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Tour de Meers, Meers OKla

May 2015

The weather was atrocious, but that's not the ride organizers' fault. Mostly great support. Plywood was laid down at every cattle guard on the Refuge for safety. This ride has a unique way of deploying the port-a-potties in that they are mounted on flatbed trailers with steps to facilitate getting up to them. Late in the ride I saw how versatile that way was as I could see them being leap-frogged forward. A great way make the best use of a limited number of port-a-potties. There was a fair number of riders who missed the turn-off for the 36 mile course and didn't notice it until the rest stop just west of the Refuge. Many of them turned around there.

Well organized ride to benefit the Meers Volunteer Fire Department. I rode the 100K route; plenty of rest stops and support, and the route was very well marked, even with the fog and rain that was experienced this year. Some fairly steep hill, particularly with in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

May 2013

Tour de Meers in Meers, Okla to support the Meers Volunteer Fire Department .. this ride is a beautiful ride through and north of Wichita Mnt Wildlife refuge .. herds of buffalos & longhorns along side the roads + pass the prairie dog town. Rest stops were great & people really happy to have riders supporting the fire department. If you want a BIG challenge go up Friday stay in Medicine Park or Lawton & climb Mount Scott, a 3 mile 1000+’ climb & 35-40mph down mountain ride .. make sure your brakes & tires are in good shape or bring your MTB and ride the many trails in the wildlife refuge.
 They are thinking of having a BBQ after the ride in 2014 .. I’ll be there for that one