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Shiner G.A.S.P. Greater Austin to Shiner Pedal

April 25, 2015

This is my first GASP and it was a great experience and a great ride. When friends of mine learned about I was to do this ride, they showed concerns about the head wind from the south, which is common this time of the year. During the ride though, we had mild wind from W and WNW. As a result, most of the folks in our paceline set their century ride record that day (me included). However, although the wind was in our flavor, the rain wasn't. Severe thunderstorms were in the area the night before, and we had scattered shower in the morning. The organizer decided to call a 15-minute rain delay in Austin (as well as for the 1/2 GASP started at Whizzerville Hall in McMahan). The sun finally came out at around 10, but the road was still wet and we didn't form a good paceline until later when the road was dry. The route was scenic. With the wet weather we have had in spring, everywhere was green with wild flowers on top. It was pretty much rolling hills the whole way but nothing steep. There were a couple sections with a few miles of rough roads during the first half of the ride. The support at each rest stop was great and the finish at the brewery was the best - Food, adult beverage, live music, showers and massage (choose your own order). My only complaint is their gift shop doesn't take AMEX. That might be a good thing otherwise I would have spent some money there.

This was my first year doing this ride. What a great well-organized ride! Rode the full GASP. Great start location. Fast packet pick up. Great rest stops, especially the pizza stop. Great volunteers. Good traffic support. Great signage. Mostly nice route, not overly hilly and mostly good roads. Great after-party. Though the day started off with a little rain, turned into a beautiful day. My only small nits….route wasn't quite a century and I wanted my century and those gravel sections kinda sucked. But otherwise, I highly recommend this ride!!! Can't wait for next year!!!