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Lancaster Country ride, Lancaster, TX

April 2018

I rode the Lancaster Country ride today. Check in was quick, parking plentiful. Despite the cold windy weather, seemed like a good turn-out. The roads were typical Texas country roads with chipseal and pot holes. Nice touch with the Lancaster High band, they were great. Fly over is an added bonus, felt bad for the pilot having to battle the high winds. The festivities afterwards in the square were fun as were the presence of food trucks. I like the socks instead of a t shirt. Nice scenery. The winds were relentless and made for a quick exit out, but return was tough. Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, bicycle shops, police coverage and the various towns along the route. See you next year.

This ride is generally a fun ride, well supported and has enthusiastic volunteers. I'm not sure what was going on at the turn from the 45 access road onto FM879. Having done this ride before, I thought we were supposed to turn there, but I didn't see any marking and there were no people there pointing the way. I looked up the road and saw other riders further down on the access road, well, it appears they didn't see any markers for a turn as well. I passed at least 50 riders who were doing the 4 additional miles along 45 straight into the wind. The Strava flyby shows dozens of riders not taking that turn on the 62 mile route. Fortunately this intersected with the route at Palmer where we saw the 40 mile riders crossing the bridge over the highway. If I was out there alone I'd say rider error, but you can't have most of the riders miss a turn like that and it not be a marking problem.


April, 2017

Really enjoyed the Lancaster Ride today. Weather was great, though the wind was brutal! The route was well marked and rest stop plentiful with a good supply of drinks and food. Parking was well run and intersection control heading out of town was good. Great to have the drum line again and the national anthem played live on the sax. Fun to have the vintage plane fly-over. Great SAG support. This is always a great ride, close to home, inexpensive, and commemorative socks to boot! Thanks to the organizers, police, and all sponsors. You keep me coming back year after year.

What a great ride to be spoiled so badly by terrible roads. I don't mind that the pot-holes exist, but at least have the courtesy and respect for the riders to let the riders know by better, clearer marking that the holes are there.
There is so much about this ride that is good: beautiful start, wonderful country scenery and settings, lots of curves, lots of great hills, good support systems and a very fine finish line. But all that is lost buy inattention to the detail of vicious pot-holes. Nobody expects a perfect road. But I do expect a bit of a "heads-up" to let me know that a pot-hole cluster is coming up. This is particularly true of the holes in the last 10 - 15 miles of the 62-mile course when the riders are tired.
If the management team does not "cycle-up" on this, I will not come back in 2018. I don't want to break my bike.

Third time to do this spring ride. The start has a two-plane flyover; a WWI bi-plane, and a WWII trainer. Routes are well marked chip seal with some rollers. The rest stops well-spaced and fully stocked. SAG support was strong. The longer routes are well known for seeing fields and fields of bluebonnets. There are also some interesting animals along the way: camels, (yep camels in Texas), horses so big they may have been Clydesdales, goats and something that looked like miniature donkeys with very large ears. The wind kicked everyone's butt this year but we will ride again next year.

Greater Dallas Bicyclists provided another great ride. All of the basics were top notch (registration, parking, signage, etc.). The drum corps was entertaining and the flyover went off without a hitch. Wildflowers were out in abundance. Plenty of hills for everyone. Except for the brisk wind, weather was great. Plenty of activities around the square after the ride. It was a fun day!

This was our first time riding in the Lancaster Ride. I rode the 42 and my husband opted for the 62. We are West Texas riders and used to wind, but I agree it was pretty brutal at the ride this year. Parking, packet pick up, and the rest stops were all very well organized and welcomed. Loved the extra touch of the vintage fly over as well at the outstanding drum line. Now you may ask will we be doing the ride again? The answer is we will have to give it some serious thought. The roads were very poorly maintained and not all the hazards were clearly marked ; however, we know that this may not be something that the ride organizers can improve on. Our main disappointment was the traffic and the lack of courteous drivers. Two lane roads with virtually no shoulder and heavy traffic are not safe. Also it is great to see the bluebonnets but on Sugar Hill Road the people pulling off in their vehicles seemed to be oblivious to the bikers. Finally, SAG and support vehicles need to pull off the road when refilling a station or picking up a rider.

April 1, 2016

A little chilly to start. Cloudy skies. GDB did an excellent job of putting this together. Plenty of hills and great scenery. Thank you for marking the potholes and rough road. Route was well marked(at least the 100k). Nice touch with the drum line and fly over. National anthem on the sax was cool as well. Cant wait for the 20th anniversary edition. See you next year.

GDB provided another great ride! The weather remained overcast and cool. The volunteers and staff were superb. Really enjoyed the drum corps and the flyover. The route offered great views and plenty of wildflowers. Signage was excellent and traffic control was present where needed. You couldn't ask for more. I am looking forward to next year!

Great start, well organized beginning and end, great country scenes with wonderful wildflowers. The finish in downtown was very cool with vendors, food trucks and shops open to sell their wares – Love the downtown area. The Boy Scott pancakes were to die for – the best in the world! The road conditions (for the 62 mile route) were beyond bad folks, I can't recommend this ride unless you're on a bike with appropriate tires – WAY TOO ROUGH for typical road tires. I won't be doing this one again unless the roads are fixed up. Also, too much of the route was too close to heavy traffic on roads without a sholder and several critical intersections were unprotected. As many years as this ride has been occurring I expected a lot more. Finally, packet pickup was a bit of a mess, not well organized really; next time the size of the socks shouldn't have anything to do with pickup – you should have the sock size next to the name on the list. Ed

Good rally thanks to G.D.B.! Well-stocked rest stops. Good 42 mile route, although it seemed like too many miles between Palmer and last stop which was only 6 miles from end. Heard from volunteer that they ran out of bib numbers because of high attendance.....a good thing . All in all a good time.

April 9, 2016

GDB provided another great ride! The weather remained overcast and cool. The volunteers and staff were superb. Really enjoyed the drum corps and the flyover. The route offered great views and plenty of wildflowers. Signage was excellent and traffic control was present where needed. You couldn't ask for more. I am looking forward to next year.

