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Valley Rally, Paul's Valley Oklahoma

May 2018

The organizers ordered up perfect weather for the ride. This year the wind was cool and light, from the north, making the way back into Pauls Valley just a little slower than usual. As always sandwiches, pizza, pecan pie and soft drinks at the finish. Most of the participants are from Oklahoma City, but more Metroplex riders ought to come up here for this ride.

May 6, 2017

This is just an amazing gem of a ride, known to Oklahoma City riders, but rarely enjoyed by those from the Metroplex. There is something there for everyone. Nice flat stretches early on in the Washita River valley, followed by the challenging Arbuckles for those who opt for the 69-mile King of the Mountain route. There are lots of rolling hills west of I-35 for the last 20 miles. Good police control at all major intersections. Sandwiches, pizzas, pecan pie and soft drinks under a pavilion in the park afterwards.

May 2nd 2015

Great ride. Well thought-out routes that mostly stick to the flat Washita River valley with a few hills in the last 20 miles to challenge you. But there is an opportunity to tackle the steepest roads in the Arbuckles on the 67-mile route. Amazingly there was law-enforcement controlling traffic at almost every intersection. Friendly volunteers offering pizza, sandwiches, and soft drinks at the end. Pauls Valley is at Exit 72 on I-35, so it is not as far from the Metroplex as you might fear, and is well worth the trip.