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BPMS150, Houston to Austin

April 2016

Was very surprised there is not a review of this ride, as it is one of the largest MS 150 rides in the state or possibly the nation.
This year the ride was a one day event only. This was due to inclement weather that was forecast for the Sunday portion of the ride into Austin. (This is the 3rd time in recent years that the ride has had to be shortened) But to note, it did rain heavily in Austin on that Sunday, so it would have been a very messy finish after all.
Due to the rides abbreviation, some of the "buzz" was taken out of the event. As for the ride itself, it was a lot of good miles on flat terrain out of Houston, then rolling hills with mostly smooth roads on into La Grange. Afterward we enjoyed a good BBQ dinner at the fairgrounds, cleaned up, and headed back home to Houston. (I have to admit I kind of liked the one day version, it was much easier to plan.)
At one time about 13 thousand bicyclists participated, now it isn't quite as big. I think one of the reasons for this is that it has become less about the ride, and more of "how much money have you raised us?" I think I can qualify that as I have done it 23 times. Now instead of thanks for your commitment, it is like, well we want more $.
Overall I recommend this ride, but it's just not that special to me anymore. Or maybe I guess I am just getting jaded.