A little chilly to start. Cloudy skies. GDB did an excellent job of putting this together. Plenty of hills and great scenery. Thank you for marking the potholes and rough road. Route was well marked (at least the 100k). Nice touch with the drum line and fly over. National anthem on the sax was cool as well. Cant wait for the 20th anniversary edition. See you next year.

April 11, 2015

Rode the 2015 Lancaster Country Ride(100k). This is always the first organized rally of the season for me. I have done this just about every year for the past 14 years. It is always a well attended well run ride. The weather was good with could skies and a headwinds. A little on the chilly side to start. Thanks to GBD for putting on another excellent ride. I think the roads have gotten a little beat up, but not a whole lot the organizers can do about that. The hazards were well marked with orange paint and warning signs. Most intersections manned by club members or police officers. Thank you to the bicycle shops for providing SAG support(B&B, RBM, Plano Cycling, Mad Duck, etc). Thanks also to all the various police departments for traffic/intersection control. It was nice to have the drum line back again and the soloist for the national anthem did a great job. Enjoyed the fly-over—nice touch! Big thank-you to the cities of Lancaster, Ferris, Palmer, Ennis, Rockett, etc for allowing us to ride through. Great course with plenty of challenging hills and mostly smooth roads(some chip seal and some rougher roads) and minimal traffic with mostly courteous drivers. Wonderful scenery(wildflowers, camels, alpacas/emus?, little ponies, and even zebras). Rest stops spaced about 10 miles apart with friendly volunteer and the necessary stuff—gatorade, water, fruit, cookies, pretzels, etc. Overall, a great way for me to kick off the cycling season. Thank-you GDB!

Nice job by G.D.B. ! Plenty of supplies at rest stops, friendly volunteers.
Forgot about free beer at end (got done too late anyway; B.M.O.B., no problem) On the route, a nice man had barrels of grain outside his fence for whomever wanted to feed his horses and for riders and families checking out the bluebonnets.
Rode 42 mile route.....NOT for the untrained or beginner rider! Some in-your-face hills and a few fast miles downhill. Look forward to coming back next year.

This ride started out with the threat of rain, but it never materialized. It was well-attended and well-executed. I enjoy the pre-ride entertainment offered by the Lancaster HS Drum Corps. These kids are great! We had two planes for the flyover this year. The Greater Dallas Bicyclists ran the ride like they always do-smoothly and with plenty of enthusiasm. It's an enjoyable event. I'll be back next year!

Another well-organized ride by the GDB. Pre-reg packet pickup was quick; sock line moved quickly. Plenty of porta-potties. Suggest taking a couple and put them with the two at rest stop 1. The drum line, super clarinet (?) player of the National Anthem, and the fly-bys were great! Did the 42-mile route to check out the blue b's; but, they were just so-so and not worth the chip-seal beating getting to and from them. Lots of pot holes as well but they were avoidable. Does the GDB coordinate with the county precinct road foremen about getting pot holes fixed before the ride? If not, they should. Rest stops were great and I appreciated the volunteers at turns. But I can't say for sure if I'll be back based on the long stretches on the poorly chip-sealed roads.

Great ride, perfect weather, lovely scenery. The Lancaster ride is always well organized and well attended. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for all their time, great spirits and hard work. I have a couple ideas for the suggestion box for next year's ride. During the early part of the ride on stretch to Ferris while the riders were still bunched up, I noticed a couple motorists become a bit frustrated with the shear volume of bikes on the road. One guy in a maroon sedan, who was evidently stuck behind slow traffic a bit too long for his liking, swung out across the double yellow line and gunned it up the road to pass as many cyclists as he could. While he was passing, he went a bit wide when the road bent slightly to the right. His left side wheels went off the road and kicked up a cloud of dust and gravel before he was able to get back on the pavement. Nobody was hurt, but it did strike me as a bit reckless given the number of bikes in the area. I think it would add a measure of safety if signs could be posted on the route several days in advance of the event to alert local drivers of the date and time so they aren't surprised by 1000+ bikes clogging up their roads. Also, having one or two police cars patrol this stretch would help curb aggressive driving --- at least until the bikes thin out and there's more room for everyone to maneuver. Otherwise, I couldn't have asked for a nicer ride. Thanks to all for another awesome event!

April 12, 2014

Windy, windy ride! And lots of hills on the front end (into the strong head and crosswinds). This was a bare-bones (no t-shirts or lunch), but well-organized ride. No sag on the route, though, which was surprising given the road conditions. The roads were very rough with lots of cracks, but rideable so long as you are vigilant and I didn't see any flats along the 60 mile route. The rest stops were well stocked. I especially loved the pineapple at rest stop 4. A finish line at the end would have been nice. All in all a good local ride.

This was my fifth year to do this ride. I always ride the 42 mile route. Wind today was BRUTAL. Made me actually look forward to Sugar Ridge Rd. lol As usual the ride was fantastic. Not sure if it was just me but the water at the rest stops had a bad taste to it. Don't know if anything can be done about that but I understand. Thanks again for another wonderful ride. See you next year...

GDB put on another great ride! I always enjoy the pre-ride entertainment. The HS drum corps is terrific and the kids are fun to watch. The biplane flyover was a treat, too. The bluebonnets were out in force again this year, but the strong south winds were tough. I suspect this kept the SAG wagons busy hauling tired riders back. I saw a lot of them. The hills seemed steeper this year (I guess I'm just getting older). This is a well-supported and well-attended ride. It's worth the trip.

