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Byers Bicycle Bash, Byers, TX

May 4, 2013

Byers bicycle bash 2013 was a fantastic route. Challenging enough and extremely pleasant volunteers.


May 2012

This was our first time to ride the Byers Bash. I was amazed at the kindness and organization of this ride. I am actually from the metroplex and drove up to ride this with family. It was WELL worth the drive. The roads are relatively flat, country roads with beautiful views and NO traffic. The rest stops were well stocked and everyone there was so happy to see us. I will make this a yearly tradition to ride Byers. The home-made ice cream at the finish line was just the icing on a terrific cake!

May 16, 2009

This is a well organized ride that is put on by cyclists. I highly recommed it. - Gary

One suggestion, advertise in more places than just Wichita Falls. I did not see any advertisements in Burkburnett and there are a lot of people in the cycling community that live in Burk. I only heard about the ride because they emailed me because I rode last year. I live/work in Burkburnett and I don't always have time to drive to Wichita Falls so I never saw all the signs around town that I heard about.
The support of the Byers town was amazing!!!! Keep it up!!

Even though this was only my second bike ride, I have to say it was the most enjoyable. The route is very scenic and the rolling hills make it challenging. The weather was horrible, but there is no way we can control that element. The rest stops and the people were awesome. I will be back next year to hopefully enjoy the 100K course. Keep up the ride.

Another great ride! The weather was a little challenging, I have lived in this area for 20 years so I know to be ready for anything! The riders were enthusiastic and polite. The course was well marked and very well staffed! Scenery along the course was very relaxing, rolling hills, pastures, meadows. Rest stops were spaced nicely and the workers courteous and outgoing. Food and drink was excellent. I ate several baggies of peanut butter cookies! The hamburger feed was great. OK, now that has been said. This year was wet and cold! But, we all know the race directors can't control the weather. They did an excellent job with everything under their control. My girlfriend and I have ridden this ride since it began, way back in 2008, and will definitely ride it again.

Great job. Great ride. Good roads. Good markings/people on road changes/turns. Great Finish line (I know you wanted to hear that Joe). Weather was interesting and challenging….rain first 35 miles then 25 mph wind from northeast. Gotta love it. Will definitely be back again next year (even when the weather is challenging the hamburger feed, local folks goodness and that darn good homemade ice cream make it worthwhile). --Brad

This was my first time to travel to Byers and it was worth the trip. If you're going to ride in the rain, this is a great ride to do it. Road conditions are consistently good, turns were well marked and volunteers at all the intersections. Volunteers at the 30 mile marked offered to hold our bikes so that we didn't have to lay them in the mud. Put more port-a-potties near the registration area. Enjoyed the ride in the rain and will go back again next year.

i have rode the byers bicycle bash since it started (just twice) and the people are excellent, the VOLUNTEERS done a GREAT JOB ya know the rain kinda felt awesome , i done the 45 mile route and then turned into the wind....WOW... but hey i knew i was almost done with the ride i knew i had 15 more miles in me.. the burgers was great keep up the good work all you volunteers and organizers.. i will be back

May 17, 2008

The first ever Byers Bicycle Bash was a resounding success with 345 registrations and 334 riders making their way to the tiny Byers, TX in northern Clay County. The great weather no doubt played a great role...the high was 84 and winds fairly calm. The event was a fundraiser for both the school and volunteer fire department. The extremely low traffic gentle rolling hills and frequent quality rest stops were cited as very favorable characteristics. The main organizers utilized sponsorship and advice from Hotter n Hell organizers in nearby Wichita Falls. Several thousand dollars were raised for the benefit of the school library and general technology needs throughout the K to 12 school. About 140 volunteers helped execute the ride along with sponsorship of about 60 individuals and organizations in Wichita and Clay Counties. About 60 participants were students. The furthest rider was from Switzerland with others primarily from North Texas and south central Oklahoma. Over two dozen folks escaped the Metroplex for the day despite two established rides happening in their backyard on the same day. The routes were 25, 45, and 62 miles. A hamburger feed provided by the fire department proved to be very popular.

The first ever Byers Bicycle Bash was a enjoyable ride with lots of friendly volunteers at the rest stops. I rode the 100K and rest stops were conveniently placed every 8 - 10 miles with plenty of bananas, homemade cookies, PB&J sandwiches and full strength mixed GaterAid.. Most of the ride was on low traffice back roads of Clay County with only a 8 mile stretch on the more heavily traveled Hwy 79...but that was the smoothest road with a large shoulder lane to keep away from traffic. About 12 - 15 miles overlapped the HH100 route. There were some hills and the wind picked up shortly after the start, but nothing unusual for North Texas. The ride was well organized with adaquate parking for the 340+ riders who participated. The after ride hamburger feed was a little way from the major parking area, but not an issue. Next year they should work on the start...national anthem then saying, "well go ahead and go" just didn't add to the ride. I'll ride again next year.

The ride was excellent. The people helping were great. The rest stops were really great. The people at the rest stops were wonderful. This is an honest opinion from me. I truly appreciate you and the other folks putting on this event for the rest of us to enjoy. Please accept my thanks

The course, support, and organization was all top notch. Don't change a thing. I sincerely hope this is an annual event so that I can come back and do it again.

you asked for feedback so here it is.
1. The start was well done with the orange cones protecting us bikers.
2. The route was excellent.
3. Having people at each turn was an excellent assist, on top of the road markings.
4. The rest stops were well done. All the people were very pleasant. The fruit and food was just right.
5. The hamburger feed at the end was a real plus. I chatted with the hamburger chefs and they were working very hard. Having the lunch was a very good finale.
6. Your PR was strong. We heared Joe Brown plug the ride and saw it posted in the Friday paper and the Sunday picture.
We hope that you make this an annual event. We will definitely sign up next year.

