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Tour Dallas - Dallas, TX

April 5, 2014

Tour Dallas is what it is. Crowded, slow, too many bad roads, etc. But they got to stagger the start better. Too many kids mixed in with the 30 milers. It was crazy bad at the start. Also the riders was much lower this year. Looked that way to me.

It was lower, about a 1,000 less. Some thought it was the price but did you know the ride in Fredricksburg cost $100.00 this year? You gotta give Mike credit for getting a ride like this organized and keeping the price down. It cost a fortune to get so manuy officers covering all the intersections. And knowing the City of Dallas, nothing was donated. There were a number of kids some even at the front of the 30 mile start. but most of the ones I saw kept to the side. The real jerks were the ones were the adult and the kid rode side by side taking up half the road at 8 MPH. - John

April 6, 2013

Another well-planned and well-executed ride by Bikin’ Mike and his folks. Parking didn’t seem to be as much of an issue this time. The sunshine was great. The wind was a little challenging around the lake. Still a fun ride!

It was really hard to get lost on this ride. Beside having a officer on every turn, there was a traffic cone, in the center of the road, every 100 feet or so (I forgot my tape measure).

I've been on this city ride many times and I know to take DART to the starting point and to bring my mountain bike to maximize my enjoyment.  The springtime is usually windy season and this year was no exception - sad to say.  Dallas roads are a rough ride, single track is smoother in fact!  Take your hybrid, MTB or other similar wide-tired bike on this ride and it will help enormously.  We usually cross over into Oak Cliff on the Houston Street Viaduct but it is closed for a street car construction project.  I would have loved it if we rode across the magnificent Margaret Hunt Hill bridge.  That would require a lane closure for bicycle traffic.  Why city leaders never planned for a pedestrian crossing on the MHH can only be described as short-sightedness in my opinion.  There was a running race at White Rock on the same day of this event and while we should always respect our less-fortunate :) bipedal friends, mixing cyclists and runners together usually makes for some close calls.  I'd love for this ride to evolve into a city park tour, like park hopping and a tour of the arts district or even SMU.  This ride is needing a route update.  The ride has always been well organized with police at the major intersections and lots of convenient rest stops.

I disagree with the persons first post. I am an avid cyclist but my granddaughter do this ride every year. She’s 12 and we do the short ride of 8 miles which was about 5 miles this year. No one told us that. We were almost done before we started. This was the first disappointed Tour de Dallas. Not enough volunteers and no free food. There was food for a price from a couple of food trucks. A lot less organization tables and when we got back to the finish and there was almost no riders there who stayed around because there was nothing to do. I know Mike was also organizing the criterion race the same day but I think he spread himself too thin this time. Unless things get back to normal I doubt I will be riding in 2014.

April 7, 2012

The weather was beautiful for the Tour of Dallas. The ride started on time but things kind of went downhill from there. First the parking lots near the stadium had long lines waiting to pay to park at the automated meters. We got there at 7:00 put one of our team in line and finally paid at 7:50. Several lots had these long lines. The pace car didn't roll at a pace where the lead group could keep it in sight so we ended up making several wrong turns - each after a Dallas policeman sent us the wrong way. When we got out around White Rock Lake there was some running marathon underway so that the pathway was crowded to a point where bike traffic was unsafe. On the way back through Dallas we caught several police officers unready for our arrival and had to stop at intersections or busy intersections were unmanned. After the ride there was pizza and warm bottled water - they had no ice. The Clif bar and Bloks booths were absent this year. Sorry Tour of Dallas - my fourth time will be my last and I have to give you a thumbs down. Next year this weekend I'll do a free ride with friends and it will be safer, cheaper, and more enjoyable.

