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Salado TX Smokin' Spokes Bike Ride, Salado, TX

March 28, 2015

I did the ride again this year and really enjoyed it once more. It was a great ride and the roads were pretty good except for a section that looked like it was recently torn up near the end loop. They should have tried to reroute the last bit of the course because this section was better suited to a mountain bike.
The aid stations were great and the people were very friendly. The spaghetti lunch at the end is one of my favorite things. Also, since the river is right there is is nice to go soak the legs for a minute while drinking a cool beverage.
Great ride and I'll be back again.

March 29, 2014

I rode the Salado Smokin' Spokes bicycle tour and this event exceeded my expectations in every way. ·
The scenery of the ride was beautiful and certainly challenging with some nice climbs. ·
The roads were clearly marked and I really appreciated the flag warnings on one of the rough bridges and the loose gravel warning – very good attention to detail!
The rest stops were very good and well-staffed – plenty to choose from, and I appreciated the Clif bars (which is my preference for ride nutrition) plus PBJ sandwiches – really nice! ·
I like the quality t-shirt and will actually wear this to other events and when working out at the gym. ·
Finally, the post-race spaghetti under the pavilion was a super nice touch.
I am not sure why I have not ridden the SSS in the past, but can assure you, this will be on my ride calendar in the future – keep up the good work and thank you all for a great ride experience!

April 2, 2011

The Salado ride was fun. Lots of chip seal, but great country ride. Rest stops were manned by boy scouts, nice but 15 miles apart. Challenging hills, reasonable size group of riders, & there is Eagles Nest - straight up.
I would do this ride again, but would load myself with extra food & water.

Great ride and for me it is all about the Centuries. Very well put together. I think about 350 to 400 riders turned out. Nice t-shirts and registration was a breeze. Routes very well marked and rest stops had plenty of goodies to keep you going. The 100 mile is challenging and that is what I love about it. 3600 feet in 100 miles. Great scenery. The temperature was great for the ride but the wind was 15 to 20 mph in the face from mile 50 to mile 90. At your back the last 15 which was great for the final push. After the ride they had nice spaghetti, garlic bread, tea and salad to put back in some calories. Will definitely do this ride again. Thanks.