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Bosque Tour de Norway, Clifton, TX


Hills. Go if you need them! The longest route (advertised 80- I came up at around 76) is an exaggerated lollipop-mostly-loop-back-on-itself that I rather liked. Granted, it gives plenty of time to contemplate that many of the very same hills you're crusing down will the same ones you're going back UP later in the day! I do like that it avoids 22 from Meridian headed back towards Whitney which I consider a death trap from years ago. It also comes tantalizingly close to Clifton (start town) (which I think is the 40mi route) before heading back out so if you're not good at resisting the urge to quit (especially after pushing into a decent wind for a good 6 mi, consider something else! Roads were quiet and generally good quality. No parking issues. One bathroom was a real hike out to the School's facility about by the track. I went early and got lucky as there was quite a line 20 min later! Didn't see any portables as an alternative.

May 2015

Once again a very good ride. Sign up was good. Start went good. They also announced that this ride, Tour of Italy, and Tour of Paris Tx were all going to be combined some how. Sounds good. Routes were marked well. Misty rain was present almost the whole ride. I like that better than scorching heat. Lots of hills to keep your legs burning. Head wind for about 7mi. back to Clifton. Ride went well. I guess snacks or burritos were available, but you "had to be a rider" to get one. Sorry,.....that don't cut it with me. I'm going to sit there and eat in front of my family ? While they watch ? Sorry again, I wasn't raised that way. Get enough food to feed the riders and then some. Showing cheapness only makes me want to skip paying an entry fee. Yes , I have done this when the occasion called for it. I also did not hear the pledge to the flag. National Anthem ? Neither was present. Call me square, but I feel sporting events should start with one or the other. Again the ride went well. My second time for this event. I'll do it again.

I would like to respond to the review currently posted for the 2015 Bosque Tour de Norway. In particular the comment about the food at the finish being only for riders. As the ride director for this event I try very hard to not leave the finish area so I was there for most of the finishing riders and not once did I ever tell someone that the food was "Only for Riders" and I also don't recall hearing any of my volunteers making this statement, but I will not deny the possibility since I was not there 100% of the time. The burritos that were there had been made by a volunteer with the intention of other volunteers eating them but there were quite a few left over so we offered them to people as they walked up to the table with the rest of the finish area food until they were all gone. I do want to apologize to anyone that was actually told that the food was only for riders and will make sure that next year EVERYONE knows that ANYONE is welcome to eat at the finish area. My Name is Brent Grelle and my direct email is I would love to hear back from anyone, good or bad. This was our fourth year to hold the event and I am still learning how to make it happen so feedback is important to me. Thank you for the idea for the National Anthem being played, I will see if I can come up with a way to make that happen and still be done right.
Brent Grelle
Ride Director
Bosque Tour de Norway

I have wanted try the Bosque Tour de Norway ride for several years, but had not yet managed to. I am glad I finally did. The route was well marked, with good roads, nice scenery, courteous drivers and very helpful and cheerful volunteers. Met an outgoing young man from Killeen who shared the pulling and helped this 60 year old average almost 18 mph on the 60 mile route, what fun! The rolling hills were great and fortunately for us not as a big as the coastal mountains of northern Norway where I once lived. While it is a bit of a drive from the DFW area, I'm pretty sure I'll be there again next year.

May 17, 2014

I'm writing to review the Bosque Tour de Norway, held May 17th, 2014. It was a great ride! The weather was beautiful and the scenery was awesome. We just started riding last July, and this was our first time for the Tour de Norway ride. We will definitely be going back! We did the 40 mile route, which was actually 43 on our odometer. It was very hilly but nothing we couldn't handle. Challenging but doable. The routes were very well marked with large arrows of different colors. There was hardly any traffic except on Highway 6, where the shoulders were plenty wide. Rest stops were every 9-10 miles and were well-stocked with fruit, cookies, peanut butter sandwiches, gatorade and water. Porta potties were also at each stop, along with shade and chairs. The volunteers manning the stations were friendly, helpful and encouraging. The high school gym was open and restrooms were available there. Packet pick up was easy. This ride was very well organized, and we enjoyed it immensely.

May 2013

This was their 2nd rally in Clifton, and also my 2nd. I was happy to see the rally grew from last year. They had almost double the number of riders from last year. I was also pleased to see many improvements - rest stops were stationed with more volunteers with more food (with the anticipated bigger crowd, of course). They also had the high school opened their gym for registration and shower after the ride. With the 60-miiles route added this year, they establish a good foundation for the rally to grow. The area has some challenging hills. The 80-miles, though extremely scenic, can be quite challenging, particularly on windy days like this year. Will I be back? Yes, I have to see my friends at those rest stops.

May 12, 2012

I wanted to find a longer route, so I elected to go to Clifton, Texas and gamble on the first year of the Bosque Tour de Norway ride. I first saw it listed on the Bicycle Stuff calendar. About 100 riders showed up on a cool, overcast day—perfect conditions really. Everything went seamless. Parking at Clifton High School and walk up registration was easy. The 80 mile route (76.2 by my count) was very scenic and lots of vistas at the top of the rolling hills and gradual climbs. Since this was a first year ride I was afraid that the rest stops and route markings would be lacking—the Clifton Chamber of Commerce organizers had it covered. Central Texas is a fantastic area to ride in.

Beautiful scenic ride with well stocked rest stops. Lots of parking at Clifton High School start and finish line. No website for this inaugural ride so you didn't know what routes to expect. Probably needs a 60-65 mile route between the 40 and 80 (actually 44) routes offered. Refreshments and snacks at the end would be a nice addition. The sponsors had pulled up stakes and left. Very well designed T-shirt.

Rode the inaugural Bosque Tour de Norway Saturday. Very well organized. Excellent road markings I've seen. Well stocked & friendly rest stops. Scenic ride with some very nice hills - challenging without being deadly. Lots of chip seal and a few bumpy places, but hey, it's the country in Texas. Traffic on 22 and 6 was friendly and gave me a wide berth - 6 had an enormous shoulder. Loved the county road between the 1st and 2nd rest stops (4145?) - rolling hills with very little traffic. Officially, I was on the 40 mile, but I did a loop on that road and made a 60 out of it. Definitely on the list for next year.