The Lancaster Country Ride was a great experience from beginning to end with plenty of challenge for riders of all levels. From the beginning, parking was well organized with volunteers giving directions. I didn't register online, but filled out the form in advance and brought it with me. Onsite registration was a breeze without any line. The organizers gave away socks instead of t-shirts. I like the idea, everyone gives away shirts. The socks were very nice quality and a welcomed change of pace.
The staging of the riders at the starting line was well conceived. Riders were divided into groups, "62 miles-16mph or faster", "62 miles-16mph or slower", "42 miles-16mph or faster", "42 miles-16mph or slower", "23 miles". (I personally thought there should be better signage and at the beginning AND at the end of each groups. I was a little confused.) I believe the race began on time. There was a fly-over by a plane to signify the start. Nice touch. There was also a high school band that played, nice touch as well. The start was very smooth. The 1st leg was very nice to the first station. It seems the fashionable thing to do is not to stop at the first station these days, thus this station was not very busy. I was well stocked as all the stations were for those who did stop (funny how everyone cuts pineapple differently). I stopped at every station on my 40 mile ride. (I love free food!)
It was very windy, but not too out of control. With the variety of turns, at some point the wind was eventually at your back. Although while going downhill, there were two spots where the wind actually felt dangerous. The second, of these two spots, there was a sharp left turn at the bottom of the hill. Right after this turn was a "camels" ranch. Lots of different animals to see on this ride (How about that super friendly white dog at the second stop? He/she was the size of a Shetland pony). Some of the roads were smooth as glass and some were very, very rough, but most roads were fine. There was a little gravel on the road in spots, but not bad. The routes were well marked on the road with arrow, but I had to ask someone which color represented which route. I'm sure it was announced at some time, but having it on the ride especially when there were splits would be helpful.
At some point the 3 different distances came back together AND with the wind to our back (Yea). There was a point near the end where I felt the bike was actually pedaling itself. The finish line was just a finish area. It was very anticlimactic. It would have been nice to have an actual finish line, with balloons and stuff. Overall this was a great ride, there were plenty of food and volunteers at the stops and officers to control the traffic. I will highly recommend it everyone.

This was another good ride put on by GDB. I always start my season by doing the 100k in Lancaster. Nice touch with the biplane flyover. The Lancaster High School drum corps was awesome. The route has some nice rolling hills and was especially challenging with the strong winds. Used one rest stop and it was well stocked and had friendly volunteers. Saw plenty of SAG out on the course. Liked the painted arrows on the roadway, but could have used a few signs as well. Parking was good. Good intersection control. Thank you to the Cities of Lancaster, Palmer, Ennis, Rocket, Ferris and all towns in between. Thanks to all the volunteers and bicycle shops. See you next year.

April 9, 2013

I've ridden this ride several times before and I don't remember the roads being this bad.  These are some of the worst roads I've ever been on and I'm not just talking about chip seal.  Worse still and unsurprisingly, bad roads continued throughout the 62 mile route.  Pot holes, cracks and bumps  making riding hazardous and keeping riders on the lookout.   I think I'll bring my mountain bike next time.  I also stopped at Rest Stop 2 to use the portapotty and the lines were about 30 deep :(  I probably wouldn't complain about such a thing but I had really needed to go badly.  This spring ride is almost always windy, this year was no exception.  Several challenging hills add to the overall experience.  The people who help on this ride are very nice.  You can tell they take pride in putting this event on.  I really hope they move it to another area of town though would be my suggestion.

Way to go GDB!! Extremely well run event. We had a marching band and a flyover at the start which was totally cool. Rest stops had a lot of food including pineapple. The #1 ride in Texas for camel viewing.

This is a fantastic ride.  Beautiful scenery, well planned course, SAG appeared plentiful.   I really enjoyed the extras at the starting line, the high school band, the flyover – really nice touch for the kick off, and the finish in town square was fun as well.  Rest stop 2 was a bit overwhelmed, long lines for water, long lines for porta-potties, long line for the lone mechanic from Plano Cycling.   Subsequent stops didn’t seem to have any trouble.

This is always a well-run ride. The weather was exceptional! The WWII plane flyover was a nice touch. A lot of folks showed up for this one. The road conditions were a mix, but someone spent a lot of time and paint trying to spot the hazards. Signage was great. The bluebonnets were breathtaking and we even had some camels to look at. Plenty of snacks and drinks at the rest stops and the volunteers were fantastic! Don’t miss this one next year!

Rode the 100k Lancaster Country Ride.  Pre-registered and picked up packet at Mad Duck with no issues.  They have a bank of port-a-potties so there were plenty of facilities.  I could be mistaken, but I believe they started the ride 5-8 minutes early as they had started the band and the riders were rolling out as I rolled up.  With little wind for a change the route was in good shape.  All of the roads were paved this year, so no issues there.  The roads were marked with taped arrows on the road.  They were consistently there, but with no signs on the side of the road you had to be looking for them.  They also made it difficult to spot when riding in a group.  There was a bit of confusion in Ferris as the turn was not obvious as you approached.  I’m ok with socks instead of shirts, but I would change them up from year to year. Overall it’s a good ride and I will continue to support it.

April 14, 2012

The 2012 Lancaster Ride 62 mile was great fun. In summary - hills, flowers, wind ... hills, flowers, wind, animals. The volunteers did everything they could to create a pleasant experience.

Road the 62 mile Lancaster Country Ride. The organizers did a very good job. I pre-registered on the last day and picked up my packet at Mad Duck the next day without a hitch. Appeared to be 10-12 porta potties at registration, the line did not appear to get more than 5 or 6 deep. The staging, at the start, by distance and speed is great and is much more effective than other rides that try and do this. The route was clearly marked on the roads with large red, blue and green arrows. The traffic support was great, there were volunteers at a couple of the riskier turns warning riders and law enforcement at the intersections on the way back in that stopped traffic for the riders. There were two stretches of roads that were not paved, the first a 2-3 mile stretch that was primarily packed dirt with some small gravel and then a two block stretch with some larger gravel. I'm guessing this was mentioned in the pre-race announcements but I know I missed it. These were significant hazards and there really was no warning on the approach to them, would have like to at least see some road markings that would have alerted us to them. Finally, if you are into blue bonnets and are not going full throttle, there was some amazing fields on the ride. A couple fields were literally a sea of blue bonnets. This was my first time doing this ride and I certainly will add it to my yearly calendar.

