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The Beauty and the Beast Tour, Tyler, TX

March 25, 2017

What a beautiful day for riding! The weather was perfect. Parking and registration at the KE Bushman Center was a snap. All the wildflowers were in bloom and gave quite a backdrop to the ride. The hills were still there, but the mild temps helped make them a little more bearable. The cheering section on The Beast was great! After the ride, we were treated to a catered lunch-enchiladas, rice, beans, and chips-a full meal deal. Tasted wonderful. I'm looking forward to next year.

August 13, 2016

Beauty and the Beast is usually held in March, this year August 13. Parking at wine farms of Kiepersol in Bullard, TX. Parking and registration was fast and well-organized. Route maps had a phone number for sag. Weather was cloudy and humid, temperature 78 with 85% humidity, wind was light, NW at 3. Beautiful scenery and a great hill workout! The rest stops were well stocked with friendly volunteers. Prior to the hill known as the beast was another hill with a sign, "This is not the beast!" later a sign, "Stop or die! Are you ready for the beast .7 mile @ 13% grade." The was an unmarked water stop a half mile up the beast, a water stop at the top of the beast in addition to the final rest stop. The weather three hours after the start was 85 with 70% humidity and a heat index of 93. At the finish there were complimentary cold drinks and sandwiches. Looking forward to this ride again in March 2017.

March 22, 2014

This was a great ride. The day was warm and the wind was minimal. Parking was adequate. Packet pick up was quick. The route was great with fun rollers, light traffic, and the roads were in good condition. Signage was good, with signs at the side of the road and painted on the road itself. I was glad there was a sign before the Beast, which allowed riders ample time to prepare. All major intersections had traffic control, which I always appreciate. There were lots of enthusiastic volunteers cheering riders on along the route and especially up the Beast (which was tough!). The rest stop that I stopped at was adequately stocked and I assume the others were as well. I will definitely be back next year to ride up the Beast.
My only suggestions for improvement are: 1) a finish line or cheering volunteers at the finish (finish was anticlimactic), 2) fruit at the start, and 3) volunteers handing out water at the finish.
I highly recommend this ride!

This is a well-organized and well-executed ride. Great support, especially at intersections and great volunteers! Loved the goodies at the rest stops. Plenty of hills, including the beast. One of these days, I'm going conquer that thing! I'll keep trying, though. You missed a good ride, if you missed this one.

March 23, 2013

The Tyler Bicycle club knows how to put on a great rally. The ride started at the KE Bushman celebration center in Bullard, TX. It is a great rural location with plenty of convenient parking. The registration process was flawless and well managed. The ride started on time with police and SAG support. It was a bit cool with temperatures in the mid 40's and overcast sky. The wind was moderate and mostly helpful from the East. The roads were mostly in good shape and the worst obstacles clearly marked. My daughter and I did the 53 mile route (don't like the cold and rain). We only stopped at the 40 mile mark and the rest stop was well stopped with gatorade, water, cookies, pickle juice and smiling, helpful volunteers. It rained on us for about 30 minutes before the end, but because we finished before 12:00 we had just loaded the bikes when the deluge hit. The Beast and baby beast are well worth the ride from the Metroplex. They come at the end of whatever distance that you have ridden. It is a stout hill (15% grade or so) of about a 1/3 of a mile in length that really kicks up at the end. When we got there, almost everyone was walking their bikes up. If you haven't been training on hills, good luck riding up!

This was a good ride. Everything went smoothly (registration, start, etc.). The views along the ride were great with all the wildflowers in bloom. Rest stops were well stocked with fruit, cookies, pbj sandwiches, pickle juice, etc. I liked the cheering section, including a pink gorilla, halfway up the beast. I had a good time.

March 24, 2012

The weather could not have been better for this beautiful ride in East Texas. My daughter and I rode the 67 mile route (68.5 by my GPS) finishing with a 20.3 mph average. The ride started on time and we hung on with the elite racers for the first 12 miles until the steep bend and hill there dropped us out the back. We stopped only at rest stop 5 (48.6 mile mark) but every rest stop had enthusiastic volunteers cheering you on. That rest stop was well stocked with water, gatorade, fruit, cookies and pickle juice. The pavement was mostly smooth though it did have some chip seal portions. I did not see any big potholes or bumps that weren't marked. The Beast came at the 63 mile mark and it lived up to its name. It was well marked at the bottom and had cheering volunteers encouraging you to make it up. It is most definitely the steepest hill on any rally I've ridden in and it is worth the drive from Fort Worth to tackle! We highly enjoyed this rally to start the rally season for 2012 and plan on a return trip next year.

