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Catch Me If You Can - Breckenridge, TX

May 2013

A great ride again. Mother nature did try to take the fun out of it though. Wind was strong, and then heat came along to add another challenge. The last miles are hills and with the wind in your face, people were getting tired. But..........that's mother nature. The folks running the Catch Me if You Can were again very helpful. And once again asked the riders for input on how to make it better. I once again suggested a different date. Some big rides also going that weekend. And for some, changing rides is a tough choice. But the date they choose is up to them. Riders will choose in the end, and this may be the cause for a lower turnout at this event. But the people are really nice, and so helpful. Rest stops were placed in locations that riders could get to safely. And well stocked. I was wiped out at the end of this ride. But glad I did it. Consider this ride for next year.

May 19, 2012

First time this ride has been done. Put on by the Kiwanis Club. Brekenridge Texas. 10 29 49 60 mile rides. I did the 49mi. First of all, the wind was horrible, but we all know this is the unknown factor. The routes were well thought out, with plenty of shoulders. Rest stops were good, and friendly.
Due to the south wind, the first half of the ride is all tailwind. As the law of physics says, what goes down, must come back up. Plenty of good long hills. Not leg busters, but, if you haven't trained, this ride is going to wear you down. I guess my only real complint would be signage. Just not enough of them. More so on the way back, and when in town. However,........the ride director asked me before the ride to evaluate the ride and let her know. I did, and she said it would be taken care of for next year. I also suggested that they might want to put this on maybe a week sooner. The ride calendar is pretty crowded for the 19th of May. If held on a week a bit slower, more riders tend to show.
All in all, a good ride. I have a feeling that this ride could grow leaps and bounds if handled with care. Some of the volunteers suggested getting Vol/FD and Boy/Girl Scouts involved for next yr. For a first time out of the box event, I give it a thumbs up!