I didn't have a problem with the hard packed gravel road. I have ridden on paved roads that were much worse. I could hve used, however, a little reasurance that I was on the right road. Bike tracks in the gravel helped but after a while even that petered out.- John

Lancaster ride. I've made a note to myself not to do this ride for five straight years, but stupidly keep giving it a chance, 62 mile route had worst road conditions of any ride I've ever done. Won't be back. The should give inner tubes instead of socks. Hope someone did the Chisolm Trail ride in Belton and reviews it, I will head that way next year.

The Lancaster ride is great. It is superbly organized and is one of the most beautiful routes I've ever seen. The bluebonnets were absolutely spectacular. registration was smooth and easy and parking was easy with volunteers directing traffic. The route was fun and challenging. The only real negative (which the organizers cannot control) was a really, really strong wind. This was a windy ride! However, the headwind and worst crosswinds were in the first half and we had a tailwind for most of the last 30 miles, which was lovely. Very well organized and fun ride. I'll be back for sure.

April 9, 2011

Lancaster County Ride 2011 was an example of a great cycling experience. GBD planned a near perfect route ranging from beautiful rural roads lined with blue bonnets and local farm creatures to charming towns. This was my first ride at this event and I will return in 2012. The staff directed parking as we got near the area, there was police support at busy intersections, pre and on-site registration was well organized, there was plenty of beverage, fruit and cookies for those inclined. I loved the socks. There was a festival at the end for those who had time.

Enjoyed the ride again. This is a well-organized and well-supported ride with great scenery. I like the staged start by distance and speed. The only negative for me was not being on their rider list although I had pre-registered by mail. Glad I had a copy of my paid check with me. Did notice that the number of porta-potties (5) at the start was about half of what it was last year.

Great ride! Route, volunteers and food were all well above average. Makes you wonder why some other rides don't find a few real cyclists to help plan their rides.

April 10, 2010

This was my first time riding Lancaster and I will definitely be back. I rode the 45 mile course and it was beautiful and even had a few hills. No one can control the weather, but that was great too. Kudos to the GDB, the volunteers, and sponsor's who were all very friendly and helpful. This was a well coordinated event from the parking to the start by distance and speed to the warm welcome at the town square finish. There was one stretch approaching the final rest stop that was really rough with a washboard-bone rattling piece of road, but all in all a great course. My only suggestions would be to have more porto-johns at the start/finish and space the rest stops more evenly. One stretch went nearly 15 miles between and another was about 5 miles apart. The actual stops were well stocked and the folks running them were very accommodating. Great job and thanks to all who planned and ran this event, i'll be back!

Did the 63 mile route, great weather this year!
Course: Scenic, plenty of flats, rolling, and some challenging hills. Well Marked
Roads: Average. Some rough sections. Not too bad overall
Rest stops: Plenty and well stocked Finish: Plenty of refreshments. Homemade Brownies!
Needs to improve: Number toilets at the start
Overall: Scenic and a very good ride; will do it again next year.

Another great ride from the great folks in the GDB! Organized, great rest stops and the 42 miles route was fantastic – good mix of FM and country roads. That is why we return here year after year – good job!

Great job on the Lancaster Country ride 2010. GDB does it again! The roads have gotten a little bit worse for wear over the years, but still a great route. Did the 45 mile route. Scenic with just enough hills. Great weather. Thanks to all the volunteers. A special thanks to Plano Cycling and Fitness. You guys fixed me up with a new tire before the start. Did not realize I had a cut in the sidewall that was begging for a blow out. Thanks again. Overall, an A+ for organization, finish line, start line, rest stops, route, etc. Could use a few more port-o-potties at the start, but overall great job. I will be back.

Seriously folks, invest in more port-o-potty's next year. It's the only thing that held us up, both at the start and rest stop #1. You can read this same comment from last years riders too. We rode the 23-mile route and our first rest stop only had 2 potties. When we finally got to the snacks, the volunteers were starting to close up shop. That delay left us on our own for most of the 9 miles to the next stop.

another great rally by GDB and all those involved ... great route and perfect weather/wind... and the biggest plus of all, the "dangerous curve" on sugar ridge road has finally been repaired... route change due to expected road constuction on 660 btwn ferris and bristol, but in the two saturdays previous that I rode this section there wasn't any construction going on ??? but again, great rally, route, and thanks to all who make this rally possible..

I have done this ride 3 times now, the main complaint which is easily rectified is to ad some port o potties. As I have been keeping records on my rides for the last 5 years I make my choice of rides on the small details as there are lots of events in the metroplex these days. I would bet that the added costs of adding a half dozen port o potties would be more than offset by increased riders, lots of riders notice these things now as we have lots of choices. That said, I give this ride a B+ as the scenery was great (even considering the camel), the staff was friendly & helpful and the roads were Tejas like. This could be one of the premier rides in the area if port o potties are added. Thanks

My opinion - I saw the looog line for the port-o-potties but I had to go, so I got in line. there werer so many potties that the line went fast and I was out in abour five minutes. - John.

Excellent ride out of Lancaster last Saturday. We were directed to parking off the main road and packet pickup was fast. I didn't notice that there were "fast" and "slow" 100k groups until it was too late, oh well. Only used the 30 mile rest stop which was well stocked. I thought the roads were marked well enough and some intersections had support. Volunteers were actually warning the bikers about gravel, rough pavement, etc. The only bad thing about this ride was that it was held on typical north Texas roads and that's a shame.

There are three things that made the ride distinctive this year. 1. First and foremost was the amount of gravel at the intersections. It appeared nobody swept the intersections this year (again), the intersections were dangerous as were the road conditions the first ten miles or so of the 100k. 2. It looked like a record turnout this year with many bikers everywhere; the roads were so congested the first ten miles or so of the 100k that it reminded me of HHH. Not sure GDB can do much about this because it is what it is, but the narrow roads were not in very good shape. 3. The finish line goodies and brownies were excellent! I went straight through on the 100k and the only time I stopped was at the finish.
Not sure I will be back next year; the first ten miles or so of the 100k was as dangerous as I have ever done on a t-shirt ride.

