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Freeze Your Fanny - Longview, TX

February 3, 2018

Fourth time on this ride. Always a good start to the cycling season and supports a great cause. Packet pick up is the night before at Wooley G's Bike and Fitness in Longview. Volunteers are friendly and helpful. Before ride they served fruit mix cups, bananas, sport drink, coffee and donuts. Roads are mostly asphalt and some chip seal. Routes are in the east Texas piney woods with some hills. Signage is well marked with road tape and rest stops are well spaced and stocked. After the ride, they provided a hot bowl of chili and crackers. Will ride again next year.

February 4, 2017

This is the third time we have ridden this ride. This bike ride benefits East Texas Lightnin' which provides recreational and athletic events for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The morning of the ride they had a continental style breakfast with fruit cups, coffee, and hot cocoa. The routes are through the piney woods of east Texas on mostly smooth asphalt roads and some chip seal. Starts out flat, then becomes rollers, then some climbs. The routes are well marked with different colored tape on the roads and on signage. Full SAG was provided by three motorcycle groups: Cotton Club, Bikers for Christ, and Fireman. Rest stops provided water, sports drinks, bananas, and some awesome home baked cookies. After the ride, they provided a hot bowl of chili and crackers. Great cause with great volunteers and great support. Our fannies haven't frozen yet but you do need to dress for the weather. This year it was 41 degrees and overcast. Great way to start out on the cycling season.

No rain this year but it was still cool (41 degrees). This was well-attended this year. Parking and registration was smooth. Great volunteer and police support. The course was its usual hilly self. Plenty of challenges this early in the season. The homemade cookies were great! Excellent goodie bag, too. Enjoyed the ride. Thanks! I'll be back next year!

Feb 6, 2016

We froze our fannies this year. It was raining and the temp registered 38 degrees at the start. I'm sure this negatively impacted participation this year. I saw several folks bail out before the ride. Weather not withstanding, the event was handled in its usual professional and efficient way. Parking and registration went smoothly and all of the volunteers were very helpful and enthusiastic. The course was its usual hilly self with the additional challenge offered by the weather. Signage was fine and plenty of SAG vehicles were present. Since this ride is for a very worthy cause (and they have great goodie bags) I plan to continue to participate. See y'all next year!

Feb 7, 2015

Rode Freeze Your Fanny for the first time. Did the 64-mile route. Scenic and challenging course. Enjoyed the route...except for the signage. That was poorly done. There were two forks and one intersection that were not marked. I had to guess on the correct way to go and fortunately I guessed right and stayed on the course. I fail to understand why ride organizers can't seem to get this right. Do they ride the course, or even drive it, to look for such things??? Not everyone has a GPS on their bike, and most printed ride maps look like they were done in crayon by a kindergarten student. I don't need someone to hold my hand the entire length of the course. I need organizers to think about the course from the rider's perspective and clearly mark any sections where there might be some confusion. Obviously someone's driveway won't be confused with part of the course, but a fork or an intersection where all directions look equally viable to the rider should be clearly marked. A simple sign would do the trick. Wondering whether you are still on the course adds stress and worry and detracts from what should be an otherwise relaxing and enjoyable experience. On the positive side, the volunteers were friendly, the rest stops were well stocked, and the chili at the end was a nice touch. I recommend this ride with some improved signage.


Feb 1, 2014

This was my first year doing this ride. I rode the 100k route (actually 64 miles). The temperature was around 60 so we didn't freeze our fannies, but it rained for most of the ride so our fannies sure got wet. I only made one rest stop but the rest stop was adequately stocked and the volunteer was friendly and helpful. Packet pick up was easy and the t-shirt was nice. The roads were typical and did include some 70 mph highways, but cars were generally aware and drove safely. There were some nice scenic stretches. The only thing that could use some improvement is signage. The sign for the first turn for the 100k route was right at the intersection, so with no warning and the turn being a left turn and no traffic control, it made for a very dangerous turn. Later on the route, there were forks that weren't marked. Thankfully we made the right choice and never got off route. Finally, I would advise the organizers to pre-warn riders to come prepared to deal with dogs. There were quite a few dogs out on the route. I got chased by 2 and unfortunately someone got bitten. I will come prepared next time. All in all it was a good challenging ride. I would recommend and will return.

