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Ark-La-Tex Challenge, Texarkana, TX

April 5, 2014

This was my first time doing the Ark-La-Tex Challenge. The rally started at Liberty-Eylau High School in Texarkana. Distance ranges from 20.5, 35.1, 51.8, and 69.1 miles. All routes ride through the some very beautiful picturesque countryside; scenic course/route includes some rolling hills with some long fast flats as it winds through several rural towns. There was a section of country roads that was a bit bumpy. But for someone who is familiar with the chip and seal in North Texas, I think the roads are in very good condition over all.
It was a relative smaller rally with around 150 participants this year. The ride was well-supported with rest stop approximately every 10 miles. The longest route reach the tip where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet. The new 35 mile route offers a supported return at the 3 States Rest Stop. I rode with a group from the local cycling clubs who decided to do the 51.8 route and therefore missed the opportunity to the 3 States Rest Stop. However, I was back to the finish with the group before noon and enjoyed the after rider burger at the high school. I plan to do that again next year.