Thanks for a great ride experience, GDB! This has to be the most scenic ride in North Texas. Between the country roads, the bluebonnets, the exotic animals and the post ride festivities in the town square, it's a ride I look forward to every year. The start line staging is a creative way to get everyone on their way quickly. Letting the 100K "fast" group go first, followed by the 43M "fast" group, followed by the 100K "moderate" (sub 16MPH average) group, followed by the 43M "moderate" group, and finally the 23M group, gets folks under way quickly. I rode the 43M route and left with the "moderate" group only 5 minutes after the first group started. My favorite part of the pre-ride speech is the reminder that "this is a country ride - you will be riding on country roads". The route goes over various road conditions, from smooth asphalt to choppy, poorly maintained tar. There are volunteers stationed at the worst spots letting riders know they need to slow down and most of the other "danger spots" are outlined in spray paint. All the rest stops were well staffed and had plenty of food and drink. The spacing of the stops seemed to be setup for the 100K riders since there were some unusual gaps on the 43M route. RS1 to 2 seemed a bit long while RS3 (RS4 on the map) arrived sooner than expected. No biggie. There are some challenging hills on this ride but nothing that hurts too bad. The route is ideal for this time of year as cyclists get back into the swing of riding outdoors. This is a very pretty route as some of it follows the Bluebonnet Trail. Lot's of folks will stop and take pictures in them with their riding partners or their bikes. The highlight of the route, for me anyways, is the section that runs along a number of farms that host exotic animals. There were camels, zebras, donkeys, horses, goats and other animals I couldn't identify. Another picture taking opportunity! The ride starts and ends at the Lancaster town square. There are a number of food and crafts vendors around the square and it's a great way to relax after an enjoyable ride in the country. I've read comments about the lack of portable restrooms but I parked right next to one and there was never a line at it. I think if folks look beyond the core group of port-a-potties, they can find one with little or no wait. All in all, a great ride hosted by helpful and friendly folks. This one will always be on my ride calendar.

2010 Lancaster Country Ride was great, well organized and beautiful country scenery. I will be back for the 2011 edition.

The Lancaster Country ride is by far one of the best rides of the year (out of about 15) and it is a must do. The roads are not the greatest but everything else about this ride makes it worth it. I can’t cefor this one. Some great scenery and animals at the toward the end of the ride really puts icing on the cake. THIS IS A MUST DO RIDE!

April 11, 2009

Just did the Lancaster Country Ride 2009. This was a lot of fun. The weather was a little cold and windy, but overall, good. The rest stops seemed stocked with all the essentials(I only stopped at one on the 100k route). The signage was adequate, though some improvement could be made on the Palmer portion. The route out to Rockett could use some better signage than painted arrows on the road. I missed a turn and had to go back. The festival in the square was nice. I was glad they announced the bad section of road and had people on the route warning us about the conditions. Weather permitting, I will be back.

I love this ride the countryside always looks beautiful and the ride is superbly managed by the GDB except rest stop 6 miles from finish had nothing ! no water ! no gatorade ! no snacks ! no table ! I was there @ 1100 am and the volunteers said supply was on the way @1110 I decided to push on I have never in my years of attending organized rides seen a rest stop with nothing whatsoever That said I will continue to ride this event knowing that even the best rides can have unforgiveable lapses

Plenty of parking. Flagmen directed cars to open spots. Rode the 42-mile route. Mostly smooth roads. Some challenging hills - more hills than I like. If you ride a heavy recumbent, you will be spinning in granny gear, fighting to stay upright. Beautiful scenery. No heavy traffic. Near the end of the ride I recall entering a high- speed, major country road from a side road (view of traffic was blocked) - could have used a policeman or volunteer at this location to warn riders of approaching vehicles. Only 2 Port-O-Potties at the 1st rest stop -should have been at least 2 more. Well-placed and stocked rest stops with friendly and helpful volunteers. The route was well marked with both colored arrows on the pavement and signs. Despite the hills, I enjoyed the ride. Had a reasonably-priced, delicious enchilada dinner at a great little Mexican Restaurant in the town center, where the after-ride celebration was taking place.

I had a good time on this ride. The rest stops were well stocked (though less Oreos and more Fig Newtons would be nice) and everyone was very polite. No problems with parking or registration. My only gripe is the route marking. It's hard to see small spray painted arrows on blacktop when you're riding 20-25 mph. At least once I had to stop in the intersection and look for bicycles in the distance. More signs please!

Great ride, although I do remember wondering where in the heck some of those hills came from! Well supported by the friendliest bunch of volunteers. On behalf of the last rest stop I will say I am one of the slower riders and did the 100k, but that stop had plenty of oranges - even Oreos, and they were bringing more in as I was leaving. Good job all - thanks GDB volunteers!

We did the Lancaster ride again this year... our third year in a row. Not typically our favorite since it's so cold and usually windy but we set out to do the 60 miler. We are training for the MS150. Registration was quick and efficient and overall the rest stops were well stocked. We particulary loved the ice cream at rest stop 3. Due to mechanical issues, we were forced to sag it in at rest stop 4. While we appreciate SAG support, waiting a full 2 hours from the time we loaded our bikes into the SAG vehicle and actually getting back to the start was completely unacceptable. While the driver of the SAG vehicle may not appreciate my husband's concern or need to properly refuel after 3 hrs of cycling, it shouldn't preclude him from making a timely effort to get us back to the start in a reasonable timeframe. I mean, what if he had a special medical condition that required he get back to the starting point sooner!! This one sticking point really shows a lack of efficiency or planning on the part of the promoters of this race. That issue alone my prevent me from ever doing this ride again.

