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Easter Hill Country Tour -  Kerrville, TX

March 26, 2016

Awesome ride this year at ehct 2016- I did 65 Fredericksburg 80/20 kerrville- beautiful- my only complaint- 80 mile route- if they choose this route next year- I won't do it due to the length of scary two lane winding roads with no shoulder. I nearly was run over more than one time- just far too dangerous. Julie - Dallas


April 2014

This was my first year doing this 3-day event. I cannot recommend it enough! It was a wonderful way to spend the Easter weekend! Very well organized and supported. Packet pick up was quick and easy. I liked that they stayed open until 10 pm on Thursday so if you arrived in town late, you could still pick up your packet. All the information you needed (including maps) for the weekend was included, plus a protein bar and something else. And the t-shirts were very nice. There were no mass starts and you could start whenever you wanted, just had to be mindful that some of the early rest stops closed early. There were over 1000 riders, but because there was no mass start and many routes, it was never congested. It was nice to be able to ride to the start from the hotel and jump on the route. Kerrville has bike lanes on Sydney Baker and the cars were generally friendly to bikers all weekend. They have rides for everyone, from the 19 mile route on Sunday to a century on Saturday with plenty of choices in between and ways to combine routes to create your own distance. The routes were all challenging with a few 11+% grade hills and lots of long slow climbs. The roads were in good condition and the scenery beautiful. There were lots of families and people from all over the country. Everyone was very friendly and just out to have a great weekend. The rest stops were well-stocked with the usual goodies and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and friendly volunteers. Signage was good though I'm always in favor of more signs. They used the color arrows on the roads before and after turns. A few people still got off course due to not paying close enough attention (myself included) but realized the mistake quickly. Plenty of support along the route if you needed it, though I saw only 1 flat the entire weekend. I missed the dinner on Saturday night but heard it was great. They also offered an early pre-ride Easter morning church service at the college. I highly recommend this tour! I can't wait to do it again next year!

April 22-24, 2011

Once again, 3 days of great riding in the Texas hill country , all Kerrville this year. The Austin Cycling Association did a good hosting job their first year for a ride that is over 30 years old. While there a few logistics problems at the reststops, this was a well organized ride and I congratulate Austin on their first year hosting. It appears that the attendance was almost double last year. This tour gives riders a wide range of rides spread over 3 days with some seriously challanging hills (many riders were walking ) and really beautiful Texas back country roads. I rode 150 miles in 3 days with good weather and enjoyed it all except for the wind. I recommend this tour as a good way to start the bicycling season for anyone who has the 3 days at Easter. I will be back next year.


April 10-12, 2009

The Easter Hill Country Bicycle Tour is always a good event-three days of riding through some of the most scenic areas in Texas. The routes include some very challenging hills, even on the shorter rides. In fact, I saw more people walking their bikes at this rally than I have on any other ride we do. There is no mass start, which makes for a much less tense beginning to the rides. It is a long haul down to Kerrville but it is worth it if you want three days of challenging riding through beautiful countryside.

April 2005

This ride has got to be one of the prettiest and most enjoyable in all Texas. The scenery, although a bit cold and windy Sunday, was simply incredible! The organizers seemed to go out of their way to make sure the weekend went well for everyone. The roads, mostly 2 lane blacktops were in good condition and although no shoulder existed, the community is so "bike friendly" no one really need worry about being pushed off the roads by careless drivers. Sag support was excellent as were the rest stops. For couples, singles, or families this event offers a great time for anyone wanting a relaxed weekend of riding and some great site seeing as well as shopping in nearby Fredericksburg. A "must do ride" for me now every year!

April 10, 2004

I did the Saturday century ride. Except for the bad weather that came in shortly after lunch, the ride was great. The route was fantastic and challenging. I saw SAG support all over the place and the rest stops were great. If I had to complain about anything, it would be that the signs along the route could be larger and the directions at the start were a little confusing. Otherwise, a near-perfect ride. I highly recommend. Unfortunately, I could not make the Friday or the Sunday rides, but I heard a lot of positive comments about the Friday ride. Hats off to anyone who did the Sunday ride in the cold, wind and rain.

March 29-31 - 2002

Lesser (read more cautious) riders would have bagged the ride because of very threatening weather. However, except for rain Saturday morning during breakfast it was a completely glorious weekend.  The Easter Hill Country ride is 29 years old. It is one of a hand full of must-rides for the spring. Topography, scenery, eateries are what you have to look forward to in Kerrville each year. Oh yeah, there are a few hills. I do not know how they stack up against other regions of the country that have hills, but compared to most of the rest of God's state; this is hilly. The starts each day are not group starts, so everything runs at a casual pace.  This is a ride that you can really enjoy with a partner or group.  Even though it is scheduled for 3 days, many riders do only 1 or 2 days. Rest stops are adequate. SAG support is visible.

Great 2-3 day tour. Incredible scenery - my favorite area of Texas except for Big Bend - and mostly excellent roads. I rode 85 mi Friday (missed a turn - my fault) & 109 mi Saturday. Saturday's ride was very challenging, even cruel at times. Many long and sometimes steep, gut wrenching climbs with rapid descents back into a river valley. The head wind from Bandera back to Kerrville (25 mi) seemed like too much at the time. A great way to spend Easter weekend - I'll be back for more next year.

April 13-15, 2001 - 26th Easter Hill Country Tour -  Kerrville, TX

For a flatlander from Wichita Falls this was riding on a foreign land. They don't call it the hill country because all the other names were taken. This was a pleasant 2 day 120 mile total in some very beautiful countryside. This is a 3 day ride but our group returned home Saturday night. You ride up and down then up again. The ride left from the Schriener college in Kerrville and meandered through the farmland and back roads of the area. Well organized, perhaps a little under sag supported with good rest stops. Bobby, one of the riders in our group complained that one of the rest stops on one of the shorter routes didn't have a potty. We of course pointed out that the organizers probably didn't think he would be riding long enough to require a restroom. That was really the only complaint I heard. If challenging climbs with 30 - 50 MPH descents is your idea of fun you should check this out. We'll be there, we will be the group on the funny looking lay-down bikes. Ride-on!