For a first time event, the day was very well organized, registration was quick and efficient, the course was well manned and marked, the rest stops were conveniently spaced a operated by people who were having a good time. The hamburgers and ice cream were wonderful and a great way to end a fun ride. To have one of the pies should be a prime Texas destination.

My wife and I rode the 25 mile route. We have ridden 25 in the HHH the last two years and want to go for 50 miles this year. I thought we might try the longer route at Byers this year but the "rolling hills" made me wonder how my wife would do. We live in Wichita Falls and have a 17 mile route but it is very flat. My wife is very good on the flat areas and very bad on the hills. She went from saying that the ride almost killed her and was glad that it was over to saying how much she enjoyed it. ('Sweeter is the victory that is hard fought.')
I hope this ride will continue. The whole event was done very professionally. I think the rest stops were better than most at the HHH.

I would like to thank you and all the volunteers and sponsors for making the Byer Bike Bash a great ride. I was impressed with the way everything was set up and run. The rest stops were awesome and everyone was very friendly and helpful. I hope this ride becomes a yearly event because I will definitely return and I will spread the word here in Lawton, OK to other bike riders about how great a ride it was.

The Byers Bicycle Bash was the greatest; Byers' people are the best. Hope you continue to sponsor the ride for many years to come. Suggestion: start earlier.
Thanks for a great day!

First, the ride was awesome. The quality of preparation and planning you and your volunteers showed itself in the registration ease, clear route markings, helpful staff, refreshing stops, and the satisfying burger bun at the finish. The riders in my group and myself all had a great time and we impressed with the ride, especially considering this being the first one. Thank you for putting the ride on!
I work at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, and I've got a group of about 10 riders that I organize and brought to your ride. We're just recreational riders but a couple people, including myself, have done a few races. I tried to organize some comments from all the riders in my group to pass along to you, and hopefully you can use them to support the good things from this ride and help improve the ride for next year.
Before the ride:
-Online registration and the website was really nice. One suggestion is to put the map online as well, nothing special, just scan a copy of the one handed to us. Just so we can plan a little.
-The "greeters" were great. I've never been there and they were very helpful pointing out where to park.
-The parking/registration area was nice, but more signs directing where registration and bathrooms were would have been nice.
During the Ride:
-The route markings were really good. Very clear and eye-catching with the different colors. I heard some people complaining that there were no signs, I think they just failed to read the slip of paper the greeters gave them, which explained it.
-The rest stops were great. Porta-potties were a glad sight. Fruit, water, powerade, cookies, pickles (and juice) were great to keep people in proper health and happy (a couple "big kids" enjoyed the sugar cookies especially). The people were also very friendly and upbeat. I didn't see any stops running low on water or food, which is nice. Some rides don't have enough, and the people in the front use it up and the people in the back who probably really need it don't get anything. Really nice job with the stops.
-The sag wagon and police patrol were very nice to see. And I saw a couple riders in the sag wagon, so they can thank you better than I could. Getting stuck with a mechanical or knowing you're a long way out and not feeling it are no way to do a charity ride.
-The route itself I thought was among the most impressive. The routes were strung together so well you didn't feel as though you were a million miles from the start/end. And the best part was the different distance riders had the opportunity to bump into each other a bunch throughout the ride. With the 62 mile route going out on extra "loops" and then joining the 45 mile route, you had the feeling of never being by yourself always being "in the ride." I had a couple riders do the 25, and they got to see a bunch of the 62 mile riders at the Petrolia rest stop, as an example. It was cool.
-The part that I though could use the most work was the finish. It was really bad at the Germanfest bike rally a few weeks ago. In that ride, we just rolled back into town and there was no finish line, no one around, nothing. Your ride was much better with the music and burger burn and people hanging around at the finish area. But there was still no finish line or sign, at least that I saw. I know it is a small detail, but most people I know, regardless of the distance they ride, feel a sense of accomplishment when they're done. But not really knowing where the end is makes the end of the ride feel more like, "is that it? we're done? uh, okay." My suggestion is to spray paint a line and put up a "finish" sign, and do the rest the same. Put the line right at the fire house with the ice cream and pies and burgers and music right there. That way the end is like a big celebration, with all riders hanging out at one spot watching the other riders coming in and having a good time.
After the ride:
-The burger burn was great. The other food and things there were awesome. Good location (at the finish), and really helpful and friendly people.
-The availability of showers was really nice. I didn't use them, but for the people who have more a drive, I'm sure it was great.
-The "goodie bag" was really nice. Getting shirts at rides is great. Bottles ran out, but I know you know that. The pamphlets for other rides is nice, sometimes its hard to hear about other rides. The part I though was really cool was the Hibros stuff. Getting companies to provides samples of stuff like that is really nice, because a lot of that type of stuff most riders will never have or try. So it feels kind of cool to get to try some of the stuff the "serious riders" use.
I hope the comments help. I tried to make them as useful as possible, instead of giving just another "great job" and leaving you wondering what exactly about it was great, and what could be improved. My group really noticed nice the ride was and could tell you and everyone else put a lot of thought and work into getting the ride put together. Thanks again for putting together a really nice ride, it was really fun for us, and we look forward to again next year. Please let me know if you have any questions about my comments (I'm known to be confusing at times),
Jesse Ziegler
Not so fast but love to ride cyclist