Good ride! A bit cool and overcast, but when I'm out sweating in 105 degree heat, I'll miss it!! I thought this was a well run, well organized ride. All the stops were WELL manned, with plenty of chairs/food/water/etc. The organizers seemed to be VERY concerned about a small section where there was road breakup. They had several people there to announce the problem, and recommend you walk through. I've never seen that before. Maybe a potty or two more, but other than that a good ride! I would recommend this one.

Not enough toilets at the start of the ride and the parallel section along I-45 are my only complaints about the ride. Sure, it was a little cold and windy and a little more sun would really have brought out the colors of the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush, but those things are not controlled by the organizers. I really liked the start and finish at the town square….good little cafes for lunch. We hung around afterwards and read all the historical plaques on the buildings.

April 12, 2008

I haven't ridden Lancaster in several years. The ride is as good as ever. Great route, good road surfaces and markings. Very scenic countryside. Recommend this ride for anyone.

This ride has gotten better over the years. It was easy to find, fast registration, good road markings & signs, lots of hills, lots of wind, and GREAT muchies at the rest stops. The only improvement is more ride marshalls. Good job GDB!

This is the first time I've ever done this particular ride and thanks to GDB for putting it on. Late registration and parking were a breeze. Riders were segregated by distance and further segregated by speed. What a good idea!! I did the 40 and only stopped at one rest stop that was well stocked with fruit, oreos and fig newtons. The ride was hillier than I expected and the last 20 miles seemed to be uphill and into the wind. Some of the rough road hazards were marked and some weren't and most intersections were controlled. The routes also had low traffic. I'd do this one again in a heartbeat!

Great ride as usual! Did the long option. Registration, early packet-pickup, rest stops and route were outstanding. It seems like the route was changed for a couple years, but now is back to the way it used to be. Not entirely sure, but liked the route the way it was laid out this year. The socks are also a nice change from an event t-shirt. Post-ride food options seemed more limited this year. This would be a nice feature to add if possible. I plan on being back next year.

I did the GDB's Lancaster ride last weekend. Overall, job well done(as usual). I did the 100k route. Great staggered start--keep it up!! Route was great with some chip seal, hills, and rollers. The two rest stops I used were well stocked, friendly volunteers, and plenty of port-o-potties. Overall the signage was good, but there was a stretch outside of Palmer that had a long, long road(after the stadium) where is seemed I missed a turn or was way off base. I almost turned around, but decided to go to the next turn and low and behold there was a turn sign. I would like to have seen some painted arrows on the roadway or a sign of two pointing the correct direction(just as some reassurance). Overall, it is still a great ride and I would do this again in a heartbeat. By the way, LOVE the socks!!!!


April 14, 2007

2007 Lancaster Country Ride sponsored by Greater Dallas Bicycle Club
This is the 2nd time I've done this ride. The only reason I haven't done it four times is because I had a schedule conflict the last two years
I've done a lot of pay rides, Aledo, Peach festival, Paluxy Pedal, Granbury's cruising de hood, and the Burleson honey ride.
This has to be one of the best organized and supported rides I've been on. Very well marked route, lots of visible SAG support, multiple bicycle shops offering technical assistance. I also appreciated having lots of fig newtons and min clif bars at the rest stops. They also had lots of ice! (Wind was 16-23 mph with gusts and temp started out at 44 and got all the way to a balmy 48)
I did the 60 mile route and though it was certainly too cold and too windy, I still had a great time (especially before I turned northwest near Ennis). If I could change one thing about this ride, it would be the weather. They're just lucky I guess.
I've never seen such large fields of bluebonnets as I did today.
I really appreciated getting a pair of socks for a change instead of one more t-shirt. I wish more rides did this, or at least gave a choice.
Even though I'm from Fort Worth, hats off to the Dallas Bike Club for a great ride.

My gosh it was cold… that being said this was a great ride. I truly enjoyed the route (40) and very friendly “frozen” staff helping us all along the way. I had planned to wear the socks that were given to us, but I opted for my WOOL socks instead. Next year, and there will be a next year, I will wear the socks. I didn’t know you had those hills but you also had the most beautiful Blue Bonnet display in the fields right beside them. I forgot to tell my legs that hills were hard when my mind said look at those flowers. And did I mention CHOCOLATE… yes that is right… brownies at the end. Nothing was left out of this ride, well stocked rest areas, friendly staff, brownies, hills, flowers, wind and cold. See you next year for sure. (Note to self, remember where you parked the car.)

If you like riding in the cold and wind than this was the ride for you. I planned to ride the 40mile route and opted for the 20. This was a cold one,but I here there was hot chocolate offered on the longer routes. Great homemade brownies and cookies provided along the route and at the finish. This was a well organized ride. They even pair up the casual riders and the fast riders for each route prio to the start. I don't know if this was really necessary,but it di make for a smooth start without the usual congestion. I would recommend this ride.


April 8, 2006

As the Director of the Lancaster Country Ride I want to thank all 855 riders for being out there and braving the winds and cool temps. It warmed up as the day went on, but the wind never ceased.
We did a lot of work on marking the courses, sweeping gravel and making sure our rest stops were well stocked, but when it comes to Mother Nature? Well...she does her own thing.
Donations from the proceeds go to the Lancaster Outreach center, as well as the TBC and First Baptist Church. The Church opens up all its parking lots for us and we are truly appreciative.
Thanks for coming out, suggestions are always welcome.
Gail Spann
Lancaster Country Ride rally director, 2006

The Lancaster folks did a fantastic job in staging this ride. The course was well marked and support was always present. The one rest stop I stopped at was well stocked and manned by friendly folks despite the cold wind. Flower Mound and a few others could learn a thing or two from the Lancaster and Aledo ride directors, they definitely know what they're doing. Thanks.

My second year for this ride. Did the 24-miler with my son, and was very impressed with the entire event. We pre-registered, so packet pickup was painless. Nice job with the staggered start. Roads were good and I didn't see any gravel ANYWHERE!! Great rest stops, SAG support, and very enthusiastic volunteers. Overall, ride support was terrific, and the home-made goodies at the finish line were the best! To top it all off, high quality bike socks were again a great change from the usual t-shirt. Thanks for a great ride, GDB-we'll be back again next year!

