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LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour, San Antonio, TX

April 2017

What can we say about the LBJ 100….the weather was forecasted for storms but thank goodness we only has a little wind and light rain. All in all the ride was an excellent ride….well manned and stocked rest stops, mechanical support at each rest stop, organized start, and a great after ride lunch along with the ranch tour this is a must do ride again next year. The only negative is that some of the turns were not well marked, so the organizer might want to mark the pavement as well as have signage. Plus a reminder that even the shorter distances can have some pretty killer hills( lots of walking up hill for most riders on the 30 miler).

March 2015

This was my first time doing this event, and I did it based on the recommendation of some friends. Unfortunately, I found this rally disappointing for a few reasons. The biggest issue was signage for the longest route (85 miles). It was terrible. Basically, they did not have a true 85 mile route and so they added 2 out-and-backs to the 62 mile route and used the same signage for both, so it was very easy to miss the turn offs for the out-and-backs. I found 1, but missed the other, and so ended up with 72 miles, which was very disappointing. I spoke to others at the finish that missed it as well. The organizers need to work out a true 85 mile loop. Next issue was lunch. Much appreciated that they provided lunch (and a good lunch with beer), but the line was ridiculous. I've been to bigger rides that provided lunch and didn't have to wait even half as long. 35 minutes is just much too long. Then they did not provide free t-shirts with registration -- a total bummer. Finally, some of the volunteers were none too friendly. One was downright rude to another cyclist at an intersection and they really didn't assist with traffic control. Not cool at all. The good: well-stocked rest-stops, beautiful route (a given in Hill Country), parking and registration were smooth, lunch, and plenty of SAG wagons on the route. This is definitely not one of the best Hill Country rallies, but I'll probably give it another chance.

March 2014

A great day for riding in Texas hill country, with over 1500 riders. It is a long drive from Dallas area, but you can make it a weekend trip to Austin , along with some blue bonnets peeping. The parking is along the landing strip of the airport at LBJ ranch, with a single lane leading to it, so try to arrive very early.
The routes were mostly along country roads, with little or no traffic. There were some rolling hills, but nothing too steep.Road surfaces were good with some rough sections, but be careful when rolling over numerous cattle guards. Rest stops were well stocked with fruits, cookies and peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Hospitality tent at the end had plenty of tables & chairs, with more food, beer and iced cold water. Raffle drawing and music were nice. Highlight of the ride was the ranch tour with Luci Johnson, daughter of LBJ in the afternoon. Lots of history and family stories were told.

March 24, 2012

Rode the 62 mile. Pre-registered and when I went to pick up my packet the had The alphabet for your name above so you knew exactly where to go which made it very easy. Brilliant idea. Weather was misty but nice and very little wind. Very hilly with some nice flats in between. Every driver I encountered was extremely patient, safe and cautious, But then again I would imagine no one would want to injure a cyclist put on by the Family of LBJ. I have never felt so safe on a ride before. Great rest stops...Only better was is At Hotter n Hell. I loved this ride and will defintely return next year.

This was only my second event ride and I loved it. I rode the 30 miles, and I am not a good hill climber, but I did my best, as this was a challenge for me. It was a truly good feeling to hear my full name and the city I'm from, called out as I crossed the finish line. That was priceless encouragement. I love the professionalism and organization of the event. Everything went smoothly. Cyclists are the best! I was encouraged all the way by many veteran cyclist and I have never encountered a friendlier group of people; the fellowship was wonderful as well as the food. I was exhausted. I also enjoyed the beautiful surrounding and just the awesomeness of the Johnson Ranch itself. I will surely be back for more next year and hope to me ready for more miles and hills to conquer.

March 2009

It was not the most ideal weather for riding in Johnson City this past weekend. They said the temperature at the start was in the mid 30s with wind up to 40 mph. I didn’t have a thermometer, but my teeth sure were chattering. After a short talk by Luci Baines Johnson, the ride started from the LBJ ranch airstrip. The ranch is now part of the national park service. Ms. Johnson did the shorter ride and then came back to the ranch and led a historical tour of the ranch for a large number of riders. The word was that the tour was well done and very interesting.
The 100k was very scenic, quite hilly, well supported and offered close up looks at our Texas heritage. The rest stops all had bananas, sport drinks and great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Those sandwiches should be offered by more rides! There were ample restroom facilities at the start and at all stops. Volunteers were out in full force and the SAG folks and law enforcement were noticeably in attendance. Park service personnel also helped a great deal with the ride. With the strong winds the SAG guys did a pretty good business taking riders back to the starting area. The winds were really tiring as the day wore on.
One of the benefits of this ride is that Johnson City is within a short drive of Cooper’s BBQ in Llano. That would make a great after ride stop for refueling. Don’t eat there on Friday before the ride like I did. I felt like I was carrying 10 pounds of extra ribs up some of the hills on Saturday.
This was a great ride and I would definitely attend again.

i would like to say this was one of the best rides of the year. the route was great! the hill country was fine! the winds were awful 20-30mph with gusts up to 37mph. the sag wagons were in full force. but few of us went the distance leaving a lot of gaps and there were only a few rest stops. when we finished the finish line was coming down, there was nothing to eat or drink and the only thing left was a batch of toilets. now we passed a whole bunch of people coming in from the 40 mile ride so we weren't the stragglers. there were about half the cars there when we landed. ride organizers cannot leave before the last rider is in especially on a day like that!

April 19, 2008

The first anual LBJ 100 was held on April 19, 2008 honoring the late President at his ranch in Stonewall, Texas. There were three routes:33, 45, and 62 miles (100k) all leaving the runway strip at the "Texas Whitehouse. " These routes went through some beautiful scenic country back roads, then back to the LBJ Ranch. This first time ride attracted 430 riders that were so happy with the hosts (Luci Johnson and Park Rangers), routes, signs, rest stops, and SAG support from the Hill Country Bicycle Touring club of San Antonio, Texas, that they asked us to do it again next year. Plans are being made for March 28, 2009.