I agree with the writer above, the parking lot situation was errible, I also got there almost an hour early and the machines were either not taking cash or it took 3-4 swipes to get card to work, got to the starting place just as the National Antheim started, thought did not hear any announcements and was thining they would wait till the antheim was over but they were rolling . I too was in a pack that did not get good directions, the extra milage was not the issue, but is was about 6 miles or so out and we were just starting to get ungrouped, so by turning around we ended up mashing everyine back togather. Not sure what can be done but too many riders on city streets made for a harder ride. After the tight traffic at White rock we ran back into the groups from the shorter distance and it made the rest of the ride unpleasent back toward city hall

No problems parking at the lot we parked at. It was free I believe because it was Saturday. Started right on time. Only complaint on my end was how terrible the roads are to ride on in Dallas for a road bike, I have a Pinarello Dogma with Sram Carbon Wheels. Not a good ride to take a high end bike. Heard some creaking sounds from my bike on 4 different occasions throughout the ride at different spots after hitting ridiculous unavoidable bad road spots/holes. Got home and inspected my bike only to find an 1.5 inch long crack in my frame under the rear chain stay. Now What? Second was the bad directions. About 16 of us went off course 6 miles but crawled our way back to the route. Hot Pizza and Cold Monster Drinks after the ride were nice. The roads have to get better or the route needs to be changed for me to ever consider this ride again. I have done it the last 5 years. Agree with the other reviewer that the several police officers were unready for our arrival, talking and laughing amongst themselves and we had to stop at intersections. Several very small intersections had 3 officers and others had zero. Why not one at each section?

April 2, 2011

I had a great ride. There were a lot of riders, some fast, others weaving in and out. But that only adds to the fun and gives you a chance to pratice you bike skills. There were police at every major and many minor innersections and someone at every turn. - John

.My second Tour of Dallas. Did the 30 mile route with my daughter. I like the start location, it’s convenient to get to and is staged nicely for the different distances. Good – police support and major intersects (and most minor ones too), the route around the lake, post-ride pizza, drinks, and snacks and enthusiastic volunteers. Bad – some of the pavement on the route back into downtown was pretty bad. Overall a great rally and I recommend it highly.

AWESOME RIDE!!! This was my first TD and I will definetely be back. I rode the lake loop and had a wonderful time. Thanks for all the hard work. Everyone was very helpful from the Police officers to the volunteers....

The Tour Dallas for 2011 was great!!! Good job Mike.


April 3, 2010

This was my first organized ride and I'm pretty happy. I was a walk up so I payed full price but did still get a t-shirt.
Police presence was huge and helpful, justifying the cost in my opinion. In parts of the ride the road was in really bad shape. This was only a problem if you were riding really close to riders in front of you and couldn't see ahead. Easy fix: keep some distance. Riders were pretty helpful in pointing out problems.
Coming in to town after the lake section we had to stop for traffic more often, a mild annoyance to clipped in riders. Overall this is a mostly flat and easy ride. Combine that with great weather and I'd say Tour Dallas 2010 was a success as a fun family friendly ride.

Thanks again to Bikin' Mike Keel for a great day of riding and fun. Registration was working well and people moved through rapidly, tee shirts were going fast, I know because I worked that part of the process as a volunteer.
Lots of port a potties, space, food, volunteers, signage, police!!! Only difficulties I found was the cut off for the 20 and 30 needed more advanced notification so we could place ourselves better for the split off. Many got stuck on the wrong side of the road and had to find a place to turn around once out of the fracus. Great support, lots of bikeshops offering help via mobile units.
Kudos to Mike Keel and all his wonderful volunteers!
Side note, nothing to do with the director.
Cyclists, NOT wear headphones on group rides and espescially when the ride forbids them. We all had to stop due to a truck backing up and the only ones that went down were those with headphones on because they COULDN"T HEAR US! Stop passing on the right and if you feel you must, at least announce it?

Great ride again put together by Bikin Mike. Routes well marked and police at every intersection directing traffic. Gets better every year. Great weather for a bike ride. Yummy food after as always. Thanks again Mike and keep it up.

Great weather, easy route, excellent route control by Police and volunteers. The ride around White Rock Lake was a nice touch. It's always fun to ride through Dallas and enjoy the view without having to dodge the traffic. This is an excellent ride to kick off the riding season and I plan on returning next year.