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Spring Fever - Sulphur Springs, TX

March 11, 2017

Another fun ride. Parking and registration were smooth. Goodie bags were great! With the overcast skies but no rain, the conditions were very tolerable. A few changes in routes this year (they were probably due to construction). Volunteers were very helpful and friendly. Intersection control was excellent. I really appreciated the police escort when approaching the Hwy 154 intersection when returning. It would have been a tricky situation otherwise. Lunch was different. You had your choice from around a dozen establishments for a free lunch

The Spring Fever Rally put on by Sulphur Springs was a very nice experience. On-site registration was quick and efficient. The rest stops I visited we well-stocked and all the volunteers were enthusiastic. I also saw plenty of support out on the roads. It was a great day riding over the mostly flat routes there in Hopkins County.
The post-ride experience was very nice, too. I don't remember a rally that gave participants their choice of restaurants for the after-ride meal, like riders had here. I'd say this was a nice touch!
And, the downtown area near the plaza is a super place. This is a great ride to kickoff the season. If you have not ridden this rally before, give it a try!

This was my first time to do this ride, and I'm very glad I chose to do so. Great location right downtown, ample parking and easy check-in with friendly and helpful staff made the start smooth and trouble free. The goody bags were well stocked and the long sleeved dry fit shirts were really nice. The weather was iffy, but that didn't seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the riders OR the volunteers. All the volunteers were friendly and helpful, SAG was constantly running the routes, and the rest stops were very well stocked and manned. I rode the 38 mile route and was very pleased with the road conditions and the route chosen. Major intersections were manned by Law Enforcement and they did an outstanding job getting the riders through safely. The surface was mostly well worn chip seal so it was a lot smoother than it could have been. The few potholes were well marked with spray paint and easy to avoid. If the organizers could have only done something about that pesky east wind, it would have been almost perfect.
As it was, it was a great way to start the season and limber up your legs for some of the harder rides later on in the year. One of my favorite features of this ride was the way the post ride meals were handled. We were given wrist bands at check in that were color coded to match our ride, plus they all had the SAG numbers printed on them in case you needed help. This in itself I have seen before. What was new, at least to me, was the fact that the bracelet was also your meal ticket. The Chamber had worked out deals with local restaurants to provide the post ride meals to the riders. You had your choice of 15-20 local restaurants, all with very good complimentary food options. For example, Muddy Jake's offered a free hamburger, fries, and drink. Arturo's offered free personal pizzas with dessert and a drink. The other restaurants had similar offerings that were all very well received. This not only gave riders lots of choices to meet their preferences or dietary needs, it also exposed everyone to all the wonderful businesses located in Sulphur Springs. I live relatively close, and I know it makes me want to go back and try the places I missed. In the long term, this should be good for the local businesses as well and I salute them for their forward thinking. Kudos to the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce for a well-organized, well thought out ride. I'll be back to Sulphur Springs to visit and eat, and I'll certainly be back for Spring Fever. Great Job to everyone involved!

March 2016

Hat's off to the Sulphur Springs Chamber for a super Spring Fever 2016 Rally.
I've ridden this event several times and the enthusiastic volunteers there do a fine job.
The post-ride meal was fabulous, as was the only rest stop I visited on the 37 mile route in Miller Grove. They had just about anything you would need or want.
Yes, we had a little rain, but all-in-all the riding was not bad. The damp weather did not curb the enthusiasm of anyone I encountered. Plus, I noticed lots of visible sag and support.
Great job guys. This is a great way to kick off the riding season. I will be back!

First time to participate in this rally. I rode the 37, husband rode the 58. For the first rally of the year, this is a nice route and it's relatively flat. 37 miles was a little short but 58 was too long. Would be nice if there was a distance in-between those two. Rest stops were well equipped and the staff was extremely friendly. At times, I wished the road surface was a little smoother, but it was generally fine.
Sulphur Springs is an easy drive from Dallas/suburbs (very little traffic to deal with on a Saturday morning). The downtown area (start and finish) is nice and updated. We ate at a local restaurant on the square after the ride and had a nice meal. (Might have eaten what the rally offered if there was a non-meat option.) This one will be added to our ride calendar and we'll be back next year!

Wonderful support and sag along the route. Volunteers were great. Fantastic post ride food , and a nice place for start and finish on the historic square. This is a great ride for all levels, from first timers to the elite riders. Well thought out, and I am sure that next year will be even better, so be there ! It is obvious that they take great pride in the event, and aim to please.

