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Magnolia Bike Tour, Durant OK

June 3, 2017

Due to the impending bad weather that never materialized this was the most lightly attended bike tour I have been on in a very long time in summer. This was the third year for new looped routes that run mostly north of Durant. One word of warning. The distances between rest stops are greater than most rides. Many were in the 15-17 mile range, however there were convenience stores in many towns out on the loops. Fortunately though the short 22-mile route had a rest stop at the 11-mile turn around. Overall though it is a very good ride with friendly volunteers, great SAG availability, good, lightly-traveled roads and beautiful scenery. If you are a Metroplex cyclist looking for a new ride you ought to check it out.

May 30, 2015

Attendance was down, largely due to the weather. Due to road closures from the flooding the longer routes were shortened and relocated somewhat. The Durant Rotary did a great job dealing with the weather. Fortunately the heaviest rain held off until later in the ride. Overall it's a great ride. Not too hilly, and the road back from Caddo is extra smooth. Beautiful countryside. Give this ride a chance some time, as it's not too far from Dallas.

May 31, 2014

This was a small ride with maybe 200 riders. Packet pick up was smooth. Parking was ample. They needed to open the bathrooms earlier though as people arrived before 7 and they didn't open them until 7:30. I rode the 90 mile route and the weather was perfect after the brief mist at the start. It was a good challenging (hilly!) route with a fair bit of chip seal. The traffic on one stretch early on was a little scary, especially for a ride of this size where you end up riding solo for much of it. Signage was adequate. Rest stops were bare bones with cookies, fruit, water and Gatorade. They needed to put the rest stops on the maps though for rider planning purposes. But they were spaced evenly enough that it worked out. Friendly SAG along the route and friendly and helpful volunteers generally. Showers available at the finish and a nice spread for riders (spaghetti, subs, giant baked potatoes with toppings, rolls, fruit and drinks). I love free food and it was yummy. Will definitely do this ride again. Hopefully it grows in the future and they fix the minor kinks for next year.

This was the 18th anniversary of this rally and my first. I was told that they added two new routes this year - the 75- (actually 76miles) and 90-mile routes. I did the 75-mile option. It allowed me to finish early enough to spend some time at the Magnolia Festival before heading back to the Metroplex. This is a nice small rally with less than 200 participants this year. The registration was smooth and quick. The routes were well-marked. Since the routes were along some quiet country roads, there was essentially no traffic. Even though there was cheap & seal at certain section of the road, overall, the area was scenic and with the overcast and light wind, it was an enjoyable ride. It was a little more hilly than I expected though.

We do most of the local (to DFW region) rides but had never tried this one before. Don't know if they changed the schedule this year, but it fell on a weekend with no competing ride. I'm glad we tried it because it turns out that Durant is a very easy drive from the north DFW suburbs. It's a small ride - maybe 100 riders. The routes are nice and there is very little local traffic. The folks that run the event are very nice and helpful. I rode the 75 mile route and had an unrepairable mechanical problem about 50 miles in. Called the number on the route map and they had me picked up in less than ten minutes. At the finish line, they had spaghetti, sub sandwiches and baked potatoes. This is a great event that deserves more support from area cyclists. You won't regret it.

May 19, 2012

Smaller ride but that's ok with me. The Rotary went all out this year filling the goodie bag - I haven't had one that full in years! Route was scenic with a few hills and a lot of wind thrown in for good measure. Rest stops were basic and evenly spaced. Job well done by the Rotary and I plan on returning next yr.


June 4, 2011

For some reason this year the Durant ride was moved to the same day as the Ardmore ride (perhaps to avoid Memorial Day weekend?) As a northern Metroplex rider I really enjoy these southern Oklahoma rides, but I hated to have to choose. As always the food and chair massages at the end were great. I enjoyed seeing that the pavement on Bryan Drive had been fixed, but that Bryan Dr./Folsom Rd. intersection really needs someone there to help us through. The cross traffic doesn't stop, but we have a stop sign at the bottom of a steep hill. If you think the scenery here is at all like Wichita Falls with the endless miles of scrub mesquite and pump jacks, you're in for a pleasant surprise. In years when the wildflowers are prime on Twelve Mile Prairie you'll think you're in bicycling heaven.

May 22, 2010

I read last year's reviews and decided to try this ride. It was exactly as described: a great, small event with lots of volunteers and attended by 150 or so riders. The rest stops had an appropriate amount of fruit, cookies, and water. The weather for this year's ride was warm, humid, and a fairly stiff south wind. The course heads north and west for the first half, so some good speeds heading out. Paid the price on the return with long stretches into the wind. Lot's of rollers on the route, but nothing really tough. Other than that, a good ride with pizza and a big subway sandwich at the finish.

Nice ride out of Durant last Saturday. I can't see how they could have done better. Fairly flat route with good roads, well stocked rest stops, good signage and friendly volunteers. The Rotary may want to think about moving the start/finish if the ride gets any bigger. Nice T too.