This was a great ride. The course was well marked and the roads were some of the best surfaces you can find for a rally. There were many wildflowers and was fun to ride over the bridges – which I think was just a detour for this year only. Well stocked rest stops. It was a little cool and the wind was brutal this year, but everything they could control was great. It is nice to save a little money and get socks instead of another t-shirt. GDB puts on a great rally.

This was a very well-organized ride with surprisingly pretty scenery. Parts of it felt like a hill country ride with one section passing through winding country lanes lined with trees, horse farms, and a one lane bridge. Although it started out cold, it turned hot in the afternoon. A few people going too fast off the front crashed and needed medical assistance (Reminder - it is a ride, not a race). SAG support was available, but it took quite a while to find me (Plano Fitness and Cycling van was great!). I think they need a couple of more folks helping with this--nothing technical, just a guy in a truck with more tubes and a pump like those at HH100. The big headwinds kept us well ventilated and slowed the pace for most of the second half of the ride. I did the 100k. The volunteers were friendly, and the rest stops were well-stocked. There were also volunteers at many questionable intersections. There was also a go od finish line with people clapping and plenty of snacks. Parking was extremely convenient. I will definitely do it again. But take note, they give out a pair of socks rather than a t-shirt.

April 9, 2005

This is my 3rd Lancaster ride and each year, the Greater Dallas Bicyclists made a change that improved the ride. This year, they slotted the starts depending on distance and speed and staggered the starts where the fast 100K group starts first and go down the line to the 25 milers. This alone greatly improved the safety of the ride significantly. The route was excellent and for the first 35 or so miles quite challenging with both the hills and the very strong south wind. The strong south wind also makes things a lot easier going back. The bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes were in full bloom in places which makes the climbs up some of the big hills worth while. A fellow PBA club member and I wound up following up the 100K loop with a 44 miler to complete a century. The routes were so well marked that we did not need a map to do this. I would like to see GDB add a century to this ride. That would be just enough to make Lancaster a premier early season rally.

This was a great ride! It was my third time and it seems to improve with each year. The wind was a little strong but manageable since we didn't head directly into it for any long stretches. The south wind on our tail was wonderful coming back! I did the 57 miler in Aledo, and Lancaster's 62 miler was much easier in my opinion. It has hilly parts but not relentless. There are flat stretches to give you a break. The bluebonnets were plentiful, and traffic was very light. Traffic control was sufficient at big intersections. The rest stops had nice people, were well stocked with cut up bananas, fig newtons (yum), orange slices, water and Gatorade. I especially liked the staggered start. It went very smoothly as far as I could see, and I was running my average speed a couple miles in. What a great deal! It only cost $20, and they give you some cool socks instead of the typical t-shirt. I really have no gripes about this one. They did a great job, and I can't wait for next year.

This was my first Lancaster Country Ride, and definitely not my last. the 42 mile route which, according to my cyclometer, was actually a little over 43 miles. The roads for a majority of the ride were great, and the hills in the middle portion were a good challenge. Loved seeing all the bluebonnets in bloom. I stopped at two rest stops, and they were well stocked with water, Gatorade, fruit and cookies. Now, I do have one  very important suggestion for next year. Please, please, please sweep away  the gravel on turns. At one intersection, about 4 miles from the end, I hit a patch of gravel and went down. Thanks to driver of the truck I was trying to avoid, and all the riders who stopped to see if I was okay. A special thanks to the gentleman who rode with me the rest of the way in. I also want to thank the great volunteers who helped clean and bandage my various wounds. So I'll be back next year.

This was my first Lancaster Country Ride. Kudos to GDB for a well-organized ride. The routes and hazards were clearly marked. Rest stops were great with a wide variety of goodies and the staff were friendly and helpful. SAG support was very visible and all of the major intersection were  controlled. The hills were challenging, as was the wind in the first half of the ride. The views were (as advertised) outstanding! 

This was my first time at this event and I did the 42 miler. Great support, well marked, nice route, and constant SAG support! I also liked the way the riders were staged at the start. Thanks to all of the sponsors, businesses and churches that helped out.

What a well planned out and executed ride. If you missed this one...shame on you. Registration was smooth, volunteers were everywhere and the start...well there is one suggestion. You had the cohorts sectioned off as to distances. 24-42-62. One problem: You need a special area for" fast riders 18+ mph average." Without that the fast riders are having to fight their way up through a solid wall of slow riding road kill. Bad Mojo. Dangerous, frustrating. It causes too many riders to swing out into the oncoming traffic lane to pass the slow riders. So next time...put the 18+ riders out in front and start them first. They will disappear in a cloud of testosterone and won't be bothering any other riders. Much safer. Road markings were excellent. The police protection at crossings was truly awesome. At least three policemen at every crossing where protection was needed. The roads were excellent and beautiful to ride. Congrats on a job well done. I'm definitely putting this one on next years "must ride" list. - Norm Weatherby

Fantastic ride. This was my first year at this event and I was thoroughly pleased. The climbs were an interesting change but were not long enough to bog a little over-weight guy (me) down too much. I really liked the tail-wind finish. Thank you to all the support (volunteers, police, and organizers). Great job!