Thanks to the mild temps we didn't freeze this year. We did get a lot of rain, though. No way to control that, though. The ride was well-organized and executed. Volunteers were great. The homemade cookies at the rest stops were a welcome treat for this cookie monster. Road conditions were fine (just wet). Plenty of hills to keep your aerobics tuned up. All in all, it was a fun ride!

Feb 2, 2013

It's been a while since I last rode this rally. It was still hilly, just like I remembered it. However, we didn't freeze our fanny this time. The temperature was nice! The wind picked up, though, and made the returning half of the ride a challenge. Everything was well organized and executed. The homemade cookies were tasty! See you next year!

Feb 6, 2010

This is my second year with this ride, they changed the course from a last year's loop around Lake O' The Pines to a more westerly route. Attendance seemed to be about 300-400 riders which is down from last year mostly due to the colder upper 30's temperature at the start. I did the 60 mile ride (actual 58.5) which went through Gladewater then Gilmer. Road conditions were typical Texas chipseal and after the first 20 miles i was all hills. Traffic control was great at the start but several congested areas after that had none at all. Rest stops were good with a local motorcycle club helping out and the route was well marked. If you want a challenge this was a good one.

I haven't done this ride in a long time and I'm glad I went. They had breakfast for us and chili from Wendy's for lunch. They had support at most intersections on the way out of town although, on the way back in, the left turn across 259 was a little dangerous. Only did the 30 mile so didn't use any reststops. Long sleeve T that wasn't white!! I'd go back.

I participated in the 60 mile ride in the Freeze Your Fanny in Longview this weekend. There was a smaller crowd than last year, probably because of the colder temperature. It never got out of the low ‘40’s (living up to the name) and when you add in the hills and the wind, it was a challenging trip. That’s not a complaint, by-the-way; most riders when cornered will tell you that the challenging routes are the ones we always talk about. This ride was and is always well organized, with signage and stops sufficient to the trip. They did get an air horn this year (yeah!) so we knew when to go. The only real disappointment was they ran out of chili before I finished. I know, I know: “Ride Faster.”

It was fanny freezing weather this year but it was all good; a special SAG picked up all the frozen fannies and premed students sewed them back on at the end of the ride. You might want to have someone write your name on your fanny with indelible ink should you choose to do this ride next year and the weather is as cold as it was this year.
Wimped out and rode only the 30 (27) mile ride because of the cold and wife and daughter were with me. Needed mechanical SAG and got it within 10 minutes of asking for it at the first rest stop, the mechanic was able to fix my problems so I could do the rest of the ride. Fantastic home made cookies which is a rarity these days, and Wendy’s chili at the end which really hit the spot. I will try to do this ride next year regardless of the weather because I get stir crazy in the winter without a rally every week and this ride is a good one to start getting back into shape.

Great ride again this year. Routes well marked and very friendly people. I did the 60 miles. They ran out of Chili for the 60 miles though at the end and I was really looking forward to it. Maybe they will have more next year for there were alot of riders. Thanks and I will be back next year.

Feb 7, 2009

Great ride again this year, my second year to do it. Record turn out for them, I am guessing at least 1000 riders. Temperature was about 65 degrees at ride time, winds pretty strong starting out at 17 mph but diminishing thru out the day. The beautiful 100 foot trees thruout the ride helped block the wind so it really wasn't that bad. I rode the 60 mile route. Very friendly people thruout. Nice long sleeve shirts and yummy chili with crackers and cheese afterwards. I climbed 2850 feet, great way to start out the year. Definitely will be back next year.

