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Texas Rolling Hills Challenge, Columbus, TX

May 10, 2014

I LOVE this ride. If you have never been to this ride you must go. This is what cycling is all about. Top notch in every way. The scenery is the most beautiful I have done in 40 rallies in 2013. It is like a vacation resort. This was my 95th Century!


May 12, 2012

This was one of my top 5 rides in 2011 and is number 1 so far in 2012. Very nicely put together. I did the 100 mile route. Rest stops every 10 miles with plenty of goodies. Route directions were great. T-Shirts were very nice. Some of the most beautiful scenery the entire route you will find anywhere. Best Hamburgers I have ever had at any ride. Better that most any restaurant. Great start near the Colorado river and a very nice park. Cannot say enough good things about this ride other that you have to experience it.

May 14, 2011

Very nice and put together ride. Beautiful scenery throughout the entire ride. A true treasure of a ride and must do. About 600 to 700 riders turned out I think. I did the 100 route and directions were spot on. Rest stops every 10 miles. Plenty of sag wagons if you needed it. Wind was out of the North and 15 to 20 mph and 59 degrees at ride time. The first 42 miles was uphill and into the strong wind making it a tad difficult but we turned and the next 42 was down hill with the wind at your back bringing a smile to your face from ear to ear. Over all the 100 mile brought 3900 feet of climbing according to my GPS/Altimeter. Started next to the Colorado river and a nice part. After they had the best hamburgers I have had after a ride in 6 years. Smothered onions, jalapeños and all the fixins. I will definitely be back next year. Thanks for a great ride and one not to forget.