My husband and I are riding the MS150 and chose the Lancaster Ride over the Tour Dallas. Besides why pay for riding in Dallas when we do that every weekend for free? We also needed the distance so we both did the 62 route. This was our first ride in Lancaster. What a fantastic day - sunny, windy, beautiful scenery! The flowers were in bloom and all the animals were out. The breakpoints were fully stocked and I had no complaints. It does seem that there are never enough portables though for those that really have to use one. It is difficult for me to keep up with the fast people and it is difficult for me to go slow enough for the slower people. I am somewhere in between so I usually end up riding by myself. The route was very well marked so I had no problems getting from beginning to end. I didn't even use the map. I think this was well organized and worth the money. The ride identified and sorted  riders by route. I saw a review where someone suggested having the 18+ riders identified and out first. I don't know what the proper rally etiquette is, but  couldn't this person get in the front of the group that will head out first regardless of the distance? This way there would be no worries about having the  pass "the slow riding road kill". From what I saw not only were the starting  areas marked by route, but the 62 route had two sections - moderate and fast

This was the first time we did this ride (42-mile). We chose it over Tour Dallas as we're getting ready for the MS150 Frisco - Ft Worth. We needed something longer than Tour Dallas' longest (only 30 miles). We also were interested in seeing all the bluebonnets, and we weren't disappointed! It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery. The miniature horses at the one farm were really cute too. The wind was a bit tough but that's just Texas for ya! The route was very well marked, they even have wrong way markings if you miss a turn, which isn't possible. The route was supurb with little traffic, smooth roads (except a couple miles at the end). The rest stops were good too (thanks for having pretzels!). There was a good variety of snacks and Gatorade, which kept our taste buds from being bored as well! I have to say I did not expect the series of big hills, and enjoyed them (even if I did walk up one of them Very Happy ). Thanks, GDB, for a great ride. I expect we'll be back but with a camera next time!

April 10, 2004

Every year, this ride gets better and better and draws more and more folks (I think we probably had over 1,000 rider show up). There were some minor changes in the route that eliminated a few of the wood bridges that were potential hazards. The roads were in good condition with few rough spots and the rest stops were well stocked and well managed. The threat of rain never materialized. Unfortunately, the cold front blew through about an hour into the ride, which made the last 35 to 40 miles pure torture (that is where the well stocked and well managed rest stops really helped). I bet as a whole, most of the 62 mile riders probably finished this years ride with averages 1 to 2 miles an hour lower than they normally would. Thank god the bluebonnets were out in force, this made the battle against the howling north wind much more bearable.

I rode this year's GDB Lancaster Country Ride and have a few comments. First the route, rest stops, and organization exhibit all the hallmarks of a premium ride. However, for an early season ride, I was completely unprepared for the hilly start of the rally. I'm certain that I hammered these hills too hard which I paid for dearly when the cold front and strong headwinds blew through. I eventually sagged at the last rest stop and missed riding the awesome looking last stretch. So, future riders take note: *this ride has a hilly start*. My only other comment is that the quality of the map could be better. I got off the course on one stretch and found the map of very little use to find my way back. On the whole Lancaster is a very nice ride--the bluebonnets and country route were exceptional. This year the wind and cold conspired against me, but I will be back next year to ride that last stretch into town.

The GDBClub along with Lancaster and the other supporting communities are a Class Act!!! and simply put FANTASTICO!
The GDBC folks were very well organized with everything, the ride was great heading out of town, and for the first 35 or so miles, after that the north winds hit and well, it was really ugly in some spots.
The one rest stop I picked to stop at was great, lots of stuff. The cost of the rally is just right, Don't get me wrong I'll always donate to a worthy cause, But some of the rides are tapping the 30.00 dollar price and that's just unrealistic for what it is. And of course GDBC provided some great socks!
Thanks to all who had their hand in this rally it was great.

As a novice, this rally was recommended to me to "get my feet wet" as a relaxing flat ride....I found it to be a perfect first rally...beautiful road scenery, great food at the rest stops, and friendly people...including this guy named John on a recumbant who was gonna take my picture.(!)...I lost him on the hill....I did the 62 mile route the longest I have done so far and was a bit taken back by my 6 hour time...but I have been through winds before and they do slow down the mph....they also have a way of bringing out the resolve in me tho,,,,as well as the hills....I felt they were just right...a challenge but not heartbreaking. I was rescued by Kevin on the Richardson Bike Mart Van...who fell in right behind me when I got a flat.. (boy ..someone really was watching over me!) changed my tire...adjusted my gears...and off I went...WOW! and a friendly wave throughout the rest of the course....My final burst came toward the end when a sag wagon rode by with about 3 or 4 on it and I was determined not to let the wind beat me....the sign to Lancaster city limits made me let out a scream.....good thing I was alone....I made it!

I did the GDB ride in Lancaster this past Saturday. The day started out picture perfect, warm and humid, just like summer. The organization was very good and registration went very smoothly. The first portion of the ride was very flat until about 15 miles in. It then wove it's way through some terrain that was a little tough on the old bones. About half way through the twists and turns, I just had to stop and take in the view from atop one of the hills. The view was spectacular. The bluebonnets and what seemed to be a view from a perch high above anything else. You could see for miles. The only rest stop for me came at a "necessary" time. The rest area was well stocked but it seemed that those volunteers knew what was going to happen next. They chuckled as they mentioned the wind shift. Well, the wind shifted. The rest of the ride was relatively flat but the wind provided the challenge for the rest of the ride. I am afraid that there isn't much the GDB could have done about that. The wind brought a much cooler finish than many had hoped but most of us finished well before the rain. This is a ride I will try to do again. I really enjoyed it. This was the 3rd ride I have done this year. Every one of them has been wonderful. It seems that most of the ride organizers appear to be on the same page . Great going folks.

First time to ride this route. All I can say is "give me more." I loved the hills and the challenge that the course offers. Very few routes will let you go 35+ mph and slow you down to 10 mph. Great rest stops, great start, great course marking, and I loved getting socks...can't ever have too many of those. I will be making this one of the top "must rides" of the season.
The best thing I have seen in years...course was marked so well. Someone even marked hazard spots and potholes in the road. You guys are really
looking out for everyone!

Great event! Being able to pick up the packets before the ride was very much appreciated. The course was excellent with some good hills, but not killer. The ride provided great scenery, there course was well-marked, rest stops were well-spaced will with lots of goodies and the roads were also as good as one could ever expect. The socks look good and really help distinguish this ride. Also, the availability of a variety food and massages at the end of the ride were outstanding. This is my second time to do the 62-miler, and I plan on this one again next year. I'm just happy it didn't rain.