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Bike Out Hunger, Weatherford, Texas

May 2, 2015

This is a small ride for a good cause. Packet pick up was easy and for those that pre-registered, they received goodie bags with really nice goodies, including a gift card to Chick-Fil-A and snacks. Definitely the best goodie bag I've ever gotten at a rally. The route was fairly well marked, though there is room for improvement. The signs for the turn came a bit late, in my opinion. There should be one as a warning, one at the turn, and one after the turn. Rest stops could use some improvement as well. They were not spaced well for the long route and we only stopped once and they had pretty much run out of everything. As we weren't riding that slowly, that seems to indicate poor planning. My only other complaint was the stretch on the busy highway with no shoulder. I would recommend that they eliminate that stretch as it was rather scary. Lunch after the ride was awesome. All in all a solid ride for a good cause that I'd likely ride again.

I enjoyed this ride very much. The turnout was larger than I expected. This event may have to start planning for a larger crowd next year. The police escorted us down Main St to the right turn at Bethel Rd. This ride uses a few familiar roads from other area bike rides like PeachPedal and Ride United. Lunch was fantastic and the spirit of the volunteers made us feel welcome. The 41 mile route was fun. There was a KOM section along the way where you could see how you did against other riders using Strava. I'm looking forward to coming back to this ride next year. Many thanks to the event organizers and volunteers!

April 26th 2014

First time for this event and I estimate 125 riders participated. Staged out of North Side Baptist Church in Weatherford. Adequate parking for ride this size or bit larger. Ride numbers were given but no one tracked which rider had which number. Some riders asked what the phone number for SAG was and no one knew. Start was on time but starter had no PA system and those at back of que couldn't hear him. Police escorted group south on Main St, around Courthouse, and out South Main. Large pot hole on railroad tracks shortly after start caused pinch flat of my riding partner. Pothole was not marked. That put us well behind. Did the 29-mile route and overall road conditions were good and police support at intersections was very good. Some roads used were same ones that Peach Pedal uses. Color-coded arrows on pavement were used to indicate turns but there was only one at the turn. Should have one before the turn also. First rest stop was at about 11 miles; however, next one wasn't until 27 miles, only two miles from finish. I was told by a friend that did the 39-mile route that their second rest stop had no porta-potty. I chose to take a more direct routing from last rest stop to finish because I didn't want to mix with traffic in the north side business district. Not sure why the organizers picked that routing. Post ride BBQ lunch was provided and it was very good. Everyone supporting the ride was enthusiastic. If the organizers want this to be a successful annual event, they need to do better on road hazard markings and rest stop intervals and facilities. Riders also need to have a phone number for SAG. Ride raises money for a worthy cause and I'll be back.