Beautiful views thru out the ride. Very nice bike rally. Highly recommend this ride to all. Directions and signage were great. Rest stops fully stocked. This rally seems to get better and better each year. Nice hamburgers and hot dogs after. Started at the winery and you could have a tasting if you wanted. The beast was just that. Sure feels good to accomplish it. Will definitely be back next year. Thanks.

Best ride we've done in 12 months, I'm hard pressed to think of something they could do better. Unfortunately they are at the mercy of the weather, if it's good don't miss this ride! Brian


March 26, 2011

This was a great ride.  Registration and check-in was extremely smooth and easy.  The route was very well marked and there were volunteers at every corner.  The break stops were well stocked and had lots of friendly volunteers.  I loved this route.  I did the 67 mile route and it is gorgeous.  It is very hilly, but not impossible.  The "beast" really is a beast.  It is a big hill.  However, it is not impossible.  I just wish it came a little earlier in the ride.  For those doing the 67 mile route, we hit the beast at mile 64.  By then, I was pretty tired.  It helped  that they had lots of volunteers cheering you on and encouraging you all the way up the beast.  The roads were, for the most part, quite good.  Some chip seal, but other roads were extremely smooth.  There were some tough hills in between miles 30 and 40, but we got a good break in miles 40 through 50 by turning on to a smooth road with a tailwind.  Pure bliss!  Absolutely a great ride and I will do it again.

This was very well done. I did the 67 mile route. I have not done this ride since 2007 because of other rides the same day and I liked the changes they made. Back in 2007 the Beast was at mile 38. This time it was at mile 64. The assent on my GPS said we climbed 3502 feet. 600 more than 2007. I think the wind was about 15 to 20 mph the whole day. Trees did block it at times. Come prepared for it is challenging but what a great feeling when you complete it. Nice Spaghetti, Salad, Cookies and Tea after the ride. It started and stopped at the Winery. Yes they did have Wine tastings and I had to try it. Very Yummy.

This was my first Beauty and the Beast Tour. A friend and I trekked out ~2.5 hrs from the DFW metroplex and are glad we did. I really enjoyed the pine trees that were both fragrant and nice looking; a welcome change of scenery. We did the 46 mile route and I noticed that there really aren't many flat sections. You're either going up or down…the rare flats seemed to be bumpy. I personally like the non-flat rides and at about 52 ft/mile the climbing was significant but not brutal. At times the course seems pretty dirty (mostly rocks, but other hazards too) and I managed to flat a gatorskin though the thickest part (beer bottle) Luckily for me I was at a rest stop when it became noticeable and a pump was available so I didn't need to use CO2. All of the volunteers were cheerful and helpful; this is clearly a theme through the years. The pickle juice drinks were awesome; I've had it from a pickle jar many times but never in the pre-packaged format. The baby beast and Beast were fun. Not quite Paluxy Wall hard, but harder than the other named hills I've done (Cherry Pie Hill (Mineral Wells), Big Bertha (Muenster), Goatneck, etc. If my schedule allows, I'll be back … and hopefully will have found a way to avoid Tyler traffic.

This was my 2nd real bike ride and my 1st Beauty & the Beast .. I did the 67 miles & loved the roads, rest stops and scenery .. the Beast is a real killer .. ashamed to say I had to walk up it .. I just thought I had trained for it .. so will bring a bike that is better suited to go up a wall instead of a road bike .. looking forward to trying it again in 2012

This was a great ride from top to bottom..except for the intellectually challenged DJ that fired up the sound system at 6:30 right next to the gracious host's brand new RV park. Route, volunteers, support, food, etc. couldn't have been better!

March 20, 2010

I was one of the brave souls who went ahead and participated in the Beauty and The Beast Ride March 20. This was my first time to participate in this ride, and I was extremely impressed. Obviously, the weather was not what anyone would want for a bike tour. It sprinkled – then rained on us for almost the entire ride (I did the 53 mile route) and then it started turning colder about 11:30. But I have to say that the organizers, the volunteers, the support – it was all incredibly good. The people were among the most friendly and responsive I have ever seen on a ride. Every single turn was manned, the routes were well marked, and the scenery was great. The spaghetti was great also. I know now why this is one of the most talked about rides in the area.

