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Texas Independence Ride, Deer Park, TX

Febuary 24 2018

This ride is held in the heart of the ship channel district of Houston. I was definitely skeptical as to how they would keep the riders safe because this is a very populated area with busy roadways, or so I thought. I was curious as to how they would manage the traffic and major intersections and on some of the busier roadways of the route. It turns out, this was one of the safest rides in which I've ever participated. Since it is an industrial area, there was very little traffic on the route because the ride is held on Saturday when most of the industrial sites are just running with just the necessary workers. The intersections had officers with flashing lights holding off the traffic, the route took you through areas were there just wasn't much traffic at all, the rest stops were plentiful and well stocked, the volunteers were really friendly, registration was quick and easy. I just can't think of any cons. It was fun going around the San Jacinto Monument. They even had a variety of Firehouse subs, chips, and cookies for lunch after the ride. Great job Rotary Club of Deer Park. I'll definitely be back.