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Red Balloon Run & Ride, Plano, TX

April 2017

This is an annual fundraiser for Children's Medical Center. It is a popular ride and offers a tremendous selection of booths with games, etc. for the kids. It's a good idea to arrive early to get the best parking spots. The weather looked a little forbidding with a lot of rain falling on me on the way to the ride. However, the roads were dry in Plano when I arrived and stayed that way during the ride. This is an urban ride so there were a lot of stoplights to go through. Most of them were controlled so there weren't many that caused you to stop. The signage was good and the volunteers and SAG support were great. It was cold and windy with a very strong head wind starting out. Since my route was an out and back, the tailwind on the second half of the course was a welcome relief. It was a decent ride for a good cause. I'll be back next year.


April 2016

This was a fundraiser for Children's Medical Center. The weather could not have been more accommodating. It was well-attended and well-supported. The route was primarily urban, but along multilane roads so traffic was really not a problem. Intersection control, for the most part, was adequate, although there were a few spots where the riders had to wait on traffic lights. I still enjoyed myself and am looking forward to next year's ride.


April 25, 2015

One of my most favorite rides in the area, again. Cool temps at start, no real leg-killer hills throughout the 57 mile route and winds didn't pick up till the last hour or so , it was tough but tolerable. Traffic support lost its luster towards the end though, this was the only real negative, having to stop at almost all of the intersections late in the ride. Road surfaces were excellent, just a little chip & seal out in the boonies but nothing serious – I do love this ride and will do again. The events and festivities for the kids is bar none the best!

This was my first time participating in the Red Balloon Ride, but not my last. The good: plenty of parking, great roads for about 95% of the ride (I did the 72 mile route that had some challenging hills on the back part of the route), traffic control, rest stops were well stocked and, huge signs showing upcoming turns, the 7:15AM start time. Needs improvement: I thought the rest stops were spaced a little too far apart, maybe add one more in on the 72 mile route, and they need to have more people manning the line for pre-registered riders. Overall a great ride, and the money raised goes to Children's Medical Center.