March 21, 2009

The ride started at 9:00. I got there about 8:15 and got registered without having to wait in line- very smooth. There were lines at a restroom, but then I went to the building next door, and there were no lines in there- so look around. Looked like a good turnout for the ride. The ride started without a lot of fanfare or speeches- just a whistle and off we went. Beautiful weather all day. I don’t normally ride hills that much, but I went on the 100K route anyway just for the workout. At the end of the ride, I was one of the last riders in, maybe the very last rider in. But all the rest stops were still manned with friendly and supportive volunteers, they still had food and drink, they still had people posted at the turns, and still had pizza and pop at the end of the ride for me. Very well organized and run. Nice scenery, too.

This was my first time riding the B&B in Tyler. Scenery was excellent with tall pine trees lining the smooth asphalt roads.
Fortunately, the South Wind was calm during the beginning of the ride. Later, it would prove to be a great help on the return. There was lots of volunteers on this ride. Great support with SAG in key areas. Good food w/ lots of water and sports drinks at the rest stops. Traffic was minimal on those back country roads. There were only a couple of times we had to ride a tight shoulder with some faster traffic, but the passing drivers were courteous and gave you enough room. Use some common sense here and stay as far right as possible. On the 64 mile route, the "Beast" starts out about 5% and tops out at 14% grade. It's about 1/4 mile long and comes early enough around mile 27. I had 36/27 gearing and was grinding my heavy self slowly up this thing at 2.5 mph at its steepest. My only negatives are: 1) there's not much of a "finish" line at the end (minor thing, really) and 2) the P.A. announcer was barely audible even with his bullhorn. I'm sure he said some important things, but I never heard them. Other than that, I didn't see anything seriously wrong with the route or support. I'm looking forward to returning next year and giving the "beast" another run.

This was my first time to ride in Tyler and the event was as good as any. As the name says, a beautiful route, low traffic, very pleasant/helpful volunteers with lots of goodies. Did not do the "beast" secondary to early in the season and trained to handle 14% grade. Sounds like it is similar to "The Wall" in Glen Rose. Baby Beast at the end was enough, 1/4 mile at 10%. Will be back to enjoy this ride again.


March 17, 2007

Except for the congested start, which we got over quick enough, I didn't find anything to complain about. Well maybe one: How can anyone ride so many halls and still gain weight? Answer the food. One rest stop had key Lime pie, another had Sopapia with honey. I wonder what they had at the others. After the ride they had the above and enough Pizza to feed a small army. As for the ride, they had a flagger at every innersection.

This year's event was excellent, as usual and the weather was fantastic after a somewhat chilly start. We were thankful that there was no rain like in previous years. As another rider remarked, it is actually possible to gain weight on this ride because of all the tempting stuff like cinnamon sugar sopapillas and key lime pie plus pizza and goodies after the ride. I wish they would have a staged start to thin out the sheer number of riders trying to get rolling all at once. The turns were well marked and manned. The fellow who announced "hard right, loose gravel" was appreciated! The guy over by the lake who told us "it's all downhill from here" was lying. The Beast will definitely zap your energy and the baby beast is a bit of a challenge as well. I saw plenty of safety parols on the first half of the route but would have appreciated some law enforcement on the busy road by the winery. Everyone needs to do this ride at least once!

Bagpipes - could there be a better way to send off cyclists? I think not. That was the most unique send-off I have seen in a long time. None of this outdated pop music or Queen's "Bicycle Song" that we hear all the time.
The 64 mile route was my poison this year. The weather was a bit chilly but kept the heart rate down during the small climbs for the 1st half. I had been training on the old Collin Classic hill on the feeder road off 75 and am glad I did so as The Beast lived up to its name. That is the hardest climb I have done to date, bar none. It was pleasing that the next 5 or 6 miles after it was wind at the back and flat road. I considered the last 15 miles to be the most challenging. Lots of rolling hills. I cramped up over the last 6 miles but kept on trudging and finished.
The mass start didn't seem to be a problem to me. There is so much support over the first 5 miles of the ride and that allows riders to pick their lines with ample room to pass. I appreciated the sunny weather instead of pelting rain this year and will watch for next year's flyer in the mail.