Freeze Your Fannie 2009, Just got back from Longview and this was my first ride of the season. I did the 30mi and everything was very well done. snacks in the morining were nice and all the routes were well marked. It was kinda nice not to have to leave before sunrise to get to the ride ( it started at 10am) The first stop was 15mi out that was well stocked with drinks and food.The roads were all in good shape too. The forecast was for 15-25mi winds, thank goodness they never crosses the routes. It was a excellent day at 70 degrees for february and my fanny didn't come close to even getting cold. Great job everyone! I'll be back next year.
Kendall- Waxahachie,Tx

did the “Freeze Your Fanny” ride in Longview on Saturday. It was my second experience with this ride, and I thought it went well. They ran out of shirts and goody bags– which I think is more a testament to the great (and unexpected) weather that resulted in a larger number of participants than planned.
Volunteers were plentiful and rest stops seemed well stocked. I only saw one cyclist mishap – a guy in a Livestrong shirt looked like he took a bad spill, but otherwise no problems. I rode the 46 miler, and I thought it was well marked. The only confusion I saw came at the start – no pistol or horn, two starting “lines” and someone yelling to “GO!” from behind us. This was then repeated by everyone up and down the crowd of riders (“go! – Go!! – GO!!!...”) until we “went”. Also, some yahoo left a motorcycle parked in the middle of the starters which caused a few unplanned unclips. The announcements probably cleared up some of the lineup issues, but no one could hear them. After the start, it went well. I hope the rest of this year’s rides go as well. To the organizers: Good job, but buy an air horn!

This was my first time to ride in the Freeze Your Fanny.  I rode in the 60 mile ride.  The rest stops were very well stocked and manned by the local Boy Scouts.  They did a great job.  Wooley G's provided the SAG and they were awesome.  I had a flat tire 9 miles out from the next rest stop.  I changed out the tube, aired it up, but when I was screwing in the valve the valve broke off.  It was spewing air, but I figured it would be flat again very soon.  I filled the cap with rubber cement from my patch kit, wrapped it with a piece of electric tape, and it held up for the next rest stop.  When I got there, the driver of the SAG pick up not only had another tube for me, but he insisted on changing out the tube, and airing it up with his floor pump while I refueled.
The shirts were great and they had others for sale for just $2.00!  The chilli was good.  The facilities were super awesome.
Here are some things that I would have liked to see:
Some sort of official time keeping.  I know it is not an official race, but I would have liked to see how I compared to the pack this year compared to last year.
I would have liked to have meet some of the Longview Lightning.
I would have liked to have heard more about the Special Olympics that we were riding for.


FEB 2, 2008

We didn't freeze our fannies this year. The weather was beautiful. The views were great. The goodie bags were awesome. It was a good ride this year with plenty of hills to jump start your aerobic fitness.

February, 2005

It appeared that the folks listened to some suggestions to make the FYF even better. The routes were slightly changed so that riding on Route 259 was kept to a minimum. This is much appreciated and made for a much more pleasant ride. The ride was well organized, signage was good, and the rest stops were well stocked, some had home made cookies. Good job and I'll look forward to next year.

February 7, 2004

This was my first FYF in Longview. The hospitality was excellent! Pre-ride coffee and donuts, and the delicious chili/rice after the ride provided by AMBUCS!! Overall, I liked the ride, itself. Once we got off the chip and seal on Hwy 259 and onto FM449 and FM450, the ride was nice and scenic with a good mix of hills and winding roads. Traffic control, rest stops, SAG and the volunteers were all great. Judging
from past reviews, this ride has made efforts for improvement every year. The kids that were cheering you on over the last hill was a nice touch and was appreciated. The only improvements that I would suggest are: 1st; find another route back to the school. Loop 281 and Hwy 259 on the way in was ROUGH with all that chip and seal on the shoulder. It seemed like my bike was taking quite a beating. Also, having to cross over several merging and exiting traffic lanes made me a bit nervous. 2nd; add an extra sign for the LEFT hand turn near Hallsville on the 56 mile route. For some reason, I and SEVERAL other riders missed the left turn for the 56. As I said, this was my first time riding in Longview. I'm sure the 'regulars' knew the area, but, some of us visitors were surprised when we reached the second rest stop at FM450 & FM 968 and learned we missed the turn. Other than those two points, this was a good ride. - Allez Cat