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Texas Dam to Dam Bike Ride, Jasper TX

April 2012

A great day weather wise and a very well put together ride. I did the 100 mile and directions were spot on. Ride Route was different this year and a lot better. Went thru a lot of beautiful forests and was breathtaking. They had the option for you to race if you wanted. You had to stop at all rest stops which by the way were very well stocked, and get your number stamped. Top 3 places received cash prizes up to $150. There were about 20 that did the 100 mile I think. The ride director rode with us for about 60 miles. Nice to see a ride director in shape like that. He had a sweet Pinarello BOB also. Delicious Tostadas after the ride. I barely made it at 2:30 as he was packing it up. Maybe the food maker could stay another hour. I finished 7th at 2:30 and there were still several behind me. The wind was super strong the last half of the ride and caused slower times. Great ride and will surely be back next year. Thanks.

April 9, 2011

About 150 riders turned out for this one. 15 did the 100 mile I think. Got in a Century but not without frustration. At 27 miles out a policeman let me go 7 miles out of the way even after I told him I was doing the 100. Wound back at the starting line and had to backtrack. Stopped at 2 rest stops and if I would not have stopped I would not have known to turn around. No signs at all. Yes 2 different ones. At mile 75 at one of those stops I was to take a right but did not know because there were no signs. Good thing I stopped. I took the right and 3 miles later no signs at a 4 way stop. Thank goodness for my GPS. I had it take me back to the start. On the way at mile 95 a rest stop volunteer said policeman were taking up the signs. That is also what happened at all the other stops starting at 2:00 and were even being picked up by the ride organizers. When I got back to the finish the food guy was driving away at 2:30 with his BBQ pit. What I cannot figure out is why they would pull up all the signs with so many people still out on the course. There were three 100 mile riders behind me not to mention there were plenty of 70 milers still out. Strong winds the last 40 miles and straight into the south wind. Beautiful 100 foot pines trees the whole ride but this ride was basically 85% on main highways. Lots of people honking at you but the shoulders were about 10 feet wide to ride on though. Rest stops did have plenty of water, gatorade, trail mix, bananas and oranges. Nice small town feel and atmosphere. May not do this one again but next time I will know what to expect. Climbed 3300 feet in 100 Miles.

Great little ride! Small turnout but that is part of the charm. I had no problems with the route, well marked and the map was nicely detailed including the rest stops. The volunteers at the rest stops and intersections were friendly and knew the direction to the next stop or turn. The stops were well stocked, though I wished they had pickles as it did get warm! After the ride the fajitas and cold Cokes were great. The Belle-Jim Hotel/Bed n Breakfast across from the town square opened their available rooms to riders to take a nice hot shower. All in all it is a wonderful event.