Wow!! I loved the trees paired with the challenging hill. The 42 mile route was enough for me. The rest stop by the lake was a treat. The volunteers were very freindly, and we can't forget about the hot pizza and home made cookies provided at the end.


May 20, 2006

It's quite apparent to me that the Tyler Bicycle Club knows what they're doing when it comes to putting on a rally!! Registration was quick and parking was plentiful. Each intersection where there was a turn was manned or womaned as the case may be. Traffic control was excellent. Signs were also marked on the road. The rest stops were well stocked with fruit and cookies, except the last rest stop which had PB&J sandwiches and the 20 mile rest stop which had cheesecake!! I did the 100k and there was still plenty of pizza left when I got in at 1 pm. A special thanks to all the volunteers. The only suggestion for improvement I have for next year is too perhaps stage the ride on Old Omen Rd. instead of the parking lot - less congestion. This ride deserves an A+++++

I read on the Tyler Bicycle Club website that the organizers were a little disappointed with the turnout this year. I am not sure how many riders participated but my guess is about there were about 500 riders and racers. Perhaps the conflict with the Wild Ride In Richardson kept some riders in DFW that would have otherwise gone to Tyler. However, this ride was originally scheduled to conflict with Muenster this year and I am glad the organizers changed the date so I could do both.
For me though, it was an easy decision to make the drive from the Dallas area for this ride. Beauty and the Beast is absolutely one of the best rides of the year and there is no way I wanted to miss it. It is one of the most difficult courses of all the rallies, maybe the most difficult given all the climbing and the challenge of the Beast and it is that challenge plus the scenery of the surrounding countryside that draws me to this ride each year.
In addition the organizers did a superior job putting on this ride. The roads were great, well marked and parking and registration was very easy. They also had plenty of pizza if you so desired after the ride. Also, the ride was finally blessed with sunny weather after several years of poor weather.
Many thanks to the organizers. Keep up the good work and I look forward to next year. To me this really is one of the must do rallies each year. Please post the winners of the race on your website including the winner of the prime up the Beast.

This has always been one of my favorite rides and worth the trip to Tyler. Previous rides were in April as I recall with cooler temps and some wildflowers - this year it was in May. They put on a good event and are great hosts; temp this ride was 92 degrees and I got a little hot - but hotter at some of the motorists who would zoom past trying to pass and then cut back in before ongoing traffic and a couple were just closer than I like them, given a lot of the ride has no shoulders. Signage was good (painted on streets) but it's time to catch up with some "standup" signs. Plenty of food (pizza and other stuff) after ride and nice to be able to shower off before heading back. Still, given the lack of shoulders and some other factors, I'll probably try the Wild ride that Bike Mart hosts (closer) if it is on the same day. If they move it back to April I might give it another go, just hope they can tame the drivers.

Route selection...route selection...route selection...trees...trees...trees...hills...hills.. Hills...WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! The 2006 Beauty and the Beast was phenominal .I rode the 64 mile route, and it was glorious. The wind was at our back on the way home, so it was sweet. It was truly the BEAUTY of East Texas and the BEAST . I barely made it up the Beast ...I was standing up and pulling on my handlebars the whole time. It was a real struggle. The scenery was just out of this world. It was mesmerizing, to say the least. The heat was a little rough later on in the day, but it did not play a significant role. There were some awesome downhills, hit 40.5 mph coasting down one hill. There were many miles of smooth pavement, no traffic, and Pine trees lining the road. Great rest stops, great traffic control, great organization, great volunteers," so so" signage. No signs, just paint on road, which only appeared when needed. There were two times on the 64 miler I came upon another cyclist that was wondering "which way to go". Was sort of hoping for a sign to "announce" the BEAST. Great job by the Tyler Bicycle Club though and all the sponsors and people involved . One of "The Best" rides in Texas. Oh, and where did all the flowers go ? With little rain this year they were scarce around North Texas, but they were plentiful on the last half of the 64 route. The scenery just turned it into a surrealistic experience. Going down those hills at 35+ mph was such a thrill. If the Good Lord's willing, and the creek don't rise, I will be back next year.DeWayne Shepard (Roadkill)

Outstanding ride. Support and route were great. Very similar to Goatneck and the Peluxy Pedal. No complaints.