March 14, 2015

Another well-organized ride by the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce. Great signage. Great volunteers…including the teens who were very enthusiastic. Great rest stops. Great post-ride food. Nice goody bags. Lots here other rally organizers could learn from the organizers of this ride. It rained most of the ride so the maps provided in zip lock bags was a really nice touch. Ride bracelets with the color of the route and SAG number is also a great idea that everyone should copy. Last year I asked for a non-red meat option for lunch, and they provided turkey sandwiches this year. Great responsiveness! My suggestion for this year is….please hold the mayo. Turkey or veggie burger would be even better.

This is one of my two most favorite rides of the year! Sulphur Springs is a very bike-friendly town. The organizers have always ensured that all the aspects that make a ride memorable are covered. The goody bags were great. The signage with placards and colored pin flags were appropriately and efficiently placed. Volunteers were helpful and enthusiastic. One rest stop even had apple and pecan pie slices! Intersection control was superb. SAG vehicles were everywhere. I can't think of a single thing that was missed. Thanks Sulphur Springs!

March 15, 2014

This was a great rally. It was a beautiful day for a ride. And the organizers thought of everything. There was plenty of parking. Packet pick up was easy. In addition to the tech shirts, there were goodie bags. They provided colored wristbands corresponding to the route (and signs), which also had the SAG #'s on them. I rode the 58 mile route. The roads were your typical lightly traveled country roads and the course was generally flat and fast. There were 6 rest stops along the route. I only stopped at #4. The rest stop was more than adequately stocked (with everything from drinks, a variety of snacks, fruit, PB&J sandwiches, and pickle juice) and the volunteers were very friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to make sure even those passing the rest stop were doing well and didn't need anything to take with them. At the rest stops that I skipped, there were enthusiastic volunteers cheering on the riders. Signage was great. You could not get off course on this rally. There were signs 1/4 -1/3 of a mile before each turn and right before the turns, signs telling you to continue straight, signs indicating upcoming rest stops, and signs cheering on riders (a nice touch). SAG was out on the course in large numbers; I saw one every few miles and the drivers always waved or asked if I was doing alright. There was traffic control at all major intersections. There were more enthusiastic and helpful volunteers at the finish line and lunch was provided. I don't eat read meat so skipped lunch (hamburgers) but I heard they were great.
I also want to mention that the pre-ride email communications were great and much appreciated - directions, rally updates, and confirming registration details.
I highly recommend this rally! The residents of Sulphur Springs are very friendly and know how to put on an excellent rally. It will definitely be on my calendar for next year and hopefully more riders will participate.

Hills?? The biggest hill was the I-30 overpass. The roads were quiet, most of the vehicles were SAG wagons which were all over the place. The ladies at Rest Stop #3 spent the night before baking cookies and they were delicious. The hamburgers at the end were delicious and the chocolate Milk was the best I have ever tasted, Oh yes, not a drop of rain. - John

Spring Fever was a great rally. I was glad the organizers brought back this super event, as I had missed riding it the past few years. I rode the 39 mile route. The roads were very good and mostly flat. Road conditions were typical and I encountered no rough patches. Talk about support! I constantly saw SAG wagons and other support vehicles. I stopped at one rest stop in Miller Grove and it was stocked to the gills with anything you may have wanted. At the finish in downtown Sulphur Springs, we were treated to a nice hamburger lunch. The downtown plaza is a scenic area. The veterans memorial and fountain were impressive and I enjoyed looking around. All the people I talked with were very friendly and enthusiastic . The weather held for the event and it ended up being fine for the ride. If you missed this ride, you missed a good one! Sulphur Springs---nice work --- Thanks for bringing back a great ride!

I am so glad the Sulphur Springs Spring Fever ride is back! Even though it's been a few years since it has been held, the Sulphur Springs folks haven't missed a beat! It's still one of my favorite rides. All aspects of this ride were covered well. Signage was excellent (the colored pin flags and the smiley face posters were a welcome addition). Volunteers were enthusiastic with a lot of cheering. Plenty of rest stops. It also says something about the course selection when most of the traffic encountered were SAG vehicles only. Smiling and waving folks, I might add. I really appreciated the police escort through the busy intersection when I turned north off of the freeway access road at the end. Thanks, Sulphur Springs!!