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Mineola Metric 100, Mineola, TX

May 13, 2017

This was their 2nd year. According to the organizer, they had about 260 riders this year, which was quite a lot more than their first year. The weather was gorgeous. I always love riding in East Texas. The area is so beautiful and so different from other places I ride near DFW area. They have several distance to choose from (17, 26, 41, 51, and 65 miles). They had excellent rest stops. One minor tip, usually I don't stop at the first rest stop on a rally. But their 1st rest stop is a vineyard! There are lots of hills and rollers. The reward is riding along low/no traffic roads, with beautiful views most of the time. One complaint is the cheap and seal but that's to be expected as some of these are really "country roads". Towards the end of the ride, you will be "rewarded" with the roller coaster alleys and tree tunnels. They served variety of sandwich wraps at the finish. In addition, people who signed up online also got a coupon for wine tasting at Grand Oaks Winery, which is along the route and a mile away from the finish.
I plan on coming back in the fall for another rally in Mineola (Pedal for Paws). It has a different route and it will be dressed with the Fall color.

May 2016

This ride continues to struggle with signage. The signage is awful. This has been a common complaint in rider feedback for quite some time now. I don't understand why this is so hard to get right. I've done this ride twice now and both times had to guess at which way to go at several intersections. It completely detracts from what would otherwise be a scenic and enjoyable ride. I am done with Mineola and will not be back. I cannot recommend this ride to others, unless you are skilled in the art of orienteering or perhaps are a descendant of Native American trackers. Save yourself some time, money, and frustration and skip this ride.

It looked like your reviewer may have had the ride confused with another one. To my knowledge, it was an inaugural event. I rode the 27 miler and had absolutely no problems with the signage. The ride was sponsored by Grand Oaks Winery and Vineyard and benefited the East Texas Food Bank and several other charities. They did a great job. The only real improvement I feel was needed was at the intersection where we entered US Hwy 69 after leaving the Mineola Nature Center. We could have used some traffic control there and felt safer. Weather-wise, we had a scare at the beginning when some very angry clouds and winds passed over us. The storms bypassed us, though, and the wind died down and the temps stayed mild. Unlike the Pedal for Paws, the route headed south instead of north and passed through Lindale. This gave us some very different views and some challenging hills and grades (some fun downhill swoops too). As you can tell, I enjoyed it and will love to come back.