This ride was great with lots of hills. There were plenty of stocked rest stops and the course was well marked with flaggers at pretty much every turn. The roads are good and the blacktop on Hwy. 69 makes for a fast spin right after “The Beast”, which was a challenge. Volunteers handing out water at the top of “The Beast” was a nice touch. Showers after the ride at the college are nice as well. The scenery of East Texas is nice this time of year. Great ride. The name says it all. I’ll be back.

I rode the Beauty and the Beast for the first time this year. What an excellent ride. I have done Muenster, Hotter Than Hell, Goatneck, Tour de Pants and Collin Classic. This is one of the best if not the best ride of the bunch. - Reasons:
- Start area had plenty of parking, and logistically easy to navigate.
- Excellent roads. Most were smooth to very smooth. Very little chipseal.
- Course was challenging, rolling hills most of the time. Not as difficult as Muenster. “The Beast” is as hard a climb as you will find in a rally. Highway 69 towards Tyler was delicious after climbing the Beast.
- Excellent scenery! Trees, lakes, rolling hills and beautiful country side.
- Showers and pizza at the end in a comfortable setting.
The 90 minute drive from Dallas is not that hard. On the road by 6:00 a.m. and you have time to spare. UT Tyler is a great place to relax post race. Lots of grass, trees and shade.
Kudos to the Tyler Bicycle Club, everyone I spoke to or interacted with was friendly, courteous and helpful. My riding friends and I are all looking forward to doing this ride again next year.

This was my first time to participate in the “Beauty and Beast Tour” and I plan on returning next year. The Tyler Bicycle Club and all of the volunteers did an outstanding job during this event. I completed the 100K course and found it to be the most challenging and scenic tour I’ve participated in so far this year. The Muenster 100K is the only tour I’ve done to date that compares in the amount of total climbing. The “Beauty and Beast Tour” is no misnomer. The 100K route encounters the “Beast” which is a hill about 32 miles into the ride. The lower part of that climb has an average gradient of 5% and the upper 2/3 of the climb has an average gradient of nearly 10%. This climb was a challenge for me yet offered a since of satisfaction to complete. The remainder of the ride had plenty of rolling hills accompanied by picturesque scenery for the rider’s enjoyment. My recommendation for anyone attempting to tackle the 100K route for the first time would be proper preparation through hill training, gearing for your climbing ability, and a pinch of strength training for the back, abs and legs. The beauty and challenge of this tour are too great to suffer through from lack of preparation. My only recommendation for the Tyler Bicycle Club and volunteers is to keep doing what you’re doing. Great job!!!! -Jason

April 30, 2005

This ride lived up to all my expectations. I expected a difficult and challenging course and that is what I got. Here are the statistics from my Polar S710 computer. Total amount of climbing was about 2700 feet. There were many climbs ranging from 0.2 to up to 2 miles in length with average gradient from about 1.5 percent to almost 10 percent. The reputation of the "Beast" is well earned in my opinion. Has to be the most difficult climb in any of the rallies I am aware of and I have done most of them. Total length of that climb is about 0.6 miles. The lower part of that climb has an average gradient of 5% and the upper 2/3 of the climb has an average gradient of almost 10%. However, average gradients don't tell the whole story on this climb as some of the peak gradients ranged from 10 to 15%. Unless you are a very strong climber, you will want a gear lower than 39X25 for that climb. This is one of those climbs where if you stop you may not get started again and will have to walk your bike to the top. There was a lot of traffic backed up and stopped on the "Beast" waiting for the cyclists to get to the top and I had to climb on the opposite side of the road to avoid stopping in the traffic because I could not get around it on the right. I thought this might be the most challenging ride and it probably was. I would say that this and Muenster are comparable in difficulty (similar amount of total climbing and steepness of hills). Tour-de-Pants and Aledo are not far behind with Goatneck and Peach Pedal the next step down in climbing difficulty. Finally, the ride was well organized and the route was well marked with marshals giving directions at about every intersection. The pizza afterwards was great too. I didn't stop at rest stops so I cannot comment on those. After two years in a row of cold and rain (last year almost a total washout and I didn't ride as a result) this ride is due for nice weather next year. Put this one on your must do list if you want a challenge but don't take on the long course without lots of miles in your legs. You will need the conditioning. Great Job on this one Tyler Bicycle Club. I hope to return next year.

