With all that being said, this was a good ride, I did the 62 mile ride and did not get chance to stop at the rest stop. I would like to say that just about every ride has room for improvement, but some of the criticism I read would like to see some rides shut down. Here is my thought when I go into these charity rides. They do two things, they support a charity and the promote cycling. If you want to ride the same routes with the same people, then go ahead do not support these charity rides. All rides have room for improvement, but I fully support these event, because personally, riding in my own back yard gets boring and the money goes to some good causes. I will be back next year, and I want to thank the people of Burleson who supported the cyclist in this event.

This is not a bad course, but the ride continually suffers year after year from a lack of adequate support and organization. This was evident from the very beginning as the PA system only consisted of a single megaphone that only the first few rows of riders could hear. The starting personnel were only visible to those riders in the front as they did not have a platform, fire truck, etc. to stand on and be seen. No National Anthem and no gun or horn to sound the start. The rest stops were adequate, but the big problem here is not enough folks to staff the various intersections and required turns. The routes are marked only with colored arrows painted on the pavement and you’d better be paying close attention as I know of several riders who did get lost on this ride. More serious is the lack of adequate traffic control during the latter stages. There were no police directing traffic at the intersection of Renfro and US 67 in Alvarado by the time we looped back up from the Grandview area. With the high traffic speeds, this is a dangerous intersection that really needs a police presence during the entire event. It would seem that Burleson is missing an opportunity here to better involve the many organizations within the area. They need to make an effort early on in the planning to involve more people and perhaps start an “Intersection Adoption” program. With adequate staffing, this would be an event where the community pulls together and really shines. As it is however, the riders are coming away with a bad impression and no interest in recommending this event to others.

First time to participate in this ride, after reading the previous reviews and considering the wind that morning, I decided to give it a spin. The 48 mi. (or 52 mi., by my computer) route was excellent – the hills at the end after the strong head and crosswinds at the beginning were an added bonus. I will agree with the previous crits. about the staging, and intersection control: heading out of town control was great, returning to Burleson, only a few intersections were properly looked after. Considering that the funds for this ride went to the Chamber of Commerce, I would expect a little more from the city. Having said that, this is a challenging, worthwhile and pleasant ride to attend, just pay attention and keep on your toes, as all good cyclists should. On a personal note: those of you who need to, please bring a Kleenex or handkerchief along on the rides – it is quite annoying to dodge all of those projectile nose goblins going about 20mph. Thank you.

The Honey Tour De Burleson has room for improvement as previously mentioned but JEERS to the POLICE PERSONNEL who left the interesections because of what FRUSTRATION???? The Chamber of Commerce needs to support this ride more to continue its success...the winds made it more challenging but please lets do something with the after ride dinner...Cold pizza really isn't that great!!!!

May 28, 2005

The pizza at end was really good. Unfortunately that was the high point of this ride. The roads were awful. Too rough and way too much gravel. There was loose gravel at a 90 degree turn at the bottom of a hill that wiped out some riders. Route maps were unreadable, and the routes were marked with triangle arrows painted on the road. It was difficult to tell which way the triangles were pointed. Ride organizers need to understand that arrows painted on the road are not a good idea. They are hard to see and totally disappear when they get wet. Give me color coded arrows on a white sign! As it began to rain, traffic control disappeared and a large number of  people got off route. I was totally lost and wound up on I35 service road in a pouring rain. The route map was totally useless. 

Here we go again. You would think that as the 7th Annual ride the people who put this ride on would have figured out how to fix the problems mentioned by previous critiques. But nooo. For reasons that escape me they just don't.
To start with let me say that this ride has the physical potential to be a great money maker. But they have to fix the problems. The roads and route selections are great. But the markings remain dismal. With the rain today the consequences of this inconsistent marking and lack of turn monitors really made it's nasty presence felt. I say "inconsistent" because it's just that. First all the markings are on the road in dark colors. Fair if consistent and in bright sunlight, dangerous in rain and overcast. Some turns had markings before, at and after the turns. Some just at the turns, some no markings at all.(?) Period. There were no route monitors to help guide you at confusing turns. I almost missed one critical turn as I went flying right by it. Someone gave out a loud whistle and I looked back to see I had missed the turn. A turn I had been watching for! You need large roadside signs as well as road painted arrows. And about those arrows...what gives? Some were easy to read...others were Salvadore Dalley type modern art which left people scratching their heads as to what they meant. Bad, bad Mojo. Now I know there's going to be someone who says he loves rides in the rain or snow, at night, with no markings and rides with a blindfold for the thrill...but that's not your average rider. They don't want to have panic attacks out on the course getting lost.
Talk about getting lost: Why oh why do you fail to put clear signs pointing to where the finish line is? As soon as we got to the Burleson city limits that was it. No more signs. Talk about comic relief. In the driving rain people were going down streets in all directions searching for the finish. Please, please, put some volunteers and signs on the finish approach so this nasty process doesn't happen again. come no signs showing people where to go to find the start area? Nothing. Read the instructions in the brochure or miss the start area. Wonderful. Is there some problem in placing signs at the road turn offs so we can see where to turn. Everyone doesn't live in Burleson.- Norm Weatherby

This was my third and final Honey tour. This ride continues to suffer from poor support and planning. The most notable today was no one stopping traffic at Hwy 67 in Alvarado (unlike last year) and nearly all intersections were without flaggers. I have ridden the route 2 times prior and I managed to miss two turns due to the routes being poorly marked and without enough of a notice before the turn. There were no sags to be found anywhere. Normally, that is an issue with heat and mechanical but today was the rain with people crashing on the course. My wife rode the 50 and also missed a turn due to poor marking and the 20 mile rest stop was out of both water and Gatorade when she got to it. The final issue was the loose rocks on the portion of the ride between Briar Oaks, Egan and Bethesda. This portion of the ride was in bad need of sweeping. This part of the route is in Johnson County and I know sweeping is an option because the commissioner does it for the Goatneck ride. I am a big supporter of the rides and the sport but this one will have to continue without my support.

This ride had all of the right elements.....a good route, great support, well-organized. Too bad there had to be a torrential downpour about 30 miles into the ride. Thanks to the rain and a couple of missed turns (what an experience), my 50 mile ride turned into almost 63. Many thanks to the sag driver that managed to chase us down and put us back on the right path. This is still a good ride folks and worth a return trip.

My first time on the Honey Tour and, aside from the rain, I thought it was pretty good. I didn't have a problem with the route markers. I found them at each turn and after each turn to let me know that I was on the right path. The rain did make them a little harder to see so brighter color choices could help. I would also suggest putting a route map link on the ride web site. I am familiar with the roads here so it wasn't a big concern for me but it could have been of some benefit to those who do not live in this area. Registration before the ride was quick, pizza after the ride was good but the rain must have run off all the typical 'after race' help. I have been to rides that began at a school before and there has always been some level of access to the school building. Maybe some access to the building could be arranged for next year. I thought the 62 mile route was pretty easy with an enjoyably fast pace (except for the rain). Things got a little dicey on the last half during and after the monsoon that blew through. Roads were a little slick and the rain was heavy enough to have washed debris onto sloped sections of road and in low areas. Certainly some improvements can be made but most of the problems were a result of the bad weather...plans that cover some contingencies will make for a more enjoyable ride next year. Hope those who were disappointed with this year's ride will give it another chance next year. See you next ye