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Colorado River Bikefest, Ballinger Texas

April 28, 2012

This ride put on by the Lions club is OK. Not great but OK. The routes, 30mi, 62mi, 10mi, are on nice roads with good shoulders. The support is lacking with no actual rest stops. A guy in a P/up truck who has water. This has been a bitch of mine in past years and one of the reasons I haven't done the ride in several years. You could easily mistake this guy for someone who just out there supporting a friend. It has not been delt with. Several riders RAN OUT. That don't cut it when you pay for a ride. Markings were OK, but easy to miss. The end of the ride is on a backstreet near the start, and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is this road hasn't been repaved in decades. Just patched and patched and overpatched. Horrible way to end the ride. The folks running the ride seemed really nice, but they do not appear to be bike people. If you don't ride, how do understand the needs of riders?

As of this date, the Cyclone ride has been put to sleep. One of the head organizers of the ride E- mailed me the bad news. Too little turnout and too little profit. Sad, because this was a very good ride with a staff that was super friendly. I drove two hours to find this out.