The route was great!! The weather was partially cooperative. Rest stops were AWESOME!! Really need to improve check-in for pre-registered riders. Seems you're 'penalized' at this rally if you register in advance (i.e; very long line and only one person checking you in). Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the cold and rain and also the police who supported this ride and gave great intersection and directional support!

This ride was made interesting by the fact that it started to rain shortly after the start time and continued for about three hours. It was also cold and windy, so proper gear was needed. I did the 66-mile ride, and the major turns were all staffed by law enforcement or volunteers With orange flags who made sure that riders stayed on course and were out of harm's way Of vehicles. The route was a good one with combined hills and descents but the wet weather Compromised one's being able to enjoy the scenery of the lush piney woods and ranches.
The Tyler Bicycle Club seems to do a thorough job covering the bases. Late registration Was available till 10 p.m. on Friday night. I showed up without a hotel reservation and Getting a room was a nightmare because the Canton antique Days event was in full Swing and motel rooms could not be easily had. My only complaint about the B&B Ride was that the slice of pizza I was hoping to get at the end of the ride was not available When I went into the UTT Student Center around 12:30 p.m. That's certainly minor, because the Ride is the thing and the volunteers were friendly and helpful and stuck it out in some Bad weather.
I'd like to do this ride next year because the course and scenery would be a lot better on A beautiful Spring day. D.P

All the good things I'd heard in years past certainly weren't the case this year. Famous last words "plenty of support and rest stops throughout the ride" was yelled out as we took off. Approximately 700 of us stood under an ominously overcast sky with temps in the 50's, hoping against hope that the sun would show up after er a few miles.
Twenty-Five miles later, with rain pelting and the sun no where to be found, we finally found the first rest stop. People at the 20 mile turn off failed to call out that we had to make the 20 mile turn in order to get to the first rest stop. The rain, which wasn't forecasted the previous day, and the low temps, made (for those of us not in winter gear) the ride more challenging than expected! One of the organizers came up to us, having heard a few complaints among our group, and apologized for the lack of organization stating that the person primarily responsible for the ride had recently suffered a heart attack. A reported 20-rider crash somewhere on the longer routes apparently took up all available sag support.
All in all, I said on more than one occasion that this would be my first and last time to ride, however, for those who have had a day to relax and calm down, several things happened which were beyond anyone's control. The weather and consequent accidents are just part of the sport! See yall next year and hope that we don't have rain 3 times in a row.

This was a challenging ride. Too bad the weather wasn't more cooperative. The temperature stayed in the 50's with rain and a brisk north wind. It finally started clearing around noon. Oh, well...that's just Texas weather.
Weather notwithstanding, this was a well-organized ride. Sure there were lots of hills, but hey, this is Tyler. The support was superb - a very strong police presence, great flagging crews at major intersections and hazards, and excellent rest stops. The homemade pie at the last stop was a nice touch. The goodies were nice, too (thanks, Tanner's, for the free tube). This ride is definitely worth a return trip.

It was an interesting ride with some rain, but it didn't seem like much wind even though flags were fully unfurled. Rode fixed gear (48x19) which was much too easy of gear for 99% of the course, but an adequate gearing for "The Beast" (and enough to pass a few geared bikes on the way up). As far as hills, Aledo and Muenster were more challenging overall. I didn't stop at the rest stops so I can't comment, except that those I know who did stop really liked the pie. The pizza was a nice touch. I usually don't eat after rallies but the cold and wet changed my mind this time. 

May 1, 2004

On the misery scale, this one was a 5 due to the weather. It seemed as if less than 200 people showed up for this. Riding it was a true test of tolerance for bad conditions. Barring the inclement weather, the Tyler Bike Club did a great job. The race was postponed (thank you) for an hour while the police and ride coordinators made sure that the routes were safe.
There were so many folks complaining about the postponing and that is a sad commentary on riders. These people were looking out for riders' safety, which is precisely why I spend the money to go to these rides. As I understand it, there were roads along the route that had become unsafe due to the heavy rains. I appreciate this move to keep things in perspective. The goods in the bag were great and the t-shirt is always conservatively done. I will be back next year.
One note on things to improve, try to hold your registration somewhere that cleats are allowed. You had to take off your shoes or come back with other ones on before you could get in. Trying to go to the bathroom in my sock feet was a little awkward. Tinkle & 40 miles on socks isn't the best.